Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Ready For Christmas

Katie wakes up to see her Christmas Tree all decorated

She's thanking Mommy for the pretty tree

Katie helps decorate the tree

She helps Dad set out the blow ups

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday

Are you taking advantage of Black Friday today? Our phone has been busy this morning. Katie's aunts were calling me trying to get ideas on what to get Katiebug for Christmas. Susan decided to spend the night with Leslie last night, so they had easy access to the mall. It sounded like they were having a blast. Maryann made it out and about a little after 5:00 or something like that. Doug is doing a little Christmas shopping this morning as well. He said he would be back in time to help me with a little Christmas decorating around the house. Katie stayed with Millard and Peggy last night, so I'm hoping to get a lot of the big things done before she gets home. She is so excited about Christmas this year.

Thanksgiving Day
I hope to hear that everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. We spent our day with family, 1/2 the day with my family and the other 1/2 with Doug's family. All the food was delicious! I had to make me a little plate to take home for the dessert because I just couldn't eat it all. We had the traditional smoked turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce out of the can, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, fudge and etc. I hung in there pretty good and we didn't get home until 8:00 p.m.

Katie had a blast aggravating her cousins and acting silly. I've warned the kids in the past that anyone laying in the floor are fair play with Katie. Sure enough, Nicholas was laying in the floor watching a movie. Well, Katie looked like she was re-enacting WWE on television. For some reason, I think Katie won the wrestling match with Nic. He would pin her down, in hopes that it would make her not want more. Wrong! Katie kept coming back for more of the NIC. I told Nicholas that paybacks are heck. He announced that he didn't think he was this bad. I have to disagree because he is still aggravating.

Announcing The Baby's Sex On Thanksgiving Day
We played our little game with the family yesterday after lunch. It was so much fun because I bought a bib that was trimmed in blue and had a "C" embroidered in the center of it. I had the bib wrapped up in pink tissue paper to throw everyone off. Sure enough, Susan and Maryann (I think) were going crazy when they saw the pink paper. They both wanted a boy, but they just knew it was a girl when they saw the paper. I didn't say a word as Mom was still unwrapping the bib. Susan turned to me and asked me if I was pulling her leg. I acted like I didn't know what she was talking about. Then, she claimed to have seen the blue trim on the bib. LOL! The screams and ahhhs were in a uproar when they finally saw the bib. The majority of our blogger fans and family members just knew we were having a girl, but surprise IT'S A BOY!

If you don't already know, we will be naming our baby boy Colton Lamar.
The history of the name goes as follows: I had a small list of boy and girl names that I really liked. I was tossing around the name Colton Douglas. One Saturday, Doug was watching Texas playing football on television. Their quarterback's name is Colt. He told me that he liked the name Colt, he never knew that I was tossing around the name as well. It's as if God has a plan for this baby and He put the name on both of our minds. So, it is meant to be. Doug liked Lamar to be Colton's middle name better than Douglas.

Comment Questions
Laura wants to know - If I let the cat out of the bag? No, I didn't let any cat out of the bag. I noticed that the boys went up by 2 points after I posted the baby's ultrasound pictures. Maybe someone saw something that we didn't. Who knows?

What does Katie think? When we first told her during the ultrasound, she got a little upset because she wanted to call the baby "Dora". I told her that she could but I didn't think her little brother would appreciate it too much. LOL!

Prayer Update
Susan told me that the results came back as pre-cancerous. So, she will have to keep a watchful eye on the two spots on her face.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I'm Thankful For . . .

  1. God saving my soul from eternal hell
  2. God blessing me immensely
  3. My family and friends
  4. Living in a country where I can practice my many freedoms
  5. God allowing me to live in the South
  6. Nick Saban and the 2008 U of A Bama Football Team - ROLL TIDE!
  7. Military personnel protecting me and my family from terrorist
  8. God allowing me to stay home to raise my children
  9. God allowing me to volunteer my time to service Him
  10. God allowing me, family and friends to eat (I think) the best meal of the year
  11. Having blog buddies like you!


May God Bless You As Well This Thanksgiving Holiday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish you a very . . .

