Monday, July 29, 2013

Loaded Potato Salad Recipe

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Loaded Potato Salad
Servings: 4

2 lbs. red potatoes
1/2 c sour cream (or greek yogurt)
1/2 c mayo
1/2 c cheddar cheese, shredded 
6 green onions, sliced
6 strips bacon, cut into pieces
1 Tbsp lemon juice (1/2 small lemon) 
Bone Suckin' Sauce Seasoning
Salt and Pepper to taste


Cook potatoes whole in a large pot.  Just bring the potatoes to a boil then turn it down on simmer.   I put 2 Tbsp. of sea salt to each quart of water in the pot. Salt bring out the flavor of the potatoes, it won't make them salty at all.

Check the tenderness of the potatoes with a fork after 12 minutes of cooking.  If potatoes are still too hard, cook a little longer until tender.  Put drained potatoes in a ice bath to cool.  After 1-2 minutes, potatoes should be cool enough to handle.  The skins will be easy enough to just peel off with your hands.  I used a paring knife to help get into the cracks and crevices of the potatoes.  It just made it a little easier. Dice up the skinned potatoes and put to the side.

In a medium sized bowl, combine sour cream, mayo, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix well.  Pour the liquid over the potatoes.  I spread a generous amount of seasoning over the potatoes.  The seasoning brings out a good barbecue flavor to the salad.  It depends on your tastes.  The best way to know is taste, taste, taste everything.  If you've never heard of "Bone Suckin' Sauce" and seasoning, let me introduce you.  It's delicious!  
  photo bone_suckin_sauce__58060_thumb_zpsa8911d0f.jpg 
If you don't access to this seasoning, you can use your favorite barbecue seasoning.  Sprinkle shredded cheese over the top of the seasoned potatoes.  Fry up bacon, pat all extra grease off bacon and let cool for 1 minute.  Crumble up bacon into small pieces and sprinkle on top of the cheese.  Garnish with chopped green onions on top of the salad.  I put the potato salad in the fridge to marinate overnight.

It was so good!

Note:  I made this potato salad for a very large group of 20+ people.  I used the following ingredients, but used the same directions to put it together.

Group of 20+ People - Ingredients
10 lbs. red potatoes
3 c sour cream or yogurt
1 1/2 c & 3 Tbsp. Mayo
4 c shredded cheddar cheese
12 green onions, sliced
2 packs of bacon
3 Tbsp lemon juice
Bone Suckin' Seasoning
Salt and Pepper to taste

For making large amounts, it is best to . . .

This potato salad was a hit at our family cookout yesterday.



What a Blessing

It is truly a blessing to be able to witness a baby dedicated to Jesus and celebrate my parent's 58th wedding anniversary, all in the same day. To be a part of these two events, I believe were gifts from God.
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows - James 1:17.

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Little Avery's Christening

 photo DSC_0363_zps62a2181d.jpg

 photo DSC_0378_zpsdfad1ce8.jpg 

Dad and Mom celebrating their 58th Wedding Anniversary

It was a great day.  We couldn't have asked for better weather and just about every one was able to attend.  We had a chance to meet my nephew, Jon's new girlfriend.  Very sweet and pretty girl.  The food was awesome and I absolutely have to get back on my normal diet.  God has blessed us beyond and I am truly grateful.

I hope your next event is as blessed as ours was this past weekend.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I would be very interested in attending this one time only movie by Kirk Cameron. You have to watch the official movie trailers.


This movie is suppose to be in all theaters on September 24, 2013.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe

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I've been wanting to try the filled cupcakes.  I came across this recipe on Pinterest and had to try it.  I don't do tutorials well, so if you would like the full tutorial go to Tidymom

Chocolate & Strawberry Cupcakes
Serves 24 cupcakes

Chocolate Fudge Cupcake
     1 Duncan Hines Moist Devil's Food Cake Mix
     3 Large Eggs
     1/2 cup melted butter (not margarine)
     1 cup water

Strawberry Whipped Cream (filling)
     1 cup heavy whipping cream
     1/3 cup sugar
     1 tsp. vanilla
     5-6 Tbsp. chopped/processed strawberries

Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting 
     1/2 cup butter, at room temperature 
     8 oz. low-fat cream cheese, at room temperature
     1 tsp. vanilla
     1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
     4 cups powdered confectioners sugar
     1-4 Tbsp. heavy whipping cream ( I used 2 Tbsp. for my frosting)


     Chocolate Cupcakes
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
  2. Mix on low until blended, then mix on high for 2 minutes
  3. Pour into paper lined cupcake pans. 
  4. Bake for 20 minutes
     After baking cupcakes, let them cool completely.  Cut out a small section in the center of the cupcake.  A large melon baller worked perfectly for me.  Save the extra cake in a bowl.  You can always use it later for cake truffles. 

