Monday, March 31, 2014

Gulf Coast Trip - Part 2

 photo church8_zpsdbc3d202.jpg
Jackson Square

This was my first trip to New Orleans and of all opportunities, we got to visit during Mardi Gras week.  Of course, I went with a little fear because I heard a lot of horror stories.  We stayed in the areas that we were advised to hang out.  It is basically around Jackson Square.  We had a very good experience and encourage others to have just as much clean and stress-free fun.  
  • Stay close to Jackson Square area - very family friendly
  • Keep all of your personal items close to your eye sight.  I took a small hipster purse.  Put it  across my chest and the purse in front of me.  This might help you from becoming a victim of pick-pocketing.  Guys - keep your wallet in your front pants pocket. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  
  • I wouldn't stay out too late unless you are enjoying the parades during Mardi Gras.  When the crowds clear out, go with them back to your vehicle or hotel.  
I hope these simple tips help you have a wonderful experience like we did.  A few landmarks I would recommend you visit: 
  • Jackson Square
  • Cafe Du Monde - try the beignets or French Donuts - They are delicious! 
  • French Market - is an awesome place to shop for anyone and everyone.  
  • Aunt Sally's Pralines are to die for.  The shop is just down the strip between Cafe Du Monde and the French Market. 
To me, as long as you stay along that strip, there is so much to do, eat and see.  Shopping galore, wonderful flavored cuisines, beautiful landscapes and I really enjoyed the street performers. 

 photo Performer4_zps2d47109c.jpg  photo Performer1_zpscc4ed0c7.jpg  photo NakedCowboy5_zps9725c5ce.jpg
The Naked Cowboy normally hangs his hat in New York, I thought.  I was so surprised to see him on Bourbon Street, playing his guitar and singing with Naked Cowgirl by his side.  Yes, they do have on underwear.  

Another thing about Bourbon Street, PLEASE BE WARNED!  IT ISN'T FAMILY FRIENDLY AT ALL!  It's an experience, but be prepared to witness drunks, puke, and some nudity.  It reminded me of a college frat party.  We just went to say that we've been on Bourbon Street.  Now that we've been there and experienced it, I wasn't too impressed nor have it on my list of "To Go Back and Visit".  

 photo RedSoloCup_zps30fc33ac.jpg
I had to have a picture of these ladies - Red Solo Cup - LOL! 
Rednecks after my own heart - so creative

 photo Waving_zpsc4821bac.jpg
The Mardi Gras Royal Court - ready for the parade to start

 photo KingofMardiGras_zpscfa27b86.jpg
King of Mardi Gras

I loved how parades would just start up out of the blue and it might be just one band and a few people throwing out beaded necklaces to the crowds.

 photo TakingaBreak1_zpse01bcdd3.jpg
We had to take a break after walking, for it seems like 20 miles.  It was good exercise for me to make room in my stomach for some Emeril's delicious grilled salmon. 

 photo EmerilsRestaurant_zps21385c99.jpg
My special date with the man of my dreams and Emeril's.  We started out with three different types of bread (rosemary, sweet potato and cornbread).  The appetizer was barbecue shrimp - delicious!  For our main course, Doug tried their sea scallops (huge) and I got the honey glazed salmon.  I've never had a chocolate soufflĂ©, which is what the waiter recommended for dessert with a serving of vanilla ice cream.  Trust me, you'll need the ice cream to cut the sweetness of the chocolate.  It was all so good and I would absolutely go back for seconds again.  It's a once in a lifetime experience.  

On our way home, we decided to go through Gulfport, MS.  It was such a beautiful drive and I hated to leave the beach.  

 photo GulfportBeach_zps946273fa.jpg

 photo GulfBeach_zps45d725cd.jpg
Mississippi Coast
 photo LIGHTHOUSE_zps83c967ff.jpg 

I would absolutely love to do this again some time.  I enjoyed experiencing great Southern cuisines, the beautiful sights, and different cultures.    


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 Millard & Peggy 50th Anniversary Book

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I'm running a little behind, but I finally published the photo book of my mother & father-in-law's 50th Anniversary celebration.  


