Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Small Bunny Pattern

Small Bunny Pattern
    Operation Christmas Shoebox Project

I have really enjoyed in the past several years putting together Christmas Shoeboxes with my children.  It is a great project, sponsored by Samaritan's Purse/Franklin Graham. For more information about the project CLICK HERE!  It is a great feeling to know that you have brightened a children life, just by putting a few inexpensive (to me) items in a shoebox.  These boxes go all over the world to children that live in very poor conditions.  I give God the glory for allowing me and my family to participate in this project - it is a BLESSING to me.  

A couple of years ago, my husband allowed me to pick out and purchase the ideal sewing machine that I would need for my projects.  I'm not a great seamstress by no means, but I do enjoy trying to create little "Love Gifts".  Last year, I found the time to get the machine out and try to remember "how to sew" from my teenage years of my mom trying to teach me and Home Ec.  Haha!  

Having the Operation Shoebox project on my mind, I went pinning.  If you don't know what that means, it's looking for patterns and ideas off of Pinterest.  It's a great site, if you have never heard of it.  First, I came across a sweet little girl/boy pattern.  I did a trial run.  Lots of ripping and starting over, but finally got the feel of making these small dolls.  For the face, some ladies would sew button eyes and stitch the nose and mouth.  I chose to paint my faces.  Timing myself, I can make a doll in approximately 4-5 hours.  Yes, I know.  I did tell you that I'm not that great, plus we're talking about small pieces that I'm working with.  The dolls are precious, when I do get them done.  I need something that might be a little faster, in order to get a bulk quantity done by next November for the boxes.  I go back to pinning.  I found the cutest non-3D bunny that is so precious.  The problem?  The  entire website was in another language.  Ugh!  Really?  I clicked on every hot link that was posted on the web page.  Leading me no where.  It probably would, if I could understand the language.  I think it was Spanish (just guessing).  What do you do?  I examine the picture and free hand the pattern for a small bunny to fit in a shoebox.  It's not perfect, but I think it will work for me.  I'm posting this in order to print out the pattern, when I need it.  Please feel free to use it or be inspired to do your own.  

*Fold fabric, right sides together.   
*Pin in place the pattern on top of fabric. 
*Cut out all the way around.  Allow about an inch around the pattern, when cutting.  
*Again, right sides together; pin the material together; sew all around, leaving a small opening at the bottom for stuffing. 
*I use a dowel pin when I have trouble getting the stuffing in the small areas.  Don't jab too hard, it will make a hole.  
*Stitch the bottom closed and dress it up with ribbon, paint, etc. 

Below is a picture that I copied from the website that is in another language.  Aren't they just precious?  I plan on painting on the eyes and nose, just like shown.  I am hoping this will cut down on my time of ripping and re-sewing.  The website name that I borrowed their pattern is called "Clubinho da Costura".  You can  CLICK HERE!

I am going to get to sewing on these bunnies.  Wish me luck!  I will post photos, if this is all worth it. Haha!

Happy Sewing!!