Thursday, March 21, 2013

Children's Movie Reviews - March 2013

"Wreck-It Ralph" is an enjoyable family movie.  My kids loved it!   We rented it last weekend, to make sure the kids would like it.  They gave rave reviews, which made it a must purchase for our library.  The children have to watch it at least once a day.  Colton says that it is so funny!  It's one of his favorite movies right now.

I came across a free iPad game app "Fix-it Jr.", which is pretty fun to play.  Both of the children were having so much fun playing the game, so I decided to pay $.99 for the full version.  The full version includes three complete games.  Katie loves playing "Sugar Rush" and Colton likes playing "Fix-it Jr.", which has Wreck-it Ralph on it.  Sorry, but I've forgotten the name of the last game.

We also rented "Rise of the Guardians" because Katie really wanted to see it.  I didn't get to watch this movie, but she went on about how it was a good movie.


Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks - Book Review

Safe HavenSafe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I will try not to spoil. This was a great read! I'm a Nicholas Sparks fan anyway. I liked how he switched scenes between two of the main characters Kevin and Erin/Katie. I think it gave the readers a good view of both sides of the situation. It definitely showed me how crazy Kevin really was in this story. I loved Erin/Katie, such a sweet and loving person that just got a bad start in life. She is a strong survivor that is ready to face the world, whether she knows it or not. She is stronger than she realizes and will protect the people she loves, when they need her. God is presenting her a different more enjoyable path ahead by sending Alex's wife to nudge her a little. That's all I'm saying about it. I love the love story between Alex and Katie. They have such good chemistry. I absolutely love this couple! Katie is so grateful for this second chance of a new life. She cuts loose and tries new things that Kevin never allowed her to do. I really don't like Kevin, if you've noticed. What Kevin lacked in Katie's life, Alex definitely makes up for it along with his children. Katie is so blessed and she knows it.

The whole time, I wondered if Kevin would ever find Erin/Katie. What would he do? Would he kill her or make a mends? Would Kevin just fall over dead from alcohol poisoning? The fireworks intensify towards the end of the story. I could not put the book down after reading 79% of it. What was going to happen? Would Katie loose the love of her life forever? Would Alex's dead wife approve of Katie? Would Katie ever be the mother Alex and Carly expect for their children? You will have to read to find out. The last chapter is a shock and ah. My stomach stayed twisted with anxiety and surprise. And the very last sent chills up and down my spine. Great book!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Identity Thief Singing Movie Review

It's been a while since I've seen a hilarious movie such as "Identity Thief."  I love funny movies and it has been hard for me to find a good lately.  I highly recommend this movie.  Warning: be sure and relieve your bladder before getting that good seat in the theatre.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photo Plaques and Ribbon Roses

Photo Plaque photo DSC_0237_zps94c71f25.jpg 
I found this unique fun gift at {ta-da} Pinterest. There are so many sites on Pinterest to show you how to do this simple and fun craft.  I wanted an excuse to make this beauty and my sister's birthday happened to be coming up. Last Thanksgiving, she asked me to take a family photo of her newly expanded family. I think the photo turned out so good!  I just love my job, bringing families closer together {smiling}.  

 photo DSC_0243_zpse08937b4.jpg
Closer look

I didn't bling or jazz it up because that is not my sister's personality.  

Items Needed
Wooden plaque from craft/hobby store
Mod Podge (I used matte)
Black and White photo (printed by inkjet printer on plain computer paper)
Wide wire ribbon (ribbon rosette)
Medium size ribbon (used to hang the plaque)
Staple gun and staples
Hot glue gun
Black acrylic paint 
Paint brush 
Fine sandpaper
Black felt (cut to the size of plaque)
  1. Sand down any rough areas of the wooden plaque. Wipe down the dust with damp cloth. 
  2. Paint the wood black.  You may want to put a couple of coats.  Allow it to dry thoroughly. 
  3. I measured across the flat surface to figure out the center of the plaque.  Place the printed photo the way you want it.  I went ahead and played around to see how I wanted everything placed.  I wanted simple. 
  4. Once the photo is placed where you want it, lightly brush a thin coat of Mod Podge.  If you put too thick of a coat or brush in one area for too long, the ink from photo will run.  I played around with a couple of test photos to get a feel as to what I was doing. Allow the photo to dry thoroughly. 
  5. Now that the photo is protected, you can apply a thicker coat of Mod Podge all over the plaque in order to seal it and give it a nice painted look and feel.  Allow the sealer to dry thoroughly. 
  6. It's time to staple your ribbon to the back of the plaque.  I measured on each side to make the ribbon balanced with the plaque.  Depending on what you are going to do with your plaque, decides the length of your ribbon.  Just play with it.  Staple the ribbon.  This is the time, if you want to write a message or write your name and date.  
  7. Cut the black felt to fit the back of the plaque.  Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge with a brush. The felt hides all your messy staple work.  Carefully, place the felt down onto the plaque.  Allow it to dry thoroughly.  
  8. On the front side, hot glue the ribbon rose and leaf where you want it.  

