Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Katie Lost A Tooth

Katie lost her tooth after school today! 

Y'all just don't know how much trouble this tooth has given us.  We basically have been working on this tooth since a week before Katie's 7th birthday.  It was loose, but she would never mess with it.  She was too afraid about how it would feel.  She lost her two front bottom teeth a year ago and she has actually forgot how it happened and especially how it felt.  Scared to death that she would be in terrible pain, she refused to touch it or have anyone else touch it.  I tried several times to just wiggle it, to see if it was ready.  Nope!  She would not have it.  Every time I went to touch, she would swat my hands away.  Ugh!  It was absolutely aggravating.  We tried everything to get her to pull it. I finally told her to stop talking about it, if she didn't want me to pull it.  I even bribed her to pull it.  If she would let me pull it, I would buy this Furr Real dog that she is in love with.  She would not.  After a couple of weeks, the tooth was beginning to turn dark.  Concerned, I demanded that she let me look at it.  I guessed that the tooth was dying off, but that last root still had a stronghold and I didn't want to damage her gum.  She promised me that she would continue to wiggle it as much as possible.  

After school today, while we were doing our homework, her teeth looked different.  I had her sit still long enough to let me look at her loose tooth.  Finally, her tooth was ready to pull.  It had moved to the side. Laying on top of her other top front tooth.  Yes!  I didn't ask or anything.  I grabbed a napkin and told her that it's time.  You would have thought I told her that she had to hand over one of her kidneys.  To keep her still, so I wouldn't hurt her, I told her that she would be grounded if she didn't get still and let me pull it.  "I'm scared, I'm scared."  She yelled.  It took a couple of tries because she kept slapping my hands out of the way, every time I got my nail back behind the tooth.  The last root didn't want to let go, so I had to yank it pretty good.  I just knew it would hurt, but it had to come out.  As soon as I had the tooth, I took her straight to the bathroom to wash out her mouth.  She wanted to see right away, but I made her keep the lights off for a little while.  I learned from the last couple of times that she has a fit, if she sees the blood.  The hole that once held her baby tooth, kept wanting to bleed.  I didn't think it would ever quit.  When the blood was beginning to stop, I turned the light on and let her see.  She was laughing and said "that didn't hurt at all."  Later, she admitted that it did hurt a little when I put my nail in the back of the tooth.  Here I thought it was when I had to yank it out because the little root didn't want to let go.  Ugh!  She's all happy now.  She hopes to get to meet the tooth fairy.   I don't know of anyone having that opportunity, but who knows maybe she'll be lucky.  ;)

While Katie was washing out her mouth, Colton was right beside her.  He was wanting to know what was going on.  He was more in the way than anything.  He kept wanting to stick his head in the sink under the running water.  Ugh!  The boy gets the best of me.  I thought if I included him on the big event, he would understand and mind me a little better.  As soon as he spotted sissy's tooth, well he wanted his tooth out.  "I pull my tooth too, mom!"  he tells me.  He began pulling on his tooth, but thankfully it didn't take him long to get bored with the idea and went on his way.  

Katie is still loving school.  Yesterday and today during P.E., the girls got to go swimming.  Coach M wants to make sure that all students know how to properly swim.  Katie absolutely loved it!  Today was crazy day, so she got to go down the water slide and go underwater.  I believe tomorrow and Friday is the boys' turn to swim.  

Katie is already asking me about having some friends over or we could go to their house.  I told her that I would think about it and it would probably be better closer to Halloween, when it's cooler.  I told her, we could meet them at the movies or go to FunZone.  Of course, she loved any of those suggestions.  

I have to tell this story.  Most everyday on our way to school, I turn down the busy street that takes me to Katie's school.  On this busy street, I'm sure all PTA moms trying to get their little ones off to school, an older woman (approx. 58-early 60s) rides her bicycle with her Vera Bradley like purse on her shoulder.  Mind you, she is not on the side of the road, peddling her bicycle.  No!  She's in the middle of the lane, peddling around all curves, up and down hills.  When she knows that traffic is behind her (she looks), she doesn't get off the road or pull off and stop.  No, she keeps on keeping on.  Like no one is there.  Today, I along with about 4 other cars were driving around the curve and all of the sudden, I saw nothing but red lights.  People were slamming on their brakes because our little nicely braided gray haired lady was peddling her bicycle up the hill.  When all this was going on, all I could think was "please don't hit me".  I was talking about the SUV quickly approaching me from the rear.  Oh, it gets good from here.  The other day on my way home from dropping Katie off at school, I met the bicycler. I promise you, she was in a very dangerous area that I've witnessed a car accident before, riding her bicycle in the middle of the lane.  The good part is, there were cars piled up in back of her and a paved walkway right by the street.  Now, I wonder what she thought that nicely paved walkway was for?  It's obvious she didn't think it was for her bicycle.  I don't mean to be ugly, but I am very concerned that she is going to end up serious hurt or cause a terrible car accident when we all have to drive around her, just to get by.  Believe me, there have been times I've wanted to roll down my window, as I'm passing her, and express my concern for her and others in her path.  Pray for me!  


