Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skating Queen

Katie got to go skating for the first time in her life this afternoon. Her friend, I, from school invited her to his birthday party at the skating rink. Doug offered to take her, so I could go visit mom. It sounds like she had a very good time. According to Doug, she skated real good and stayed up on her skates better than a lot of the rest of the kids. She didn't need his help to get her started. He took lots of pictures and I noticed that most of them she's skating by herself. He said it was because S couldn't skate without the help of her mother and I think that was the only girl from Katie's class to show up. He did say that Katie fell a few times, but didn't cry. She got back up and went at it again. I'm so pleased to hear this good news. She has a tendency to give up quickly if she fails at something over and over. Not this time. YAY! I told Doug that we'll have to take her to the skating rink more often, since she did so well. I guess she'll have to get a pair of skates this Summer for her birthday. HAHA!
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Colton and I went over to mom and dad's place for a little while. From what I could see, mom got around a little faster than the other day. Her right leg still wants to drag or give out, but it will just take time. Thank you for all the prayers. They have definitely been heard. I'll keep you updated through her progress.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pomander Flower Ball - Decoration

I found this tutorial at Pizzazzerie and I'm absolutely in love.  It will be perfect this next Summer/Fall when our new little baby boy or girl arrives and let's not forget about Chase and Leslie's wedding shower/wedding next Spring.  I went ahead and purchased the punch from Hobby Lobby for $9.99.  I didn't have enough time to look for the stick pins, but I'm so excited.  I explained it to Maryann and Whitney and they seemed to like the idea of using these to decorate for the showers and reception. 

I'm still working on Colton's birthday party decorations, believe it or not.  I'm just about finished with Colton's banner and I have the last small details to finish with the dot-garland and cupcake picks.  I'm really wanting to take the kids to Botanical Gardens for pictures, but I've got to get an appointment for Colton's 2nd birthday pictures.  As soon as I get "THE PICTURE", I'll insert it into his invitations and they'll be ready to print and mail out.  YAY!  It's all coming together.  Slowly, but surely. 


Mom Update and Katie's Party

Mom's Update
Yesterday Doug watched Colton for me, while I spent half the day with mom. I hoped to be able to help out a little. Maryann stayed the night with mom and dad the night before. They had a little bit of a rough night, so Maryann went home to get some well needed sleep. I think she also had a few things to take care of as well. Before she left, we were able to bathe mom and freshen her up. I know I always feel better when I get a good shower. I think mom had somewhat of a bad day when it came to the pain. To top it off, she had muscle spasms in her right leg. It would not cooperate with her. Her left leg is her bad leg, so out came the walker. It helped her out some.  It's just going to take time and patience to get over this mountain.  Thank you for all the prayers.  She really does appreciate it. 

The nurse told Maryann today that it being the third day, her swelling is coming down and she is feeling the nerves. She is to stay on the pain pills and muscle relaxers for a few days. After all mom has been through the past couple of days, I have to say that she is doing remarkable compared to the last time. Coming home from their house last night, I kept tearing up because I am so grateful to God Almighty that it was nothing near as bad as it was last time.


Us sisters have come together and set a plan as to who can help and when. Tonight, Susan is staying the night to give Maryann some relief. Tomorrow, mom's bandage is suppose to come off. Maryann and Susan plan to give mom a shower, depending on how well the wound area is healing. I think we will try to visit for a little bit tomorrow. Susan hasn't seen the kids since Christmas and buddy am I hearing it. She told me to not show up, if the kids are not with me. LOL!

Birthday Party
Katie was invited to a boy in her class' 6th birthday party.  I've never really been inside the AIO building because the only times Katie's been is when Whitney, Leslie and Natalie have taken her.  She pretty much knew what to do, I just followed.  It was nice to meet some of the moms and dads.  I knew a couple of them already, which makes it a little easier to carry on a conversation.  I tried and tried to take a good picture of Katie playing on the blow-up stuff, but they all pretty much turned out blurry because she wouldn't stay still long enough to get a good picture. 

In the slideshow below, I've also included a few pictures of Colton and his new hair cut and outfit.  He was eating M&Ms, so I thought it was a good photo op.  When Katie and I got back from the birthday party, I caught her outside helping daddy change the oil in the car.  LOL!  She's such a tomboy when she wants to be.  I had to capture this moment.  She didn't stay under the car the whole time.  She told her daddy after awhile that changing oil was too boring, so she came in the house.  She grabbed a few of her things from her bedroom and went back outside to play. 