     Strawberry Whipped Cream (filling)
  1. Chop strawberries in blender just until they look thick and liquify.  Four (4) large strawberries make about 5-6 Tablespoons.  
  2. Beat whipping cream and vanilla until it starts to thicken. (Look for a cool whip type thickness)
  3. Mix in sugar. 
  4. Fold in strawberries. 
     Add strawberry whipped cream to the hole in the cupcakes. Replace the tops (just do the best you can - or you could just leave them off) 

     Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting 
  1. Place butter in a large mixing bowl and blend slightly.  Add cream cheese and blend until combined, about 30 seconds.  
  2. Add the cocoa powder (before adding the sugar, so it gets fully incorporated into the butter an cream cheese). 
  3. Add vanilla extract and powdered sugar and blend on low speed until combined.  Increase to medium speed and beat until it begins to get fluffy.  
  4. Slowly add the heavy cream, a little bit at a time until desired consistency is met. (Don't add too much if you want the frosting to stay in place when piped on cupcakes.)
  5. Beat until fluffy, about 1 minute.  
  6. Use at once or keep refrigerated.  (This frosting will keep well in the refrigerator for several days, but you may need to re-beat it for the best texture.
     Pipe chocolate frosting on top of the cupcake with 1M tip.  I garnished the tops with fresh sliced strawberries.  

Note: I used a small spring ice cream scoop to make my portions all the same.  I dipped 2 heaping scoop full to each liner.  I ended up making 28 cupcakes doing it this way.  The cakes rise quite a bit.  

I cut one in half for you to see what it they looked like.  These cupcakes were a hit at Katie's birthday party.  The filling actually tastes like strawberry shortcake filler.  I had a little frosting and filler left.  If you do as well, you might want to save them for strawberry shortcake.  

 photo DSC_0168_zpsd31a6999.jpg

My dad liked them so well, he wants me to make him a whole cake just like this.  Hmmm!  I guess I could make it like a poke cake.  The strawberry filling will have to be thinner then it was in the cupcakes.   

I hope you try this recipe.  Please don't be intimidated with all the instructions because this was very easy and lots of fun to make.  



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Katie!

I can't believe my baby girl is 8 years old today.  Looking back all this time, I can see where she has changed and others, she hasn't.  She was such a little bug and I guess she is still our little Katiebug.  

Reflecting back these 8 years . . . 

Her first year . . .

   photo DSC_0027edited_zpsa7c2d595.jpg photo Katie6months_zps4b91b849.jpg  photo DSC_0003-edited_zps71139cc1.jpg  photo DSC_0027_zpsfb151b87.jpg  photo DSC_0061_zps05be882e.jpg  photo DSC_0247_zps9a16d2ff.jpg  photo Kaitlyn1yrPortrait_zps724c5784.jpg

Her second and third year . . . 

 photo 190523_5109265849_6215_n_zps910b8737.jpg

 photo 189_13794725849_9903_n_zps1973141c.jpg  photo 0042-1_zps88afa968.jpg

When she became a sister . . . 

 photo 2684_74085660849_6509722_n_zps044a857d.jpg  photo 2030_109665195849_5707420_n_zps42045883.jpg  photo 26945_411308490849_5573306_n_zps39e83d79.jpg

Her fourth year and in Preschool . . .

 photo DSC_0291_zps7b557569.jpg  photo KatieTheLittleMermaid2009004_zps65728324.jpg  photo 18780_250961160849_4104236_n_zps7e8786ad.jpg

Her first University of Alabama football game . . . 

 photo 74551_10150089712280850_3682374_n_zps72f1550c.jpg

Kindergarten and First Grade . . . 

 photo 26945_411308465849_2422199_n_zps48e404ad.jpg  photo 389842_10150544200145850_774953254_n_zps657ab801.jpg  photo 69422_487339575849_4494933_n_zps4e573d4e.jpg  photo 247526_10150263802830850_6039944_n_zpsf26319f5.jpg  photo DSC_0277_edited-1copy.jpg

Her first school play in First Grade . . . 

 photo DSC_0100_edited-1.jpg

She lost both of her front teeth and all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth . . .    