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Katie's Slumber Party Weekend

"Warning: Exposure to the Son, may prevent from burning" 

While driving home from dropping Katie off at school, I passed a church that had this sentence on their sign.  It's one way of seeing it.  I had to share this with you.  

Katie was invited to a slumber party this past weekend. One of her friends from school last year moved to the Birmingham area. E's mom, Meredith and I tried to get the girls together before school started back up, but it just didn't work out. A couple of weeks ago, Meredith sent me a message asking if Katie could spend the night. It was E's birthday slumber party and she missed her friends. Knowing how my Katiebug can be, I didn't tell her about it until the night before the party. Of course, she went crazy. To see these two girls reunite just tugs at your heart. They missed each other so much. Knowing that I will be in Birmingham traffic, Doug wanted to come with me. I'm glad he did because it was real bad at times. We decided to leave as soon as we picked Katie up from school. Again, I'm glad we did! I'm talking about 6 lanes, bumper to bumper, traffic. We were all sitting still at times. Ugh! Fortunately, it wasn't the highway that was close to E's new house. Their highway had some traffic as well.


I got tickled at E's little brother.  He was standing at the top of the staircase, while I was taking pictures of the girls.  He wanted to be apart of the photo that he would say "cheeese!"  He is so darn cute.  I told little E that he could come and sit by his sissy and I would take his picture.  It didn't take him long.  In the picture, he was looking at his daddy saying "cheese."  He just turned two years old and wide open, like most boys.  He didn't skip a beat either, right in the middle of whatever the girls were doing.  I think there ended up being 5 girls and little brother.  Katie absolutely loved their house because it had stairs.  LOL!  I was explaining to Meredith and Matt that Katie has given us her two cents worth when it comes to our next home purchase.  According to her, it is mandatory that we have some stairs and an in ground pool in the back yard.  HAHA!  She's our Katie, what can I say?    

It was great to catch up with E's parents and some other friends, I haven't seen in about a month. We had the opportunity to meet their families, very sweet and funny people. We decided not to stay for supper because we didn't have any kids with us. Can you say DATE NIGHT?!?   Matt and Meredith were disappointed we didn't stay, but understood completely. We really like Cajun Steamers Restaurant, but rarely get to eat there. Oh, it was so good. We ordered the Steamers Platter for two. It had snow crab legs and steamed shrimp for me.   Oysters and mussels for Doug. Happy Combination! We even got to do a little shopping, while in town.  I just hated that time flew by so fast and our date night ended so quickly.


Yesterday, I had to take this picture.  I'm telling you the iPad has been either a curse or the best purchase we've ever bought.  It depends on how you look at it.  It's suppose to be Katie's, but Colton has a tendency to sneak it away from Katie and play on it.  We've had to put down a few ground rules, which Colton doesn't like at all.  First, they are allowed to play on it for about an hour at a time.  I have extended that time, if I need to.  Secondly, they have to play a little bit on the apps that I downloaded for them.  The app games I have for both kids are very educational.  I think the kids relate the games to homework than having fun and meeting a challenge.  I'm still working on it though.  I bought an app for Colton to help him identify shapes, colors, numbers, letters and puzzles.  It has more educational parts to it like addition, subtraction, alphabet, and spelling, but we won't be using those right now.  I really like this app and it was $2.99.  So worth it!  Now, if I can get Colton to do games.  The only one he enjoys doing is the puzzles.  

The bad side about having the iPad is the kids fight over the stupid thing all the time.  When they start that's when I take it up and no one plays with it the rest of the day.  We thought the new of having the computer would wear off just a little bit.  NOPE!  They both LOVE it.  Then, I thought that once Katie  gets back in school, giving Colton time to himself with it, would help eliminate the fights.  NOPE!  It's sorta funny.  It's funny because if Katie is playing with it in her room and when she takes a potty break, Colton will run in her room, grab it and run back into the Living Room.  Of course when Katie gets back in her room, she's hollering for Colton to bring back her iPad.  She even asked me the other day, if we had plans to get Colton his own iPad.  I told her no because they cost too much.  She said, "well I really wish he would get his own because he thinks mine is his and it's not his."  LOL! 