She's got another party tomorrow at the skating rink.  She's never skated before in her life, so this should be interesting.  Stay tuned . . .

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank You

Thank you for all the prayers!

Mom's surgery went well. The MRI showed she had a ruptured disk in the L5 and S1 areas. But once the doctor opened her up, it wasn't a ruptured disk after all. Her disks had calcified causing her nerve to not have much room. The doctor went in and made an opening for her nerve. We are hoping this will solve her problem because last night when I spoke to her, she was in a lot of pain. Soon after surgery, she was up, got dressed and ready to go home. She was on her way home after 2 or 3PM. Maryann and Susan both called me on the road.

Katie and I visited mom soon after ballet class. Mom was resting when we got there, but it didn't take her long before she was up (with help) and sitting in her chair in the Living Room. Of course, she was tired and sore, but overall I think the severe pain is gone. The doctor did say that because of the arthritis, her leg will never be the same and she will have discomfort. We are just hopeful this procedure will give her some relief in order for her to walk and enjoy life.

Sorry the post was published late. Our storm last night knock the power off for a brief moment. Thus, the delayed post.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayers For Mom

Mom's surgery is in the morning. Please pray for her. It's killing me that I can't be there with her. I'll let you know how she's doing as soon as I hear something.

Thank you!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Paper Globes

As you know, I've been working diligently on Colton's birthday party decorations. I'm thinking that we'll be ready by the BIG day. Currently, I'm staying positive and upbeat about it. I've been making paper globes to dangle from our ceiling for the party. I only made three, I think that would be sufficient because we'll also have the dot garland and banner hanging as well.

I got the paper globe idea from Heather Bailey.  She's got a great tutorial and pattern to go by.  In order to get the free tutorial and pattern, you'll have to click on "paper globes" under her subtitle "Free Patterns" on the right side of her website.  Once you click on paper globes, select the second pdf file because it looks like she made a mistake on the first one. 

The directions are pretty simple, but you have to pay close attention or you will mess up.  I went by her instructions and I must have gotten distracted for a second because my first globe was grossly distorted.  She doesn't have this step in her instructions, but it was easier for me to do the following:

  • Step 4 - Create Middle Band -Glue remaining 10 pieces together as shown. Glue first piece to last piece to form band. I went ahead and glued the band together, creating a circle.  From there I glued the top portion to the band and then the bottom end to the band.  It just seemed to make it a lot easier to put together.

(These will hang at Colton's party from the ceiling)

(Close Up)

My baby

I made this topiary for my sister's birthday.  She's all the time, helping out and giving the kids something.  I just thought she might like it.  Now that I know how to make paper globes, I will be making more of these.  Katie's already put in her order.  She wants one just like this one for her room.  LOL!  FYI - I painted the pot and dowel as well.  I thought it turned out really pretty.  I loved it in our Living Room.

We took it Maryann today because I didn't know when I would really see her before her birthday.  After school, we headed to Maryann's work and surprised her with the topiary.  She seemed to really like it.  I meant to take a picture, but the kids were beginning to act like Indians, so we didn't stay long.

BTW, Hobby Lobby has their scrapbook paper 50% off this week.  The sheets I purchased to make these cost roughly $.29 each sheet.  It took 4 regular sheets (5- 6 1/2" circles per sheet) to make 20 large circles.  I'll probably see you there very soon.

I'm slowly decorating my walls.  How do ya like my plants?  I got the idea from my friend, Kellie. She has such good taste.  I've gotten some positive compliments.  I'm just taking my time.  Currently, I'm looking for a particular oval mirror to hang up in the Kitchen/Dining Room wall.  The one I really want is at Hobby Lobby for $100.  Yeah!  That's why it's not on my wall right now.  I hoping it will be 1/2 off soon.  It's so pretty!

Colton Story
Last week, I purchased a new pair of cutting sheers to cut Colton's hair when I need to. His hair grows fairly fast, like mine. So as of right now, I'm cutting his hair. The sheers I purchased comes with all the different guides with measurements on them, which will make it pretty easy for me. I tried them out today for the first time. I don't have any pictures, but Colton is clean cut. I couldn't stand it. Last night, the hair overlaping his ears was beginning to get on my nerves. It was such a beautiful day, so I grabbed his chair, strapped him in and went to cutting. He doesn't like the buzzing sound the cutters make. As soon as he heard it, he'd start waving his arms and saying "no, mama no!" I cut his hair very short because I know it will look nice just in time for pictures next month.  YAY!  I'm hoping to get his picture made on the Harley Davidson at Portrait Innovations.  I think it would be soooo cute. 

