Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is It Friday yet?

Yesterday, we buried my Uncle Elmer. I felt so bad for my Dad. Like I told you before, Elmer and he were pretty close. Plus, Dad and Mom both have been rolling around thoughts in their head that they are next to be put in the grave. What do you say about things like that? I've tried to be positive and reassure them they have a long life ahead and if it is the Lord's will they go home, there's nothing you can do or say to make it change. I've tried to cheer Dad up by telling him Elmer doesn't have to carry around that oxygen tank anymore and that I'm sure he went running to greet Aunt Jean (Dad's sister). I got a little smile on his face after saying those things, but I know it was still hard on him. Please remember him and Elmer's children in your prayers. At the funeral, there was this one girl really crying her eyes out (uncontrollable). Later, I found out it was my cousin's daughter-in-law. She was a complete wreck.

Today, Whitney & Natalie kept Katie for me for a couple of hours. I had a dentist appointment for a regular check up. I've had my wisdom teeth now for 14-15 years. I've tried my best to take care of them so they wouldn't have to come out. Well, today the dentist found a cavity on the back of my top right wisdom tooth. Yuck! After talking with the Hygienist and Dentist, I decided it was time to say goodbye to all 4 of my wisdom teeth. He referred me to an oral surgeon Dr. Robson here in town. Dr. Neilson said my wisdom teeth look great and the roots are in excellent condition, so there shouldn't be any problems having them pulled out. Will this mean I won't be wise anymore? tehe! Just kidding! I don't remember being wise when I did have my wisdom teeth. Why do they call them wisdom teeth in the first place? I hope they will be able to do this procedure before Katie's party. I would hate to be sick or uncomfortable during Katie's big day.

Speaking of party. I kind of wish I never said I would let Katie pick out what kind of birthday party she would have. At Party City, she liked "Finding Nemo" and the inflatable monkey, she found hanging from the ceiling. I received a Birthday Express magazine in the mail the other day. I really liked the "Disney Fairytale Princess" and "Little Mermaid" themes and Katie seemed to really like them as well (she wouldn't let me have the magazine back). Oh, but then she found "Shrek" and "Disney Cars." Letting her see them was a big mistake. Just as grown up sounding as she could, she let me know she wants a "Shrek" party. She got aggravated at me when I tried to explain to her she didn't want a "Shrek" party. It's more of a boy party, then Doug came to her rescue - If she wants a "Shrek" party, let her have a "Shrek" party. I ask you, how can I pretty up Shrek? Lime green doesn't seem to go with pink very well. I'm hoping to get Katie back into Party City SOON and help steer her in a better path for a birthday party. I found a monkey theme with hibiscus flowers. It's pretty cute! The Monkey theme party is pictured above. I thought Party City sold it, but in fact it is Toys R Us. You can not imagine how many party supply stores I've visited their website, liking for ideas. Hopefully, their will be a theme both Katie and I will agree on and get this show on the road.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. The wildfires in GA & FL really smoked us out this past weekend. I believe it was worse yesterday with the smoke smell and overcast. We are still hoping for rain. There were spot showers early this morning, but I don't think any made it their way around here. There is an ocean disturbance so maybe we will get some rain from it - not saying it will develop into a hurricane. We just need some rain bad!

Take care of each other and God Bless You!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Alise!

We would like to wish Alise a very Happy 2nd Birthday! I hope her little sickness went away in order for her to have a wonderful day.

It's been a little sad here because we found out this morning my Uncle Elmer passed away in his sleep during the night. He had been in the hospital with pneumonia, but was released yesterday morning. Mom & Dad had talked to him last night and he said was in his chair fixin' to go to bed because he was really tired. This morning, his son found him still in his chair. I tell you what when the Lord comes calling that would be the way to go - in your sleep having a marvelous dream. Uncle Elmer started having some health problems with his breathing a little over a year ago. Because of the problems, he had to carry around oxygen to help him out. My Dad is taking it pretty bad from what my Mom & Sister say. Dad and Elmer (his brother-in-law) were pretty close. Please remember Uncle Elmer's family (son, daughter & grandchildren) in your prayers. I can't imagine the pain from losing a parent, but there is quite a bit of pain losing a grandparent. Like most grandchildren, I was very close to my grandparents and it messed me up for about a year when I lost both of them a month or two before I got married. So I know they will appreciate any and all prayers that they might be able to get through this grieving period.

It was smoky again today outside from the wild fires from GA & FL. This time it didn't smell too smoky like the other day. I think I speak for everyone here when I say - WE NEED RAIN! We are going through a trouble drought and meteorologists are saying there is no hope for rain until this high pressure moves East.

This afternoon, we went grocery shopping - hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade ice cream mix - getting ready for the cook outs tomorrow and Monday. Tomorrow after church, Millard, Peggy & Henry are coming out for dinner. We finally bought an ice cream maker, so hopefully we will have vanilla and chocolate ice cream for dessert. When we get in from church, Katie and I will make some chocolate chip cookies before our guests arrive. I just love fresh baked cookies right out of the oven - that's when they taste their best.

Memorial Day
Day is done... Gone the sun
From the lake...From the hills...From the sky.
All is well...Safely rest God is nigh.
Fading light....Dims the sight
And a star....Gems the sky....Gleaming bright
From afar....Drawing nigh
Falls the night.
Composed By Major General Daniel Butterfield
Take care and God Bless!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Just a little comic cartoon for us Moms. Enjoy! Tehe!

