Monday, December 31, 2007

Mom's Progress

Yesterday and today, Mom had a bad day with back pain and nausea. She really scared us all. We, family, have been so aggravated at the doctors for not meeting with us with information of her progress. On top of that we've gotten nothing but mixed information from her nurses. One nurse will tell us one thing and another one will say something totally the opposite. Ugh! Susan, Maryann, Sherry and myself spoke to Mom's weekend Cardiologist, Dr. Aurora, and he said she was a really sick woman with congestive heart failure. Her heart is beating 20-25% when it should be 50-55%. He went on to say that it's going to take time for her heart to get better, but right now she is still in CVICU because of the bacterial infection in her blood. Today, Mom's Cardiologist, Dr. Parks, said her heart is perfectly fine and it was still beating at 20-25%. It's just going to take time for her heart to heal on it's own. Dr. Parks informed us real quick that he didn't know anything much about the infection in her blood. I believe the only reason we were able to speak with Dr. Parks is because Mom had a real bad episode. Sherry, June and myself were in her CVICU room reading her Get Well cards and massaging her hands. Mom was relaxed because she drifted off to sleep and she began talking in her sleep. She drifted off and on to sleep. All of the sudden, she said she was cold and began shaking. We got some covers on her, but she still shook and said she was hurting all over her body. What scared me was she couldn't hardly talk for running out of breath and she began whizzing, trying to breath. The nurse said she was just a little excited and she needed to calm down. We couldn't understand that because there was nothing done or said for her to get "excited." June and I left the room, slowly, so we wouldn't make matters worse on Mom. Sherry stayed in her room with the nurse. Sherry kept asking the nurse, if she should get the doctor and the nurse kept making excuses. At first she said that Mom was alright and she just needed to calm down and then she said the doctor was doing his rounds and she didn't know how to get in touch with him. During this episode, Mom's blood pressure went up to 198/125 and her heart rate went up to 149. By this time Sherry demanded that the nurse get her doctor to check her out. The nurse decided to do an EKG on her and make sure everything was alright with her heart. Sherry thought she could just stand outside her door, but the nurse told her to leave the ICU. Of course, Sherry wasn't happy about it, so she came out in the waiting area to tell me what was going on. I guess June was so upset, she had to go outside and have a smoke and talk to Maryann about it. I got on the phone with Sue and let her know what just happened. I didn't mean to make her upset, but I knew she needed to know. Sue let me know right away that she was on her way. After Mom's episode was over, she was resting and we got to talk to Dr. Parks. I asked Dr. Parks what had just happened and he said it was from the infection. Sherry asked the doctor, if she might have Indocardydous(?). He told her that she very well could have it, but their don't going to test it right now. They are wanting to give the antibiotics a couple of weeks and if she still has the infection, then they would do other tests. Where is Dr. House when ya need him? I think Dr. House would have this case solved and closed yesterday. They did another scan on Mom's gall bladder to see if it is functioning properly. Today's nurse said on Friday's scan of her gall bladder showed some slug. She said that since there is slug in her gall bladder then that tells us, maybe it's not functioning like it should. When I spoke to the nurse yesterday, she assured me nothing showed up on the scans of Mom's gall bladder, kidneyes or liver. Go figure! Since it's obvious, we are not speaking to the right doctor and Mom seemed to be resting quietly. We decided to leave around 4:45. Sue and Maryann felt good enough to not come down. Sherry found a phone number for Dr. Barnes, so I called it while we were waiting. Of course, I didn't get a hold of a nurse. All I could do was leave a message. I'm not expecting a call back from the nurse. It's not because of New Years, but because later I found out that it was the wrong Dr. Barnes. The Dr. Barnes, I left a message for was an Urologist and the one I needed was an Infectious Disease Specialist. Oh well!

We called Sandy last night to let her know about Mom's condition, which wasn't much information at all. She told us to call her if she needed to come home and we couldn't decide if it's time or not. We wanted to leave that up to Sandy because we are just not getting any straight talk from anyone at the CVICU. Sandy told us later, she'll be here tomorrow afternoon. Please keep her in your prayers because they are going through a bad snow storm right now.

I finally got Christmas pictures on the photosite. Happy New Years and God Bless You!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome Lilly Ann

Congratulations Allan & Sarah!
I would like to congratulate Allan and Sarah for the birth of their new baby girl, Lilly Ann. I know Sandy and Wade are very proud grandparents for the fourth time. I just can't believe, I'm a great aunt for the fourth time. I wish them all the very best!

Doug and I stayed home today and it's a good thing because I think I caught a stomach virus from the hospital. I woke up with a headache this morning with a little nausea. It got worse as the day progressed. I'm really weak and my stomach still hurts. On top of that, Katie had some diarrhea in her diaper this afternoon. She hasn't had another bowel movement since. I hope she doesn't have it. I spoke to Sue tonight and she said she felt the exact same way last night on the way home and she still had it a little this morning, but she feels fine now. Maybe this will be a 24 hour thing and leave soon.

I have been checking on Mom throughout the day. Maryann called me around lunch time and let me know what she knew. I called the nurse tonight, around 8:30 - 9:00, to see if she was still doing well. According to the nurse, Mom has been able to talk and breathe much better without loosing her breath. She's done so well with it that they have cut back on her oxygen intake. They have to give her a little oxygen because it is standard procedure for heart patients. She underwent a little physical therapy and did real well with it. The nurses got her sitting up in bed this afternoon and she isn't having any pain in her chest or much in her back. I was so thrilled to hear this news. I asked about the infection and they took more blood out of Mom today. They took blood from two different parts of Mom's body to compare and see if maybe the original test, which detected the infection, might have been a fluke. She went on to say, Mom did have slight temperatures off and on while staying there, so there is an infection some where. The big question is where because all the tests they have run thus far is coming back negative. The nurse did detect a cloudiness to her urine, so she may have a bladder infection. She said she would note it for the doctor to look into it. Who knows? If all continues to go well with her, we are looking at her being released from the hospital by Monday. She won't be coming home, instead she will return to the rehab clinic. Thank you for the continuous prayers!

