Friday, April 30, 2010

Garage Sale Eve

I think we're ready for the garage sale tomorrow. I'm excited! We are forecasting 40% chance of showers tomorrow.  Most of the meteorologist are thinking the rain will hold off until tomorrow afternoon.  They say there might be a spot shower here and there.  Oh, I hope their right.  Us ladies have come to a conclusion, if it rains, it was meant to be.  We have our tarps and plastic drop clothes ready.

A young girl came by earlier today and bought Katie's toddler bed.  Whoo Hoo!  Now, if it's the Lord's will, everything else will be sold tomorrow.  Ha ha!

Maryann sold her bedroom suite to a couple tonight and the same couple bought Natalie's radio.  YAY!  Both ladies that bought our furniture today, said they would be back tomorrow.  Let's hope they will buy more.    

Garage Sale
Saturday, May 1st
7AM - 3PM (weather permitting)
Our House

Strawberry Patch Field Trip
Katie was so disappointed that she picked a basket full of strawberries too quickly, causing us to go home earlier than expected. She wanted to just hang out with all the kids. It was such a beautiful day to pick strawberries! The patches were LOADED with red ripe berries. I told Katie that we'll have to come back another day and get some more. The kids picked so many strawberries that they were falling out of the their baskets and then the other children would step on the berries. Yuck! I kept telling Katie to watch where she was walking. For this to be our last field trip for the year, it was very nice and enjoyed it. Mrs. Katie is getting plans together for a great Year End Party next month.
Katie and her friend "O" waiting patiently in line
"H" posing for the camera, while Katie looks away again.
Kids beginning to fan out
"A" showing her momma what she picked
Busy picking berries
Katie & her friend "M" showing me their strawberries
Katie wanted a picture taken of her HUGE strawberry she just picked

Girls wanted me to take a picture of their baskets


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Little Butterfly

Katie's Art Class painted butterfly faces yesterday.  You should have seen all the butterflies coming out of the school building.  Too cute!

Finally, The University of Alabama has "The National Championship" coca cola bottles out now.  If you want one, you need to hurry because not many were made.
Colton has learned to sit in chairs now.  I caught him twice standing in this chair in the Living Room yesterday.  Ugh!  So, I've been trying to teach him to turn around and sit as soon as he gets in the chair, instead of standing.  He sat in this chair by himself.  Katie was amazed.  She came running after me because she thought Colton did something wrong.  I had to take a picture.  He sat there for quite sometime, looking at his book.   

Movies In Review
Last weekend, we rented "Did You Hear About The Morgans?"  with Jessica Sarah Parker and Hugh Grant.  I loved this movie!  It is so funny. 

I would love to see "The Bounty Hunter" with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. I hope it's as funny as the preview.

Garage Sale
Saturday, May 1st
7am - 3pm
My House
Items includes: baby clothes (boy and girl) in good to excellent condition for all seasons. Girl clothes/dresses (sizes: 3-5 years old) for all seasons. I've priced the good condition dresses $8.00-$25.00. Children shoes (size: crib-youth 9).  You Alabama fans, I've got a beautiful smock dress, size 2T, in the sale. It's in excellent condition, retail $45.00. I've got it priced for $35.00. Name brand clothes: Smart Britches, Rosalina, Rare Edition, Flapdoodles, Nike, Stride Rite, Keds, Gymboree and The Children's Place. Pink toddler bed (excellent condition) $15. Toys of all kinds, a baby jumper station, pack-n-play, stroller, Avent & Playtex bottles, Maternity clothes (size: M-XL), two battery operated/electric breast pump with all the accessories (great condition) and other knick-knacks. 

My sister, Maryann, is selling a nice bedroom suite and beautiful Prom dresses (sizes: 6 and up). I'm going to try and sell my wedding dress and veil again (size 12). I'm asking $100 for both, but will consider any offers.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great Finds To Share