Happy Thanksgiving

today because I'll be on the road with my family all day tomorrow.
Don't forget to watch the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" on NBC at 8:00/9:00cst.
I've got it TiVo'd because I know we won't be able to watch it.

I hope you have a safe and wonderful day!


Iron Bowl
Just some funny pictures to celebrate the upcoming Iron Bowl. Hope you enjoy!

. . . then, there is my new favorite just in time for Bama to whip up on some Auburn Tigers

Watch Out! The Tide is Rolling In!

(Check out Tubby's pants)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is J.Jill's Closing?

Sandy called me yesterday to let me that she heard J.Jill and Coldwater Creek retail stores are closing for good. Ugh! She advised me to get to the nearest stores and look for some good bargains before the end of the year. This news is so sad to me because I love these two stores. Of course, I only look for the sale items anyway. When I opened my email messages this morning, Laura sent me a list of possible stores cutting back or closing for good. As I was reading the list, I became very disheartened. I thought I would take it to Snopes. If anyone could investigate this story, I know they will.

This is what I found out about J.Jill store, owned by Talbots through Snopes:
Talbots Inc. announced this month that its seeking to sell off its chain J.Jill casual clothier stores. Talbots has already shed off its Talbots Kids, Talbots Mens and U.K. businesses and has already closed an additional 28 Talbots stores out of about 1,400 total outlets. Snopes has found no information about Talbots planning to close J. Jill outlets in the near future. The chain still operates in 283 locations, is still opening new stores, and is still selling and redeeming gift cards.

I couldn't find any information about Coldwater Creek Clothing Stores at this time. To find out if for sure that your favorite store(s) are not going under, you need to check out what Snopes found out here .

Potty Time
I want to shout from the roof tops! WHOO HOO! Finally, we might be seeing the last of diapers & pull ups for now that is until March. LOL! I haven't mentioned anything for the past couple of weeks because I was afraid that I would have to gather up my words. Katie's been going on 2 weeks of dry pants. Sure, she might have an accident during the night or at nap time, but over all she's done great. I still don't trust her wearing panties when we go out, but so far she lets me know when she has to go potty. I'm stuck on a special reward for her because she knows that she's going to get a big girl bed when the baby gets here, which she's so excited by the way. Most everything she's asked for, she's probably going get for Christmas. She likes to tell me just about everyday how she's going to be a big girl. So, I would love to hear your suggestions for a nice and somewhat inexpensive reward for her potty training success.

Mom Update
Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Katie and myself went to a local candy maker for some Christmas gifts. Would you believe that Mom walks around her house without any assistance. No walker, cane, someone holding her hand, zero. Isn't that great? When we left the house, she walked to the car with just her cane and nothing else. She walked around the candy store with just her cane as well. She does still tire quickly, so that small trip got her ready for a nap after lunch.

Are you ready for the big Turkey Day? We are having Thanksgiving at Susan and Tim's house this year and later going to Peggy and Millard's house. They are being easy on me this year because I'm in charge of the plastic/paper products this year, which is fine with me. I can make up for it next year. LOL! I did grab a couple of 2 liter cokes as well. Last Friday, I got a small burst of energy. Doug helped me take down the Fall/Thanksgiving decorations and put them up. I had to do some cleaning because this house was driving me crazy. Katie couldn't understand what I was doing putting up all the decorations. "What are you doing?" she asked me. I told her that we had to put Fall up and get ready for Christmas. Well that caused her to have a huge smile come across her face. Unfortunately, she thought Christmas was coming that day. So, I guess now I'm going to have to remind her that it's coming soon.