Saturday after picking up Katie from her slumber party, we went shopping and I hope I'm not prematurely telling you that I went down a size in my waist.  YAY!  It's huge step for me and a big accomplishment. I hope I don't screw it up now.  Doug's lost so much weight that he really needs to do some clothes shopping as well, but he is not ready yet.  I understand completely.  I've been on and off diets since I graduated high school.  It is a yo-yo effect.  You lose 5 lbs and the next thing you know, you've gained 10 lbs.  This has been my life for several years.  If you are a woman then you understand what I'm talking about.  The only difference is most women will talk about it and men do not.  Normally when I go shopping for me, I never find anything.  I guess it was meant to be because I found some really nice tops and this pretty skirt that Doug REALLY likes on me.  (Grrr, Grr) 

I want to tell you how bad the mosquitoes are here.  Oh. my. gosh!  Y'all it was terrible yesterday afternoon.  Doug wanted to give me generator lessons, in case I need it and he is not home.  I grabbed my notebook from inside the house.  As soon as I stepped out the door, a swarm of mosquitoes were all over me.  They would not leave me alone.  They would get in my face and kept getting on my legs and arms.  A couple, I promise you, felt like they have teeth.  I don't swell up like Colton when I get bit, but I can't help but think of West Nile Virus.  I can't afford to get sick with two small children.  It just so happened at the time I was being attacked by mosquitoes, the city mosquitoes sprayer drove down our street.  I try to keep all standing water, dumped out.  I'll be a very happy girl when I see the first frost.  I'm hoping it won't be long now.  

Please keep my mom in your prayers.  She hasn't been feeling very well for almost a week.  Really bad stomach problems and just doesn't feel good.  She called the doctor today, to see what else she could do.  Afraid she might get dehydrated, Colton and I took her some Powerade Zero.  I told her to drink at least one container a day, but the doctor may want her to do more.  I don't think she's dehydrated yet because her mouth is still moist and she is still going to the bathroom.  She is just very weak and tired.  I will call and check on her tomorrow.  Hopefully she will feel better, but I would think that the doctor will want to see her.  


Monday, August 27, 2012

Area Farmer Grows State's Largest Pumpkin


The above pumpkin weighed in at 885 pounds, which makes it the state's largest pumpkin this season. A family close by here grew it. I can't get over how big it is! I would like to know how they transported the thing.  If you would like to read more, Click Here.  

Seeing photos like this, retailers are bringing out their Fall and Winter wares, Walmart has the supplies of Autumn fragrances out on the shelf. I didn't want to buy the pumpkin spice, which is one of our favorites, too early. Instead, I picked up the Apple Harvest. Every time we walk in our house, the apples encircle your head. Katie likes to take a deep breath as soon as she opens the door. Autumn is so in the air and I'm in my element. I mentioned in an earlier post that the maple trees are changing their colors. Now, most other trees are changing and I've seen quite a bit of leaves on the ground already. I just hope we'll have some pretty leaves on the trees in the next couple of months and they won't all be on the ground at that time. We'll see.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wendy's Makes Local News and TS Isaac

 Have you seen the above Wendy's commercial? The new famous Wendy's red head is actually from my hometown. My favorite Wendy's commercial with her in it, she convinced a guy that is sitting in a leather recliner at a yard sale, to buy it.  Cute.  She made the front page of our newspaper this morning.  I've been saying it and I will continue, our state is loaded with great talent.

We are watching TS Isaac closely.  Every day it seems to be moving further and further West.  I was hoping the intensity would have calmed somewhat, but it doesn't look very good for the Gulf Coast.  We still have a couple days, as of right now,  to see if Isaac will be a good boy and ease up.  So far, it looks like we should expect lots of rain Wednesday and/or  Thursday and maybe some strong gust of winds.  My Southern/Gulf family and blog friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Take care and stay informed.  

We had a great weekend and I have pictures to share, so you will have to check back.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will have them ready to post.  


Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Week of 2nd Grade

Photobucket Photobucket
First Day of School - Check out my fashion savvy glitzy diva.  LOL!
I think she did good, selecting her outfits this year.  Very girlie and sparkly.  Can you tell that Colton just got out of bed?  I think he may have fallen back to sleep on the way to school.  LOL!  

Katie wanted to go all out for her first day of school.  She requested to have her nails done for the big day.  She couldn't decide whether to have all different colors, which is the thing now, or having all sparkles on her nails.  So, we went with dark pink color for her piggies and a more glittery fingers.  She loves the butterfly nail stickers.  

First day of school went great!  Katie loves everything about it.  She actually talked my ears off when I picked her up.  She was so excited!  She knew a few of the kids in her class from her other school last year, so that was fabulous.  One of her new close friends is actually a friend she knew before, from church.  She knew Sadie, but never really had the opportunity to get to know her.  The girls have really known each other at church since they were babies.  Well since they have had the chance to get to know one another, it's Sadie this and Sadie that.  It's cute.  Katie has always been very easy to make new friends, she is very sociable.  Every day this week, Katie goes through her list of goodbyes.  "Goodbye, Sadie" Goodbye, Ashton" Goodbye, so and so."  Mrs. M has caught on to it.  She told me today, "Katie is very popular, having to tell everyone 'goodbye'."  As we were trying to get Katie in the car and buckled, I just left the window down so she would finish her goodbyes.  It's funny.  

