Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

I've been missing in action for the past few days. Lots have been going on. Ball games, gymnastic practice, SCHOOL WORK, date nights, birthday parties and loads of family time.

I hope you had a fantastic Leap Day.  I took it easy today.  Sometimes, you just need a break from the laundry, tot-school work, and every day same old, same old. 

Katie was out of school for Presidents' Day.  I put everything on my schedule aside and made it kids day.  They each had gift cards for Walmart and they have been burning a hole in their pockets, if you know what I mean.  Who would have thought that the first thing in the morning, I would head to Walmart.  I had already done my running around a few days before, so this day was all about the toys, books, movies and games.  The kids had a blast!  When we were in line to check out, our tummies were grumbling.  Off to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  We even ran into Ms. G and her little niece. Everyone and their sister was out and about that Monday.  It was a perfect day to venture outside because of the sunshine and light wind.  Ah, it was a beautiful day! After lunch, we went to the park.  I even let Colton go down the swirly slide.  He LOVED IT!  I'll have to post pictures another day.  The entire time we were there, he was right in his sister's footsteps.  Whatever she did, he did as well.  It was too funny and a little scary when more kids arrived there.  He stayed right with them though, nothing slows him down. 

Saturday, we were on the go all day.  We went to see Jon play ball in Athens, but he didn't go in until the last ending because he was sick at his stomach most of the morning.  After the game, we all split up.  The guys went their way and us girlies went our way.  We met up at Mellow Mushroom for lunch and I was soooo bad.  I had two slices of Specialty pizza.  Bad, bad.  Sue, Kacie and I went to Toys R Us to do a little birthday shopping for Colton.  It's hard to find the Marvel and DC comic characters at Walmart and Target.  Toys R Us had a pretty good selection of his favorite characters.  I think he'll like what we are giving him.  I found a huge Green Lantern airplane with weapons that work and Green Lantern himself that flies the plane.  I also found him a small Hulk to easily carry around with him in his backpack.  Susan got him Hulk hands.  They are kind of like gloves that he can put his hands inside.  I didn't get to read it, so I don't know if they make noises or not.  Someone asked me that question, when I told them.  I know I've gone waaayyy overboard on this party, but it will be awesome.  The little stinker has already found my party supply stash and won't keep his hands out of it.  Back at the store, Susan and I didn't get to shop long because we had to get to Natalie's basketball game by 5PM.  I had only been to Natalie's school gym once, so I wasn't too sure how to get there.  I took it for granted that Doug would be able to give me specific directions.  You know street names, right or left turns.  When I called him, he had no clue how to get us there, eventhough they were already at the gym.  Wha?  Thanks to my Maps App, I was able to get us to the campus, but still no clue where to go.  Calling Maryann, she finally handed her phone over to the security guard and he got us there.  We were maybe a block away from the gym.  We made it to our seats just in time for tip off. LOL!  After all of this, Susan ended up taking my gifts for Colton home with her, on accident.  Ooops! 

Would you believe Doug bought me a new laptop and Adobe Photoshop Elements?  I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  He said I needed it for my photos.  If you don't know, I'm seriously considering taking digital photography classes when Colton goes into preschool.  I had the Institute of Photography of New York send me their packet information.  It sounds like a good deal because it's an online course, plus they will supply you with some equipment and supplies needed to get started in your studio.  I'm going to take this slow because I don't want to go belly up on all the necessary equipment and props before I get my experience.  If you've been keeping up with my blog, photos and FB, you've had a chance to get a glimpse of a few of my photos.  I'm getting opportunities and lots of experience.  I need all the experience I can get.  Trial and error.  For the past few days, I've been spending them reading and studying the online Photoshop Elements Techniques and Tips.  I received 25 tutorial videos and two online issues for free.  I'm learning quite a bit about Adobe Photoshop Elements that I've never known before.  I've always had an Adobe Photoshop Elements (V. 5, 7 & now 10).  I loved playing around with the enhancements and photo effects, but never really get into the core of the program.  Elements offers an online subscription for $55 a year or $99 for two years.  I told Doug when I finished reading and studying the issues that I did get for free, I may have to subscribe for a year.  My objective for going back to school is having the ability to take what I've got (talent) and make it even better.  Learn ways to make my ordinary photos into something of a masterpiece.  My dream is to one day own and run a Portrait Innovations or something similar right here.  I need your prayers that I am doing the right thing. I'm depending on God to lead me where He wants me to go. 

