Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

I want to start out by saying,
I hope y'all will have a spectacular time tomorrow, surrounded around family and friends. Just have a most blessed day. Please be sure to stop, look around and meditate on what this day means most to you and praise the Lord for what you have today.

Princess Rose

As promised, here are a few pictures of Katie's Thanksgiving Day Dinner at school on Monday. She really enjoyed dressing up like an Indian. Of course, she asked questions about Indians like why do they wear those head things? We need to go to the Library and find a fully illustrated book on Indians. Of course, I don't think she's ready to find out what happened to all the Indians in the end. Yikes! I did tell her that she does have Indian in her blood. Yes, believe it or not, I have a little Cherokee running through these Southern-Alabamian veins. I know Doug's got to have some Indian blood in him, dark complexion, but he's not too up-to-date on his geneology. No tellin' what tribe that boy's from! Tribe of "Ag-gra-vatin'".

Isn't this a cute idea? I love it!

My little Indian eating everything but grapes & dressing

All the little Indians gathered around the table

As I was downloading my pictures from my cell phone, I came across a few that I took and forgot all about.

We (Doug, Millard, Peggy, Katie, Colton and myself) went on a little road trip to Huntsville in the new party van.

Here we all are!

We stopped by Mellow Mushroom for lunch. Katie loved the astronaut & wanted her picture taken w/him.

On our Trick or Treating rounds, we stopped by Cullman's new Police Department and visited June. She took us around, showing off the kids' costumes, to those who were back from lunch break. It's a very nice facility and I think they'll really like the break rooms, very cozy. Check out Katie's glasses. She put on June's glasses right before I took this picture.

Iron Bowl
Don't forget to watch the Iron Bowl Friday, Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Auburn Tigers at 1 PMCST.

Doug wants to get up early and do the Black Friday shopping thing. I hope to sleep in a little bit before dragging out the Christmas decorations. We hope to have at least the tree up & decorated by ball game time.

When I was a little girl, I loved going to the local downtown shops and staring at the snow villages. I thought they were so pretty and could watch them for hours. Last year, I started my snow village. It's nothing expensive or elaborate, but hopefully enjoyable for our little angels. I'm purchasing one piece at a time. Last year, I purchased a skating rink (automated) from Walmart for $15. I thought that was so cheap and I think it's the cutest thing. Katie loved watching it. This year, I got the church with stained glass windows that lights up. I also purchased a few small pieces like the carolers, The Manger Scene, and trees. I will take pictures for you when I get it all fixed up.

Katie has a little tree that sits on her chest of drawers. It's filled with small ornaments like Disney Princesses, snowmen, santas, angels, snowflakes and of course nutcracker. I was able to get Colton's tree for his room (blue), but I wasn't in too big of a hurry when it came to buying ornaments. I don't know exactly what to put on it. Should I stick with the traditional Christmas figures like Katie's? Should I go babifed, little boy things or sports? I have yet to get to Hobby Lobby and look at their tiny ornaments. I'm sure they will have their 50% off Christmas ornaments again sometime next month.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Joke

Katie had her Thanksgiving Day party with her class and the other Pre-K4 class today. When I walked into the gym, there was a nice long table all decorated for the feast. Around the table was a large tribe of Indians, Katie's Indian name was "Princess Rose." Claire's mom told me that they make up all the names. Claire's Indian name was "Princess Underwood." I don't where in the world Mrs. Katie grabbed that one from. I took a couple of pictures of Katie sitting at the table, but I forgot to take one of her in her outfit, she made. So, I'll wait until tomorrow and take a picture of her outside. It's real cute!

Of course, I have to post the Auburn jokes online. tehe! By the way, I noticed an error I made from my last post. I wrote that the Alabama and Auburn game was this Saturday. Oops! Actually, the game will be on Friday.

Katie and I have been busy in the back yard. I want it all nice and clean by next Spring. I hope to begin some landscaping, planting of bushes and flowers. I have huge plans, but it will be up to Doug how far it will get. While we were sitting on the back patio, a few days ago, watching Katie play, we were discussing my plans and ideas to each other. I have a feeling it will be a struggle on the refurbished patio, so I need your prayers. Let me re-phrase that, Doug will need your prayers. :)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Congratulations Doug!