Catching up on the latest

HGTV has a new sweepstakes going on right now. You can enter daily from May 14-June 13 and have a chance to win $100,000, plus a trip for two to Hawaii.

I can't believe it's Memorial Day weekend already. We don't have much planned at all. Sunday, we are having a cook out here for Doug's Mom & Dad because she has to work on Monday. We were invited to go to June & Pat's house on Monday for supper. I clipped out a recipe from our local newspaper. They had a special section for the Memorial Day weekend. It was submitted by someone we know (he owns an outdoors store & cooks out on his grill lots during the Summer). It is a different approach to grilling chicken. Basically, he says to take a whole fryer; rub it down with olive oil; coat it with your favorite seasoning; place it on a chicken rack (drunkn' chicken); close the neck cavity up with a sausage; place a half full beverage can (pour a little bit more seasoning inside the can)on the other end of the cavity and place the chicken rack on your gas grill and cook for 1.5 hours. It sounds good. I can't wait to try it out.

While your outside enjoying the long holiday weekend, you might encounter bug bites. Better Homes and Gardens give us a simple remedy for these unwanted bites. They suggest Lavender to ease the itching bite.

For a Single Bite
Place one drop of lavender oil directly on the bite.

For Multiple Bites
*Make a blend of 1 cup cider vinegar, or the juice of two lemons, mixed with 10 drops lavender oil and 5 drops thyme essential oil.
*Add the mixture to a tub of water.
*Swish it around before you or your child gets in.
*Soak a washcloth or sponge and liberally wipe down the bites.
*Keep the water away from eyes.

Tonight is the opening night of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. Did you stand in line to see it? I would like to see it just not right now. I guess I'm getting old because I don't want to face the crowd. I'm spoiled with renting DVDs and watching them in the privacy of my own home.

Memorial Day
"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down his life for his friends."~John 15:13~

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend! Take care of each other and God Bless You!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Isn't Life Great?!?
Can anyone tell me what the heck Ozzy is say? Check it out!

Doug is working on school projects - he has to write a paper, I can hear Katie playing in her bed, while I'm in bed watching RV and blogging. Isn't life great? Have you ever seen the movie RV with Robin Williams? If you haven't seen it, you've got to watch it as soon as possible. Funny!

I've always had a terrible time keeping my cat groomed and I wanted to wait a little longer before I took her to the groomers to get her Summer cut. So while I was at WalMart, I got these special grooming tools for tangles & thinning my pets hair. When we got home, I put Katie to bed for her 2 1/2 hour nap and I thought I would try out the grooming tools. Poor Sassy! You have to understand, she is approximately 14 years old and has arthritis bad in her back legs. The tools worked pretty good. I'm sure they would have worked better if I wasn't trying to be so careful with Sassy. She is VERY sensitive in a few areas (old age), so she can get a little mad at me. This is one of the very reason why I hate grooming Sassy and why I have so much trouble grooming her. After 1 1/2 hours, I quit for the day and hopefully I will pick up tomorrow where I left off. Needless to say, she looks as if a wild weedeater got loose on her. I'm sure her groomer will be able to work with her a little better and make her look pretty again.

Since I didn't get into bed last night until 2:00 a.m. this morning due to blogging and working on my many projects, I decided to sleep in this morning until 8:00 when Katie woke me up ready to go. I went to wash a load of clothes, start where I had left off from the day before, and I was out of Tide. Ugh!!!! I wanted to stay home and do the little odd jobs that I keep putting on the back burner. But no, I needed to go to WalMart. I got Katie occupied with Little Einsteins and her milk as I got a shower. I like to leave the bathroom door open in case of an emergency and Katie needed to get to me. Well it didn't last long at all. Before long she was in the bathroom with me, trying for best to get in the tub with me. Ugh!!!!! Here I had her dressed and hair fixed for the day and she's getting all wet. First, she felt that I needed the company of all of tub toys. Secondly, As I'm stumbling over the toys trying to wash the soap out of the eyes, she's pulling the curtain back to see what I'm doing. "What doing, Mommie?" she asked. If she asked it once, she asked it a million times. As I'm trying to shave my legs - "What doing, Mommie?" she asked again. I told her, "I'm shaving my legs, baby girl." "Okay, Mommie!" she said. This is her new saying: "Okay, Mommie." If you tell her or ask her something, she'll respond with "Okay, Mommie." Isn't it cute? Apparently, I say Okay a lot because she likes to say it a lot as well. Even though Katie's hair got wet and her clothes a little damp, I just let her air dry. Oh by the way, I weighed Katie today and according to our scales, she weighs 24 lbs. Isn't that great? We knew she felt a little heavier. It must be all the cheese, cheese puffs, fries & McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. Speaking of McDonald's, yesterday she got a baby Shrek in her Happy Meal. It is so cute and Katie just loves it. She calls it Baby Shrek.

I spoke to Liz today and she is doing good. They are getting a computer next week, I think. She is so excited to get out on the web once again. She said it's been 5 years since they had access to the Internet at home. She has been going to the Library, if she needed to get on the Internet. Of course, I informed her of Photosite (since they have a digital camera) and Google Blogging. She seemed interested and appreciated the advice.

Attention Computer Geeks:
Doug just told me that Dell announced today, they will be selling their computers at WalMart now. He doesn't know if they will be limited at WalMart.