Katie had one of her girlfriends over to spend the night during President's weekend.  Those girls had so much fun with one another.  Giggles, giggles.  They were in one of the bedrooms that is next to ours.  I could hear them girl talking.  So cute.  Then I overheard Katie say, "I have a crush on Garrett."  I was stunned because she hasn't talked about boy crushes all school year.  She seems to be embarrassed to even talk about it.  Of course, I was going over in my head "now, who was Garrett?"  I believe I've met this boy, but I'm having problems placing him in my mind.  The next morning, Doug and I told her that a little birdy told us that she had a crush on Garrett.  First thing, right out of her mouth was "who told you?"  Then, she looked straight at Abby.  We finally told her what happened and she began pouting, she was so embarrassed.  I felt bad for her.  I couldn't believe that she was too embarrassed to come to me and talk about her boy crush. 

Katie is absolutely bored with gymnastics.  I called the office manager a couple of months ago, to see
if they would move Katie up to GymKids.  She said that Katie's coaches are not confident that Katie has mastered the KinderGym steps, in order to move up.  For the past month, she's been begging me to put her back in ballet.  She misses it so much.  She's had fun on the balance beam, but that's pretty much it.  Doug hasn't been pleased with what he sees, when goes to pick her up.  I just don't think gymnastics is her thing.  I pulled her out this week and she was thrilled.  Jumping up for joy as a matter of a fact.  Then, she asked me when she will be going back to ballet.  Ugh!  She didn't realize that it's the end of the year and won't be able to participate in this year's recital.  I told her that if there is not anything, she would like to get involved in next Fall, I'll sign her up.  Smiles all over her face.  Ballet has always been her natural talent.  Meanwhile, I've got her on a waiting list for piano lessons.  It would be great if she could start this Spring/Summer.  It would give me a better feel for next Fall's activities.  I was kind of throwing around the idea of second grade majorette classes, but I think we will wait another year.  She wants to learn how to twirl a baton.  I've tried showing her, but I need a baton that fits my length.  There is a store that pretty much caters to our school needs.  I noticed the other day, they had batons in stock.  We may have to head over there and measure for one.  I could probably show her how to at least get started. 

She made this on Valentine's Day and I hope you can read it. 
"Love is when you help your mom when she is sick.  Love is you.  Love your family.  Love is when like your friend.  Love is loving your daddy." 




I got a kick out of this one.  She wrote this on President's Day.  It reads, "If I were president, I would let everyone to bring toys to school because everyone will be happy."  I don't know about you, but I think she has a good chance of getting the votes for president.  TEHE! 

While Colton and I were in line to pick Katie up from school.  He was telling me that he could see her.  What touched my heart was when he told me "Sissy is my friend."  Precious!  He was so sweet and humbled acting while he said it.  He is such a sweetheart when he wants to be.  Meanwhile, he is sending me through the crazy 3's rollercoaster.  CRAZY!!!  I don't know why they call it the trouble 2s because it's the crazy 3's that make me feel like I'm in the middle of an episode of "The Twilight Zone."  {Doo-do, doo-do}

I have a quick update on Andrew.  The doctors have taken him off sedation.  His mother got to kiss him on the cheek. As they began to pinch, trying to get some sign of him coming out of his coma and his fingers twitched.  The doctors said this is the beginning of a very long road to recovery.  We need to pray God will continue to heal his body and brain.  The pressure is staying normal.  Thank you. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick Update on Andrew

Thank you for all the prayers. Andrew is still in critical condition, but there is some improvement.

