Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

Here's a little pep music to get you ready for the game. If you've ever been to an Alabama football game, you'll know that they always play this famous song "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Of course, you'll have to add "ROLL TIDE ROLL" right after they say "Sweet Home Alabama". You don't have to watch the video, just crank up the volume and sing as loud as you can.


School Life
Katie goes on her first field trip Friday. We are all meeting at the school to caravan to a local orchard farm and pick apples. YAY! I had planned to have Katie dress up in her Labor Day/4th of July/Memorial Day outfit ~ American flag t-shirt & red skort. Since I received the field trip notice this morning that idea went right out the window. Instead all the children must wear their school "neon green" Covenant t-shirts and sneakers.

Our County Fair Parade is the 19th of September. The Covenant School director has decided that the school (students, parents & staff) will participate in the parade. You may think I'm crazy, but I signed Katie and I up to participate. According to the flier, Katie will get her own bag of candy to throw out to the crowd. I thought it would be fun for us. Those of you, who will be watching, be looking for us. HA HA!

Ballet Events
Apparently, us parents will be selling cookbooks this year in order to raise money for the organization. Mrs. Elaine has set up a little competition between the class groups. The class that receives the most recipes wins a prize. What the prize is, I have no idea.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alabama Football ~ The Tradition ~ Future ~ ROLL TIDE!

I want to start out this week by giving our boys (Bama's Best) a week's worth pep rally. Be expecting Alabama Football photos, videos and music to celebrate a new year of SEC Crimson Tide Football. Hopefully by Saturday's game, you will be syked and ready for the


Katie's New Challenge
Doug and I have been talking about me and the kids going to a park during the week days in order to get some exercise. I believe I've mentioned before about how everyone's a little scared, especially women, about getting out and walking in our local parks because of the attacks. I know the one guy is still on the loose, but I haven't heard any new attacks. Doug and I have come to a compromise about a specific area that should be safe enough for us to walk. On top of that Doug has given me his consent to go purchase Katie a bicycle. My plan is for Katie to ride her bike at the park, while I push Colton in his stroller. I'm hoping this will benefit all of us.

Now to the challenge. Katie has come into this stage in her life where she doesn't want to go to bed at night and stay in bed. She throws me the "I'm scared" and "I want you mom" cards during the night. I send her to bed at 7 PM as soon as she gets her bath. We allow her to either watch TV or read a book. It's completely up to her. Most of the time, she chooses TV. As soon as the TV goes off, she starts with the excuses and the tears begin flowing. I feel for her, but she needs her rest as well. Knowing that she really wants this Barbie bicycle, I gave her a new challenge tonight. I just hope it works! :/ The challenge is for her to go to bed without crying and fussing over "being scared" or "wanting mama." By Thursday, if she is able to do this, I will take her to Walmart to pick it up. She's so excited. Of course, trying to leave her room, the frown showed up on her face and the lip came out. I tried the breathing technique for her to remember, in case she thinks she's going to cry. It seemed to work a little. I guess we'll see because she REALLY wants that bike. I'll have to keep you updated on the progress.

The Horton's Visiting
I wanted to wait until Wednesday before I told Katie that Alise was coming to visit. Whelly, me trying to calm her down tonight and get her to look forward to the end of the week, I thought this would be the best time to spring the news. You talk about excited. The only thing is she still thinks Alise lives at the beach. She told me that she would rather us go to Alise's house because she wants to go the beach. HA HA! Yet again, I had to explain to her that Alise doesn't live at the beach. Honestly, I wished they did. Anywho, she's already got a list of things she wants to do with Alise.

Meeting Mary Holman
Millard and Peggy went with us to church this morning. After church, we headed over "The Crack" aka "Cracker Barrel" for lunch. Peggy brought to Katie's attention, this little girl hopping around outside waiting on her daddy. Katie kept saying something, but I didn't understand her. I don't think she got a clear view of this little girl. Well, I saw the daddy of the little girl. Guess who it was? Dr. Lunsford! Oh, that must be Mary Holman I told Katie. She shook her head yes. Dr. Lunsford's crew all piled (4 children & 1 on the way) into the same dining area that we were eating. We all waved at each other. Later, Peggy said Katie wanted to say "hey" to Mary Holman. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to meet Caroline, Mary Holman mommy and Michael's wife. You know men, they are bad about introducing. So, Caroline and I introduced ourselves and began talking about the girls. Caroline said that they've heard a lot about Katie from Mary Holman and I told them the same. She seemed so nice and we've always like Dr. Lunsford. Of course, I think us moms said more than the girls did. Here Katie wanted to say "hi" to Mary Holman and I don't think she said two words. Why is that? HA HA! Oh well. I hope they say more at school.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Clean Bill Of Health

Dad went with a family friend to have his RV's brakes replaced at Red Bay, so mom spent the day with me and the kids today. Bless her heart, I don't feel like I was the hostess with the mostest because I think I'm coming down with a Summer cold. Yuck! :P I apologized to her, but she said she had a good time with the kids. I'm not going to depress you with all the details other than my throat is very scratchy. Doug seems to think it came on because of the stress I've been under the past few months. I've been a little on edge, but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's way way at the end of the tunnel, but I can see it. Hope & faith keeps me lifted just above the alligators in the swamp. HA HA! Mom decided to stay at our house, while I ran Katie to Dr. Lunsford for her annual check-up. I also needed to run in Walmart to get Colton some formula. Did you catch that? "Run in Walmart." HA! I've never just ran in and out of Walmart. No matter how I try to focus on one thing or practice tunnel vision, it never fails I see something that I need and that's not on my list. Ugh! Peggy came by to watch Colton and spend time with mom, while we were at the doctor's office.