Memorial Day Poem
Unlearned Lesson
Memorial DayOf every year
The little valiant
Flags appear
On every fallen
Soldier's grave--Symbol of what
Each died to save.
And we who see
And still have breath--Are we no wiser
For their death?
~Dorothy Brown Thompson~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol - Final Night!

The winner of 2007 American Idol is - JORDIN SPARKS! Wow! What a night on American Idol? I believe it was one of the best American Idol Finales ever. I'm so glad Jordin ended up being the winner of the competition. I think she is the youngest winner yet, if I'm not mistaken. She has a great voice. It was great seeing most of he past American Idol winners perform. I think they did a great job. I liked the duet between Reuben & Jordin. Have you heard the new song, Jordin will singing on tour? Isn't it pretty? Like Simon, I felt Jordin was able to pull it off better than Blake because he is more hip hop/rap than slow sappy. I think they both did a great job and I know they will do great down the road. Did you guys see CeCe Winans (I think that how you spell her last name)? Laura - remember seeing her at the Women of Faith Conference? We've probably seen Melinda singing back up for CeCe and didn't know it. By the way, check out Chris' eye makeup. I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for Rick & Bubba pointing it out on their show. Doug came home and asked me about it. Now that I see his picture, I can see a little eyeliner.

I have a funny Katie story to tell. We are trying the potty training thing with Katie, but no stress. If she doesn't feel like it that day, that's fine. No problem! Hoping to entice her to want to go potty, we recently purchased one of those donut looking potty seat, you set on the lid of your standard toilet. I've noticed Alise has one of these in her home, this actually encouraged me to purchase one. Well from time to time, Katie will tell me she wants to go potty. Yesterday was one of those days. The only difference is she actually pee-peed in the toilet. Her eyes lite up, along with mine. Oh, I made it such a big deal. We clapped, sang and cheered. I took her to her room and explained she could now put a sticker on her board because she went to the potty. Then, we had to call Daddy at work and let him know what had just happened. She was so excited. I thought we could go a little further with this celebration. So, I suggested we put on a pull up and wear our Dora panties on top of the pull up. Oh, she was so excited! "I wear Dorie panties!" she said. Every hour (past 4 hours), I would tell her we needed to go potty before we pee-peed in our pretty panties. Nope, didn't work! That was it for the potty training day. How she quits so easily. Today, she was straining as if she was pooh-poohing. I asked her if that is what she was doing. Normally, she would tell me - NO! This time, she agreed that she had to pooh-pooh. I told her we needed to go change our diaper when she was done. I picked her up and headed to her bedroom to change her. When we got to the bathroom door, "I pooh-pooh in potty." she said. I didn't understand what she was saying at first, so I agreed and got to her room. Aggravated at me by that time, she said it again but with exasperation in her face. Okay! I thought I could empty her poopy diaper in the toilet to where she could see it and know where it goes next time. I started out trying to be clean and mess free about the whole poopy situation. It didn't end up that way. She was excited to sit on the toilet with her poopy floating underneath her. Every few seconds, she would remind me the poopy was in the toilet. Unlike Alise, she doesn't like me leaving the room (she comes looking for me), so I made myself comfortable on the edge of the tub until she was finished. Not thinking about the poop, I helped Katie slide off the toilet. Spreading poop over her donut and toilet lid. Yuck! Thinking, what have I done, Katie noticed the poop. I was trying to teach her to bend over, so I could wipe her bottom. I was having a difficult time because she was intrigued in the poop on the seat. Ugh!!!!! I had a terrible time keeping her little hands away from the toilet seat and still wiping her bottom. I lost it when she finally touched the poop. Yuck!!!!! Why does she have to be so curious about her bodily functions. Before it was over, I had her striped and washing everything. What a mess?!? I finally got her wiped up and back on the changing table ready to put another diaper on her. Here she goes putting her hand in her butt crack. Yuck!!!!! "Stop that!" I said. She just laughed, as if she knew all of this was getting next to me. I got the diaper on and we headed back to the bathroom to wash our hands for the fifth time.

Entertainment Update
Have you seen the clash on "The View" between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Wow! No matter if you personally like Rosie or not, she is really digging herself a hole on this show. From what I understand, Rosie is doing all of this (personal attacks to others - Trump, Pres. Bush, Iraq War & now Elisabeth) deliberately because she is tired of being on this show and sharing the spotlight with other women with opinions (some different opinions). Personally, I don't agree with Rosie on a lot of moral and political issues. However, I do think she is a good actress. Sometimes, I wished celebs would keep issues like morals to the priests/pastors and politics to the politicians, such as Leo DiCaprio. He is cute and I like his acting, but the whole greenpeace issue is getting on my nerves. I understand everyone has an opinion, including myself, but I necessarily don't want to know what my favorite actor thinks.

Have you seen Criss Angel? Do you know who he is? He is an illusionist and I've seen him before on TV. He freaks me out! Despite the name "Criss (Awful close to Christ) Angel, it's as if he made a deal with the devil. I don't know, but there's something about him I don't like and I don't want to find out. Guess what? Cameron Diaz has been spotted hanging with him. Can you believe that? She seems so cute and sweet. Why does she like the bad boys? What happened with Timberlake?

Another one of my favorites is making a come back on TV. On June 4th, "Hell's Kitchen" is back on Fox Channel! Doug and I love this show. I don't know why, but we find it funny! Yes, we have a sick and twisted mind.