The pressure on his brain is low, running 9 now. Normal is 8. There is no bleeding in the brain area. The current prayer is that the circuity in the brain will begin to heal. He is still in sedation. They tried taking it off this morning, but it was too soon for him. Bo and Holly are so appreciative for all your thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pray for Andrew


UPDATED (2): Family ‘hopeful’ CHS athlete injured in early-morning crash will recover

Andrew needs your prayers.  He was in a one car accident early yesterday morning, on his way to school.  His mom, Holly, has been keeping their church updated from the hospital.  Early this morning, the CAT scan showed small bruising on his brain.  There is swelling, but no meds are needed right now.  He is sedated in critical condition.  Above is the article released yesterday in the newspaper. 

I had the opportunity to worked with Holly several years.  I remember little Andrew coming to the office.  Such a cutie.  Doug and I attend Holly and her husband's wedding.  I adored working with Holly, such a sweetheart.  When I heard the news about this once little boy that roamed the hallways at the office was in a terrible auto accident, my heart sunk.  For one, it's hard to imagine a 7-8 year old boy being old enough to drive; much less, in critical condition from a accident.   Their church family came together last night in a special prayer vidgual.  As soon as I got home this morning, I've stayed close to the computer, waiting for updates. 

Thank you.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Lifestyle

I'm about 4 weeks into my new healthy lifestyle. It's going pretty good I have to say. Currently, I've lost 10 lbs. and 4 inches. I'm tickled! I realize things will slow down some from here on out, but let's hope not. My goal is to lose 20 lbs. and 6 inches total. From there, I'll decided my new goal.

What I've been doing different to get such good results? I've changed from always drinking Coke Zero to seldom drinking it. I might have 1 Coke Zero every other day. I keep a 16 oz. tervis cup filled with water by my side at all times. I've replaced our red meats (ground beef, roast beef and steak) with Turkey, Chicken, and Fish. We only eat steak on special occasion like Valentine's Day. Of course, I trim the fatty parts. Have you ever tried Turkey bacon? I like to cook mine until it's crispy. It's real good on lettuce, tomato and whole grain bread. The first time Doug ate a ground turkey meal, I never told him what he was eating. He liked it. He was impressed when I finally told him what he was eating. Last week, we tried Turkey Tenderloin on the grill. It was pretty good. I'm still trying new recipes and I'm tweaking the old standbys, to make it more healthy eating. We eat lots of fruit, including loads of grapefruit, and veggies. This weekend, I plan to make turkey pot pies. We are basically watching our sugar, carb intake as well as calories and saturated fats.

A couple of weeks ago, Doug jumped on board the new healthy living. He has had wonderful results and he has more will power than I do. Currently, he has lost approximately 15 lbs. He is looking great! All I can narrow down is that he lives off of grapefruits and grapefruit juice. LOL! Me, I'd be starving.

I found a 10 minute kickboxing program through Netflix, but this past week my Netflix has been on the fritz. It's aggravating! In the middle of my workout and the video freezes. UGH!!! I'll show my Netflix. I bought a Salsa workout DVD for $10 at Walmart. I'm going to learn to do the Merengue, Cha-Cha and Samba. Wish me luck! LOL!

Colton Story
Colton has a new saying: "Now, that's what I'm talking about!"  When we head out the door and I grab his jacket for him to put on, he likes to say it.  When I give him one of his favorite foods or drink, he says it.  It's too funny and Katie laughes just about every time he says it.  Another saying, he got from a Superman cartoon.  "I've had enough of this."  He makes the face and everything.  Such a character!

Katie Update
We are so proud of our little girl.  She's doing great in school.  Ms. G has moved her up to level J reading.  I video taped her reading one of her books.  I'll try to upload it as soon as I can.  She gets stuck on a word every now and then.  Her reading comprehension is getting better, she just needs to learn to slow down and pay attention.  In math, she is learning to add doubles, practice placement values.  One day this week, I went over multiplying by 2s, 5s and 10s with her.  At first she looked at me crazy, then she finally got it.  They are so close to learning to multiply.  She is still learning fractions and telling time (half past).   