Katie was not a happy camper, to say the least. All the way over there, all I heard was "mom, I'm not going to get a shot am I?" or "babies get shots and not girls. Right?" I didn't want to lie to her. I simply told her that I didn't know if she was going to have a shot today or not, but if she did that I would be there to hold her hand. For some reason, she didn't like my answer. Who'd thought. Sure enough when Dr. Lunsford came in, she began climbing me like a cat climbing a tree to get away from a dog. She kept telling me, she was scared. Dr. Lunsford tried warming up to Katie by asking her questions about school and her baby brother. He knows that Katie goes to school because he's girls go to the same school. The thing I didn't know until he began talking about school is his daughter, Mary Holman, and Katie are good friends. That's all Katie talks about from school is Claire, Katie's other good friend, and Mary Holman. When I explained to Katie, Dr. Lunsford was Mary Holman's daddy, she piped right up. The first and only thing out of her mouth was "where's Mary Holman?" Now, I know both sets of parents to Katie's little friends. Shoo! I feel much better because she has been asking if they could come to our house to play or spend the night. Then, she'll ask if she can go to their house(s) to spend the night. Katie is all about or talk about spending the night, but she's only spent the night with family. I don't know how she would handle spending the night with her friends. Well, Katie is healthy as a horse. She is 77% on the scale with her weight and is 72% with her height. She is right on track. Yay! I went ahead and had her take the flu mist. Boy, you would have thought she was getting the shot. The nurse & I had to hold her down because she didn't want that nose spray going up her nose. After it was all over with she said that it burned. I've never had the flu mist, so I can't say if it does burn or not. I asked about the Swine Flu shot. When will it be available? Dr. Lunsford told me to check back around the month of October, to see if it's in. That's the shot I want her to have because there are already several known cases here in Alabama.

Katie still has a gift certificate to Walmart that I allowed her to use today after her doctor's appointment. She asked if she could buy something. When I told her that she could, you would have thought that I told her that she won a shopping spree. She was so excited that she didn't know where she wanted to start in the toy department. She turned over everything and examined. She was pretty wise in her final choice. She's been really wanting the Barbie Bathroom accessories (tub, potty, toilet paper holder, etc.) and the Barbie Vet Kit. I forgot the exact name, but you get a stuffed animated animal that lights up when they are hurt & you have to fix their boo-boo. Really cute. Well, that's what she ended up with.

As soon as we got home, she couldn't wait to try out her stethoscope and pretend shot. She went around the room giving us an examination and gave us a clean bill of health. She even examined Colton. I was getting tickled because she was doing everything that Dr. Lunsford did. With the shot, she told me "this will probably hurt." Yeah, it hurt because she kept mashing it into my arm or into a bone. When I would say "ouch," she'd grin. She'd say, "now be still." I guess she was getting back at me for holding her down for the flu mist. Little turkey!

Tomorrow is Purple Party day in her class. Eventhough we were not told to dress according to the party color, I've laid out a purple shirt for her to wear. I thought it would be fun for Katie to get involved that way. Oh well. Speaking of party, my sisters were sweet enough last weekend to point out that my Halloween "Orange Party" treats may not be the best idea. Please let me explain. At Hobby Lobby, they had a few Halloween "Orange" treat ideas. I decided that it would be fun for us to make pumpkin sugar cookies outlined in edible sparkling gel/icing. Well, Sue & Maryann pointed out that I would be encouraging children that it's okay to eat glitter glue. The other treat is chocolate jack-o'lantern candies rolled up in edible orange foil. Sue said that when the children go home they would grab a piece of candy at home with real foil and put the whole thing in their mouth. Could they really think that? What do you think? Should I stick with my original plan or should I change? Please let me know.

I have to send a
to my blogging buddy, Shannon, Cary Hairbows
I received the Bama bows and they look great! I'm telling you, she is the best bow maker and I'm pretty sure she could probably make anything for you. Katie has a Bama jogging suit that she could wear the bow, but I'd like to get her another casual outfit. The bows will be that perfect touch to her outfits.
Thank You!

Are you one of many people that loved to watch Julia Childs? I have to admit, I enjoyed watching her. Grant it, I wasn't faithful, but I enjoyed her humor when it came to food. I think Meryl Streep is a great actess and would love to watch this movie. If you've had the joy of watching it at theaters, please let me know what you thought. Thanks!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mama Works Harder

I stole this cartoon from my Adult Sunday School Director, Gary. He had this posted on his blog and all I could say was "AMEN!" HA HA! I just had to share it with you. If you are a mama, you know how hard we work for our families.


Cleaning Out Closets

Yesterday, Katie and I were busy cleaning out her closet. She kept asking me, "are you sure that dress doesn't fit anymore?" When she saw the shoes I was packing away, especially her boots, I thought she was going to have a melt down. "Mom, those shoes don't fit me anymore?" she asked with a quiver in her voice. I thought she was going to start cry at any moment. I'm just packing away for right now, but I plan to get out to the storage building and start pulling a lot of stuff out and give to "The Caring Center." Most of the clothes I have packed away still have a lot of wear in them. I was so wanting to have a Fall yard sale or participate in our annual "Kids Stuff" sale at church this year, but with a new baby and still getting into the groove with two children, I think I'm going to postpone on that idea. There are a few of Katie's dresses (smocked), I'd like to post on eBay. They are all Spring dresses, so I've got to Winter to get them posted.

I'm planning to get a hold of Colton's clothes today. He's out grown a lot of his outfits. Believe it or not our little 4 month old can wear a 6-9 month clothes comfortably. It's because he is so long. He can wear a 3-6 month t-shirts and pants, but the overalls and rompers has to be 6-9 months.

I have got to take Katie shoe shopping this week or next week some time. She has no Fall/Winter dress shoes and I always like for her to have a pair of brown casual shoes. Some outfits that are not that dressy just looks better with a pair of brown casuals. I found a perfect pair of Hannah Montana sketchers at Walmart, but the smallest size they had available was a size 12. Katie can wear a size 10 and sometimes 11s, but 12s are too big. I hated putting them back because Katie really liked them. I haven't checked out Shoe World or Payless, so maybe they will have a similar pair in their stores.