We had absolutely no groceries in the house by Sunday. So, Katie and I had to stop by Walmart on the home from Mom and Dad's house. What a huge mistake! Honestly, I didn't think there would be such a big Thanksgiving craze on a Monday before Thanksgiving. Usually the stores are packed a day or two before Thanksgiving. There were people every where. I just took my time, but I was getting very tired quick. We did stop by the toys section for Katie. One bad thing about shopping with your daughter is when you find a really great deal and you can't sneak it past her. Ugh! She's been begging me for the "My Little Pony Sundae Amusement Park Ponyville". The bad thing is it comes with only one pony. Well, I found a bonus value "Amusement Park" that came with an additional 2 ponies and their accessories. I looked around and I only found 2 of these bonus values left. Ugh! This toy is too big to sneak it in our buggy without Katie finding out about it. What was I going to do? I spoke to Doug about it. He agreed to pick it up on the way home from work. I sent him an email with the picture and description, so he wouldn't have any problems. Would you believe, he went to the Walmart in Decatur, Hartselle and Cullman and they were all gone? Ugh! How disappointing. What did put a smile on my face was that Walmart just got a shipment of Clementines. Ahhhh! I love these small beautiful oranges and now Katie is in love with them.

Prayer Request Update
I wanted to update you on my friend, Cindy's niece. Allison had a fast growing mass that she's underwent two emergency surgeries to get rid of it. I haven't seen Cindy for the past few weeks and I finally got an email back from her the other day about Allison's progress. She said that she's doing good thus far. The doctors will be watching her hormone levels very close to see if there are any changes.

I haven't heard anything about Aunt Mary and her back. Mom has been trying to get a hold of her daughter, Frances and Aunt Virginia to see what they know about her progress.

Susan was suppose to find out her test results yesterday at a 9:00 doctor's appointment. I told her to call me as soon as she found out something, but I guess she forgot. I can't call her at work because her boss is cranky when it comes to personal phone calls. I couldn't call her last night because she said she had a game to go to. Of course, I'm still going to bed early because I get sick. I plan to call her when we get back from ballet class this evening. Hopefully, I'll get some information to report later.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby Mason

Yes, as you can tell we've been to the doctor. Late Tuesday, Dr. Kakani's nurse called me and asked if we could reschedule my doctor's appointment because Dr. Kakani had to schedule a surgery during the time of my original appointment. I didn't mind at all. I got excited that the nurse was able to schedule us to come in early yesterday morning. I always get excited to see the baby, plus this was the day for us to know (perhaps) what we are having . . . a boy or a girl.

I ate some mini chocolate candy bars on the way to the doctor's office. The last ultrasound I underwent, the baby was asleep. So, I wanted to make sure this time the baby was moving around and hoping that we might see something. I have to say, baby was enjoying the 3 Musketeers, Snickers & Twix. LOL! Most of my still photos are a little blurry because it was moving around so much. The tech checked the baby out from head to toe, making sure that it was developing correctly. So far, everything checks out and it is healthy as can be. Hearing the word "normal" is the best thing to hear for a parent. I thought it was cool that we could even see the baby's lip to make sure there were no defects. Doug doesn't agree, but I think this baby has my dimpled chin like Katie. According to Doug, he couldn't see much on the ultrasound. He said the same thing about Katie.

I'm sure you have a huge question for me. What are we having a boy or a girl? Yes, we did find out almost imediately. Of course, Doug and I didn't know what we are looking at because it looked like one blob. It was the same way when we found out about what Katie was, one big blob. Thank goodness the tech knew what she was looking for and had to point it out to us. We just took her word for it because she knew what she was talking about. The results on my poll are showing that we are having a girl overall. Are you sure? You might be right. I'm sorry that I'm holding out, but I thought it would be fun to play this game a little longer. I've spoken to a few antsy family members, apologized and told them that I would reveal the results on Thanksgiving Day. I know that sounds mean, but I think it would fun to have them guessing for a few more days.

Can you believe it? Katie actually sitting in Santa Claus' lap in order to take a picture?