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gulf Coast Trip - Part 1

My husband had a little business meeting in Picayune, MS and he asked me to go along with him. The only catch, I would have to be away from my babies for 3 nights. I do believe that was the longest I've ever stayed away from them. I asked myself, what does God say about your relationship priorities? God is always first. Your spouse is second. Your children come next. As hard as I could imagine it would be, God would want me to go with Doug. Of course, Doug adding that we'll stop by New Orleans, LA on our last day, helped me confirm my decision as well {te-he}. I knew the trip would be some what boring and I would have to stay in the hotel room all day for at least a day. I brought a few things to keep me occupied until Doug could get back from work.

So how did I survive all day in a hotel room? It wasn't bad. After Doug left for work, I did my stretches. I guess I spent around 30 minutes on them. It did loosen up my back and neck from the long ride down. I made sure to drink plenty water after all the stretching and popping in my back. I thumbed through the magazines and books that I brought, but really wasn't in the mood to read. I brought some chick flicks in hopes that they might have a DVD player. Unfortunately, they didn't. Thankfully, they did have DirecTV and HBO. I caught up on a couple of movies that I haven't seen. I use to be addicted to FOX News (Hannity, Glenn Beck, FOX and Friends, etc.), so I got to catch up on all the latest media hype. Yep, the country is still going straight to HELICAN in a hand basket. I tried to remember to move around during every commercial break on the television. We had a little refrigerator and microwave in the room, so it was nice to warm up some soup for lunch. We  picked up a few snacks from Walmart as soon as we got to town. The time really did go by fast. The part I hated about it was how beautiful and sunny it was outside and I couldn't be a part of it. With it being a town that I'm not familiar with, I didn't want to take the chance and go out venturing.

On Wednesday night, Doug and I drove down to Long Beach, MS. I never thought we would ever get there. Driving at night and from a long distance, thank goodness for GPS. We never would have found this little joint that a buddy of Doug's recommended "Darwell's". It is back in the sticks, but it was a great atmosphere, delicious food and wonderful hospitality. Their specials were a little pricy, but well worth it. Doug had the Blackened Mahi-Mahi with Crawfish Etouffee for $25. I got the Tuna Steak Oscar, cooked medium, with grilled shrimp, blue crab meat,  Mushrooms in Yum-Yum sauce, asparagus and a side of green beans for $21. Darwell's was featured on "Diner's, Drive-In's & Dives" with Guy Fieri.  Below is the episode to give you a better idea.

Darwell's is located: 127 E First St, Long Beach, MS 39560

A limitless entertainment, while we wait. photo 1978368_10152299302870850_67210913_o.jpg
Our entertainment, while we eat

Tuna steak and shrimp w/blue crab - it's what's for supper.  Delicious!  I absolutely recommend Darwell's photo 1658503_10152299322270850_175807179_o.jpg

Tuna Steak Oscar - It was delicious!

I've seen commercial ads on television regarding Pearl River Resort and the casinos in that area.  I never really knew where it was because for one thing, I don't gamble or have a desire to gamble.  I'd rather see where my money is going.  Thank you.  Little did I know, I wasn't too far from it the night we went to Long Beach.  You know, you just can't see much while driving at 7:00-9:00 at night.  To the left is black and to the right is - well, BLACK.  Unless we passed a town with streetlights, it was very hard to make things out. 

On Thursday night, Doug said the same guy that recommended Darwell's told him to go to Silver Slipper Casino.  Their buffet restaurant there "Jubliee Buffet" was having an all you can eat for $24.95 seafood bar.  Doug knew I would love it because how much I love snow crab legs and Gulf Shrimp.  Oh my gracious!  I believe I got my monies worth because I ended up with 3 lbs. of crab legs and about 12 butterfly fried shrimp.  Oh. It was so good.  We wanted to try the Dungeness Crab legs, but their not very good.  Not as sweet as Snow Crab.  Instead, I put the Dungeness crab legs down and picked me up a funnel cake with sugar topping.  So delicious!  I wished you could have been there. 

All you can eat $24.95 - Silver Slippers.  So good!  Wish you were here. photo 1890648_10152301372840850_2029045522_o.jpg

Funnel cake time !!!!!!!!!!!!! photo 1618219_10152301463475850_1249016949_o.jpg 
I'm posing with my funnel cake and powder sugar - LOL!