Memorial Day
"Your silent tents of green We deck with fragrant flowers; Yours has the suffering been, The memory shall be ours."--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Take care and God Bless!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Good To See Another Monday

Yes, there are still pictures of the horrific Katrina Storm circulating. Doug forwarded these to me and I thought I would share them with you. According to his message: These photos (at the beginning of the storm) were taken by a man from Magee, MS. Magee, MS is approximately 150 miles North of Waveland, MS, if you know where that is.

Yes, we made it through another weekend. Friday night, Millard and Peggy picked up Katie to spend the night with them. Doug and I didn't know what to do without Katie with us. We thought about going to the movies and I wanted to see the new "Shriek" movie. So, we ate at "Sweet Pepper" for supper. We both got the Club Sandwich, but I got fruit and Doug got potato salad. Their potato salad is a lot like German Potato Salad (served warm). I don't much care for German Potato Salad, but Doug likes it pretty good. We were stuffed! We headed to the movies and we started rethinking the whole movie thang, especially when the parking lot was FULL! The top movies being viewed was "Shriek the Third" and "Spiderman 3." Doug got us some movies that morning, so I suggested that we go home and watch those movies. I didn't have to see "Shriek" that bad. On the way home, we stopped by the GMC car lot and looked at few SUVs. We still have a little over a year before our car will be paid off and I've been complaining to Doug about what an inconvenience it was to go shopping with the truck. The third door (the way it opens) is very difficult for me to place my purchases in the back seat. Thankfully, he understands and we are hoping to put up with it for another year or two. However, we are shopping and getting ideas (what is best for us and what we need it for?). We both have been attracted to Yukons and Tahoes, but we're not fond of the gas mileage. We're not writing it off completely because this will be my vehicle, which means low mileage. I might fill the truck up with gas once every three or four weeks (this is how I inherited the truck in the first place). At the car lot, we were looking at the Yukons (getting price & MPG ideas). Then, we spotted a GMC Acadia. NOT BAD! We had one of the salesmen to come and open it up for us. One of our biggest concerns while shopping for a vehicle is the ROOM. With our long legs, we like lots of room in the back seat. We were pleasantly surprised how nice and roomy the Acadia was in the front and back seats. Get this it even has a third row of seats, just like a Yukon & Tahoe. I like that! You can fold the second and third seats down if you need the room and it has a neat little hide away compartment. The price and mileage was just right - Price: $29,000-$36,000 MPG: 18 miles in the city & 26 miles on the highway. If and when we get an Acadia, Doug wants the color white with leather seats. If your SUV shopping, you might want to check out the GMC Acadia.

Saturday, we went to my Class Reunion. I can't believe it's already been 15 years. I may have dreaded going to this reunion for the past few months, but in the overall it turned out better than I had expected. I did feel bad for Doug because he didn't know anyone, but I introduced everyone to him. It was good to see everyone and I appreciate the fact that all of us treated each other respectfully. We left the reunion and picked up Millard, Peggy & Katiebug to go out for Peggy's Birthday Dinner. She wanted to eat at Logan's Roadhouse, which I thought was a good choice. Millard & Peggy got their Chopped Hamburger Steak, Doug got the Prime Rib, Katie got Popcorn Shrimp & I got the Ribeye Steak. YUMMY! Peggy & I needed to get a couple of baby shower gifts, so we stopped by Parisians and I was surprised that they didn't really have what we were looking for.

At church Sunday, Katie had a blast in Sunday School. She loves going to the inside playground and she got to go twice. She was a mess, when we picked her up. Her hair bow was out and her hair was every where. Her dress and feet were dirty! What a sight?!? She jabbered all the way to the car from her class.

Today was party day! Jon was out of school for the Summer and Sue needed him to stay with me while she was at work. June dropped him off around 7:30 this morning. Bless his heart, he look exhausted! Whitney called me later on and asked if we were going to be home this afternoon. She wanted to come and spend the afternoon with us (she hates staying at home alone). Sure, the more the merrier! I had fun! I steamed some hot dogs, I like steamed dawgs. We had dawgs, chips, ice cream & cookies for lunch. Jon, Whitney & myself had a lot of catching up to do. As soon as Nicholas got out of school, he came over to join the fun. We vegged out and watched movies most of the day. Jon wanted to see "The Benchwarmers" & "Little Man." In a way, I wished I hadn't let him know we had "Little Man." Even though the movie doesn't show anything, it's a little too suggestive. Jon fell in love with our TiVo/Directv. He thought it was so cool! While Nick was here, he had to check out eBay. He seemed disappointed because he couldn't think of anything he needed. June came by after 4:00 to pick up Jon & visit. Sue was suppose to meet June & Nicholas at a local photographers to view some Senior pictures Nick & Leslie had done. Well, Jon left his wallet here, so Sue got to come by after all and visit a little bit. We hardly ever get to see Sue & Tim and the kids unless they are at June & Pat's house. So, it was nice to see her and Jon. Katie hated to see everyone leave at the end of the day. She had a ball with Jon, Nick, "Whibby" (Whitney) and of course, June. We will have to do it again! I told Whitney, we'll have to make this a weekly thing. She agreed as she was giggling and told me until she could find a part time job.