It wasn't two days into the new school year and already Mrs. M has given us projects to work on.  I'm sending a baby picture of Katie, a bag full of things that describe her for the "Star Student week",  sending in permission slips for class trips.  Yeah, she has her first field trip as early as next week.  Her P.E. class will have the opportunity to go swimming.  Coach is wanting to teach students the proper techniques for swimming in water.  It will be fun and Katie is reminding me every day that she needs to bring her towel, sunscreen, swimsuit and flip flops.  Ugh!  

I'm making Katie eat the school lunch food.  She hates it, but I know she might get some nourishment out of it.  I made an agreement that she may take her lunch every other Friday.  Tonight, she begged to take a Lunchable for lunch tomorrow.  She is doing better eating more veggies.  During the Summer, we made an agreement that she may have ice cream or cookie if she ate a serving of vegetables for supper.  It works!  At the grocery store, she picks out her veggies and she has to try something new as well.  This time around, she grabbed a can of light kidney beans to try.  Hmmm!  I guess I'll have to make chili one day.  

We could not have asked for a better week to start school.  Ahhh!  Man.  Fall is in the Air!  Today was actually the hottest day of the week with the high reaching 90 degrees.  The kids and I have to wear a little sleeve and pants in the mornings with temps between 57 to 65 degrees.  WONDERFUL!  I love this weather.  While waiting in line to pick up Katie, I leave the windows down and enjoy the cool breeze.  Actually, I've been trying to get in line a little early.  It works out because Colton usually falls asleep and I can relax and read my book "Just Perfect."  My book is getting really good.  I didn't know how much I would miss reading my book.  It's sad.  I started reading this book around April.  LOL!  I haven't picked up my Kindle, except for church, since the last day of school.  

Photobucket Photobucket
I may be wrong, but since Halloween is a little over a month away, I think Colton's found his costume. LOL!  
He has slowly been collecting his entire outfit.  I think he looks adorable!  And let me tell you, he can play the part.  

With Katie back in school, I've got Colton back.  Does that make sense?  When Katie's here, he doesn't want anything to do with me unless he is tired, hungry or hurt.  Katie and he normally play great together.  Now that Katie is out of the picture, he will not let me leave the room with out knowing what I'm doing or where I'm going.  HAHA!  Our days have consisted of us sitting in the floor with his Batman tower, playing superheroes.  If I do it wrong, he has to show me how to play superheroes.  His imagination is amazing.  I'm having to put some ground rules with the iPad.  Come to find out, Colton loves it just as much as Katie.  Yesterday and today, I let him play with it for a couple of hours.  It's probably too long, but the hounding was driving me crazy and I wasn't getting anything done.  Today, I made time and went searching on the Apple Apps.  Uh huh! I found a couple of apps that I liked for $3 to help Colton with colors, shapes, puzzles, numbers, and alphabet.  What I liked about it is it will grow with him.  There were sections that would help him with addition, subtraction, spelling and reading.  I think it was worth $2.99.  He played with it quite a bit once I got it downloaded.  

Poor little guy.  I felt so sorry for him yesterday.  Katie was telling him that morning, he was going with her to school.  Well, he misunderstood and thought he was going to school.  I wondered why it was so easy to get his clothes and shoes on.  He even wanted his jacket on too, like sissy's.  When I dropped her off at school, he kept telling me "mom, help me out."  I tried calming him down, but failed.  When I began driving off, he started crying.  I thought something was wrong.  Nope.  He was upset because he wanted to go to school too.  Of course, I tried to soothe him by saying that he'll go next year.  What 3 year old understands what "next year" means?  Fortunately, today he did much better.  He just told me that I was mean because I wouldn't let him go to school.  

After experiencing last year with gymnastics, I think ballet is more her thing than anything else right now.  She loves it so much and has missed it.  
When we went to sign up last week, happiness was beaming from her face. 
This year, she is in Level C.  Next year will be a little harder, Level 1.  I'm excited for her.  This year is the big production Spring Performance.  I can't wait to find out what Ballet we will performing to.  

Thor needed to be apart of picture time.

Katie's little friend from last year, moved down south.  Her mom texted me the other day, asking if Katie could attend Erin's slumber party.  Erin couldn't make it to Katie's slumber party because she was at Summer camp.  I get so tickled at these little girls, they are so much alike.  I've kept the party a secret from Katie until tonight.  A secret because I know Katie would aggravate me to no end about it.  After ballet practice, we drove to the store and had Katie picked out what she wanted to get her friend.  She misses Erin a lot, but understands why she can't see her friend as much.   Sure enough as predicted, she has been badgering me as to "who all is going to be at this party?"  "I sure hope this person will be there and I hope that person will be there."  CRAZY!  Let's not forget, which stuffed animal, pillow, and Lalaloopsy she has to take.  It's sad, but she actually has a large tote full of Lalaloopsy dolls that she keeps on go.  This way, when she is asked to stay the night with someone.  All she has to do is grab her large tote of Lalaloopsy dolls.  I put my foot down tonight and told her only 2 items will be accompanying her to the party, other than the necessary clothes and hygiene products.  She wasn't a happy camper.  She shows me though because she grabbed her very large stuffed Lalaloopsy pillow doll and puts it on top of her duffle bag along with one of her baby Lalaloopsy dolls.  Oops!  She announced that she has to have her unicorn Dream Lite or she won't be able to sleep without it.  GIRLS!  I love mine - drama and all.  