M.O.M.S Outreach Group
I'm excited for our M.O.M.S. group at church because they are going the extra mile and created a blog for their weekly meetings. I have a feeling that they could use this tool and reach out to so many needy moms. They just recently launched the blogspot and Fall meetings won't start until the 26th of August. I encourage you to check in with their postings. You can check them out by CLICKING HERE.

Dad's Birthday
I recently posted about dad's 75th birthday, but didn't have the pictures downloaded to show you. Below are a few highlights, it was a great party and beautiful day to top it off.

I thought Susan did a great job on the cake

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Dad's Birthday

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thank You Jesus

During bedtime, Katie and I spend time talking about our day, what we are going to do the next day and any random topic. I had just read "The Story of Christmas" to her. As we were discussing the day, she told me that she had to tell me something. Normally, this is code for "let's talk about anything so I can stay up a little longer." It was running late tonight because we let her stay up and watch "Beverly Hills Chiuaua" on Starz. It was over at 9 PM. I know, I'm a bad mom for letting her stay up when it's school night. Eeck! So, I tell her to go ahead and tell me quickly. She said, "mom, do you know God Jesus?" "Yes," I replied. "Whell, I know where Jesus lives. Do you?" she asked me. I asked her, "Where do you think he lives?" "I think he lives in Cullman" she said with assurance. "Mom, can Jesus see me?" she asked. "Yes" I answered. "Whell, can he hear me?" she asked. "Yes, he can see us and hear us." I answered. I asked her if she would like to tell Jesus something. "Yes, I'd like to tell him something" she answered. "What would you like to tell him right now?" I asked her. "I'd like to thank Jesus fooorrrr mmmyyy ballerina doll." she finally said after much thought. It brought tears to my eyes when she said that with such innocence. It was a precious moment between a mother and daughter.

Movies In Review
As I mentioned "Beverly Hills Chiuaua," it was a very cute children's movie. Katie and I enjoyed watching it tonight on Starz. If you have Starz, they'll be playing several more times during the next couple of weeks. Katie wants to watch this movie again some time, so I've got it scheduled to DVR on Tuesday. If you haven't seen it, I recommend this sweet story.

Smartie Britches
You'll have to check out Smartie Britches' new Fall Arrivals! The two outfits below are my favorites, but there are several really cute outfits. Katie has wore several of their clothes in the past. Peggy and I just love them, we have always been happy with their work. They are a local children's boutique shop, located in Vinemont. Smartie Britches Click Here.

Cary Hairbows
Oh, I'm so excited! My new friend, Shannon, has just finished making Katie some cute cute cute Alabama hairbows for the upcoming Bama football season. She sent me pictures of the finished products and I love them. Sure, I could have gone to any "Bama Fever" and purchased an Alabama hairbow, but I wanted a custom made bow and Shannon, "Cary Hairbows" does a great job. You'll have to check them out:

You can check out "Cary Hairbows" by CLICKING HERE.

Dad's Birthday Party
We threw dad a great birthdy party to celebrate 75 YEARS! He was so surprised! The party was as Tim and Sue's place. We all dressed up in Hawaiian shirts/outfits. Tim and Sue set up a tent by the pond. My word the food, we had lots left overs. Tim smoked chicken and pork for the meats, I love the smell of smoked flesh! HA HA! That sounds a little creeping doesn't it? It was delicious! Susan made dad's birthday cake and I thought she did an awesome job. Leslie created a special beachy type music CD for us to listen to, while eating and fellowshipping. She also created a fantastic DVD slideshow with all sorts of pictures of dad's life. He got really choked up a few times. Us daughters and adopted daughter, Kim Ann, pitched in and got dad a 6 month membership to a gym. He loves to go workout and meet people. What else are you to get a person that has everything? He got choked up again and then balled us out for doing such a thing. If you know my dad, you would understand that he is an advocate in "salting away your money." He never did like for people to make a fuss over him. I think everyone had a really good time, including Colton. I say that because he stayed awake pretty much the whole time. He'd pass out from exhaustion, but would wake up after just a few short minutes. Little squirt! I've got lots of pictures to display, but I will have to post them at another time.

Got The Bama Fever!

Are You Ready For Some Football?
Whoo Hoo!!!

Just 13 more days before Alabama plays Virginia Tech at Atlanta, GA on September 5th at 7 PM CDT. I don't know if I'm getting the football bug knowing that it won't be long before college football starts or if it's the awesome weather we've been having for the past couple of days. Oh, it's been heaven here in the South. Apparently, after Tropical Storm Claudette gave us a visit, a nice cold front came by to stay for a few days. Wow! Yesterday, it was getting down right cold that a few of us had to put on a light jacket or cover up in a blanket outside during the party. This morning, me and the kids drug out our fall outfits. I felt bad for Katie because she had to wear her tenny shoes. I thought I had plenty of time to get fall/winter shoes. Who would have thought it would be cool at the end of August in Alabama? Geez, we are usually battling mosquitos, triple digit temperatures and humdity that's just as high. You talk about thanking God. I'm been thanking him for such wonderful weather. It would be great if it would stay like this the rest of the Summer. I think Doug said the temperatures are suppose to begin going back up in the 80's come next weekend. Hopefully, we'll stay in the 80's the rest of the Summer because usually in September our nights begin cooling down some what.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How To Make a Princess Tutu

This is a special post for my great niece, Madelyn. She will be starting ballet this year for the first time. Her mommy asked on her blog "How to make a tutu?" Well Liz, here's the "How To" video I was talking about. I haven't tried it yet, but they look adorable and as soon as I find time, I'd like to make a few for Katie and her friends to play around in. It looks so simple and bonus, it's all no sew. Yay!!! Good luck Liz and let me know if you try it!


Whoop Whoop!


I'd like to give a shout out to

Miss Maddie for starting ballet this year


and a


To Miss Alise for starting preschool.
SCHOOL Pictures, Images and Photos
Aunt Mi loves you and hopes you enjoy every moment at ballet & preschool!