After my appointment, Doug headed back to work and I felt pretty good to head over to the mall. I'm so behind on my Christmas shopping and was hoping to get a little done, while I felt like it. Katie and I were heading towards the middle of the mall when she spotted the Christmas Village, where Santa usually sits. She was taking in all of the Christmas decorations and made it her responsibility to point out every different Christmas decoration to me. When she spotted the Christmas Village, she asked me if that was Santa's Castle. I agreed as I was wheeling her into the Hallmark store. "Is Santa here?" she asked me. "Probably" I answered, "we'll have to find out." "I think he's in his castle" she declared. I just agreed because I was looking for gifts, I was on a mission. None stop throughout the store, she asked when we were going to see Santa. Finally, here we go towards the village. The closer we got, the less she talked. The mall was pretty much empty, so it was a good opportunity for her to warm up to him. She got out of the stroller and held on to my neck for dear life, not saying a word. You could tell, she was scared to death. I asked her if I could take her over to Santa. At first, she said no. I picked her up and just squatted by Santa's chair, in order for him to talk with her. While she was hanging on to neck, I gave Santa some information about what she loves. Sure enough, he took the hint and began talking to her about it. At that point, she wasn't squeezing me so tight. I wasn't going to push her, so we just took our time. She felt comfortable enough for me to sit in the chair with Santa and her in my lap. He and I began picking at Katie a little, which caused her to relax a little more. We finally convinced her to sit beside Santa. They were able to take a good picture of her with him. As I was picking out which picture I liked the best, Santa got our attention. He lifted her up and put her in his lap. YES! FINALLY! I couldn't believe that she was actually going to do it. Believe me, if I knew that Katie was going to get her picture made with Santa, I would have put one of her MANY Christmas outfits on. I never would have thought it would happen. I had to take this opportunity when I could because you never know if it will happen again. I couldn't tell her enough how much I was so proud of her, being so brave. I know when I was younger, I liked Santa from a distance and never up close. It takes a lot of guts for a small child to take the plunge and have a stranger to pick you up and set you in his lap. We even got her to smile on top of that! Shoo!

She didn't say much about him after the picture that is until we got home. She wanted to see her picture with him. She told me, "I like Santa Claus." I was talking to her about how nice he was and she shook her head, agreeing with me. "He's my friend," she said. "He loves me and I love him too," she said with a smile on her face. She told me that she wanted to see him again at his castle.

Did you happen to notice the pink poodle that Katie was holding in the above picture? Remember the story I told you about her and the tiny poodle puppy that she wants for Christmas. Well, I've been looking high and low for a stuffed animal for Christmas, hoping it would keep her at ease because I thought she wanted a real puppy. While we were in Hallmark, I spotted this cute white, curly coated stuffed puppy with a pink bow in it's hair. I asked Katie if that would work for her. No, she didn't like it. We looked around at the different TY Beanie Baby animals until she found it. "That's it mom. That's my tiny pink poodle puppy" she announced. Sure enough, it was a small TY pink poodle. "I love it" she said. "Can I have it? Please!" she asked. She didn't think I was going to get it right then because she said that she needed to ask Santa for the puppy for Christmas. Well, I found another pink poodle that was bigger, but she didn't like it. "Nope. I want this puppy" she said all content. I thought to myself that was easy enough. Now maybe, she'll stop talking to me about a tiny poodle puppy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hooray!! We're Half Way There!

Whoo Hoo!! We've made it less than half way. If you are a bit confused as to what I'm talking about. Well, I'm talk about that I'm 20 weeks pregnant now. There have times where I didn't think I was going to make it. Shoo! It's been a rough road up this mountain and now I'm hoping for an easier ride down. I mentioned that we have made it less than half way because Dr. Kakani said that when I reach 37/38 weeks pregnant, she will give me the option to choose the baby's due date. Since I'll be having another C-Section and if baby and I are doing well, then we'll be free to proceed. Yay!!!

Last night the baby was a little more active than it has been in the past. I was laying in bed trying to relax because I had a lot of aches and pains and that's when the baby decided to have a little boxing match. I'll have to get a picture posted soon, but my belly is really growing. Whether I want to eat more or not, baby is growing like a weed. I have to warn you about something before I decide to post a new picture of me. I've been wanting to get my hair highlighted for some time. Of course, I couldn't because I found out that we were expecting, so I had to wait until it was safe enough to get my hair done. Ahhhh! Yesterday, I finally did it and I just feel better because I have my hair back. I started to cut my hair and go back to the old hair style, but Doug said that he liked my hair long. Just for him, I'll keep my long locks. I asked my hair dresser for tips on ways that I could style my hair. I watched her closely and hopefully I'll be able to do what she did because I like how she styled it for me.