It appears hurricane Isaac is headed our way.  Yesterday, it's track appeared to be showing up through Florida and now it may hit Mobile head on.  Yuck!  Katie is my storm nut.  She freaks out when she sees the color red on the map and then begins to pommel me with questions like "mom, where is that red over?"  "Is it over us?"  "Is it suppose to storm today?"  "Will we get the bad weather (red)?"  On the news yesterday, all she heard was "hurricane" and she began her questioning.  I assured her that the storm was headed for Florida and she needed to calm down.  I'm not telling her about Mobile.  I'm afraid I may have to borrow some medication from my sister's dog, Jack.  He has to be heavily medicated during storms or he goes completely CRAZY.  Unfortunately, my daughter is the same way.   I wonder if it would be alright to give her Benadryl.  It will at least help her to sleep.  LOL!  I'm just kidding y'all, but it's a thought.  

Tonight, I came home to Doug down on his back.  Poor thing.  We put a cold ice pack on his back for 10 minutes.  Later, I told him that I would rub some Aspercreme on his back.  Well, he didn't know that  I had been on my feet and running here and there for the kids.  I even did my weekly grocery shopping tonight, picked up our Subway Tuna Melt and got home around 7:30PM.  I was tired, legs cramping, knees aching, head pounding and back hurting.  All I wanted to do was sit down long enough to enjoy my sandwich and watch "The Big Bang Theory."  Yeah, it's re-runs, but that show just puts a smile on my face.  I sent Katie to take a shower and trying to get Colton to eat supper.  I'm pooped!  Well, Doug gets up and opens the refrigerator to either put something up or get something out.  All I know is a brand new gallon of milk that I bought tonight, fell and busted all over the floor.  Oh. no!  It's amazing, when your not looking, you know exactly what happened.  "Clean-up" is my middle name since I got pregnant 8 years ago.  Poor Doug feels really bad and I hate it for him.  I had to have my few choice words and then I was fine.  I had to blow the steam to get the engine running good, if you know what I mean.  I knew he didn't mean to and it didn't take long to clean up.  Besides, I needed to wash my Kitchen floor anyways.  I finally convinced him to go to bed and I later rubbed him down.  Hopefully, he'll feel better in the morning.  

Katie and I are counting down the days to decorate for Autumn!  One of many things we share is that we both LOVE Autumn.  We love the cooler temperatures, the many beautiful colors (which are already beginning to turn) of leaves and the first sign that the HOLIDAYS are approaching.  At night (Mi's time), I've been having fun on Pinterest.  Repinning Autumn and Halloween craft ideas and let's not forget the recipes.  OH MY GOODNESS!  Crafts can be very costly, so I don't know exactly how many we'll be able to do.  I have a couple personal ones that I would love to try.  Stay in touch to find out more.  


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pray Request

Please pray for my family after the loss of my dad's sister, Nell. She has been suffering from an incurable cancer. The cancer was discovered several weeks ago. My sisters and I knew that this time was coming, but didn't know it would be this quick. She lived long enough to celebrate her 89th birthday. My dad spoke to Nell's husband, uncle Bob, last night. Bob knew Nell's time was quickly coming to an end. They just tried to keep her comfortable. Thankfully Bob has his daughter and her family close to him to lean on. Dad doesn't feel that he and mom will be able to make it out there for the funeral. Mom just can't travel like she once did. Dad seems to being holding it together pretty good. I think he is thankful to have those that love him close by, during this rough time. My dad is the baby out of four siblings and now he is the only living survivor. I can't imagine what he might be going through. I am the baby of five sisters and it's a breathe taken moment. Thank you. Mirya

Friday, August 17, 2012

Successful Open House

Last night was Katie's Open House at her new school. The girls had a great reunion. I wished you could have seen them. You would have thought that they haven't seen each other all Summer (the three see each other at church). Lots of hugs!

All the second graders and their parents met up at the gym for orientation with the faculty and other staff members. It was also a great way to see what students branched to the new school. As soon as a student walked into the gym, either I or the girls would say "hey, there's so and so." Principal D had a great presentation, went over a few regulations and code of conduct rules for all of us to remember. We reminded little Missy that we know just a little more than half the faculty at this school and we expect her to be on her best behavior and ready to learn at all times. No pressure! Right? After reading all the code of conduct documents and discipline plan by her new teacher, Katie put her hand to her forehead and said with a big sigh, "I sure hope I can keep from clipping down."

Being proud of our community and school system, I have to report that the standardized testing scores are out and our school system ranked #2 in the state. Of course, Doug whispered in my ear that we should have been #1. In coming six graders scored 100% in math, science and reading, which means they passed everything in their exam. YAY!!! Way To Go!