God Is Always Watching

To elaborate a little more on today's subject, I have to tell you what happened to us, Colton and myself, yesterday. As you know, I took Colton to Portrait Innovations yesterday afternoon to have his 4 month old pictures taken. We had to wait a little because all the photographers were a little busy. Both studios were taken photos of children under 2 years of age, so I understood fully. When it was our turn, I absolutely loved our photographer. She was so good with Colton. At first, I didn't think he would cooperate with her. Thankfully, he warmed up to her and was just a grinning at her. I wasn't too sure what the lady was going to do when she brought out this small leather chair and hat. I tried my best to not laugh aloud because I knew it would distract Colton and he was doing so good in this photo session. It was so hard holding it in because he looked so darn cute.

Now I ask you, can you say "no" to this face? LOL!

If you've ever used Portrait Innovations before than you know that it takes approximately 30 minutes for them to get your order completed, so you can take your photos home on the same day. We went next door to Learning Express, a great toy store, and did a little Christmas shopping. I got Katie another Groovy Girls Mermaid and a GG School Desk for Christmas. So cute! I also found the Chore Chart I wanted to get for the kids.

Katie loves her new Chores Chart. We had to go ahead and fill in Sunday-Tuesday because those days have already passed.

From there, we went to Bama Fever and got a couple of great Bama Pride t-shirts. I really like them. I got Katie a hot pink "Bama Girls" in a youth size x-small. It's a little big, but she'll grow into it. Laura - If you want me to get you one or two, please let me know. The "Bama Girls" cost $14.95 & the "Love the Tide" cost $17.95.

This is on the front of the "Bama Girls Love the Tide" t-shirt.

On down the road is a Halloween Express Shop, so I wanted to see if they were open. Their hours were 10-4 every day except for Sunday. Ugh! I arrived there at 4:20 PM, so I had just missed them. I promised Katie that I would see if they had a mermaid outfit, which is what she has decided to wear for Halloween. When I got back in the truck and started it, I noticed that it sounded a little funky. It kind of made me think that maybe my battery might be running out of juice. Uh oh! I thought this would be a perfect time to go back to PI and pick up our pictures and head home. We got back to Portrait Innovations just fine. I even stopped at Zoe's Kitchen and got a drink. It was a good thing because by the time I got loaded and ready to leave, my truck decided to act up. Yes, when I turned the key all it did was "click". Nothing, NADA! I did all I could think of before finally calling Doug, in hopes that he might be at work. Thank the dear Lord above because Chuck was at Doug's desk and answered his phone. Doug got on the phone and I described to him what was going on. He thought it was the battery. So, AAA came out and check it out for me. I figured they would just jump my battery for me and I'd be on my way home. Simple. Right? Nope! I think you know me and my luck my now. If something's going to happen, it's going to go all out. Right? Well, come to find out it was the starter in the truck and the guy couldn't get up close to the starter to jump it. GREAT! To top all of this off, Tropical Storm Claudette decided to rain on us the whole entire time. FUN huh? Colton acted like everything was cool, while I was freaking out (just a little). I didn't know what I was going to do and I only had one more bottle left for Colton. As soon as I found out that AAA was calling in the wrecker, I called Doug. He told me to go ahead and call Millard & Peggy to come and pick us up. Bless their hearts, they don't make it a habit to go to the Galleria without us driving them there, so they were a little nervous coming to the rescue. HEY - THEY DID GREAT! I am so proud of them. Sure, if I was in their shoes, I'd feel the same way. Now, can you picture me and Colton belted inside a wrecker headed to the closest auto body shop, NTB. The wrecker guy was very sweet and seemed to really care. He had me a cold bottled water ready for me. He told me that he hadn't been with AAA very long. He served a couple of tours of duty and was in special ops. When he retired from the military (I forgot to ask him what branch), he became a bounty hunter for 17 years. Wow! He told me this was a gravy job compared to what he had, which I can imagine. Very interesting guy. We were in the waiting room, while the mechanic confirmed that it was the starter. In comes Millard, Peggy and Katie to the rescue. By that time, the manager came in and told me that it was the starter and he'd have to get the part because they didn't have it there. Ugh! On top of that, he couldn't guarantee if the parts place would have the part they needed and get it installed by tonight, but he would work over if I needed it last night. I called Doug and he told me to get the guy to work on it. While they were working on it, we all went to McDonalds and had a bite to eat. Poor Colton was getting really tired by this time. We had to be back at NTB before 9 PM, so they wouldn't lock the doors on us. Thank the dear Lord, they had it fixed by the time we got back.

I just can't thank God enough for allowing all the cards fall in place - breaking down at Patton Creek; it took 30 minutes before AAA came to our rescue, in a few short minutes a wrecker showed up ready to load us up and take us just down the road to NTB; NTB was able to get a new starter installed into the truck before they had to close shop and Millard and Peggy coming to our rescue. We've been a member of AAA for a few years and this was the first time I've needed them. I highly recommend this membership to everybody, it is so worth it. They take such good care of you because I wouldn't have known what to do.

Katie Story
I think Katie might have a boyfriend and not really know it yet. HA HA! Monday morning, I let Katie walk to her class by herself, while I watched her. I noticed the little boy in her class, Ty, got out of his parents vehicle and began waving at Katie. Why I know it was Katie is because they were the only two outside and she was watching Ty's daddy giving Ty his back pack and snack box. Ty was all smiles and waving at Katie. She didn't give him the time of day. When I picked her up later, she told me that Ty was mean to her. I asked her what he did and she said he wouldn't leave her alone and he put rocks in her hair. HA HA! Laughingly, I told her that more than likely he likes her. "No he doesn't. He's mean" she said. I went on and told her that some times boys act out when they like someone because he doesn't want to tell you that he likes you. I have a feeling that she doesn't understand fully. Today, she said that her and Ty are friends now. I asked her if he was mean to her today. She said, "yeah, he growls at me." I acted like that was funny and asked her if he makes her laugh. She said, "yeah, he's funny. Well, we're friends now." Oh boy! Daddy better watch out! I have to say, Ty is a cutie patootie. He has blonde kind of spikey hair going for him.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guess What Colton's Doing?