Source: via Mirya on Pinterest

Click on the source link "HGTV" to access the tutorial in making wire ribbon rosettes.  There are several sites on Pinterest with different ways to make ribbon rosettes.  This is the site that I learned from.  I have to say it was the first time I have ever made a ribbon rose.  It took me several tries to get it just right.  Later, I found a site that recommended tack sewing on the back of the rose.

Colton Story
I have to tell you this story.  With the constant weather change around here, we all have been waking up trying to get rid of the frogs in our throat every morning.  Colton is no different.  The other day, as I'm taking my eldest child to school, Colton pipes up in the middle of me and Katie's conversation and put's in his two cents worth.  Not exactly sure what he just said, I ask him to repeat what he said.  He tells me again.  Katie and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing.  Here is what he said:

Colton: "Mom, I need you to get my brain out of my head."
Me: "What? "
Colton: "Get my brain out of my head!"
Me: "But why do you want your brain out of your head?"
Colton: "Because it is making me sick.  See!  {cough, cough} I've got a cough because of it.  You need to get it out now!"

Later that night, I told Doug the story because I thought it was so creative.  For him to actually think that his brain was making him sick and it needed to come out.  What an imagination!  Well, Colton heard the conversation between me and his daddy.  So he chimes in.  "Yeah, mom.  You can just cut right here (pointing to the top of his head) and pull my brains out."  I was amazed my little man just said that.  So funny!  


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Angry Bird Party Preparations . . . Stay Tuned!

I've been hard at it, when it comes to Colton's birthday party. I believe my husband will be glad when I'm finished. I know the birthday boy will be thrilled when it is time for his party. It is just a close family party, nothing too big. With the help of clipart online, I designed his invites. I wished that I could show you, but I designed them under Pages, which is a document program and can't figure out how to post documents.  I guess I'll have to take a picture and show you on the post-party blog posting.  They turned out so cute!  

I created a few loot bags for the family children. I finished them tonight and I have to say that they turned out so cute.

  Angry Bird "Pig" Loot Bag photo DSC_0246_zps18a61638.jpg 
I bought a pack of green paper gift bags and began taping the cut-outs onto the bags.  Love it!!  I found the idea from Pinterest.  At first I was only going to put the print outs on balloons, but then I thought what about for loot bags.  I really like how they turned out.  We will fill these up with snack baggies filled with Angry Bird Gummies; snack baggies filled with chocolate candy eggs; plastic whistles; flashing light gel rings (for the girlies); stuffed Angry Bird (for baby Z); Angry Bird Mash 'Em (for the boys); Angry Bird Coloring Pages and Mazes.

I am using the Angry Bird labels, designed by Shery K Designs, above.  Click on the Source link above to access the free downloads.  Shery K Designs has so many more printables for your party needs.

Below are the free printable cut-outs that you can tape on balloons or do like me and use them for loot bag projects.  

Click on the above source link to access the free printables.

Colton absolutely LOVED the next printables from "Little Plastic Man."  He thought they were awesome!  He thinks I made them for him to play with, when I really made them to set around the house.  

Click on the Source link above to access the free printables.

I do plan on making the Angry Birds cupcakes for Colton's party.  I was pleasantly surprised to easily find the candy eyes and bags of black pull apart Twizzlers candy in order to make the eyes and eye brows.  It will make it much easier for me to create these birds.  Because we are having a smaller party, I will not be make all the different colored birds.  I will only make the red, blue and maybe the green nest with eggs (I like this idea).  Aren't these birds cute?  Colton loves them!  

I've decided to go along with the theme and since will be having a few children, I have a few games in the line-up.  I found a fun sounding game online.  We bought some PVC pipes.  What am I going to do with PVC pipes, you ask?  Well, we will make a frame and stake them into the ground.  Tie green "pig" helium filled latex balloons to the frame.  I've thought about sticking score circles to each pig.  The object of the game is each child will have a chance to throw 5 beanbags at the balloons.  If they hit the balloon, they will get the points that is shown on the balloon.  This will be similar to the online game.  Whoever has the most points, WINS!  I will be sure to follow-up with pictures and game rating after the party.  

I plan on having an Angry Bird Egg Hunt.  All the bad piggies have stolen the birds' eggs.  Where are they?  Whoever finds the golden egg, will find a gift inside the egg.  Whoever finds the most eggs, will receive a prize.  

If it rains, I have the ol' standby - stack small plastic cups, place stuffed pigs on top of the cups.  Using stuffed birds, who can knock down the most cups?  

Of course, we will also have the bash the piñata.  When we picked out the piñata, Colton and I liked the monkey.  We've got a huge bag of candy for the kids to gather up.  LOTS OF FUN!!

I have enjoyed planning and preparing for this party.  I really feel Colton will have a wonderful 4th birthday.  I do ask that you please pray for a warm sunny day on his birthday and more importantly, my niece won't go into labor on his party day.  I did tell Whitney that if she did go into labor, not to worry.  We would have a quick, blow his candles out, open a few gifts and we will finish the rest of the party at the hospital.  HAHA!  She will be 39 weeks on Colton's actual birth-date, so that would be awesome.  This is beginning to be a tradition, family members sharing birthdays with other family members.  My husband shares his birthday with our nephew, Jon.  My niece shares her birthday with her first born child.  I think it's neat!

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