Parent Awareness Alert!
I wanted to make you aware of a document Doug forwarded to me about a new form of Crystal Meth. Some of you may already be aware because this message has been circulating for the past few months. There is a candymeth similar to Pop Rocks Candy thats being given to our children. This message was checked out by Snopes and is very true. I've attached a picture of this candymeth at this top of this blog. Here's the article from Please be aware and pass along the information.

American Idol
I have to say, I was very disappointed Melinda was voted off last week. I think she is very talented, but I feel there were a few very talented people voted off. So, who will it be Jordin or Blake? Such a hard decision. I like the rap thing, but I like Jordin's style of singing much better than Blake.

McDonald's - Shriek Happy Meals
Have you been collecting the Shriek Happy Meals? They are so cute! Everyone of them talk and there are a total of 8 in the collection. My favorite thus far is Shriek & Donkey. Katie favors them as well. So far, we have Shriek, Donkey, Gingy, Prince Charming & Puss in Boots. We ended up with a second Donkey, so Daddy insisted he take it with him to work and put it on his computer. It's funny how we are all young at heart.

The next Happy Meal toys after Shriek is from the new upcoming movie "Surfs Up." Watch for it!
Memorial Day Celebration
Our Flag
There are many flags in many lands,
There are flags of every hue;
But there is no flag, however grand,
Like our own Red, White, and Blue.
~Mary Howliston~
Take care of each other and God Bless You!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome Back!

I would like to Congratulate Ryan & Jennifer (Ryan's Girlfriend)for graduating college. We are so proud of you guys and wish you all the best.

We had a good and safe trip to Mobile. We got to the hotel around 4:00 p.m., dropped off our luggage and headed to the Gulf. I talked up the beach thing to Katie. She had no clue what I was talking about, but she was excited anyway to see the beach. I told her it was a huge sand box. She loved it! I couldn't get her past the sand dunes to see the ocean because she was having too much fun playing in the sand and finding seashells. As soon as she saw the water, oh my goodness! Her eyes were so big - "WATER!" she said. We let her play for awhile, but I was getting concerned about the cameras being out in the salty air for any length of time. So, I kept asking Doug if we needed to go. She had fun walking around in the sand, picking up seashells and putting them in the ocean. We were to meet up with relatives at a local restaurant,"The Original Oysterhouse." Well Katie felt we could skip the whole supper thing. We had to pick her up kicking and screaming all the way back to the car. All sun worshipers had their meditation period interrupted, so they stopped and looked to see what was disrupting their silence. It's so embarrassing, but it's part of life. The restaurant we ate at that night was great and I recommend it to anyone who loves seafood. It was located right on the bay with windows all around, so you can see somewhat what is going on. We saw an alligator taking a late evening swim as we were eating. So cool! I had the "Crab Trio," it included fried crab claws, steamed crab leggings and stuffed crab. I'm not too fond of stuffed crab, so I substituted more crab leggings. They were succulent! As the night grew on, more air boats and other boats put on the best show by shining their lights all around. A few people at our table said it was to spot alligators along the sides of the bay. Saturday, a few of us went touring the big city of Mobile. We headed to Bayou Le Batre to see the shrimp boats coming in with their daily catch. What a sight to see! I took a landscape photo of the many shrimp boats along the bay. As soon as I get them published on the website, you'll have to check it out. I got the opportunity to watch a boat coming in to dock and it was amazing how they worked that boat to get it docked sideways. Amazing! I was so glad to witness how it was done. We left there and drove through the historic district to see all the old antebellum houses. I was more amazed with all the old oak trees - BEAUTIFUL! The trees lined both sides of the road and you could tell they had to be very old. I felt as if I stepped back in time. If you can close your eyes and imagine these old oak trees on both sides of the road and the branches arched over onto the other side of the road. I tried taking a picture of the beautiful sight, but you just can't capture what you have to see for yourself. That evening, we went to Ryan and Jennifer's pinning ceremony. It is a ritual that dates as far back as Nightingale (from what I understand). If you don't know, Ryan and Jennifer are officially Registered Nurses. Their Nursing Division graduating class was small, but real tight and had each others back. I think they had a very nice ceremony and very proud of their accomplishments, as they should. I know I was choked up a few times. After the ceremony, Ryan and other family members went to Mass, so us Baptists went back to the hotel and hung out. I knew Katie needed a nap before we attempted another supper outing. We met at a restaurant, not far from the other, called "Felix's." It was okay, but I really connected with the "Oysterhouse." The whole family including Jennifer's family couldn't all sit together, which was a bummer. The window scenery (looking out into the Gulf) was beautiful! As soon as we got to the restaurant, it started raining. While we were eating, looking out the window, we saw a spectacular lightning show. The wind was blowing so hard, it looked as if the pelicans and sea gulls were flying in place. Sunday, the graduation was outside along the trail of the old oaks. According to Kevin, the oak trees are over 200 years old. Believe me when I say, I believe it! The branches were so big and heavy, they draped down to where they touched the ground. Kevin also said, anyone caught cutting or doing any harm to the trees were prosecuted. I tried capturing the trees grace and elegance, but again you had to see it. We got there around 9:00 a.m. and sat in the shade, supplied by the oak tree branches, but it was still HOT! I believe the temp was close to 90 degrees. The graduation started at 10:00 a.m. and I believe we left Ryan's dorm room around 12:30 p.m. So, it wasn't a very long graduation ceremony. Ryan said there were 300 graduates walking. I've never been to a college graduation, so that seems like a lot to me. After the graduation, we all pretty much went our own way. We met up with a few of the relatives in one small town South of Montgomery for lunch. I was starving!