He has figured out how to open the outside door, so I have to really watch him and take extra precautions.  Normally, when I'm working out in the yard, he'd watch me through the glass.  Not anymore.  Little stinker! 

We're expecting storms later this week, so we've limed and fertilized our lawn.  I'm so sore from cleaning out our big flowerbed.  I had to do a lot of trimming back on the shrubs and monkey grass.  I guess I had not cut it back in the past three years.  It looks sooo much better.  I still have a few more beds to clean out.  Since I cut back the azaleas, I've noticed our Crocus' blooming Sunday.  They are so pretty and it's like a little reminder to me that Winter is almost over and Spring is soon to come.  It gets me all getty.  I had Katie and Colton get out and play today because you never know how many of these days we'll have in the next few days.  They had so much fun.  Katie's friend, Will, came over and played with her.  I overheard them talking and it's so hard to imagine that he'll be 10 years old this Summer.  It seems like yesterday, he use to run over to our house and get candy from me.  I remember hearing him running back and forth on our front porch, which he loved to do.  Colton's been interested in the tree house in our backyard.  He'll climb up the steps with my supervision, so I've been teaching him how to properly sit down and slide down the big slide.  If he's going to be doing this, I want him to know the proper way to slide. 

We've got very busy few days headed our way.  With doctor appointments, mom's surgery, Katie's got a couple of birthday parties to attend, so ya'll may not hear from me for a while. 

Ya'll have a great weekend!  God Bless!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy, Daughter Conversations Are Priceless!

A Mother, Daughter Conversation On A School Day
I had to write down this conversation I had with Katie. Please keep in mind that she's only 5 years old and not 15. Saying that, I'm sure it will be a glimpse as what we will be dealing with in the next 10 years. LOL!

Me: (Knowing that Katie loves to watch, "Disney's The Suite Life On Deck") Katie, did you know that Zach and Cody have a special coming out in March?

Katie: Yeah, I want to see it when it finally comes out. Mom, who is the cutest? Zach or Cody?

Me: I don't know. Which one do you like?

Katie: (giggles and grinnin' from ear to ear) Cody. {hehe}

Me: Why do you like Cody the best?

Katie: I just do. He is so funny.

Me: Is he the smart one or silly one.

Katie: He's real smart, but funny. Mom, do you like Bailey? I think she is beautiful. Did you know that Colton like London the best?

Me: He does? Why does he like her the best?

Katie: It's because she dresses up in really pretty outfits.

This conversation about the show lasted until we got to school.

One of my nieces and her husband are expecting a baby in October. They just found out, so they really need your prayers.

Anyway, I told Katie but she really wasn't paying attention. I had to get a few things at the grocery store and I mentioned it again. This time, I had her full attention. Her eyes got all big and her mouth fell open. She loves her cousin, Whitney, and she loved the idea of them having a baby. Unfortunately, she wanted the baby to come like the next day. I told her that we had to wait and I reminded her about when I was expecting Colton. Then, the question came out of her mouth. "How many babies is she having?" I asked her how many she thinks that she should have. I think she should have two babies, she answered. Shocked, I asked her if she wanted Whitney to have twins. "Yeah" she agreed with big eyes. Later, she asked me if she was going to have a boy or girl. I told her that we didn't know right now. Well, it really bothered her not knowing what the baby's sex or name was going to be. These questions lasted the rest of the night. I asked her what she thought Whitney should have. "I think she should have a boy and a girl. But mom, what will Whitney name them?" she asked. I told her that we don't know. At bathtime, she asked again about the names. I told her that I thought it would be a good idea if she gave Whitney some suggestions. "I think they should have names that rhyme." she said. After much thought she came up with Lonna and Logan. At bedtime, I got her all tucked in bed, read our nightly story, said our prayers, kisses and lights out. It wasn't 5 minutes before I heard her door shut. "What are you doing out of bed young lady?" I asked. She comes straight to me and whispers in my ear. "Mom, I like the name Lonna, but I think I've changed my mind. I think she should name the girl Charlotte." she said, turned around and went back to bed.

Today, Whitney and Zayne came by and visited for awhile. Bless her heart, she's been so sick. I told them the story about the twins, Charlotte and Logan. They both had a good chuckle, Katie right there beside us listening. I know Whitney appreciated the suggestions and enjoyed the story. Personally, I think Whitney is only focused on getting the next few weeks past her. The other day, she had to go to the hospital because she became very dehydrated.  They went ahead and did an ultrasound.  They only saw one heart beat, but you can't tell Katie that because she wants twins.  LOL!  Whitney is approximately 6 1/2 weeks and the baby seems to be doing just fine.  We are all so excited for them!  I love babies, I'm just glad it's not me.  LOL! 