Health Note
Sometimes, I might flip the television station over to "The Drs" or "Dr. Oz." Now, I realize these are all television doctors and may not be equivalent to your own personal physician. Saying that I've slowly and I mean SLOWLY been trying to change our eating habits. I do know that you should have lots of daily fiber, but I never really knew how much until "The Drs." were talking about it one day. So, we've been trying out the whole wheat pasta, Doug's not on board with that one. I've been choosing Whole Grain foods over regular snacks and carbs. We really like Whole Grain Goldfish and Cheez Its around our household. So, the question for today is how much fiber are you supposed to take in daily? Would you believe, 25-30 grams a day. The fiber is good for several reasons, but what's most important to me is it helps prevent colon and breast cancers and heart disease. Saying this, it doesn't mean you should get on the fiber train full force or you will fall flat on your face. Trust me! I've done that before. Like most, I do not take in as much fiber as I should and no where near 25 grams a day. When I was pregnant with Colton, I had digestive issues and ate TONS of "Fiber One." Oh, I thought I was going to die right then and there. I didn't know what was wrong with me until I spoke to my sister. She knew I was eating the "Fiber One" snack bars. I guess I was eating 3-4 a day because of my condition. They were not helping but adding to my problem because I went all gung ho on the fiber. "The Drs." addressed that very issue. If you normally do not eat that much fiber, you need to take baby steps and slowly build up your grams of fiber. That's what I'm trying to do and luckily, it seems to be working.

Now that it's Spring time and warmer weather, I've wanted to put the comfort foods away for a brief moment. Today, I got all the ingredients to make my Chicken Salad. You'll find the Recipe HERE. I served it inside one of these:
These FlatOut Flatbreads are Multi-grain with Flax flour, which contains 8 grams of fiber per serving and an excellent source of Omega 3.  Plus, they are only 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar and 2.5 grams of fat.  I love wraps, so I thought it tasted really good.  "The Drs" suggested eating lots of fruit with skin on them like grapes throughout the day for small snacks.  So, I plan on doing this with the grapes I had leftover from my Chicken Salad.  

Laundry Tip
I don't think I've mentioned this great product before that's why I'm posting it now.  Because of our living situation, I've been using "Downy Wrinkle Releaser" for the past year. Grant it's not like ironing your clothes to perfection in preparation for that very important business meeting, but it does work.  Especially when you might be in a hurry or last minute mom errand run.  My excuse is our iron and ironing board is currently located in Colton's bedroom.  Now, we've tried moving them to other locations throughout the house, but we keep coming back to Colton's room because there is just no other convenient place to store them.  This arrangement has made it somewhat difficult for me because if he is asleep, I can't go barging into his room just to iron my clothes.  I've tried ironing my clothes the night before, but I'm one of those at the moment type people.  So, what I ironed the night before, I may not want to wear it the following day.  I go ahead, wear it and end up uncomfortable for the rest of the day.  Ugh!  Or I wasn't able to iron because I might be having "one of them days."  Needless to say, the idea went down the toilet.  That's when I discovered "Downy Wrinkle Releaser."  It works great for me.  I just spray a little bit on the wrinkled areas, stretch and wipe the wrinkles away.  Wha-la!

Yard Sale
I took a break today from the yard sale preparation, due to sinus problems. I know the meteorologist keeps saying that the pollen counts will come down as soon as the oaks and junipers stop pollenating. Yes, but when exactly will that be? I ask this question because I'm tired of going to bed with a headache and not being able to smell, waking up in the middle of the night hacking and dragging myself out of bed the following morning because of the drug induced coma I'm under. I can't take "Benadryl", so I'll say "Sudafed" to the rescue!

Lord willing, I'll get back to my Samford and Son's loot tomorrow morning, ready to put on some more price tags.  I think Maryann is going to try and help me out Friday.  Millard and Peggy will be here (thank you dear Lord) to tend to the kids for us.  It's amazing how they want to help me out.  You'd think it would be too boring to mess with, I know I am. 


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prayer Request

Please remember a friend of mine, Becka. She's been having serious sinus problems for quite some time. It developed when she was younger, right after getting a broken nose. Tomorrow, the doctor will have to re-break her nose and reset it. Plus, the doctor found a tumor in her sinuses. The tumor is benign, so that's good news. He will drill holes and hopefully the tumor will drain out of her. Doesn't that sound awful? Talking with her tonight, she is a bundle of nerves. She's at the point where she doesn't want to hear any awful personal experiences from other people or horrifying questions. I just told her not to think about what everyone has told her that was negative and think positive. I didn't tell her good luck. Instead, I assured her everything was going to be just fine and I'd be thinking about her tomorrow. I think she liked that much better. Poor soul. This procedure is considered major, so she'll be in the hospital for a couple of days.