So far, Katie seems to love her classroom and her new homeroom teacher, Mrs. M. I'm sure the fact that her best friend since Kindergarten might have something to do with it. It is rare indeed, but my child and one of her closest friends have been in the same class every year for the past three years. E's mom and myself really hope that this is a friendship to last the next ten years or more. They really bring out the positive side of each other. I'm very satisfied with Mrs. M's learning strategy for this year. Her main homework plan for each child will be to read for 20 minutes and complete two Saxon Math sheets every day. They will be using Open Court phonics in order to master Spelling. In October, after finishing "Open Court", they will be using Harcourt basal reader. It will introduce new vocabulary words and phonics skills to the students, followed by tests at the end of the week. Of course for Math, they will be using Saxon Math. Grammar skills will be practiced on a daily basis. Social Studies and Science will be alternated between 6 weeks of each.

Of course, Katie is excited over the benefits of being a second grader. She will have the opportunity to join clubs, go on several field trips including the Circus this year. I've already signed a permission slip for her to go swimming during P.E. The coach wants to teach the kids how to swim safely. Since Katie has 4 years of swimming lessons under her belt, I feel good to leave her go. Mrs. D announced that there will be another drama play this year. I've joined the PTA this year and I have a feeling that my friend, Connie, might keep me busy since she is one of officers and asked me before I left if I signed up. We actually worked together last year and I love working with a very positive team.

The other day at Dollar General, I picked up a couple more Addition/Subtraction workbooks for $.50 each for Katie to continue to practice. This Summer, I've noticed that Katie can get a little confused when she goes from adding to subtracting using my technique. If all the questions were addition, she's great. She doesn't have to think too much. She's on a roll. Throw a subtraction in the middle of all the addition, she adds because she doesn't PAY ATTENTION. When she does subtract double digits after adding double digits, she has to really think about the technique I showed her. What's my technique? Well, it's very simple. If you have a problem of 15-8 = _____. I have Katie say 8 in her head. Using her fingers, count to 15 from 8. The fingers you have counted is the answer. I also showed her to add the answer to the bottom number, you should always get the top number. I'm still working with her on checking her answers. Overall, I think she's ready for second grade.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrate Julia Child's 100th Birthday!

In tribute to Julia Child - 
Happy 100th Birthday! 
Keep on cooking y'all.

 Bon appetit!

Another special little boy, Jake, is also celebrating a birthday today.  
Happy 5th Birthday Jake!  
We love you bunches - 
Your Family :) 


Monday, August 13, 2012

Special Prayer Request

I have a very special prayer request for all of my prayer warriors. I just discovered that my nephew, Jon aka "Big Jon", is having sugar problems again.  I've asked for prayers for him in the past.  Big Jon is the BIGGEST sweetheart, you would ever meet.  He has a history of sugar problems.  I guess it was a couple of years ago, where he got his weight under control and his sugar.  Knowing that he'll always have to watch what he eats, so he won't have to go on medication,  he has done real well.  He has some challenges ahead of him and he needs your prayers.  The doctor wants to run tests to make sure everything is alright.  The doctor is concerned that with his unstable sugar level, he might have some damage to his liver and kidneys (I think).  It's precaution.  Along with his sugar, he also has hypertension.  Doctor wants to check out his heart, to make sure there is no damage.  He won't know any results for about a month.  


Monday, August 6, 2012

Anniversary Celebration

This past week, my parents celebrated their 57th year together

They wanted to take everyone out to eat at a local steakhouse restaurant.  Don't they look good? Dad is getting over having his appendix taken out. He looks good.  He says that he is beginning to feel a little better, still sore.

 Table #1 of family members - parents, sisters, brothers and nephew

My in-laws got to make it and of course my precious children

Table #2 is filled with nieces, nephews and more in-laws

Here's our future quarterback for the Bearcats!

He has good aim throwing a ball (football or baseball).  He loves to toss the ball with you.  Doug is helping him with his catching.  He gets real excited when he catches, you have to clap. BTW, Colton is holding a Walmart sack full of his superheroes, waiting to go to his paw-paw's house.

Friday, Katie and I took advantage of Tax-Free weekend.  The Children's Place was having a real good sale and I had a 20% off coupon, so I got a heck of a good deal.  Katie is such a glitzy girl.  I wish you could have seen the tank top and skirt, she wanted to purchase for school.  They were both solid sequins!  I felt it would be too much for Mrs. M to have to handle.  LOL!  I did agree on a few sequined outfits, as long as they were not solid sequins.  I have to say, she is fashion savvy and can mix and match perfectly.  I did give in on a pair of hot pink sequin tenny high tops.  These shoes look like Twinkle Toe shoes, but are more like boots.  LOL!  She said that she loves them because they make her sparkle.  She is a character.  I tried to get her buy the match hot pink sequined beret, but she wouldn't do it.  She told me it was too much.  LOL! We went to a couple more shops and I believe Katie is just about ready for school.  We are going on another shopping trip with Doug's mom this week.  I can't get over all the clothes that Katie has out grown in just a few months, both in the length and height.  