Prayer Request
Mom's got her back surgery scheduled for Thursday morning.  They are going to go ahead and load her up with probotic meds and take all precautions necessary to avoid the mishaps that happened last time.  NIGHTMARE!   They are going to give mom the option to stay overnight, after the surgery.  But if she is feeling fine and is up and walking around, she could go home if she wanted.  She's getting around good right now, but she is  experiencing some discomfort.  Nothing like it was before.  Before, she couldn't get out of bed.  Right now, she has her good days and bad, but she is able to walk. 

Of course, please remember Whitney and Zayne.  I've already told them that I expect to be on the babysitting list.  LOL!  I have a feeling they won't have a problem finding a babysitter.  

Shopping Day
Thursday, Colton and I stayed the day with mom and dad.  I helped do a little cleaning and visited.  Dad was so nice to fix us pizza for lunch. 

Friday, Doug, Colton and I spent most of the day cleaning out the flower beds, trimming trees/shrubs, lime and fertilize our lawn.  I haven't trimmed back our shrubs in probably 3 years, so they really needed it.  We still have lots more work to do, but we got a good start.  That night, I had to take Tylenol PM because I was so stiff and sore. 

So as a reward for all the work we did, we all went SHOPPING!  Millard and Peggy wanted to check out the new outlet centers in Leeds.  It was a nice day trip.  Katie and Colton were actually a lot of fun shopping with for the first time.  I guess it's because they are getting older.  We didn't stay very long.  In fact, we didn't get to see every shop because Peggy and I were wore completely out.  We really just went to the childrens' shops and toy stores.  I got some good bargains from "Carters" and "OshKosh B'gosh".  The kids, especially Colton, really needed some Spring/Summer clothes and shoes.  He feel in love with a pair of light-up sports ball tenny shoes.  He currently wears a size 6, but he doesn't have a whole lot of room left in them. I grabbed him a cute pair of flip-flops for the Summer.  Katie picked out a dress and a few t-shirts for school.  They have a type of 60/70s flair with lots of differents colors and big 60/70s flowers.  Katie was dying to buy SOMETHING.  I told her to just wait that I wanted to take her and grandma to a very special shop that I thought they would really like.  At the time, I couldn't remember the name.  Then, we saw it "The General Store". As soon as we entered, Katie's eyes lit up "oh, mom you were right.  I do like this place."  They have tons of stuffed animals of all kinds.  Ones that sing, dance, and are very unique.  Katie loved looking at all the dolls and especially the Disney character dolls and statues.  She probably would have stayed in this shop for HOURS, if I let her.  She found the Precious Moments vinyl dolls and feel in love.  They had a few on display that were dressed up as Disney Princesses.  She really LOVED Belle from "Beauty and The Beast", but momma couldn't see paying $50 for a doll.  Luckily, they had smaller dolls with smaller price tags.  I told her that she could have one of the smaller ones as an Easter present from dad and I.  That's all it took.  She picked out a pretty Precious Moments Cinderella doll, but she can't have it until Easter.  She hung on to her box with her special doll.  She let all of us know that it was her special doll and for us to take care of it.  "Watch my doll and don't hurt her" she'd say.  I've been looking for a Train Conductor's hat for Colton to wear during his birthday party.  I've seen them online, but I kind of want to make sure they fit his big head before I buy one.  Peggy and I have seen cute Train Conductor costumes.  I've thought about getting one of them because my kids LOVE to play dress.  I didn't find the hat.  Millard said he saw that Toys R Us sells them, so I need to call around.  We had such a good day and weather made it perfect.

Colton Story
I have to tell this one thing about Colton.  He will be two years old very soon and I can tell that he's changing.  Him hanging around Katie is so cute.  He LOVES his big sister.  He watches and does everything she does.  This can be a good or a bad thing, it depends on what she's teaching him.  He's at the point, when the television is on, he wants to tell you what he wants to watch.  If he doesn't like what's on, he'll hand you the remote control and points to the tv.  If he doesn't like what's on again, he'll holler and point to the remote.  This tells me to change the channel.  If he wants to watch what's on tv, he will try to take the remote out of your hand and put it on the table or he'll point.  It's funny until he because obnoxious when you have a show or program that you really want to watch and here he is hollering.  LOL! 