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I love you more Pictures, Images and Photos

Never lie, steal, cheat or drink
But if you must lie,
lie in the arms of the one you love.

if you must steal,
steal away from bad company.

if you cheat,
cheat death.

and if you must drink,
drink in the moments that take your breath away.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but the places and moments that take our breath away"
~ Anonymous

I hate to say this, but the first time I heard this saying was while watching the movie "Hitch."  I consider myself a romantic at heart.  I fell in love with this quote and it is so true.  Embrace every moment you have with one another because you never know what tomorrow holds. 

I dedicate this post to the man, God put in my path.  The man that caught my eye for the first time and still has my eyes set on him.  He is truly my life partner, my rock wall, my soft shoulder to cry on, and motivator.  I love him yesterday, today and always! 



Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentine's Weekend!

As you can see, Katie made it to her school Valentine's party. She was so excited this morning.  Like she said, today was her day.  Her daddy took her to school and momma came to her party with treats to pass out to all of her friends.  I love her class this year.  Everyone are friends, students, teacher and parents.  We just have an awesome class! 

Later, we met mom and dad at their house and went to the Rehab Center.  A place my mom spent a great deal of time when she was so sick.  Sometimes the elderly are forgotten and they need our love as well.   What better way to show God's love than to go and say hello to them.  We didn't get to spend a great deal of time in each room because they have a little over 200 residents.  Mom, Katie and I made each resident a little valentine with a scripture on one side and decorated the other.  I know, having a mom in a Nursing Home/Rehab Clinic, they get lonely and appreciate you remembering them.  My mom was so lonesome when all of us went home.  She looked forward to the next day that we would come to visit, it keeps them going.  We ran into several family members there, visiting their loved ones.  They told us how much they appreciated us coming by and it gave us an opportunity to tell mom's story.  Just to let them know, "hey I know what you are going through and we are thinking of you."  I was just as blessed as they probably were today.  Katie was our little mail lady, delivering cards to each person that I saw wasn't a risk.  She was our little mascot.  Her just going into the rooms with valentines created lots of smiling faces.  It just brightened their day.  I told mom that it's good for Katie to volunteer and experience kinds and love this way.  I think she understands and I'm hope teaching her humility and humbled.  Honestly, I think it did mom good too.  She got to see her therapist.  Her therapist was so happy to see her.  She said that she needed to see mom, to remind her why she chose this field of work.  She just had a frustrating day.  Of course, they both began crying.  It got me choked up as well.  Mom got hugs from a lot of nurses and residents that she made friendships with during her time there.  I think it did everyone good to have this reunion.  We visited each and every resident in the clinic.  I was so pleased that mom made it!  She got a work out and she may not get out of her chair tomorrow.  HAHA!  I'm so glad we got to do this.  It  made my heart joyful.  One scripture we wrote on some of the cards - "A happy heart makes the face cheerful."  Proverbs 15:13.  I love this verse and it really applied to my life today.

We haven't decided if we are going to celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend or if are going to wait until Tuesday.  While we are deciding, I would like to wish you a very . . .



Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Glimpse of Spring

It's February and the flowers are in bloom. I took these photos today. 

We haven't had much of a Winter, but seeing flowers in bloom and the fairly warm temps, gets me in the mood for Spring.
Valentine Butterflies

Our project this year, to make 20 Valentine Butterflies to pass out to everyone in Katie's class during their Valentine party.  Each one has their own personality.  I think they turned out adorable. I got the idea from  Skip to My Lou.  You can get the template from the website.  I just printed them out on 8x10 scrapbook paper.  I had Katie decorate them.  I am in love with Glitter Markers.  It's the coolest thing ever.  We added antennas and eyes, it really gives them personality.  We had so much fun creating these.  I think the kids will like them.    