I don't really have that much to write about tonight. I just wanted to give you a quick update on Colton. He rolled over by himself for the first time today. YAY!! When he finally figured it out, he rolled over - back and forth. He knew he did something great because he began squealling. When he got stuck on his belly, he began fussing. As soon as I would pick him up and put him back on his back, he'd grab his feet and roll over again. I guess this was a new game to him. Little stinker!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Are You A Right-Wing Militia aka Hate Group Member?

If you are FOX News watcher, you will know exactly what I'm about to talk about. First, I have to ask you a couple of questions. These questions are for you to answer to yourself, you don't have to comment.

  1. As a citizen of these United States, are you concerned about your health and the proposed Healthcare "Insurance" plan or would you consider yourself and your family just a bunch of "Right-Wing Militias aka Hate Groups?
  2. As a mother and father are you concerned about your child's future and the debt we will leave them to have to pay or are you just some "crazy 'grassroots' activist" that wants to cause trouble?

James Madison wrote and I quote "A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in arms, is the best most natural defense of a free country. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or perhaps both. Each generation should be made to bear the burden of its own wars, instead of carrying them on, at the expense of other generations."

I added James Madison's three quotes for a reason. Sure, Madison's writings were revolved around the Revoltionary War and yes, we are still at war over seas, but we are also battling a different kind of war right here in our back yards. It may not consist of canons, physical bloodshed, but it is our own Liberties that our forefathers fought so hard to create and protect. Our liberties, I'm afraid, are up for the taking because we have become lax in our own personal lives that we don't realize what's going on in the big picture. You may make excuses and say, "it doesn't pertain to me" or "I don't like to get involved in politics."

I want to tell you something right now. My whole life, I wasn't interested in politics. My dad tried his level best to get me interested for my own sake, but I never listened because I was too busy painting my nails or meeting some girlfriends at the mall to go shopping. I never thought I would ever be writing my concerns right now about politics or my Liberty. We have to wake up people. Our freedom, what we have right now, are up on the chopping block just because the government doesn't feel that we have enough common sense to take care of ourselves that they think they have to take care of us themselves. All I've heard for the past several years is "America's too fat." How do we solve it? We hand it up to Congress to pass a tax on candy bars and sodas because this will make people stop eating so much and that will solve our obesity problem. "America's in poverty." How can we solve the poverty in America? We hand it up to Congress and they pass a law to tax middle and higher class citizens to give to the people that refuse to "GET A JOB." "American's are killing themselves because of guns." We get Congress involved and they want to ban all weapons. Hey, the list goes on and on. I just hope you get my dreft. By the way, I know not all of the above bills have been passed, but they are in the works and unless we stand up for our Liberties, they will pass. Now, I am in no way telling you to abuse the right of free speech and cause a riot. Instead, let your voices be heard. Here's an article I found that is in relation to what I've been writing about from the "Southeast Missourian" I will post a snippet of the news report. I really hope it will get you fired up and encourage you to call or contact your Senators. You can read the article in it's entirety HERE.

Officials see increase in militia group activity in U.S.
Wednesday,August 12, 2009
By EILEEN SULLIVAN ~ The Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- Militia groups with gripes against the government are regrouping across the country and could grow rapidly, according to an organization that tracks such trends.

The stress of a poor economy and a liberal administration led by a black president are among the causes for the recent rise, the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center says. Conspiracy theories about a secret Mexican plan to reclaim the Southwest are also growing amid the public debate about illegal immigration.

It's reminiscent of what was seen in the 1990s -- right-wing militias, people ideologically against paying taxes and so-called "sovereign citizens" are popping up in large numbers, according to the report to be released Wednesday. The SPLC is a not-for-profit civil rights group that, among other activities, investigates hate groups.

These militias are concentrated in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and the Deep South, according to Mark Potok, an SPLC staff director who co-wrote the report. Recruiting videos and other outreach on the Internet are on the rise, he said, and researchers from his center found at least 50 new groups in the last few months.

The militia movement of the 1990s gained traction with growing concerns about gun control, environmental laws and anything perceived as liberal government meddling.

"White supremacists and militias are more violent and thus more likely to conduct mass-casualty attacks on the scale of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing," the threat projection said.

Now com'on! I believe there is a difference between a hate monger and a citizen practicing his freedom of speech and some crazy person just out to harm himself or someone else. There's a different between a terrorist and an American who loves his country and believes in the Constitutional Rights.

This is what America's Senators are hearing from their constituents regarding the proposed Healthcare "Insurance" Reform and other issues at home right now ~ People voicing their concerns and disapproval of this proposed bill. My question for you is ~ do these people look and sound like a militia group aka hate mongers and racists? Do these people look like they could do such terrorist acts as bad as "the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing"? These are citizens of this country that are voicing their opinions to their Congressmen, people they hired to represent them up on the hill and now they feel rejected and unheard. Who is really creating treason? I ask you to please pray for this proposed Healthcare "Insurance" Reform bill and contact your representatives today. Thank you!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Katie's Doctor Visit