Yard Sale
I will be hosting a yard sale in the next couple of weeks and I've been going through box after box of baby/toddler clothes. Oh my gosh! My head has been spinning because you have to realize that I have nearly 5 years worth of girl's clothes and shoes in our storage building. I've got the stack of special clothing that I plan on keeping for Katie and Colton.

I've found out, it's easier to price items while the children are asleep. You may not see much of me for the next couple of weeks and this is why. They are trying to help me. Katie feels she must make sure all the clothes and shoes absolutely do not fit her. You don't know how many times I've had to stop her from trying on clothes. Finally, I had to have her repeat after me "these clothes and shoes are too small and therefore, I can't ever wear them again." She thought it was funny, but she got the hint. LOL! Now, I've got to go shopping online and find her new Disney PJs. Thank goodness Disney is having a 2 for $20 right now on a lot of their PJs and gowns. She wants a new Ariel, Tiana and Bell PJs. I had to stop for a little while because Colton kept unfolding my nice folded priced outfits. Then, he kept snatching my pen and tape. Ugh! I guess he thinks, he can put a better price.

Katie is not liking me going through her stuff to sale. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA! She calmed down a little when she saw some of the things I was keeping for her, so when she has a baby. Whell, that statement flipped her lid. She immediately asked, "when I have a baby? Mom, when will I have a baby?" We've had this discussion before, I guess she needed a little reminding. She was okay afterwards.

Little Family Singer
Doug's got the Zune all charged up, in hopes Katie might like to use it to listen to her favorite music. She sings all the time now. Some of the songs are 80s that have been reintroduced to the new movies like "Chipmunks Squeakquel." I remember some of the words, so I have to correct her from time to time. I think I'm going to break down and purchase the "Chipmunk's Squeakquel" soundtrack for her. I listen to 80s music on the radio in the car. A lot of the time, she'll ask me what the name of the song is or she'll tune up and start singing with me. I love times like these to remember.

Colton is right there in the middle of things. He thinks he is just as big as you and he can do anything. He has a way of communicating with you. Right now, he grunts a lot. If he wants a drink, he'll start grunting. If you ask him if he wants a drink, he'll either smile and go crazy or he'll take you to the refrigerator. He still thinks his sister is the funniest person on the face of the earth. He'll start laughing at her like a drop of a hat. He waves bye-bye and if he feels that he has accomplished something big, he'll start clapping.  Or if you say "yay," he'll beginning clapping.  He's beginning to enjoy watching cartoons like Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with sister. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had to chance to view this wonderful and meaningful video from a new blogger that I dropped in to visit today. She mentioned this video was inspiring and touched her heart. I have to agree and I even teared up a time or two. It is so true and it spoke to my heart. As touching as this message is it needs to be shared with the world.

Whether you are family, old or new friend, I want to send you a hug today and say that I'm so glad God sent you my way.

Be sure to have the hanky handy! Your Friend Always!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Blossoms

Well, I snuck out of the house this morning to check out some patio furniture at "Pattie's Patio." As I drove up in the parking lot, they had a sign on the window "Going Out of Business." I got a little excited, hoping I might get a good deal. Unfortunately, there was another smaller sign by the door that read "We're closed today for personal business." Ugh! I went ahead, looked through the store windows and outside where a lot of their patio furniture is located. I really didn't see anything that excited me.

On the way home, I wanted to check out this fairly new greenhouse nursery "Greenleaf." I guess they've been here for a year or so. I've never been there because one person told me that they were a little pricey. I've been tired of looking at the same plants at Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart (azaleas, rhododendron and gardenia bushes). I really wanted to see what else is out there for part sun to shady areas. I've always wanted a Camellia bush, but really haven't found one that either looked healthy or have a pretty bloom to it. I must say, I was impressed with Greenleaf. They had everything! I would really love to have a Lilac bush, but I don't have the sun to really reach it's potential. Oh, if we ever move to an area with some full sun in our yard, I'm going to purchase a Lemon tree. I saw one at the nursery and the white blooms on the tree are very fragrant. So sweet! They had some beautiful, healthy azaleas of all colors. I'm thinking about going back and getting one that had two tone bright pink blossoms. The container had to be close to 2 gallons for $24.99. I know when I purchased my azaleas in the front yard, they were a gallon and I think I paid around $10 each. So, I don't think $24.99 is too bad of a price for a healthy bush. I did go ahead and purchase a beautiful Camellia for $14.99. The color name is pearl. The picture looks like a light pink rose, not at all like some of the Camellias I've seen around. I planted it in the corner of the back yard, where I'm planning on making a flowerbed.