Katie came down sick yesterday, a 24 hour bug.  She's doing great now and so excited about her Valentine party tomorrow.  She loves the whole Valentine holiday.  I think it's because she loves hearts, the colors pink and red and fairytales.  I found the cutest thing for Katie's Valentine gift.  She is going to flip out.  She collects Lalaloopsy dolls.  Well, I found a mini-lalaloopsy set that is "Alice and Wonderland."  There are two dolls, Madhatter and Alice.  It also includes little accessories like the Cheshire Cat and teapot.  Soooo precious!  I can't wait for her to see it. 

Colton kind of found his gift and because mom and I were so involved in our project for the past couple of days, I let him go ahead and play with it.  It's a big plush Woody from "Toy Story."  To show you what a push over I am, he also got to play with one of his birthday presents.  Whell!  He knew that I put it in my bedroom.  He kept aggravating us about it.  It started out him just carrying around his Thor action figure still in the box.  All we heard for the next hour, "I AM THOR!  ANYONE WHO POSSES THE POWER OF THOR!"  (Blah Blah Blah)  Next thing you know, he was trying his best to crack it open.  Like any mother that buys toys well in advance of a child's birthday that he was with me when I bought it, I opened the stupid box and let the child play with his birthday present.  A month before his birthday.   Hey, we got our project done in two days because of it. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday - Giants Win!

Congratulations New York Giants

I'm all about the commercials and halftime performance, which in this day and time you have to watch out for the halftime.  You never know if someone if going have a malfunction, especially with kids in the room.  Yikes!  Madonna's performance was good, but we could have gone without the birdie flying towards the end.  Ugh!  Thank goodness my children were too bored listening to 80s & 90s music.  I have to say I was a little surprised that Katie knew one of Madonna's newest song.  She must have heard it on the radio. 

My top three favorite Super Bowl commericals this year.

I love any commercial with Betty White in it. She is so funny to me.

The animal commercials were cute.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday Mom!

Last night, the family came together in honor of our mom's 75th birthday.
She looks fabulous! 
We are so blessed to still have her around. 
She told me that she doesn't feel 75, but much much younger. 
 She never in her wildest dreams ever thought that she would make it to 75, but so happy she did. 
We had our celebration at Chamblee's Restaurant.  They were great to work with, very attentive and made the night special.  I was so glad that most everyone got to attend, a total 25 people showed.

"Happy Birthday Mom"

I look a lot like my mom.  Don't I?

Opening up presents

Pretty African Violet and card Sandy and Wade gave mom.
Sandy, mom told that you hit the nail on the head.  She has been really wanting another violet. 
She absolutely loves it!  Thank you!

My mom's favorite flower/plant

The roses represent mom's children - 5 pink roses are her 5 baby girls; 1 white rose is dad and the other flowers are all of her grandbabies and great grandbabies. Look what she created = 5 girls, 5 boys (in-laws), 10 grandchildren and 8 great grandbabies.  


Friday, February 3, 2012

BUGZ Musical

Last night, Katie was in the school musical "Bugz." The production included all first graders, approximately 200 students, from our school. The little kids got a kick getting to go to the high school for rehearsals. The musical was taken place at the high school auditorium. Each class represented a different species of insects. Katie's class were the Monarch Butterflies. They did such a great job! You talk about a packed house. I didn't invite our whole family because I knew that there would not be enough room for everyone. Instead, I invited the grandparents.
My little Monarch Butterfly
She is singing with all her might


We were so proud of our little bug.  This was the first school performance.  After last night's production, I hope the board decides to continue to have some kind of school performance every year.
Doesn't he look laid back and ready for the day?  I got tickled at him this morning.  He came down the hallway, straight to the couch, asked for his mek (milk) and nana.  He crossed leg, drinking his cup of Joe in one hand and eatin' his nana with the other.  HAHA!  My funny man.