As most of you know, Doug recently received his BS degree through DeVry last month. We all got together today to celebrate with him. We were hoping to make it a surprise party, but I had to let the cat out of the bag because he was asking way too many questions yesterday. I had to pull out my punch bowl, picnic basket and other items from storage to take to the building with us. The punch bowl was for the great tasting "Sundrop Punch," I made for the party. The picnic basket was to help transport the breakable items, I needed to decorate the room. I also had a bunch of miscellaneous items that I thought we would need to serve food and just make our occasion more special.

At first, Doug didn't like the idea of us throwing him a graduation party. He thought it was silly and embarrassing. Once he got to the Boy Scout Building and began mingling with our guests, he changed his mind and was enjoying himself.

If you live in the Cullman County/City area and need a place to host a party, I highly recommend the Vinemont Boy Scout Building. This is the second party that I've hosted there and I get lots of compliments on the location. Most people just aren't aware that it's there because it is nestled back away from the highway and I can see where people don't notice it. It's located just south of Vinemont High School on Patton Drive. Patton Drive is right behind the dentist office off of Highway 31. The Boy Scout Building is a log cabin right beside the Vinemont Fire Department. Today, we had approximately 37-40 people attend tonight and there was way more room to spare. I love the rock fireplace, but it was still a little too warm to start it up tonight.

We had a great meal after it was blessed by Millard. We loaded up with good ol' Johnny's Barbeque pulled pork, DQ chicken fingers, potato salad, cole slaw, Maryann's baked beans (yummy), fruit tray, Sundrop punch, marble cake w/whipped icing, Peggy's Chex Mix, Shawn's sugarfree chocolate pudding (yummy). I'll tell you one thing, no one left there hungry that's for sure and we still had tons of leftovers.

After dinner, we settled down and watched Doug open his many gifts. Everyone hit it right on the head. If it wasn't University of Alabama stuff, it was Best Buy gift cards. He got a lot of nice things, thank you so much. He really does appreciate it!

June and I were watching Katie playing with the children (all boys) and she made the comment, "Nicholas had nothing but girls to play with (his age) and here poor Katie has nothing but boys to play with in the family". I told her that doesn't stop Katie at all. She can be a little miss priss with the girls and still turn on the tough and tumble with the boys. She was just thrilled to play with kids close to her age (Will-7, Ty-7, and Trey-5 (I think)). All four of them were thick as thieves. Trey and Katie would play more together, where Will and Ty would buddy up. I did think it was sweet how all four of them shared Trey's race car by taking turns, rolling it back and forth to each other. Katie was right there with them, "hey, roll it to me. It's my turn."

Everyone, including me, thought Colton did great while all of this was going on. None of us heard him whimper for 3 solid hours. We pretty much knew he was in a dream world. He had everyone's attention and was passed around like a sack of potatoes. Someone holding him and fussing over him is being in hog heaven. He eats it up!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. More pictures are posted on Facebook and my photosite.

Sundrop Punch Recipe
2 cans (46 oz.) Pineapple Juice,chilled
2 cans (12 oz.) Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
3 (2 liters) Sundrops, chilled

Mix Pineapple juice and lemonade; refrigerate or freeze. If frozen, set out of freezer for about 4 hours before serving time.

Pour into a large punch bowl, add Sundrop and stir gently to blend. Float thinly sliced lemon or orange on the top. Serve immediately.

Note: This recipe can be halved. I used Motts brandname for juice and Minutemaid Lemonade. Very good.

The Tide Keeps Rolling!
We've got another "ROLL TIDE" celebration tonight! Man, our tide has been rolling all over these teams this season. I'm so impressed and happy for them. They've worked so hard to get to where they are today.