The Horticulturist, I spoke with at the nursery gave me lots of planting ideas and tips on the plants I purchased. She showed me a Campanula plant aka "Pink Octopus" and I immediately fell in love. She said they are shade lovers and very hardy. They are similar to Hostas because they spread out and can be separated. They have a danty little pink flower that looks like a pink Octopus tentacles. I think it's cute and very unique. The lady I was working with recommended Mushroom Compost for the plants along with a liquid plant root stimulator (to help on the shock) and powdered plant food that smelled just like a horse stable. Pe-ew!

Finally, I like to get some kind of annual flower to put in my flower pot out on the driveway. Normally, I plant Geraniums or Verbas because they do so well during the Summer months. Last year, Katie and I planted colorful Gerber Daisies. We had so many compliments on those and I loved them because they looked playful and happy. I don't know, daisies remind of happiness and joy. I was so undecided until I found this year's plant of the Mason's landscape. I've never seen a Regal Geraniums before today. I think that's what they are called or least that's what I was told. They are very pretty and different from the traditional Geraniums. The color name on the marker was "Elegant Purple Majesty." 

I also like to get a hanging basket for the shepard's hook that sports around in my flowerbed in the front yard. I've had good experiences with Mandevillas, but the ones I've purchased were the climbing. I've never seen them in hanging baskets, so I was pleased to see this one in a basket. I love the color! It's like a deep dark red. I got this Mandevilla at Lowe's. I'm excited to see if it will spread like the vines.

Just some pictures of my azaleas


Guess who?

Okay girlies, I love seeing new young actors/actresses making their way in the film business, especially if their any good. In the past couple of years, I've seen quite a few new faces and some I really like their acting. One new actress is making her way and we know her dad oh so well, growing up in the 80's. She played Sandra Bullock's daughter, Collins, in the hit film "The Blind Side." What's ironic about that is she really is a Collins. Lily Collins is the daughter of the famous pop rock star Phil Collins. She is so much prettier than her father, thank goodness. Phil may can sing, but his looks . . . whew! I'm glad he stuck to singing. (haha) Anyway, Lily will be costarring in a new thriller "Abduction" soon with actor Taylor Lautner, Jacob from "Twilight". She's supposed to play the girlfriend that helps Lautner find his real parents after he finds his baby picture posted on the missing person's website.

Sips n Strokes
Have you ever heard of this party? Whitney was telling me about it last night and sounds like so much fun. She said there's a "Sips n Stroke" located near the Summit in Birmingham. She told her mother, Maryann, about it and she seemed interested as well. What started the conversation, I was telling Whitney how I would love to take a few oil painting classes. I just think it would be fun. That's when she told me about "Sips n Strokes." Apparently, you bring your favorite beverage and they supply the canvas. Whitney said you basically drink your beverage or wine and paint your picture of the subject they have out in front of you. Everyone's painting will be different from one another, but it's supposed to be a fun girl's night out. I told her that if she decides to go, call me up because I want to go. If you would like to have a little painting party, Check out the nearest Sips n Strokes in your location. Cheers!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break Events

Wow! Katie has been a busy little bee this week during Spring Break and the week's not over. I think it's been pretty eventful and full of fun.

Monday, we stayed around the house and got a few things done. She helped me straighten up and clean. That night, her paw-paw Millard and grandma Peggy came by and picked her up to spend the night with them. She stayed all day with them on Tuesday. She loves riding around on the Chuckwagon with her paw-paw.  For supper, they took her to her favorite restaurant"Sweet Peppers Deli". She loves their mac-n-cheese. She says it's the best! (haha) Of course, they always take her to Walmart and she came home with another Barbie. Ugh! She talked them into it because she didn't have one like that one.