After all this shopping, we met up with daddy and had an early supper at The Olive Garden.  Katie LOVES their bread sticks.  The Grilled Mozzarella Chicken was absolutely delicious!  I think daddy liked us meeting up with him for supper after work.  We tried to meet up with him for lunch, but it just didn't work out.  Maybe next time, we can actually leave the house on time.  

We finally got our school packet this week and I am so happy with Katie's new teacher.  Mrs. M is a friend of mine and Doug's.  She is an absolutely sweetheart.  Kindness just pours out of this dear lady.  Not only is she a sweet lady, but she is an awesome educator.  She was teacher of the year a couple of years ago.  Katie's been a little nervous as to going back to school.  She normally loves school and can't wait to get there.  This year will be a little different because she will be going to a different school.  She felt a little better after I told her that one of her best friends will be in her homeroom.  Yesterday, I introduced her to her new school principal, Mrs. D.  Mrs. D is also a friend of mine.  Mrs. D was so sweet to talk with Katie a little bit about school and Mrs. M.  Katie's eyes grew when Mrs. D told her that they get to visit the circus this year.  Now Katie has a few good things to look forward to school.  

Ballet registration is next week and I know Katie is excited to get back into dance.  The ballet school is celebrating their 40th anniversary.  I have a feeling that my family will just have to learn to love ballet because I am not going to strongly suggest that Katie leave it again, unless she tells me that she needs a break.  She loves ballet so much and has really missed it this past year.  I'm excited to find out what grand Spring performance theme we will be going this year.  I promise you, you never leave disappointed.  

We've had a great, busy, and relaxing Summer vacation.  If I was Katie, I would say the only thing she didn't like about it was the HOT weather and the pages of class work she has had to do periodically during the week.  I'm such a mean mom.  I've found out this Summer, if the kids are tearing down the house and being entirely too LOUD.  All I have to do is threaten Katie to do math problems and read a chapter in her book.  It's amazing! 

Colton's potty training is finally going good. There are days when we are taking two steps forward and then there are days when we are taking one step back.  It just takes time and LOADS of PATIENCE.  

As I mentioned above, I think he would be good at baseball and/or football because he will throw the ball right at you (most of the time).  Doug says he needs help with his catching, but it will come in time.   

He is also a pretty tough little boy.  Nothing keeps him down.  He can scrap his knee, bump his head or get stepped on by his sister and the boy doesn't cry.  He may get mad if it is sissy that hurt him.  In fact at Doug's parent's house, he scraped his knee pretty good and all he would tell me was "I'm OK mom."  He doesn't want me to worry over him.  (hehe) Yesterday at church, poor little fella was bitten on the arm by another little boy in his class at the playground.  The Sunday School teacher said that Colton didn't cry or anything.  He came down from the playset and told his teacher what happened.  I asked him and the teacher if he did something to provoke the little boy to bite.  They both said no.  His teacher went on about what a big boy Colton was, not to cry because it was a bad bite.  Today it is all bruised.   

We've been enjoying the Olympics somewhat.  We mostly watch the gymnastics, swimming, equestrian and track & field.  The men and ladies swim teams are on fire!  I've been staying up late at night watching the men's and ladies swim teams go at it.  Gabby Douglas in gymnastics is awesome!

I hope you have a fantastic week.  Stay cool!  We are suppose to actually go through a nice cold front.  It was reported that temps will be in the lower to mid 80s during the day.  Wow!  We won't know how to act, but with the low temps are lots of showers I'm afraid.  The change is suppose to begin tomorrow.  


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weight Watcher Enchiladas

I made this fabulous dish for me and my hubby tonight.  

The only thing that's missing in the picture, I forgot to put my dollop of sour cream and salsa.  Ugh!  Oh well, you'll just have to imagine that it's there.  I got this recipe from Recipe Diaries and I added my two cents worth, to make it mine. 

Weight Watcher Enchiladas
1 lb. ground turkey
1 (10 oz.) can enchilada sauce
1 (8 oz.) can of tomato sauce 
1 (16 oz.) can reduced fat refrigerator biscuits
1 1/4 cups shredded low fat Mexican Cheese
1 small can sliced black olives
1 can cream sweet corn style
1 can green chiles & tomatoes
Dollop of Fat Free Sour Cream 
Dollop Salsa 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

Brown turkey and drain if needed.  Mix in a can of enchilada sauce and tomato sauce.  Add olives, corn and a little cheese in with meat.  Let mixture heat.  Cut the refrigerated biscuits into fourths and stir them in the meat mixture. 

Pour mixture into a large (8x11) greased casserole dish.  Bake for 25 minutes until the biscuits are cooked through.  Take out of oven and sprinkle the remaining cheese on top.  Bake an additional 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.  Let stand for 5 minutes before serving.  Top with a dollop of sour cream and salsa.  