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever lived up to your responsibilities as a parent, made an appointment with your child's medical doctor for a check-up, made sure it was on a day and time that wouldn't interfere with anyone else's schedule, made arrangements with someone else to watch your other child that day, making that person rearrange their life to make your life a little easer? Then, when you arrive at that particular doctor's office at the precise time that you agreed to, just to find out that the office personnel put you in their computer under the wrong day and time. Well guess what? I'm that person today. LUCKY ME! Like most busy moms, I didn't have my reminder card with me, so they couldn't guarantee Katie would be seeing Dr. Lunsford today because they were all booked up and couldn't fit her in. The ladies did ask for us to wait for a little while because the person that they did schedule in their computer for the exact date and time, Katie was suppose to be there, had not shown up yet. We waited for a whole 20 minutes past the original appointment time to wait for this patient. Ugh! We could have already been in and seen the doctor by that time. {Can ya tell I'm a little on edge?} Eventually, the ladies (2) called me back to the reception desk, apologizing up one side and down the other about the mix up. Thinking there still might be hope, Dr. Lunsford could see her, one lady said that the patient showed up and if they could reschedule our appointment for another day. Ugh! I kept calm because I knew down DEEEEP inside me that there was nothing that could be done. They screwed up and I'm having to pay for it. They gave me 2 perfect opportunities to rant, but would it have really helped the situation? I think not! So, while both ladies are still apologizing, I politely tell them that "it happens and today is my day." I agreed to the next appointment and double confirming it to the receptionist, turn around and left the office. Of course, Katie is really confused. She asked me before I even opened up the door from their office, "am I not going to see Dr. Lunsford today?" I confirmed to her that she would not. At the elevator, she said, "but I wanted him to hear my heart." "There was a mix up and we won't be seeing the doctor today, but we will be back another time," I tell her convincingly. We head out into the parking lot towards our vehicle and she asked me, "can we still go to Walmart?" Yes, this mama has to bribe her daughter to let the doctor examine her. "Yes, baby girl. I told you that you could go." "Alright!" she says with a little lift in her spirit. Then, like a little puppy dog looking up at me begging for a treat she asked me, "can I buy something?" I responded, "yes, you can buy anything you want because I brought you a little money to spend." You talk about a little girl on cloud nine. Our trip from the doctor's office to Walmart gave her lots of time to decide on what exactly she should buy with her monies. She tickles me!

At Walmart, it was a BIG decision but she made up her mind and grabbed up a new "The Little Mermaid, Ariel" doll that comes with a float. She floats in the water. I didn't realize how heavy this doll was until I got it out of the box. Katie loves her new doll. She was showing it to everyone. Of course, she told me on the way home that she was so dirty and needed to take a bath. This is code for: hey, I want to play with my doll in the tub as soon as we get home. No unloading the car, taking care of Colton, listening to voice messages or reading the mail. It's all about Katie, you know.

Katie has changed her mind for the third (3) time about her Halloween costume for this year. It's a good thing I haven't committed to anything yet. At first, she wanted to be a garden fairy. Then, it was a wicked witch and now, she wants to be "The Little Mermaid, Ariel." Thank goodness we have lots of time before Halloween, in case she changes her mind again.

Tomorrow is the second day of school. She seems as excited about tomorrow as she was the first day. HA HA! She made sure that I packed her an apple for her snack. I don't know what it is with her and apples here lately. Honestly, I don't think she'll eat it. Why? You ask. It's because the times she has had an apple (yellow delicious, my favorite), I've cut it up for her and she still didn't eat a lot of it. Because she has been aggravating me about the apples, I let her pick out 3 Gala apples (small apple) from the store, to carry as her snack. I'm also planning on packing some Pringles and cookies, just in case the apple doesn't make it far. Maybe I'll be surprised.

BTW, as soon as I got home this afternoon, I checked the doctor appointment reminder card and guess what was written on it = THURS 8/13/09 @ 2:00 PM. HA! I showed it to Peggy as I'm telling her the story about the doctor's visit. They are going through a huge office reinnovation and I'm hoping that is the reason why the mix up. For the past 4 years I've been going to him, this is the first time we've had this mishap.

Special Note:
I want to thank you for all the sweet comments about Katie's first day at school. She really loves it! Liz - yeah, she has both a backpack and lunch box. I know, she really doesn't need the backpack, but what's school without one. Right? Besides, I fell in love with this panda bear from Gymboree.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Katie's First Day of School Continued

Oh my gosh! Katie had so much fun today at school. As soon as I picked her up from school, she was a little jabber jaw, which is wonderful in my eyes. I was so pleased that they had a blast. Right off the bat, she asked if she could come back to school tomorrow. She was busy telling me all the things they did today. How she loved the playground and something about a bigger kid broke the slide. I guess this was the front paper news in the school because she really talked about the slide breaking. HA HA! I guess a broken slide is equivalent in a child's eyes as to a broken health system in our eyes. She told me that she liked everyone in her class, especially Claire. I asked if she played with the little boy, Ty? She told me "yeah, but that's not he's name." When I asked her what it was then, she couldn't answer me. Then it dawned on me that she thinks I'm talking about her cousin, Ty. After I explained everything to her, she was like "okay." She brought home a handprint keepsake for her first day of school. According to her status sheet, her job was to hold the Christian flag. When we drove up in the driveway, she told me that she needed to go back to school 2 more times. When I told her that she would be going back more than 2 times, she asked "why?" Ugh, her favorite word ~ WHY? She fell asleep watching TV after lunch, she was so tired.

Prayer Request
I have to make a correction on my prayer request from yesterday. June & Maryann's niece, Kellie, told me that her grandmother had a knot in her neck. I assumed she was talking about her dad's mother because her mother's mother is dead. Well come to find out it isn't Peggy that the knot. Instead it was Kellie's stepdad's mother, Faye H.

Katie's First Day at School

Who needs an alarm to get you up in the morning when you can have Katie jump in bed with you, telling you to get up because it's time to go to school? I ask you. It was cute. My alarm just went off at 6 AM and it wasn't long before Katie came in the bedroom. She said, "mom, the sun is coming up." I responded, "yes, you're right." "Does this mean, I get to go to school today?" she asked. I had to chuckle at her because she has been looking forward to this day for a very long time and here it is. Today is the day.

I just thank the dear Lord for allowing everything to go so smoothly. Colton woke up around the same time we did, ready to eat. I got him fed and placed him in front of the TV to watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," while I took a bath. Katie was eating her grapes and watching Colton for me. As soon as we all got ready, I took Katie outside to take her picture.

I took my camera phone to take a few pictures of her at Covenant School. At the entrance of the school there are rose bushes, so pretty. I told Katie that I've got to have her picture taken with the roses. There were a couple of Cullman's finest, policemen, at the school entrance, watched us taking pictures. They were probably thinking, look at that poor, new school mom taking pictures of her baby's first day of school. LOL!