Mom Update
I'm so proud of mom's progress. I spoke to her yesterday and she said (so proud) that she wanted to get out of bed that morning and not disturb Dad sleeping. So, she was able to get out of bed without any assistance, go to the bathroom, put on her clothes for the day and walking into the Kitchen to get her some juice. All of this by herself. Yay!!!! Last week, mom was really down because she said that she didn't think she was making any progress. So while she was telling me all of this good news, I had to point out last week's doubts and she giggled a little to say that she did make it.

Prayer Request
Please remember Emily Mulkey in your prayers because she is back in the hospital. As you know, she was able to move to Texas with the rest of her family this past Summer. Her new lungs seem to be doing fine. The reason for being admitted to the hospital, she seems to think that she has some kind of staph infection. She said that her ankle was all red and swollen, causing her some difficulty walking. She is hooked up to IV meds. She thinks that the drugs are working because she is able to stand up on her leg and walk around a little.

Looking Back

How do you like my mom's hat? (L-R: Sandy, Mom, June & Maryann)

I believe the hat was made of feathers from a pheasant. I think this picture was taken around Easter time. I'm not too sure because I can't ask her these questions without her becoming suspicious.

How do you like my Easter bunny ears? LOL!

I hope you have a great TGIF and wonderful weekend!

Don't forget to watch . . .

Bama vs. Mississippi State

Saturday at 6:45 p.m.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

"I Want To Be A Mermaid"

Latest Katie Story
As you know, Katie loves tubby time. She absolutely hates to get out when we are finished. If you don't know, she has a wild imagination. After I finished giving her a tubby yesterday, she asked to play in the tub for a little longer. I had no problem because I needed to dry and style my hair for the day. While I was trying to style my hair, Katie told me that she wanted to be a mermaid. This isn't unusual because for about a year or so, she's been wanting to be a mermaid. What surprised me is that she told me that she wanted red hair. Okay. I figured that she's seen the red wigs for little girls to dress up like the mermaid "Ariel". Then, she tells me to take her hair off and get her some red hair. What? I asked her what she meant. She pointed to her hair and asked me to take her hair off. She didn't want her hair, but she wants red hair. Ha! Ha! I told her that if I removed her hair that it sure would hurt. With her face all squinted up, she asked, "it will?" I assured her that it would hurt. She said all upset, "but mom, I want my hair off." Now moms, explain that one. I just started another conversation.

Trans-Siberia Orchestra
While Ryan, Kacy & Whitney were visiting last Monday. I asked them if they knew or have heard of "Trans-Siberia Orchestra". Unfortunately, they looked at me confused, but they seemed interested. So, I told them that I was disappointed that I'll be missing their Winter Tour this year. They will be performing at the BJCC on Dec 20th. Doug and I really like them. The best way I could explain to the kids about TSO was that they take a rock out take on the traditional Christmas composed music. I told them that if they had a chance to pull them up on You-Tube. As most of you know my favorite musical is Cannon D Major composed by Pachelbel.

Well, TSO has a beautiful version of this song and I love to pop in my TSO CD around Christmas Time and listen to Cannon D. I wanted to give you a peek as well.

In The Thanksgiving Spirit
After reading a few blogs this morning, it seems that everyone is in the Thanksgiving spirit. Everyone is expressing the things and people that they are grateful to be blessed with, reminisce about their Thanksgiving Family Traditions and what comfort foods trigger wonderful childhood memories. I feel that is what keeps the spirit alive. With this love and happiness, it will spread like a wild fire. It keeps the memories of the past, savor the present and teach our children for their future. So, bloggers keep the spirit sorrowing on. No matter what Thanksgiving means to you, may you have a blessed and very loved Thanksgiving Holiday.

Why Believe In God?
Have you seen this ad where you live? "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake."