In the mornings, he likes to watch "Mickey Mouse Playhouse", but in the afternoon it's all about "The Suite Life On Deck" and for some reason he likes back to back shows of "Good Luck Charlie".  Neither one of these shows are cartoons.  I would think that a baby or small child would prefer a cartoon show over a real life show, but not Colt.  He likes to watch "America's Funniest Video" and I always have "Madeline" on standby, when I'm trying to get him to sleep.  He is one of a kind.  I've put on cartoons and he will throw a fit. 

Today, I let the kids stay outside and play.  They had too much fun because when it was time to go inside, Colton throw a HISSY fit.  Kevin and Maryann also came over visiting.  Kevin couldn't get over the fit he was throwing just because it was time to come inside.  Unfortunately, he throws these alot.  I try to get Colton's mind off on something else, but it takes a while and a good imagination on mommas part.  Today, I gave him gummies to eat and milk.  It worked! 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soccer Anyone?

Colton Plays Soccer with David Beckham
I have a funny Colton story. I wished I had my video camera running this morning, while Colton was watching Sesame Street. David Beckham was a guest on the show and was holding his soccer ball. Right off the bat, Colton goes running to the tv, holding his hands out and saying "ball, ball." He got right up to the tv, with his hands on the tv. I guess he wanted David to hand him the ball. Colton tried and tried to get the ball out of David's hands.  It was cute,  I had to laugh. 

Colton's Birthday Plans
Now that I've got new supplies for Colton's birthday decorations, I worked on it most of the day today.  Colton tried to help, so I had to stop for a little bit and wait until he took his nap.  Believe it or not, I got a lot done within 1 1/2 hours.  I tried my hand at paper globes for the first time today.  I messed up my first globe, but the second one turned out perfect.  I bought some more paper today to make at least two more.  I'll be hanging these from the ceiling during Colton's birthday party.  I'm still working on the dot garland and printed my template for the "Colton" banner. 

Prayer List
Mom had her doctor's appointment today.  She has a ruptured L5 and F1 disks in her back.  So, she should receive a call tomorrow from her doctor's office to schedule another back surgery.  With mom's C-Def history, Dr. Clark will put her on some kind of probotics before the surgery.  Dr. Clark also suggests that mom not spend the night at the hosptial unless it's necessary.  Please keep my mom in your prayers for the upcoming surgery.  I'll let you know any more updates. 

Katie's Report Card
I finally got Katie's report card this afternoon.  Doug and I are happy parents right now.  To avoid listing everything on her report card, I'll just list the areas she's gone from "Exhibits Skill/Concept with Guidance" to "Exhibits Mastery of Skill/Concept".  She shows to have mastered the following:
  • Progress as a Reader
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Identifies Opposites
  • Identifies Ending Sounds
  • Segments Words
  • Blends Words
  • Identifies Color and Sight Words
  • Able to Express Thoughts on Paper
  • Counts to 100
  • Groups Objects and Identifies Numbers 0-20
  • Displays Basic Addition Concepts
  • Correct Usage of Math Vocabulary
  • Works Independently, Stays on Task
  • Organizes Self, Materials, & Belongings
She still needs guidance witht he following areas:
  • Identifies Story Elements (Character, Setting, Sequencing, etc.)
  • Uses Strategies to Comprehend Text (Predicting, Making Connections, etc.)
  • Recites Months of the Year
  • Control Talking
  • Works Neatly
She has no "unable to Exhibit Skill/Concept at This Time!  YAY!  We are so glad to not see this on her report card.

At home, I've been working with her on telling time.  She knows her o'clocks (9:00, 10:00, etc.), but I've just started working with her on the thirties (9:30, 10:30, etc.).  She'll get it!  We are also working on money.  Getting her to identify each coin and how much each is worth.  Yesterday, I introduced to her measurement.  She found that she likes Sudoku.  Wade - I can actually get the Kindergarten stage of Sudoku.  LOL!  I thought you would appreciate that.  I also have her do number mazes 1-20 and she breezes through them.  It helps her to identify the numbers.  She's doing great on addition.  I'm thinking about introducing subtraction to her. 