The parking lot was used as a catch up gathering place because I saw a lady from our Sunday School class, Charlene. She was dropping off her granddaughter to Kindergarten. Charlene had not seen Colton yet because either her and her husband are at church and we're not or visa versa. It was good to see her.

Katie walked right into her class like she's been going there for years and knows the routine. HA HA! I had forgotten my consent form, so Colton and I had a seat to fill out the sheet. Katie began playing with the little girls. I think the two little girls that are in Katie's Sunday School class, Claire and Mia, helped make the transition perfect.

Claire is the one with blonde hair and blue bow in her hair. Mia is the dark curly hair and dark complexion, standing by Claire. Those little girls couldn't get into their shoe box fast enough opening all of their supplies. Thank goodness, Katie's box was still in her cubby hole. One little girl, tore open her crayons and was dumping them all in her box. I don't know whose box, Katie was getting into. I guess she wanted to help someone out by getting into their box. HA! Very excited little girls!

Katie is sitting in Mrs. Katie's lap. I think Katie was a little nervous sitting in her lap at this point because she really doesn't know Mrs. Katie yet. Hopefully the next time I take a picture of these two, Katie will show a little more excitement. HA! There were still a couple of parents still in the room with the children, but Katie seemed just fine. So, Colton and I eased on out the door. I didn't tell Katie goodbye or say anything because that's when children realize what's going on and might change their mind about staying. I've had that happen to me, working with 2 year olds and their parents. Sometimes it's best to ease out, if the children are distracted. Sure, you want them to hug you and tell you goodbye and I'll see you in a few hours. I've found out that it's best to do that at home before you get to your destination. I believe her going to Sunday School, Swimming lessons and ballet has helped her to know that I always come back in a few short hours. Oh, I expect to have bad days, where she doesn't feel like going to school. I think she will really love school.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Katie Signed Up For Ballet

You talk about an excited little girl. You would have thought I told Katie that Santa Claus was coming tomorrow. Today, Colton & I took Katie to the ballet studio to get her signed up for her class. The time before we went to the studio, she drove me completely insane. You see this is exactly why I don't normally tell her things that are going to happen until much much closer to the time.

Last night, I had a hard time getting her to bed at 7:30 PM because she is use to going to bed at 10:00 PM. This whole bedtime is going to be a whole new learning experience for all of us. I don't want to send Katie to bed too early because when Doug has to work late, he might come in at 7 PM. This only gives him 30 minutes to spend time with his little girl. Plus, Katie likes to debate with us. If it isn't dark enough outside for her, she feels that it shouldn't be bedtime. She feels that bedtime is when it is extremely dark, pitch dark. Anyway, to get her to go to sleep I told her that we had to go sign up for ballet. She was out like a light by 9:30 PM and up very early this morning. We're talking 4:00 AM early. Doug got up to get ready for work at 4:30 and I guess, according to Katie, we should all be up at that time. I fought her off until 6 AM. She was driving me crazy, so I finally got up.

Later this morning, Katie fell asleep on the couch, I must have fallen asleep rocking Colton to sleep. Man, I had a creck in my neck when I woke up. As soon as Katie woke up, she aggravated me to death about going to ballet class until we actually locked the door and headed towards our vehicle. Unfortnately for her, she didn't have class today. I tried to explain to her what we were going to do, but I don't think she understood fully. At "Dance With Us," I purchased a couple of leotards, tights, skirt, slippers and this time a bag. Last year, I could have kicked myself for not keeping all of Katie's ballet stuff designated in one bag. I thought that I could use one tote for everything. I spent most of my time, emptying out bags and refilling them. Every Tuesday, I was afraid that I might forget something because I kept all of her ballet clothes in a drawer in her room. This time, I'm a little older and wiser. I had Katie pick out a dance bag just for her ballet stuff. I told her, we are to keep nothing but ballet clothes & accessories in this bag. It's really cute. As soon as I can, I'll have to have a "Show & Tell" post.

Clara, Katie's ballet instructor's daughter, told me that her little sister, Esther, might be in Katie's class this year. I really hope so because I think most of Katie's friends from last year moved up to the 5-6 year old class. It's nice to have at least one friend with her, so she won't be so shy. Katie is a couple of days older than Esther. They always have such a good time together and they are as thick as thieves when it comes to being in mischief. Clara seems to think not all of the little girls in Katie's class last year moved up. I hope so, but it will be a good way for Katie to make new friends.

Katie Tries To Get Colton To Laugh
Katie usually plays with Colton, while I wash dishes. I had just fed him, put in a movie for them to watch and asked Katie to watch him so I could wash a few bottles. She was definitely entertaining him, acting all silly. I kept hearing him in the Living Room laughing and chackling at her. I had suds up to my elbows, so it took me a little while to get all of that off. Then, I couldn't find my video camera. Ugh! I just knew I was going to miss this precious moment. Sure enough, he pretty much stopped the chackling, but I got a little on tape. Buddy, I'm ready now. I put the video camera where I can get my hands on it quickly. Now, if he'll just start laughing like that again. Here's a clip:

Big Sissy Reads To Her Little Brother
Below is the video I was talking to you about the other day. I had Colton playing in his bed, while I was off doing something. I heard Katie talking to him in his room. I think I was washing dishes again. When I peeked around the doorway to see what she was doing, I witnessed such a happy precious moment. She was reading to her baby brother. She even showed him the pictures from the book, just like I show her. It made my heart so warm and joyful. I really hope and pray that both Kaitlyn and Colton will be very close as they grow up together.