For the past couple of days, Fox and Friends have been talking up this issue. The American Humanist Association unveiled the provocative $40,000 holiday ad campaign. The article quotes an AHA spokesperson saying, "We are trying to reach our audience, and sometimes in order to reach an audience, everybody has to hear you," said Fred Edwords, spokesman for the humanist group. "Our reason for doing it during the holidays is there are an awful lot of agnostics, atheists and other types of non-theists who feel a little alone during the holidays because of its association with traditional religion."

I feel so sorry for these people wanting to be a part of something that they don't believe exists. It goes back to it is our human nature to search for and want to belong to something or someone. Fortunately for Christians, we don't have to look anymore because we know the TRUTH - There is ONLY one God! Please pray for these people and association that they will have their eyes wiped clean by the blood of Christ and they too will finally know the TRUTH.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Looking Back

I told you that I would give you sneak peeks about the project I've been working on. My parents have a bunch of old slides that we scanned and stored onto a hard drive. My parents don't know about it, so

A picture of me and my family: (L-R: Maryann, G'ma Annie, June, G'pa Godfrey, Sandy, Susan, Dad, Mom and me)

Our picture was taken in front of the house I grew up in for 21 years.

Me approximately 3 years old with my puppy, Dixie


Katie and I got a surprise visit from Ryan, Kacy and Whitney yesterday. I just love it when the kids come to see me. It makes me feel special that they love me enough to put time away just to come see their aunt. I was glad that they were able to stay a little longer this time. Ryan and Kacy finally got some time off from their work about 15 days and wanted to come down south for most of that time off. I hope they enjoy their break from the crazy hospital world before having to go back. Ryan said they'll probably head back some time the middle of next week. Whitney was asking for information about Bridge Street and I recommended, if they go, to eat at the Mexican Restaurant, Cantina Laredo. When Laura and Wayne came up for Doug's birthday, we ate at this restaurant and it was sooo good. I hope they are able to go.

Katie was so excited to see the kids that she couldn't contain herself. She had to release that energy by running around the loveseat. She kept telling us, "run, run, run". Whitney and Ryan kept laughing at her and of course, it caused her to do it more. She remembered Ryan playing with her the last time. Right off the bat, she wanted him to put her on his shoulders and lift her up high. She found a cozy seat between Ryan and Kacy on the couch. LOL! She learned well from her mom. I use to do the same thing with my sisters and their boyfriends. She spread her time with each one of them and hated to see them leave. She asked Kacy and Whitney if they were going to come back and see her again.

Flu Shot
After our guests left, Katie and I got ready and headed to Dr. Lunsford's office. Katie asked me where we were going. I told her the truth that we were going to get our flu shot. Oh, she didn't like that idea at all. I reassured her that everything was going to be okay and that I had to get a shot. We made an agreement. I would hold her hand, if she would hold mine because I had to get a shot; whereas, she would probably just get some nose spray. I guess because she knew that she had to be brave for me that she changed her tune. She told me on the way there that she would be right there for me and hold my hand. She was saying it so sincere like she was protecting me. It was sweet. Sure enough, I was the first to get my flu shot. Katie held my hand, while she watched the nurse give me my shot. Buddy, I have to say that shot may not hurt going in, but it holds a punch a few minutes later. Ouch! I was stupid to have it put in my right arm on top of that because it's still sore. Finally, it was Katie's turn for her nose spray. She didn't know about it at first. I didn't think she would like it because she hates it when I give her nose spray at home. She let the nurse put the first squirt and soon decided that it wasn't for her because some of the spray was running out of her nose. She hates having a runny nose. So, I had to do a little more than hold her hand for the nurse to put the rest of the flu mist in her nose. When we left, Katie announced to me as she was skipping to the car that it wasn't that bad.

Prayer Request
Please keep my sister, Susan, in your prayers. She's been complaining about a spot on her face that she needed to be looked at by a Dermatologist for some time. She finally had a chance to go to the doctor yesterday. The doctor did a biopsy on her face and then told her that it could be pre-cancerous, cancerous or Lupus. In the same breath, he told her that they wouldn't find out the results for approximately 2 weeks. Ugh! Okay, let's scare her to death first before the results comes in. Bless her heart, I spoke to her last night and she agreed that it did scare her a bit, but she also understands that it could come back negative. Please pray that God will ease her mind and give her comfort.