Wednesday was our errand day. I had hoped to get our Walmart shopping out of the way, so we could spend some time at the park. I just tried to push Katie and Colton when it came to errands. By the time we got home to drop off the groceries and took a potty break, we were back on the road. The kids were hungry and tired and we still hadn't gotten to the park yet. I really didn't know if it was going to happen. Katie kept asking questions because she couldn't understand why we were on the road all day. I stopped by McDonalds to refuel the children with their Happy Meals. Unfortunately, Katie announced on the road that she had to go potty. My brain went into overtime to think of a clean and convenient place to take her since I had Colton as well. What to do? What to do? I wasn't far from one of our parks, so I pulled in. Nope, they had a bolt lock on the chain link fence. By this time, she was out of her seat rocking back and forth. Bless her heart, she was seriously in trouble. Then, I had an idea. I saw a huge parking lot across from the park for extra parking. Here we go. Katie, scared out of her mind, thought I was forcing her to go to the bathroom in the woods. "No!" I told her. I pulled out the faithful portable potty and got it ready. I just parked out in the middle of nowhere for privacy only. Colton was starving, so while she was doing her business, I fed him his lunch. (haha) It wasn't long before we were on the road again. I finally got to the park and we finished our lunch. It was too much, Colton couldn't handle it much more. He was so tired that all he wanted to do was cry. By this time, my nerves were shot! I had my fill. So, I buckled Katie back up, started up the vehicle and we headed back home. Oh, Katie was not a happy camper at all. She showed her temper a little bit until I told her that if she kept it up, we wouldn't come to the park at all for a while. It's amazing what a difference a threat changes a situation. By the time I got home, both kids were out like lights. I put them both in bed for naps and Colton slept for 3 hours. That's how tired he was. When he woke up at 4:00, I asked Katie if we could try it again. She got excited and was very well behaved. This time, I really enjoyed myself with the children. I took the Trike for Colton and Katie's bike. Ever since she fell off of her bike last year, I've had a terrible time getting her back on the thing. She starts crying and whining something awful. Believe me! She cried and begged me to not make her ride her bike. I kind of felt bad, but I made her ride it. She was scared to death until we were almost back at the truck. I had to help her most of the way because she announced, she doesn't like to go fast. Anyways, she did good and I was so proud of her. Since she didn't fall or have to turn around, she's ready to come back and ride again. Mommy's park rules are "Let's walk, so we can play." So, after we rode/walked around the circle, I let her and Colton play at the park for about 30 minutes because I had one more place to stop before going home for the night. Her playing at the park leads us to a "Katie Story."

Katie Story
I got so tickled at her. You have to know first of all, Katie is the social butterfly. She'll just walk up to children and introduce herself and then ask for their names, followed by a "hey, let's go play" request from her. (haha) Watching her, I noticed a cute little boy following her around. Apparently, she noticed it as well because she finally turned around and asked him why he was following her. At one time, she came and told me what he was doing. I found out the little boy's name was Eli. At the same time, Katie made friends with a little boy (looked older) named Levi. I don't think Eli liked Katie playing with Levi because he began growling at Levi. Katie kept thinking Eli was growling at her, so she asked him why he was doing that and it was scarying her. He said he wasn't growling at her, instead he was growling at Levi. Being the loyal friend, she told him to stop growling at Levi because he was her friend. LOL! Her little world is something else. She hated it when Levi had to leave, but it made Eli calm down and stop the growling. Eli was a cutie, black wavy hair and dark eyes, wearing his dockers. Doug didn't like it too well when I told him the Eli/Levi story. Yes, I think Doug's going to have a VERY hard time when Katie is up old enough for boyfriends. He says, she's not allowed to date until she's 22 years old because Lord willing, she'll be out of college with a degree. (Haha)

Whitney called us Wednesday night and asked if Katie could spend the night with her on Thursday. Nia was also out of school and wanted to spend time with Whitney, while she was off from work. Robin, Nia's mom, and Whitney took the girls to the EarlyWorks Museum yesterday, while Peggy, Millard and myself took Colton to Portrait Innovations for picture day.

Katie loved the Early Works Museum! She was telling me all about it tonight. They have a talking tree and clock tower. She got to dress up and it's a hand-on experience of American history. Whitney said it was lots of fun. She thinks Colton would even have fun there because they had little gadgets for toddlers. I promised Katie that we would try to go back when school is out for the Summer.

Katie and Nia hung out with Whitney and Zayne today. They were putting in their flowerbed, so Whitney had them play in the water sprinkler and they played with the sidewalk chalk, I put in her bag. As soon as Doug and I got to Whitney's front door tonight, Nia was already at the door asking if Katie could spend the night with her tonight. Oh me! Those girls were putting it on thick too, begging to spend the night again with one another. I reminded Katie that Summer is right around the corner and they could spend more time together then.