I want to wish Doug and Jonathan a very Happy Birthday! Can you believe Doug is 39 years old? It seems like yesterday, we were newly married. He was 27 years old when we were married. If you see him, please wish him a Happy Birthday! Thanks!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there in the world. I hated we were out of town on Mother's Day weekend. We went out to eat with Millard and Peggy, for Mother's Day, on Thursday to a good local BBQ restaurant. We gave her a Bath and Body gift basket. Sandy & I went in together and got our Mom a Bath & Body Works as well. We got Peggy the Moonlit Path and my Mother Japanese Cherry Blossoms. I've always liked Moonlit Path, but I discovered Japanese Cherry Blossoms. Oh, my! I really like the cherry blossoms. I liked it so well, I bought me some lotion, bubble bath and splash. Now, maybe I can give my Burberry a break during the week. My sisters and myself put Mom's picture in the paper with a special message. I wanted to do the same for Peggy, but Doug insisted I do something else. Katie got me a pair of sandals and I love them, they are so comfortable!

There are lots of pictures that were taken during the weekend. As soon as I get them viewed and tweaked, I'll publish them on the web.

I want to thank Sandy for sending me thoses seasonings. We tried the Salsa Dip and it was really good and easy. I don't remember the brand name of the seasoning. So, Sandy if you are reading this would you please let me know what the name of it was again. I thought we kept the envelope, but I can't find it. The other seasoning was McCormick's Pulled Pork. I bought a Boneless Pork Loin Roast (I couldn't get a 3 lbs. shoulder roast), so we will can try it out tomorrow or the next day. Thanks again!

CONGRATULATIONS to Liz and Nolan! We found out this weekend, they will be having a baby boy.

CONGRATULATIONS to Allan and Sarah! We found out this weekend, they will be expecting their first child together. We are so happy for you guys and I know Emma is going to be so excited to be a big sister.

Take care and have a very blessed day!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday, Monday!

Well, we got through another weekend. Yesterday was the BIG Decoration Day! The cemetries were beautiful with all their many colors waving into the distance. I ran into a lady I haven't seen in years (approximately 10 years). We use to work together and eventually found out that we had relatives buried at the same church. It was nice seeing Myra again. After the Decoration festivities were over, the family went to Peggy & Millard's for lunch and fellowship. We tried this last year and really like it better then staying at the church. It's better to go to someones house, change into more comfortable clothes and relax. Of course, there was so much FOOD! I tried a new recipe and it was real good. If you like cherries and chocolate, you'll like this pie. It is a must try dessert and very easy to make. I've added some notes below that might help.

Chocolate Cherry Pie

1 can (21 oz.) cherry pie filling, divided
1 Keebler Ready Crust Chocolate or Graham Pie Crust (6 oz.)
1 1/2 cups cold milk
2 pkg. (4-serving size) Jell-o Chocolate Flavor Instant Pudding
1 tub (8 oz.) Cool Whip Topping, thawed, divided

Spread 1 cup pie filling on bottom of crust.
Pour milk into medium bowl. Add pudding mixes. Beat with wire whisk 1 minute. Gently stir in 1/2 of the whipped topping. Spread pudding mixture over pie filling in crust.
Spoon remaining whipped topping around edge of pie forming a 1 inch border. Spoon remaining pie filling over pudding mixture.
Refrigerate 4 hours until set.
Makes 8 servings.

*Mirya's Notes: I recommend a bigger/deep pie crust size or using 2 pie crusts because this recipe makes so much that your lid, comes with the crust, won't fit on the top properly. I would get 2 cans of pie filling, 2 pie crust & 1 (16 oz.) Cool Whip. The Cool Whip borders are a must because it stops the pie filling from falling off the pie. You can pipe the Cool Whip border, but I just spooned it on and it worked perfect. I used 1% milk & fat free Cool Whip to cut down on fat and calories. I also think you can substitute the cherry pie filling for your favorite pie filling like strawberry.

We had a really good visit. We get to see some of the gang twice a year, so it's a nice reunion when we get together. The big funny of the day was Katie learned to say "James." The whole day she would call everyone, she didn't know, "James." Well it got us tickled because we would have to tell her again who is Uncle James. Uncle James thought it was funny. When people started leaving, Katie would say "bye-bye, Uncle James!" Uncle James & Aunt Vonell were one of the last people to leave, so he told Katie "now you can say bye Uncle James." Believe it or not, she did. "Bye-bye, Uncle James."

Today, I talked on the phone most of the morning. It's bad when you know you have a hair appointment this week, but you don't know when or what time because you've lost the appointment card. Dumb! I meant to write it down my calendar, "The Brain," but I forgot. I called my hair dresser, but she had the day off and tomorrow is her usual day off. I'll have to call her first thing Wednesday morning and pray it is that afternoon.

Katie and I went to the Library to return some books and pick up some new ones. Have you read the "Froggy" books. So cute! I read one tonight to Katie for her bedtime story. It's called "Froggy Eats Out" by Jonathan London. It's about manners and how he makes a mess of the whole evening, but it all works out in the end. There are other Froggy books available. I know we will be checking them out from the Library the next time.