My niece, Whitney is going through gosh knows what in Nursing School. She has 6 more months before graduating from school and plans for a wedding a couple of months afterwards. She's under a lot of pressure and stress. From what I understand, she's got some really tough exams after the Christmas break. Please ask God to bless her with His strength and guidance, in order to get her through these next few months.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm Still Here!

Good Morning Y'all!

Thanks for being so patient with me, not blogging very much. Yes, I'm still working on my Christmas Project, but good news - we're half way done! Whoo! Hoo! I might be able to give you some sneak peeks very soon. Tehe!

I'm afraid to tell any one else when I have a good day because I emailed my aunt the other day. She was asking how I was feeling. All I said was that I have my good and bad days. The next thing I know, I have another sinus attack and now I typing with a bad headache. Ugh! Bottom line, I'm pregnant and my condition fluctuates like the weather around here. Ha!

Baby is still doing good. He/she is still not very active, but it likes to squirm and ball up from time to time. Of course, you know we will hopefully find out the baby's sex in a couple of weeks. So, I am holding a poll and I hope you will participate. Please let me know what you think we will be expecting in March - Is it a GIRL or BOY? It's all in fun, so let me know. Lord willing, I will let you know the results Thanksgiving week.

Election Day Story
I have to tell you this cute story. Katie and I headed to our Election Poll site to elect our next President. You have to know that Katie is at the age to ask questions, lots and lots of questions. As we pulled up to the Civic Center, Katie begins asking, "mom, what are we doing here?" I responded, "to vote". We got into the long line to get a ballot and she asks again, "mom, what are we doing?" I explained further "to vote for a new President". Well, she thought we were voting for a present. She got so excited and kept repeating, "we're voting for a present. Oh, boy!" I had to say the word "president" before she finally got it right. She finally said "president" followed by a very confused face. She didn't ask anymore questions about the president. I guess she was too disappointed that she wasn't voting for a present.

I See Santa Claus Mom!
I don't know about your local radio stations, but ours likes to play Christmas music starting the first of November. Some people gripe about it because Thanksgiving hasn't even gotten here yet, but I like it. It's something about Christmas music that puts you in the Christmas spirit.

It was dark, Katie and I had to drive to our pharmacy to pick up a prescription. We were listening to the Christmas music and Katie got to talking about Santa Claus. I thought well this is a good opportunity to talk about the real reason for the season. I asked her whose birthday it was that we celebrate Christmas. Right off the bat, she asked if it was her birthday again. "No" I told her. It was Jesus' birthday that he was born on Christmas Day. I was hoping there would be that connection because every time we see the nativity, I always point out to her baby Jesus. "It's Jesus' birthday?" she asked. "Yes" I told her. Well, she seemed okay with that idea, but she wanted to go back to talking about Santa Claus. I wasn't done talking about Jesus and finally she informed me, "mom, I not want to talk about that right now. I want to talk about Santa Claus and Rudolph". It wasn't long before she announced, "look it's Santa Claus!" I asked her where did she see Santa Claus. "Right there!" as she was pointing up to a red blinking light on top of a cell tower. I was chuckling inside myself and I assured her that it was Santa Claus. I added that he was watching her to make sure she was being a good girl. I asked her if she was being a good girl. "Uh, huh and I get presents because I'm a good girl", she said with such confidence.

Bama Stays #1
Wow! What a ball game yesterday? You talk about down to the line for Bama having a chance to win. Shoo! Rashad Johnson really showed off his talent in this game. Yeah, I've been pretty critical of J.P. Wilson for his past performances, but he made up for it when he got the final touchdown that would keep Alabama #1 in the AP Poll.

UPS/FedEx Delivery Failure Virus
With the Christmas Holiday fast approaching us, please be aware of a circulating virus that is going on out there. It's called the "UPS/FedEx Delivery Failure Virus". In order to read the complete document on this virus, please click here for further information from Snopes.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy All Saints Day!