Whitney was telling me some of the stories of those two. She was amazed how Katie was singing just about the whole time she was there. I know Katie loves Beyonce's "Single Ladies" because it was on the new Chipmunk movie. Zayne told Whitney that Katie sounded like the chipmunks when she sang along with the characters. LOL! It's so true.

Doug and I have been looking for a small patio set. I've noticed a Bistro set from Lowe's that I wouldn't mind having. We don't have a very big patio in the back yard and I think a Bistro set would be more appropriate rather than the BIG table that seats 4-6 people and umbrella. We live in a fairly shady area, so I don't think we'll really need the umbrella. We went around tonight looking at patio sets.  The sets I liked only had 1 year warranties and Doug seemed a little partial to the wicker furniture.  I'd like to find a set that's sturdy with at least a 5 year warranty and Doug doesn't want cushions.  The only places we've really looked is Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart. I remembered there is a patio place down the road from us, I think I might check them out tomorrow.  I'd appreciate any suggestions or lessons learned.  Thanks! 


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayer Request

This morning, my Aunt Bobby passed away from complications due to her Alzheimers. In the above picture is my Uncle Rex (my mother's brother) and Aunt Bobby Lou. Wasn't she a beautiful woman? I didn't get to know her like my sisters did because her and Rex divorced several years ago and she moved to Florida. They had 8 children together and they are spread throughout the country. During her last days, her daughters were taking good care of her. As much care as humanly possible. Considering the circumstances, they were forced to move her into a nursing home. She was really having a hard time remembering people.

I know her children are having a difficult time handling her death. They knew it was coming sooner or later, but I guess they wished they had a little more time with her. I can't imagine what they might be going through. Please pray for this family.

My sister, June, friend's son is having heart problems. He's heart wants to run away from him. It sounds like the same problem Nicholas has with his heart. There's a medical name for it, but guess what? I can't remember it. The heart surgeons have been monitoring his heart rhythms and decided that they needed to go in. He had a little procedure done today and his mother reported that it went well and he was recovering. Please keep him in your prayers.

My Great Aunt Mary is back in the hospital.  When I asked my mother what was the problem, she said that the doctors really don't know what could be the problem other than old age.  My Aunt Mary is my grandmother's eldest sister.  Yes, Mary has out lived every one of her siblings and she was the first born.  Don't ask me how old she is because I've lost count, but I know she's very close to 100 years old.  I'll have to ask my mother because she keeps up with it.  Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers. 

I spoke to my sister, Sandy, this morning and she said that my niece's dog passed away.  When Liz was having a hard time in her life, her sweet husband went out and bought her Sophie.  Sophie was a precious maltese.  Liz took Sophie into the Vet for a routine teeth cleaning.  According to Sandy, the Vet puts Sophie to sleep in order to clean her teeth.  Well, Sophie's heart stopped and they couldn't get it started back.  She was 6 years old (in human years).  Liz is completely devastated and understandably so over her baby.  I couldn't get over it while Sandy was telling me all of this.  Liz is going through lots right now and she would really appreciate the prayers.  Thank you!


Colton's 1 Year Portrait

Welcome to Colton's Gallery! (hehe)

Today, Peggy and Millard went with Colton and myself to "Jones Farms," or at least that's what the sign says as soon as you top the hill on Carl T. Jones. Doug and I wanted to try out the Portrait Innovations in Huntsville to see if we like it better than Birmingham. I've never had any problems with the Birmingham studio. The main reason for going to Huntsville is according to the map, we might be a little closer to it than Birmingham.

I had more pros than cons with the new studio at Jones Farms. In my opinion, the building on the inside looked bigger. They had the 2 studios and 4 photographers on hand, which is nice. I noticed this studio had a dressing room, where the Birmingham studio doesn't. Plus, they had this big laundry sink, which came in very handy today. I don't believe the other studio has this available. The only con I had against this studio is the experience, but you have to start some where. Right? I cringed when I over heard our photographer talking to another about her photo shoot experiences. She said the job she just got through with was her second one ever. Apparently our photographer thought she was talking about today. Nope, the girl corrected her and said ever. Then, our photographer asked her if her nerves were getting the best of her. When she shook her head, I thought oh me. Again, I had to keep telling myself, they have to start some where and she probably did a very good job. I know when I do people favors like taking their picture, I'm too much of a perfectionist that I wear the people out because I know I can get a "better" shot another way. When in fact, they would have been happy with the first 10 shots.