On a side note, Katie has announced that she would be interested in taking gymnastics.  I've gotten some information from my gymnastics mommas.  I think we'll probably send Katie to a camp this Summer, BUT (a big BUT) Katie has to get an attitude adjustment first before we'll agree to send her.  Sometimes I think, she and I have been butting heads since she was 3 years old.  Just when I sit back and think "ahh!  Finally, she's not acting like a Miss Prissy Priss.  I can actually breathe again without constantly being on her."  She'll begin tasting the waters once again.  It's part of life though.  My little chickadee is spreading those little wings, practicing independence. 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Celebrations Early

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Friday was Katie's class Valentine's party. Mrs. M tried to keep the kids calm by reading them a couple of Valentine's Day books, while us mommas set out the party snacks. I didn't have Katie take her Valentine's for her friends yesterday morning. Oops! I just thought it would be a big distraction and knew she wouldn't need them until the party. While Mrs. M read books and parents putting out food, Katie passed out her Valentine's.

I got to see my new little buddy, L, that I was encharge of at the concert. I was talking with my new friend, Holly, when I saw L crawling underneath the tables, headed my way. "Oh, no it's you," I told L. We giggled, he came up and gave me a big hug. Holly said that she saw us at the concert. I told her, he was my buddy.

Normally, I don't give teachers a lot for special occasion gifts. I think I got carried away with Mrs. M, but that's okay. I'm so glad that God sent her our direction. She is a dear sweet soul and I just appreciate her so much. You would not believe how much Katie has improved in her reading and she's grown up a little bit. Doug thinks I'm a brown nose, kissing up to the teacher just because I gave her a little something. I couldn't help it. Target had cute small lined Valentine's baskets for $2, matching hand towels for $1 and bath puffies (2 to a pack) for $1. Bath and Body Works had all of their travel size bath products for $3 each. They all fit very nicely in the basket. I put clear plastic over it and decorated it with a cheerful pink gerber daisy and pink sheer ribbon that Katie picked out. Not wanting to seem like a kiss up, I did whisper to Mrs. M that it's just to show our appreciation for what she's done.

After school, I treated Katie to Walmart. I had to go anyway because Colton was out of milk and his mini pancakes. LOL! I'm telling you what I'm at the point of buying 2 gallons of milk a week just for Katie and Colton. I can't keep it in the house. I guess this is a good thing. I got in a rut to where I don't want to cook, I've just felt so tired for some reason. I think I'll blame the very COLD weather we've had these past few months. I'm hoping to try again and change our diet and introduce more veggies and fruits, which should be getting easier since Spring is right around the corner. I was introduced to Watercress on The Oz Show. I'd never heard of it until watching it on the show this past week. Do you think I could find the leafy green disease fighting veggie? NOPE! I've looked at Walmart and Food World in their produce section. Online, it's described as being a green leaf veggie like spinach and is mostly served on a salad or sprinkled on top of pasta. I love to eat spinach, especially in salads. So, I'd love to try it that is if I can find the stuff. I have a feeling I'll have to look at specialty grocery stores like organic food marts. I'd have to travel a whole hour and half to the closest organic food mart. Ugh!

At home, I left it up to Katie as to when we would celebrate Valentine's Day. It's hard celebrating a holiday during the week, especially when you have to go to school and work. Of course, she wanted to celebrate last night. She's a lot like me, she can't wait. I bought a few 8 oz ribeye steaks from Food World for $2.99. So for supper, we had steak, baked potato. I had stuff for salad, but we had so much to eat that Doug and I didn't make one.

Katie passed out all the gifts, which she loves to do. Daddy received a couple of sweater vests, mock turtle neck shirt, Chocolate Turtles, Pot of Gold candy and the newest "Black Eyed Peas" CD. Katie received Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Pez set and a Maltese Zhu Zhu pet with outfit. Colton received a set of plush sports balls and Hershey's chocolate. And I received a nice pair of houndstooth flip flops. We had a very nice Valentine's Day celebration. We will be receiving a bonus this weekend, WARMER weather. YAY! I think it's suppose to reach the lower 50s here with sunshine. The rest of the week will get warmer and hopefully will reach the lower 70s by next weekend. It is welcome with open arms.

Hope you have a very blessed Valentine's Day weekend.


Friday, February 11, 2011

My Doctor's In A What?

I would like to introduce to you the group "Exit 310".  This video was taken last Spring, but I just recently found out that Katie's teacher from last year, Mrs. Katie, and our family doctor, Dr. Lunsford, are in a band together.  I knew Dr. Lunsford was his church's pianist.  I've got a couple of his CDs, but never knew he joined a band.  I love it!  I knew Mrs. Katie before my Katie started preschool and knew she sang, but never had the opportunity to hear her.  I'm so glad I came across this video.  I think she's pretty good.  I wrote on their Facebook asking for CDs.  Hopefully, Katie and I will be able to see them in concert this Spring.  Colton and I will be seeing Dr. Lunsford next month, so I'll have to get on to him for not letting me know about this sooner. 