Now, next weekend is THE GAME! Next Saturday is the most important game of the year for the whole state -

University of Alabama vs. Auburn University

This meet is the ultimate game of the season. Forget the SEC Championship and Tim Tebow. Forget the National Championship and Colt McCoy, this is the game that will matter to most Alabamians. It will be the most viewed and attended game of the season.

It's all about "bragging rights!"

On that note, Doug seems to think our most valuable player of the year, Mark Ingram, will place second with the Heisman Trophy. He feels Colt McCoy, Texas, will absolutely win the Heisman Trophy this year. What are your thoughts and predictions?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look God

I'm been real busy this past week, can't go into details right now. I'll publish a long post of all that's going on at another time.

I wanted to share a quick Katie story with you. Tonight, as Katie and I are saying our prayers. Her eyes got real big and remembered something very important. She grabbed her new bracelet, Olivia G. gave her today and held it up in the air. "Look God. See my new bracelet that Olivia G. gave me. Isn't it pretty?" she said all giggly. I thought that was so sweet and wanted to share it with you.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family Portrait

Doug and I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a FAMILY portrait this year, with our new little family member. We invited the grandparents to come along with us to have our family picture made. I invited my sisters, live local, and their families, but there were too many conflicts. Plus, it wouldn't have been fair to have only four out of five sisters in the picture.

Since we would have to take two separate vehicles, us ladies drove the van with the children, while Doug drove the men. It was a lot of fun, except poor Colton is still teething REALLY bad right now.

I think the pictures turned out great. The kids were in such a good mood and they cooperated with the photographers so well. I was really proud of them.

After we finally got our pictures picked out and ordered, which is the worst part because I wanted them all. We all met up at "Wings" for a late lunch. I think the guys liked it there because they were able to watch all the games, while us ladies were STARVING! I don't know if the food was really that good or if I was just too hungry to care.

Today, Susan, me and children and whoever else wants to join us are going to the Cullman "Open House" this afternoon. I really hope Colton's teeth will give him rest today because Sue wants him to go with us. I know as long as someone is holding him, he is fine.

Enjoy the pictures!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black Friday Ads 2009

Wanted to let you know that some merchants have posted their "Black Friday" ads today. If you like to organize your shopping trips, these lists might be able to help you out a little better. CLICK HERE FOR BLACK FRIDAY ADS.

Happy Shopping Y'all!

Happy Veteran's Day!

I wanted to send out a "Happy Veteran's Day" to all of those who have risked their life to make mine and my family's possible.



Quick Deals
I just got back from town and had to let you know the great deals I got from "Kids Unlimited." They had ALL their Spring/Summer outfits, all sizes, on sale with an extra 75% off after that. YES! Plus, everything inside the store was buy one, get one free deals. If you've never been inside the store, they carry names like "Flap Happy, Mollie & Millie, Wally & Willie, b.t. kids, Funtasia Too, Will-beth, Boys 'n Berries, Mom & Me, etc." All of the outfits are good brandname clothes. I loaded up on Colton's Spring/Summer outifts. The regular prices were any where around $56-35. The most I paid was $14 each. I paid $6-10 for several of the outfits. It's too bad I couldn't find anything for Katie on that sale rack. I did get 2 outfits for her to wear this year and next (buy one, get one). They are so cute! The one John-John for Colton, I've decided to have it monogramed for his birthday outfit. Also, we are going to the beach next year, so I loaded up with several cute beach outfits. Oh, can you tell how tickled I am. What's so funny is I went to this store because I needed a bow at the last minute and pretty much came across this sale. Unfortunately, they didn't have the bow I needed. If you live close by, you'll have to check them out. I did eventually get the bow at Kiddie Land.

Cullman Open House
Cullman will be having their annual "Open House/Dickens' Christmas Kick Off" on November 14 & 15. Several local merchants usually participate with holiday appetizers, prize drawings, sales and etc. Well, Kiddie Land will have their outfits 20% off, according to one of the owners.

Colton Standing
I went to wash my hands, after changing Colton's diaper. This is what I found when I came back to get him and take him to the Living Room. He stood there for the longest time. Of course, Katie heard me in his room and came to investigate. Then, she wanted her picture taken too.