Since we put out plants on the graves, we drove around and picked them up. I planted the Petunias in a couple of pots and the rest of the flowers, I planted in our flower beds. Katie couldn't understand what I was doing. "Mommy, doing?" she'd ask. She is such a big helper. I had to dig a pretty big hole for a couple of the plants - dahlias. Me digging was cue for Katie to come dig more holes with Mommy. She has a little plastic spade, I let her have when she's helping me. She was having a ball. I had to eventually get on to her because she was smashing my flowers. Then out came the hose to water the freshly planted flowers. Oh, boy! Katie's eyes lite up with excitement. "Water!" she said with a grin on her face. "Yes, we have to water the flowers," I told her. It's amazing how she can sniff out a mud puddle. She got mud all over her new white polka dot shirt. Her feet were black as coal and some how her hair was wet. When I finished watering everything and putting stuff up where they belong, here we go kicking and crying because we have to go in the house and take a tubby.

I finally got all the weekend pictures published - The Day at the Botanical Gardens, Natalie's Confirmation & Decoration Day are all visible on Katie's photosite. Sorry it took so long, but there were lots of pictures. It took 2-3 hours to upload them onto Photosite.

Mother's Day
George Washington once said, "My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her."

By the way, I've found a new website that ya'll have got to check out. Peggy introduced me to their catalog, she got in the mail, and I think they have the neatest stuff. I definately will be visiting their website closer to Christmas. It's called Personal Creations .

Take care of each other & may God send you a special blessing today.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Botanical Gardens & Confirmation

We had another fulfilling day! First, we visited the Botanical Gardens. What a challenge that was?!? Katie was being such a brat, I was afraid we wouldn't get any good shots of her. The gardens were beautiful! All the roses were in full bloom. The birds were singing, the butterflies fluttering, and tourist flooding into see this spectacular sight. It was a perfect day to visit. All in all, I think we all enjoyed walking around the gardens and explorer all God's creation. I appreciate Doug driving us down and not being able to making it to Mark's Outdoors' weekend sale. I told him to go, but he knew we wouldn't have time. What sacrifice! We did make it to Johnny Rockets for lunch and Ben & Jerry's for dessert before we headed back home.

Second, I had to be back home just in enough time to go to my niece's Confirmation. She's the one in the spotlighted picture above. Isn't she beautiful?!? Her Mother, my sister, asked me to take a few pictures during and after the Confirmation. I was honored to do such a responsible job. Some of the pictures didn't turn out the way I had hoped, but I tried. In order to take these pictures , Doug bought me a flash to go on my camera. Isn't that so sweet of him?!? He is the man! And what a man he is! I counted the kids being confirmed tonight and there were approximately 56. That's a lot in one day! It was spoken in English and Spanish because there were quite a few Mexicans also being confirmed. Isn't that wonderful! I'm proud of all of them and wish them the best. After the Confirmation, they had a nice reception. We took lots of pictures and will have them published on our photo site very soon.

Millard and Peggy came to house and babysat Katie so we would be able to go to the Confirmation. They had a blast with Katie. I've taught her about messes. Now, everything is a "mess." As soon as we got home, we got to hear about the big mess her and Grandma made with the gold fish crackers. Her eyes get so big and she gets so excited. She is so funny!

Tomorrow, I plan to put my baskets together and take them to the churches. I have that Chocolate Cherry Pie to make and drop it off at Millard and Peggy's house. Everything is coming together! I believe Doug is staying home to change the oil in the car and maybe do some homework. He is doing an excellent job at school. We are so proud of him!

Mother's Day
Richer than Gold

You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be,
I had a mother who read to me.
Strickland Gillilan 1869-1954

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ready for Decoration Day?

Well, I think we are about ready for Decoration Day. Today, we went to Lowe's and got some flowers to go inside the baskets. I like Petunias and they had some healthy looking ones. I bought a few coral color Petunias. Have you seen a coral colored Petunia? I haven't. They are very pretty. I also bought a couple Dahlias, impatiens, & pink Petunias.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only Bon Jovi girl. You go Laura! I was a Freshmen in High School when you were a Sophomore, so yes, he was HOT. You know even though we ALL had the big hair going for us then, I like Jon's hair the way it is now. To me, he is HOTTER today then in the 80's. I have to say, HE HAS AGED WELL.

Doug wants to get Katie's picture made and I hinted around for us to go to the Botanical Gardens. He wants to try out this new Photography place called Portrait Innovations . A friend of ours at work has his little girl's photos made there. He and his wife seem to be pleased with their work. They are having a special right now $9.97 package with free sitting fee. I would rather take her to the gardens and have her picture made for free.

Tonight, I'm watching Pierce Brosnan in "GoldenEye," a James Bond movie. Yes, I'm one of the rare women, who likes James "007" Bond movies. You know, Pierce is such a beautiful man and I love the name. I wonder if Doug would agree to name our son, Pierce. I can see a Pierce Douglas Mason. Sounds like an actor name or someone of importance.

Laura, I finally got to see "The Queen." I'm such a baby! I cried just about the whole way through the movie. From the time I watched the Prince & Princess of Whales married in 1980 to her death, I looked up to and respected her as a person and public official. She really did a lot of good in her short life. I was about 6 years old when she got married and like every other little girl, I wanted to be a Princess. I remember it just like it was yesterday. I also got to see "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller. I was a little disappointed. All the exciting parts was at the beginning of the movie. After everything came to life, the rest of the movie was pretty much ho, hum. Doug didn't care for either one of the movies. The next DVD movie I would like to see is "DreamGirl." It should be coming out pretty soon.