In the above video, Mrs. Katie is the vocal and Dr. Lunsford is on the keyboard.  Enjoy! 
Katie gets her Valentine treat from mommy early.  She wanted me to make her Rice Krispy candy.  I thought it would be cute for her, if I shaped it into a huge heart.  She was surprised when she got home from school. 

Katie & Colton were so bored last night that they thought they would pass the time away by putting pen tattoos on Colton's face and Katie's hands.  The right side of Colton's cheek is his creation.

This is Katie's creation.  FUN!

Sister and brotherly love!  They were laying on the couch between Paw-paw Millard and Daddy, while watching American Idol . . . thus, the microphone Katie is holding as she sings with the show. 


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mom's Birthday and Stephen Fite Concert

Mom's Birthday
My mom loves Chinese food, but she never gets to eat it because my dad isn't a big fan.  I knew mom's birthday was coming up very soon and I couldn't come up with a gift idea.  Susan suggested I make her a Heart Felt Wreath for her front door.  The week I was to make the wreath, my family and I came down with a terrible stomach virus that took days to fully get over.  I never got to make the wreath, so I thought a nice bouquet of flowers and cake to celebrate the day.  Then, I thought of taking her to P.F. Chang's for lunch the Saturday after her birthday.  Talking to Susan, she couldn't come up with an idea either.  So, I suggested that she get mom some flowers and I'll do the cake.  The day, I would be bringing her a cake, my dad had plans to take her out to their favorite seafood restaurant, Red Lobster aka "Crawdad's".  What now?  So, I treated her to a 4-course meal at P.F. Chang's.  OMGosh!  The FOOD.  Two of my sisters, niece and I were able to take mom out to lunch.  We had so much fun!  We all piled up in my vehicle and headed to Bridge Street in Huntsville. 

June's not into Chinese food too well, so I introduced to her Mongolian Beef and Lo Mein Vegetable noodles.  Someone from her work told her to order the Sweet and Sour Chicken.  I'm not too big on Sweet and Sour Chicken and now neither is June.  I ordered a regular size portion of lo mein noodles to share with the whole table.  June said she will have to remember the Mongolian Beef and noodles the next time she comes, which made me feel special.  I love to introduce good food to people who will appreciate it.  Susan and Mom both ordered Crispy Honey Shrimp.  I've had the Crispy Honey Chicken before, but I really liked the shrimp better. 

On the way home, we dropped Leslie off at Chase's house and got to visit with his parents, Kellie and Larry.  I just LOVE them.  It's great when two families that will be coming together in the future get along so well.   I think it limits the stress for the young (soon to be) newlyweds when their families are happy with each other.  Leslie and Chase left soon after we got to his house.  He coaches basketball for a young group of kids, so they left for the game.  Us ladies stayed and visited with his parents, to get to know each other a little better.  I received the best complement from Larry.  Backing up, the last time I saw and met him for the first time was during my mom and dad's anniversary party last July.  Well while we were all talking, he asked which sister I belonged to.  HAHAHA!  He thought I was one of my sisters' daughter.  I loved it!  We all started laughing, including Kellie because I see and talk to her more than him.  Kellie quickly told him that I was a sister.  He said that he thought I belonged to one of them because I looked so young.  I told him that I knew I liked him for some reason.  LOL!  That was everyones laugh for the day. 

Mom had a really good birthday weekend.  Dad taking her out to eat on her birthday.  Us ladies going out for lunch and visiting.  Maryann and Kevin had mom and dad over for supper on Super Bowl night.  They didn't stay for the whole ballgame, but they had another lovely evening with Maryann's family.  She received tons of cards and nice birthday wishes over the phone from relatives and friends.  Next we'll have to plan a special event because it will be her 75th birthday. 

I would like to ask that you please pray for my mom.  She has been experiencing some pain down her left leg like electric shocks.  She's been seeing specialists for her pain and discomfort.  She's had blood tests taken and x-rays.  Monday, I got a call from June.  Mom had a bad morning and had a hard time getting out of bed.  Once I got to their house, she was resting in bed.  I found out that the pain down her leg got worse and she ended up taking two Lortab pills to kill the pain, so she could rest.  Mom got an appointment with her doctor, so I went with them.  The doctor pulled up the results from the x-ray.  It showed mom had a collapsed vertebrae.  After hearing mom's description of the pain, her doctor feels the disk is being pushed and is more than likely pressing up against a nerve.  She even thinks maybe the disk is inflammed.  I believe mom's doctor is working on scheduling a consultation with a back surgeon for a possible back surgery.  This time, they are talking about having a plasty done on her lower back.  This plasty is like putting cement in between her vertebrae.  The doctor seems to think this will help mom a lot.  We are all on wait and see right now.    