 photo DSC_0007_zps01dfb84f.jpg

Her asking Jesus to come into her heart and life in Second Grade.  She did get those two front teeth for Christmas.  

 photo Katie_vignette_zps10da6c9a.jpg

Now, she is going into the Third Grade.  Her favorite show is "Jessie" and loves the movie "Teen Beach Movie."  Her favorite singer is Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.  Her favorite color is still pink, but will consider purple.  She loves to play with her Lalaloopsy dolls and Littlest Pet Shop characters.  She loves her kitty and still wants a doxie dog.  Her favorite series of books are the "Magic Rainbow Fairies" and "The Black Lagoon."   

 photo DSC_0165_zpsd90253ce.jpg

She maybe getting older and doesn't depend on mom for so much, but she is still my Katiebug.  I hope she had a great birthday weekend.  We are so proud of the little lady that she is becoming.  

We love her so much and wish her a fabulous 8th birthday! 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Party Time Part II - Katie's Family Celebration

 photo DSC_0165_zpsd90253ce.jpg
Katie decided she should go sparkly on her 8th birthday party.  She loves the BLING!

 photo DSC_0166_zps992ee07c.jpg
Kids waiting for the guests to arrive

 photo DSC_0194_zpsa7303030.jpg
Make a wish birthday girl!  Check out Colton in the background.  He is giving her some moral support.  LOL!

 photo DSC_0218_zps786330b2.jpg
Our family picture - I am so blessed!

 photo DSC_0224_zpsc75ec9b5.jpg
Katie with her grandmas.  She is such a lucky girl to have two grandmas that think the world of her.  

 photo DSC_0226_zpsb75fb020.jpg  photo DSC_0228_zpsb4dfad67.jpg
Katie with her grandpas!

 photo DSC_0236_zpsb21e6e48.jpg
Her aunt Sue-Sue and cousin, Leslie gave her Hedbanz games (regular and Disney).  She loves them!  It's a challenge at times, but loads of fun.  

 photo DSC_0239_zps1bcbda5e.jpg
Katie being silly with her aunties

 photo DSC_0240_zps6241c7ea.jpg
Ryan's girlfriend, Angie is the best.  She loves getting in the floor with my kiddos and play with them. She went missing a couple of times.  We found her and Katie in the floor of Katie's room, playing with Lalaloopsy dolls.  Too cute!  Of course, Colton LOVES picking on her because she picks back.  I'm always afraid he is going to hurt her, but she says it's alright.  

 photo DSC_0211_zpsf498067b.jpg  photo DSC_0200_zpsea3795ea.jpg
Katie and Colton showing off a couple of their gifts that they received.  Ryan and Angie gave Katie Lalaloopsy Wall Decals.  She is so excited to be able to have Lalaloopsies all over her wall.  I may have to wait until school time before I tackle this project.  Angie said it's simple and they are reusable.  

Colton's mind was blown when he unwrapped his gift and it was RED HULK.  STOP THE PRESS!!!  This is major for him.  Of course, he had to run in his room and get his green Hulk that is just like this one.  Carefully, he played fight with them.  We've had to get on to him because he so rough with his action figures.  They are coming up with missing heads and broken legs.  He is costing us money and Paw-Paw Millard a lot of time gluing and pinning parts back together.  

 photo DSC_0204_zps89173fa6.jpg
Thursday, we gave him the Superman.  Saturday, we gave him Hulk.  He loves the POP Action Figures.  He couldn't understand why Hulk had a bobble head and Superman didn't.  Try explaining that one.  LOL!  

We had a great stress free little party.  We served different flavored hot wings.  I even made cute tent cards this time around with the names of the flavorings.  It made everything so easy.  Last time, we had a party with hot wings.  No one knew which bowl of wings were what.  This way, I didn't have to stand and tell everyone which was mild and hot.  My favorite wings are the Asian Teriyaki and Honey BBQ. Yum!!  I wanted to bake.  I've been so good about not baking because of our diet.  I've been itching, especially after seeing so many sweet sweet recipes on Pinterest.  I prefer cupcakes over regular cake making.  I've been wanting to try the new trend of cupcakes with fillers.  This party was a perfect opportunity to exercise my baking techniques and try something new.  Katie loves strawberries and I thought of one of the recipes that I repined on Pinterest.  It's a Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberry Filling.  It was a hit!  My dad wants me to make a regular cake like this, now I have to figure out. . . How?  I took pictures and plan on sharing them and the recipe on the next post.  

Stay tuned . . .