Note:  You can add black beans inside the casserole or you can do like me and serve Bush's Grillin' Beans - Black Bean Fiesta.  It is delicious!  You can also use tortilla chips to help spoon all the goody to eat.  

Makes 6-8 servings

Nutrition Info.  Calories 390; Fat 11.5g; Carbohydrate 36g; Fiber 2g; Protein 33g; WW 10 points



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-fil-a Day

Before I begin this post, please understand that I am not a same sex hater.  I truly love everyone, even if you don't love me at all.  I try not to judge at any cost, but I realize that I am human and I don't deserve God's grace, love and salvation.  Thank God above for giving me the ultimate gift without having to measure my worth.  Praise God! Praise God!  God does allow us to choose.  We choose our paths, our appearances, our faiths, etc.  I could go on, but this post would never end.  Homosexuals have a choice just like Heterosexuals.  We all choose our paths and because of our many many existing freedoms in this country, we have a voice, belief, faith and opinions.  EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION!  Whether you want to hear them or not, everyone has an opinion.  More than likely those opinions or believes are not necessarily going to line up with yours. SURPRISED?  

Every since a CEO from Chick-fil-a said publicly that he believes in a marriage between a woman and a man, he has been under fire on the political front.  He does not support same sex marriage, then he is automatically pin pointed as a "gay hater."  Now, I do not know this man nor do I know his beliefs and values.  Just because he voiced his opinion, doesn't tell me that he should be thrown in prison or persecuted for his beliefs.  HEY,  LISTEN UP Y'ALL!  It's called freedom of speech.  I know not all homosexuals feel the same way that the Boston Mayor or most of the basis tabloids that have published negative comments about Chick-fil-a and their CEO.  I do believe that some high officials within the U.S.A. are trying their best to win the affections from homosexuals.  HEY CONGRESS, their not stupid.  

Hey y'all here's my opinion.  If you don't care about a person or company based on their beliefs or what they stand for, just don't give them your business.  I've done this a time or two.  Don't make a spectacle, it may just back fire.  

I LOVE Jim Parsons.  I think he is one of the funniest people on television right now.  Yes, I'm a "Big Bang Theory" fan.  It's entertainment only.  Based on my beliefs, do I boycott "Big Bang Theory" because I know that Jim Parsons is a homosexual.  NO!  I like Patrick Harris' acting, but because he's gay doesn't mean that I'm going to stop watching any movie or show that he appears on.  I LOVE Elton Johns' music!  I've even attended a couple of his concerts and LOVED every moment of it.  Guess what?  Does it stop me from listening to his music or seeing his performances?  NOPE.  Yes, they made a choice, but they are human just like me.  Do I eat too much?  Yes.  Do I gossip?  Yes.  Do I love clothes and shoes?  ABSOLUTELY!  Are these sins any worse than choosing what your life's path is like being homosexual?  NO.  In God's eyes, they are the same.  We all come short of the glory of God.  

I've always LOVED Chick-fil-a, not because of what the company stands for in their beliefs.  My family eats there A LOT, way before the CEO came out voicing his opinions.  Guess what?  I'll continue to eat at Chick-fil-a based on their quality of food and friendly service.  I LOVE the fact that our Chick-fil-a supports and rallies around our community, where on specified dates they donate a percentage to specific organizations or individuals with medical needs.  I LOVE THIS!  An added bonus for me is they are very convenient to my regular shopping area.  On the way home, I can easily drive thru and get something to eat.  I LOVE their Chicken Salad Sandwiches with a side salad and my children love their nuggets.  

Seriously!  If we demand that a business closes every time we get mad about someone else's different opinions, we are going to run out of places to go.  

Today was our weekly errand day.  At lunchtime, this was the scene going to Chick-fil-a.   


We got in line and waited 35 minutes before actually getting our food and on our way home.  LOL!  People were parking blocks away and walking to the restaurant.  Every parking place at the restaurant was taken.  What was funny, the lady in a red shirt to the left of the picture is actually an employee from Arby's.  She was walking along the traffic, passing out Arby coupons to all the drivers.  From far off, she looked like she was from Chick-fil-a because of the red shirt.  When she got closer and I could see the icon on her cap, I began to giggle.  Unfortunately for her, no one got out of line just to go to Arby's to eat.  There were a few that pulled in their parking lot to park, but the people walked across the street to Chick-fil-a.  

I'm telling you this hype against Chick-fil-a has actually increased their business flow.  I'm sure the company thanks those that demanded a boycott or refusal to build in their area.  


People were actually lined up outside in the 100 degree humidity just to get inside and support their Chick-fil-a franchise.  I have to say that they are more dedicated than I would be.  Looking through the windows, all I could see was people standing up all throughout the dining area.  I'm assuming they were all patiently hoping to be waited on at the counter.  Shew!  

I understand that the homosexuals are asked to boycott all Chick-fil-a's this Friday.  I really hope it doesn't come to it.  Let's just all love one another and eat more chicken.