Mother's Day
Once upon a memory Someone wiped away a tear
Held me close and loved me,
Thank you, Mother dear.

Take care of each other and have a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What a Surprise?

What a nice surprise?!? Both of Katie's 2 years old molars on her bottom jaw finally broke through. On the top, she is cutting her 2 year old molar. We've been cutting these teeth for a while. I've suspected for some time because of some of the messages she was giving me.

American Idol
I think Doug is jealous of Jon Bon Jovi because he has been raging me about me having the Hots for JBJ. What can I say? HE'S SO HOT! tehe! I'm sorry, but he is just so pretty to look at. I mean look at him - Ah!!! Poor Phil & Chris. They will still do good in the future. Now is where the competition gets tough. Did ya'll answer the question about which video all 6 competitors were shown? The answer is Circus. You need to get on the American Idol website and enter the answer and win a chance to go to Hollywood and win $10,000. If you enter online, it doesn't cost.

I got tickled at Katie today. Of course, we went through another day without rain and my plants are screaming at me. WATER ME! I've tried to water most of the front yard every other day. Well, Katie is my little helper and boy does she help. Today, I got out the hose and here we go watering the flower beds and potted plants. My side stone walkway had a bunch of debris and dirt on it, so I decided to wash it off with the hose. Katie couldn't understand what I was doing. "Doing Mommy, doing?" She'd asked all confused. Well after I explained to her what I was doing, she found a mud puddle and started splashing. She just had to get in front of me spraying and get wet. I couldn't get her out of my way. When it was all over with, she was muddy and wet from head to toe. She had a good time. She'd laugh and laugh - "I messy Mommy," she'd say. I couldn't help myself, I laughed at her. When it was time to go inside, I took her in the Laundry Room and striped her down and stuck her in the tub. I had to drain the water after I washed her hair in order to finish her bath. I got a little clip of the mud queen on video. As soon as my disc is taken up, I'll show it on the blog.

I spoke to Sandy today and it sounds like her prayers are finally being answered. The hardest part of requests to God is waiting for his time. She gave a good report of all of their kids and grandkids. It was good hearing from her.

Mother's Day
"M" is for the million things she gave me,
"O" means only that she's growing old,
"T" is for the tears she shed to save me,
"H" is for her heart of purest gold;
"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
"R" means right, and right she'll always be,
Put them all together, they spell "Mother,"
A word that means the world to me.
Howard Johnson (c. 1915)

Take care and God bless you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What A Day?

Katie woke up about 5 am this morning. Her diaper had exploded, making her wet and her bed. So I was up cleaning her up, changing clothes and her bed (washing a load). This would make the 3rd or 4th time her diapers have exploded. I even made sure I changed her before she went to bed, but it still happens. Doug and I felt it was time to move up to a size 4, even though she weighs a little over 22 lbs.

We were gone most of the day. We headed to Hobby Lobby in hopes to find a couple of medium size baskets with handles for the Decoration Day flower arrangements. No such luck! What has happened? Don't people buy baskets anymore. I use to use them all the time for gift, I guess they are being faded out and replaced by lined basket organizers. What's with this luggage looking organizers? They had plenty of them in stock and I don't understand them. The only purpose would be for decor. I did get a couple of frames for gifts and some Spanish Moss for the Decoration flowers. We headed back to our home town and went to a local store that sells a lot of odds and ends. I did find a couple of baskets that hopefully will work. By the time we got to WalMart, we were about exhausted. Katie has learned to stand in the seat part of the buggy, while strapped in the seat. Every time I would say "sit," she would finish my sentence by saying "down." It was packed with people in WalMart, like every other day. So, it is nice to move your buggy over and let the person coming from the opposite side come through. Right? Well, every time I did, it was code to Katie to start snatching anything and everything off the shelves. At one time she grabbed a "glass" jar of pickles. Ugh!!!!!! What am I going to do with her? By the time we got home, I was exhausted. I let her play outside while I put the refrigerator & freezer groceries up. I wanted a nap so bad, you just can't imagine. I got Katie (after playing outside for 15 minutes) kicking and screaming into the house, washed her up and laid her down for a nap. YES! I got to take a 30 minute nap before I had to get Supper started. Power naps are great!

American Idol
I really liked tonight's competition. It was probably the best this whole season. Do you know why? JON BON JOVI!!!! Need I say anything more. Put aside how drop dead gorgeous, he is so talented and HOT! I wasn't turned on to Blake's Hip Hop version to JBJ song. I can't remember what the name of the song. Doug and I just looked at each other with our mouths down on the ground. I'm sure a lot of people liked the new Hip Hop twist to Jon's song, but not us. Sorry, Blake! I liked LaKisha and Jordin's performance. Doug went on and on about Phil's performance. I didn't much care for his performance, but Doug liked it. I think Chris Richardson and Blake will be voted off this time. Just my opinion.

Mother's Day
In dedication to our Moms, I've come across a website with trivia and poems of Mother's Day. I would like to share these poems with you. The poem below really touched me. I think it's beautiful and I hope that one day my life might be a positive example for my children.

Wonderful Mother

God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.
- Pat O'Reilly
Take care of one another and God Bless!