Not a whole lot of people will enjoy me saying this, but today was the day God answered our prayers and blessed our lives with the conception of Kaitlyn. I went in for a procedure at Brookwood Medical on Halloween Day four years ago and God blessed us on All Saints Day. Now, we are waiting the arrival of another blessing from God.

I hope to hear that everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween yesterday. We had a busy busy day. Doug stayed in his hole for most of the morning, in order to get some homework and tests done. He was also able to help me out with our Christmas project, while Katie and I got ready for Halloween night. Katie was so excited when I told her that it was finally Halloween. She began giggling and laughing. Right off the bat, she went looking for her Daddy. She wanted us to get ready so we can go Trick-R-Treating. I had to explain that we wouldn't go Trick-R-Treating until it got dark. Well, she didn't care for that idea, but she got over it. She was still very excited.

Katie helped me by stuffing Trick-R-Treater's Goody Bags. I caught her swiping a bag or two of M&M's.

While she stuffed goody bags, I prepared our pumpkin to be turned into a jack-o-lantern.

As soon as Katie finished stuffing bags, she couldn't wait to help me cut open the pumpkin. She couldn't understand that we had to cut it open because she thought we were just going to color it like the other one. She kept asking me what I was doing. When I finally got the top off, it was time to dig out all the gooey stuff. I gave her the shovel to dig it out and she thought it was so fun. She told me laughing, "Mom, this is fun." When all the seeds and gooey stuff was out of the pumpkin, Katie thought we were going to pretend to cook. So, she starts stirring the pan, like she was cooking. Then, she thought we should put all the gooey stuff back inside the pumpkin. NO! She didn't understand what we were going to do with the gooey stuff. It just bothered her.

Out of all the Disney Princess patterns, Katie insisted on Ariel. Again, she thought we were going to color her picture on the pumpkin. When she saw me with the hole poker and saw, cutting up the pumpkin. She asked, "Mom, what are you doing?"

Our finished Ariel pumpkin. Katie just loves it!

Katie in her Mariposa costume

I tried my hand at curling her hair. It wasn't easy, but I don't think it looks too bad. She loved the attention. I let her hold a mirror, while I put a little blush and eye shadow as well. I think the eye shadow brush was tickling her because she couldn't keep still.

Katie and her Daddy

Katie and her Momma

Katie w/Papa John & Grandma Jerry

Katie loved Aunt Maryann's Halloween display on the front porch

Katie was so excited that she got to see her Whitney "Whebee" and Layla

Whitney had her little girl, Layla, all dressed up for Halloween. Tehe! Layla is sweet and Katie just loves her. She is so good natured around Katie.

I hate it that we didn't get a picture of Millard and Peggy with Katie. Doug, Katie and I got home around 6:30 last night from visiting the grandparents and aunts/uncles. I was wore completely out and didn't even think about it. Doug mentioned us going out to Millard and Peggy's today to try and watch the Bama game today, so hopefully we can get a picture then.

Millard, Peggy, Doug and Katie headed out to the church Fall Festival after dropping me off at home. They stayed gone until around 8:30 p.m. I was surprised that Katie wouldn't get in the jumper house like last year, but Peggy seems to think that Katie remembers getting hurt last year. She's probably right, but I didn't think that would stop Katie from jumping around in there because she loves them. Oh well. Doug seemed disgusted because he told me that she wouldn't do anything. They all went to Dairy Queen for a late supper before coming home. I stayed home and passed out candy to our Trick-R-Treaters. I guess we had about a total of 16 kids come by. We don't get many beggers because we live on a dead end street and plus all the surrounding churches have their festivals going on at the same time.

As soon as the gang (Millard, Peggy, Doug & Katie) drove in the driveway, I noticed that Will and his Mom were driving into Ms. Evelyn's house. It wasn't long before he was knocking at our door. He was dressed as a bat. Of course, Will's Mom and I had to get pictures of the kids.

Overall, I think Katie had a blast this Halloween. I had to leave our company because I had to go to bed, but I could hear Katie in the Living Room chattering away. I'm glad she enjoyed her night, but in a way I'm glad to see the night over with. Ugh! I'm absolutely exhausted!