Well, I was VERY pleased with Colton's photos. At first, we thought he was going to be in his serious mood. Once the ladies got to playing (tickling) him, he warmed up quickly. Thank goodness, we were the only ones getting our pictures made at the time because he was every where and I just appreciated the attention from the other photographers. They were really helpful and so friendly. I think our photographer was having the most fun because she kept laughing at Colton acting silly and laughing.

They were actually surprised that I wanted a more casual laid back photo, something of creation. I brought Colton's surfer outfit and once I saw that they were going to just go with a plain background, I suggested the beach or seaside scene instead. Their mouths fell open. The ladies said that everytime they suggest the seaside scene, most people turn up their lip and immediately say "no." I told them about the cute pictures I got from Katie's 2nd birthday photos. The ladies got real getty because I let them be somewhat creative.

When we switched studios, I noticed the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yes, they had it along with the jacket. It is precious! I've seen a sample of this motorcycle in the children's pictures, but I never saw it in the Birmingham studio. They must have it packed away because the lack of space, but it was there in the Huntsville studio. I don't think Colton's old enough to feel confident enough that he wouldn't fall. I've definitely got it in the back on my mind for next year. I also saw another photo of a little boy, sitting side ways wearing a t-shirt with a football, soccer & basketball. The shirt read "sports" below. I guess the mother brought the balls that coordinated with his shirt. It was simple and precious. I thought of Colton immediately because he loves balls. Then, I saw one of an older boy wearing a football uniform and holding a football. So cute! I can't wait until next year!

Meanwhile, here are a few of the photos. We didn't get all that you see, but we got enough. I'll try to send out the thank you cards as soon as possible. Be expecting one of these to accompany it.

He was laughing - I've really got to get his hair cut (so long)

I got a BIG close up photo of this one

I was so happy to get one good picture with him & his teddy because he kept throwing it, he was playing a game.

This is one of my favorites!

His hair was sticking up because he just got through playing with the balloons

Colton was doing his Hulk impersonation - Actually, he got mad because the lady took his shovel away

He got his shovel back quickly

He is changing his looks once again!

I really liked this picture - this is Colton, pulling on his shirt & drooling

I had envisioned something completely different when I wanted this arrangement.  Stupid mom forgot that Colton LOVES and I mean LOVES balloons.  The whole time, we were trying to get this shot, he kept playing with the balloons and would not pay attention.  This is one of the best shots, we could get out of this session. Ugh!

All he wanted was he balloon, well baby you got it 'cause your momma's baby boy!

He was looking at us like, "you're not gonna take my balloon.  Are you?"

I'm sure you noticed that I didn't list Katie's name at the beginning of my post. Well, last night Whitney called. She worked her 7 on at the hospital and wanted to take Katie and Nia during her 7 off. She is so sweet to take the girls some where on her days off, when she could be sacked out on the couch or catching up on her housework. Katie hasn't seen Nia in quite sometime, so I knew she would want to spend time with her. They play so good together. They are like two peas in a pod. Whitney and her MIL took the girls to EarlyWorks Museum. I've had great intentions of taking Katie there this Summer. I guess I'll get a feel of how well she liked it and if it is age approperiate. On top of that, Whitney and Zayne are having the girls spend the night tonight. Whoo Hoo! How fun does that sound having a 4 year old and 5 year old under the same roof? I bet Zayne turned in early tonight. I gave Whitney lots of movies to calm the girls down later tonight. I hope it worked. I'll have to get the scoop tomorrow on today's events. LOL!

I've been thinking a lot about Katie's birthday party. She really wants to have her classmates invited to her party. So, I was thinking about throwing her birthday party a little early. Let's say, in May or early June. I was thinking about calling "Air It Out" to see how much they charge to rent their party room for a couple of hours. I also want to see if the Aquatic Center will rent their party rooms to non-members. Katie would love to go to either places. Do you think it would be alright if I have her party early or should I do the usual Summer Family party? Ugh! What to do? I don't think we could afford a BIG party this year with both friends and family. Shoot, we have enough family to fill up a house. So, to compensate for the family not REALLY getting involved in all the craziness of pool or bounce house parties, I was thinking about having cake & ice cream night in July. Do ya think that could work?