Dr. Seuss Activity Booklet
I finally finished Katie's Dr. Seuss activity booklet.  After printing the book out on card stock, I protected it with clear laminate paper.  I punched a hole at the top left corner and placed an "O" book ring to keep it in tack. 

I love the fact that Katie can write on it with a dry erase pen and just wipe it clean.  I'm hoping to pass this booklet down to Colton.  CLICK HERE to print the activity book pdf file.  Katie likes her new book and thinks it is so cool to be able to write on it over and over.  I love it because it will help her to practice reading, writing, and solving math problems. 

Yesterday, Katie and I went on a school field trip to see Stephen Fite in concert.  As a chaperone, I was assigned to watch over 2 little boys in Katie's class.  The one little boy, L, was privileged to sit right next to me before the show started.  L could not be still for nothing.  He was either hanging on my arm or begging to get something to drink.  I was trying to get my group to make the same movements as Stephen was demostrating and singing the songs.  L wanted nothing to do with it. I loved how the audience was encouraged to participate in the concert - singing and dancing.  Stephen even got a few school teachers up on the stage to help him out.  I really liked the songs because they were all surrounded around learning.  You'll have to check out the website.  

Our group
On Stage

Afterwards, Katie and I went shopping.  I wanted to get the kids Winter coats and jackets for next Fall/Winter.  Right now is the time to get really great deals from Dillards and Belk because they are pushing their Winter stuff, to make room for Spring and Summer clothing.  I had Katie pick out her coat.  Can you guess what color she chose?  Pink.  We found a very nice coat for her and I only paid $14.99, it was originally $53.  I grabbed two coats/jackets for Colton.  His coat is a Nike insulated for $24.99 and the thinner jacket with hood was $14.99.  I also picked him up a nice pants suit for $11.99 (long sleeved dress shirt, sweater vest and couroy pants).  By the end of the day, we were both exhausted.  We didn't head home until close to 5PM. 

I was going through Colton's closet and went through the clothes I bought him this past Summer for this Spring.  I bought him a Will'beth Jon-Jon suit and it is so precious on him.  The suit came with a matching cap, but it doesn't fit his big head.  I hate it, but he didn't mind wearing it today anyway.  I thought he looked so darn cute, sitting on his Thomas while wearing a train suit with cap.  I had to take a picture.  Maybe he won't hate me later.  LOL!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day . . . yet again

SNOW . . . AGAIN!  Seriously?

. . . and to think, the gopher from a little town in PA declared that Winter will not last for 6 more weeks.

The amount of accumulated snow wasn't expected in our town last night. In fact, the last I saw on the news before picking Katie up from school was some freezing rain in south Alabama. Next thing I know, it's sleeting outside. Still not thinking anything of it, I go to my mom and dad's to drop off Colton so we could go to ballet. It snows a little harder the longer we stay there. Dad and mom convince us not to go to ballet, so I gather up all my things to head back home. Still the longer we stay the harder the snow is outside. Within a matter of minutes the ground is completely covered. The bridges are covered in snow and ice. Ugh! Driving up a hill, I began to slip a little. I didn't hesitate to throw the truck into 4-wheel drive. The only other time, I felt the tires slip was when I had to stop at traffic signs. Katie couldn't get over all the snow. She asked me why it was so foggy because it wasn't raining. I explained to her that it wasn't fog, but a lot of snow - blizzard. When we got home, all you could see was white.

Doug was leaving work and he had no idea how the conditions were outside. In fact, he began laughing at me because he couldn't get over it. He told me at home how his trip home went. It's scary how crazy people drive in the middle of a blizzard. A few of our streets closed during the night and Birmingham reported accidents and traffic jams due to the ice and snow. 

As the night went on luckily the temperature began to rise, so the snow went back to sleet and freezing rain. This morning, most of the snow cleared off the streets. A lot of schools delayed opening this morning between 2-3 hours.

Word Families - Rhyming Words
I created these pdf sheets for Katie to practice with her word families.  Originally, I got the idea from Dr. Seuss and put my twist on it.  Katie loves fairies and unicorns right now. 

Word Families