First Day At Preschool
Tomorrow is Katie's first day of preschool. I'm excited, but nervous for her. I don't know, I feel like I've got so much adrenaline running through me right now. I've got everything organized for her, so we can have a good first start to school. I've got the clothes ironed and laid out. Her backpack is packed. I don't think she'll need it, but I could use it to transport documents back and forth. Her lunch box is partially packed. She wanted to take strawberries and Pringles Cheddar Cheese snack pack, along with an Apple Juice juice box. I will take lots of pictures for you in the morning. I'll try to get them posted as soon as I can. Doug asked me tonight if I'll cry tomorrow. You know, honestly I don't think I'll cry because it's just for 3 hours, 3 days out of the week. It will probably kill me more when she starts Kindergarten. She'll probably be gone for several hours, 5 days out of the week. She'll be bringing home homework and won't have time to sit on my lap and talk to me anymore.

Prayer Request
Please remember in your prayers, Peggy A. She is Pat's (my brother-in-law)sister's mother-in-law. I hope that made sense. Anyway, Peggy A. has discovered a knot in her neck. She had it scanned today. Doctors feel it might be a cyst, lymph node or cancer and want her be scheduled to see a surgeon for a biopsy. As soon as the surgeon previews the scans, his office will contact her for an appointment to do the biopsy. Thank the Lord, I've never had a biopsy before, but I'm sure it is very scary.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Covenant School's Open House

We went to "Open House" at Katie's school. She was so excited, she left Doug and I going to her room. I was surprised that she remembered where it was, since this was our second trip there. Her teacher is Mrs. Katie, so it shouldn't be very hard for Katie to remember her teacher's name. She has a very small class of about 7 children at the most. Keep in mind, this is a private school. One thing our community is blessed with, it's several private schools. You pretty much could take your pick. We decided to send Katie to Covenant because it was a small christian preschool that only goes to the 2nd grade. I personally know her teacher, a friend of mine, Rachael, recommended the school and the price was just right. The Open House today was pretty much a come see, drop off supplies, if you want to, meet and greet type scene. Right off the bat, Katie made a new friend. I can't remember her name, but her and Katie were playing in the floor with the toys, while us parents talked. To our surprise, one of Katie's original friends from church, Claire, is in her class. Claire was a little shy this afternoon, she looked a little tired, so she stuck close to her daddy. It was great to see familiar faces for both Katie and myself, I wasn't as nervous. Everyone has an assigned seat. I was glad to see that Mrs. Katie has Kaitlyn and Claire seating across from one another. I got all the info needed when it came to the dropping off and picking up. I've already signed up to bring snacks in October. Each month, they will have special parties. The snacks that the mommies bring have to be of a specific color. Mine is "ORANGE." I picked that one on purpose. I'm thinking about making Halloween cupcakes & cookies along with some HI-C Orange Juice Boxes. I think I'm going to take the cheddar fish crackers just in case someone might be diabetic. While I was paying the tuition, books & art classes, Doug had time to look at all the names on the tables. He told me later that there are all girls and only one boy in Katie's class. HA HA! Poor boy, won't have a chance.

Saying this, I have to tell you a "Katie Story." This evening, Peggy told me that when Katie was at her house these past couple of days, she told Peggy something I think is shocking. Katie told Peggy that she hopes that she won't get a boyfriend at this school. Of course, when Peggy was telling me this, Katie was standing right beside me all shy. When I tried to ask her about it, she would put her hands over my mouth as to say "drop the subject." HA HA! I asked her who told her that? Finally, she said her Grandma Jerry told her. HA HA! I'm going to have to get on to mom. LOL! Just joking. I thought it was funny. I tried to get her to tell me what she thought a boyfriend was exactly. She never did.

We got to visit her art classroom and meet her art teacher, Ms. Laura. I hope Katie will tell me about what she's learned in all of her classes, including art & music. I hope she won't be one that will be clamed up and not say a thing about her classes. Oh, Mrs. Katie has a traffic light (made out of construction paper) and everyone's name is on a clip. Right now, everyone's name is on the green light, but if they misbehave or get out of hand, their name goes up the light. I warned Mrs. Katie about Kaitlyn's habit of talking too much. I had Katie look at me and I showed her the traffic light and explained to her what it meant. She said she understood and that she would mind Mrs. Katie, I guess time will tell the true story. It was too hot to walk out to the playground, so we hopped in the car and drove around back. The playground is a pretty decent size. She is so excited to be starting school in a few of days.

Here are a few pictures of us, ready to go to church this morning. Katie asked if she could hold Colton for a little bit before we left.

More are on my photosite.

This week is ballet registration. I haven't decided exactly what day I'll be registering Katie for ballet. I do know that she's ready to start. Target sells ballet leotards and skirts in both pink & black. I found a cute pink leotard with rhinestones on it. Knowing that Katie will be in the same class as she was in last year, I went ahead and purchased the leotards & a pink skirt to go with it. Katie just loved it. I've got to go through her drawer and throw out last year's leotards because she out grew them. I'm hoping Mrs. Anna will have some on sale at her shop. Last year, I bought Katie 3 leotards and they lasted all year just fine. I think I'll do the same thing this year. I spent $13 on the leotards from Target and some times I can get them on sale for around $10+ at Mrs. Anna's dance shop. We'll see. I nearly dread how much it's going to cost to get Katie ready for ballet. Last year, I think I spent over $100 and that didn't include tuition. I know Walmart sells leotards, so once I get her signed up, I can go check them out.

Katie has a doctor's appointment this week as well, her 4 year old check up. Ooops! She won't like this visit, I don't think. She hasn't had any shots for the past couple of years, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was due a couple. I figured her school would be overly concerned about shots. The director told me that they would not concerned about immunizations at her age, not until she reached Preschool 5K age.

I promise you, when everything is on schedule and running, I'm going back on Weight Watchers. Of course, I'm having a difficult time shedding the baby fat. Ugh! I had a hard time with Katie's baby fat. In fact, I think I still had some baby fat when I got pregnant with Colton. Now, I'm in a pickle. If it wasn't for my bladder, I'd get on Katie's trampoline and bounce for as long as I could. Don't get me wrong, I bounce just fine. It's just after a few minutes of bouncing, my bladder begins to head South, if you know what I mean. SORRY for the vision!