You'll need to check out J. Jill's sales. I've seen a few shirts and pants, I wouldn't mind having at a very reasonable price, up to 75% off the original price. If you like J. Jill's clothing, you'll have to check it out.

When all is well with Mom and I know I won't have to up and run to the hospital every other day, I think we're going to try the potty training thing once more. I gave it a rest when I felt like I was going to loose my mind, around Halloween. Katiebug will be 2 1/2 years old next month, so maybe this will be a good age to try again. I've got bookmarked a travel potty that's easy to store away in your vehicle and a folding potty seat for when we go shopping from One Step Ahead. They both had very good ratings and I believe will help me out a lot during this whole potty training thing. I've already got the cloth training pants & pull ups for nighttime. Now all I need is lots of patience and a glass of wine every night. tehe! Hopefully, I won't need the wine every night.

I asked Doug tonight if he's noticed Katie's favorite sentence while pretending to read a book or playing? I've noticed it for a while. She'll say, "Snow White, said today, said today." What this means, I have absolutely no idea. I even catch her trying to spell her name. I don't know if she knows what she's saying, but I'll hear her say "atie" or "tie" and rarely "katie." If I spell it out for her, she'll tell me that's Katie's name. We've really spoiled Katie on the cookies and chocolates during the holidays. I've strayed away from veggies and fruit, so I'm trying to reintroduce those food products to her. She loves the fruit, it's the veggies I'm having a little bit of difficulty. She'll say she's not hungry, but as soon as I put up her meal she'll want a cookie or a piece of chocolate. She's all the time asking for gum. I've had to really be strict with the gum because as soon as it's time to eat, she'll say, "no I chew gum." It's gotten to where she'll chew all of the sweet out of the gum and then hand it back to me or throw it away and ask for more gum. She gets so mad at me, to where she'll throw a fit, when I tell her she can't have any cookies or candy. I have a feeling I'm going to have to resort back to the naughty chair because right now the switch isn't working. Maybe I can go back to the chair until that doesn't work anymore.

The other day, it was so beautiful outside that we spent a little time out in the yard, before we got the word Mom had a heart attack. I coated Katie up and out we went. Katie had to play in the back of the truck for a little bit, I don't know what's so exciting about the back of a truck. Then, I caught her sneaking the top to the sand box off. I told her it would be alright with me to play in the sand box. Oh, she was so excited! She had sand all in her hair, all over her clothes and I found some in her mittens. Montana acted so lonesome, so I decided to get him out with us. He had a blast, smelling of everything and everyone. He did real good around Katie. The only concern I had was that he might accidentally knock her down either by leaning on her or with his tail wagging. He was pretty good about staying in the yard with us the whole time. It was funny, Katie wanted in the back yard and Montana wanted in the front yard. Do you know how hard that was when it was time to go eat lunch? I was trying to get Montana fixed up in the back yard and every time I let him go, he would go right back to the front yard. Katie has never really played in the back yard before, so it was cool and adventurous for her. Of course, she threw a fit when I had to pass her off to her Dad at the back door. She was so mad at me because she wanted to play.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mom Had A Heart Attack

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, Mom was rushed to the ER from the rehab clinic. At first, they thought she was having a stroke. She was complaining of chest and back pains the whole time she was in the ER examining room. They ran an ultrasound for her head and there were no signs of a stroke. The EKG was showing that her heart beats were a little abnormal, she was having a slight heart attack. A Cardiologist went in and said it looks like a blood clot formed inside of her heart and her body absorbed it. He went on to say that her arteries were clear, but her heart was apparently stunned because the front part of the heart has stopped beating. He said the front part of her heart should start beating in the next 2-3 weeks. We asked the doctor what could have brought this heart attack. Considering the amount of stress Mom has been under for the past month, could have to been the key factor. After the procedure, they wheeled her over to CVICU and only two people can visit her at a time. The amount of people from our family took up a nice size waiting room, but we were all so scared.

Doug and I went this afternoon to visit Mom at the hospital. On the way to the hospital, we received some more bad news about her condition. Her blood work came back to show there was a growth in her blood, "infectious disease in her blood." She underwent an ultrasound to see if the infection was coming from her Gall Bladder, Kidneys or Liver. The staff told us that we probably wouldn't find out the results until tomorrow morning. She is still in CVICU, so I called her nurse around 9:00 to see if they got the results back from the ultrasound and if she was doing okay. The male nurse said the results from the ultrasound didn't show anything significant. The infection wasn't coming from any major organs, but they are still trying to find out where it's coming from. He went on to tell me that this infection really isn't a disease, but more like a virus and can be treated with antibiotics. They just need to find out what is causing the infection in her blood. Today, Mom seemed to be in good spirits and all she wanted was a chocolate milk shake. I asked the nurse to order it for her supper, so I hope she got it. I know she was having a hard time talking because she would be out of breath from the fluid on her heart.

I told Dad and Maryann that we would stay home tomorrow and keep our ears to the phone. Dad said he would call us if there any changes and if we needed to come down. I've been away from Katie off and on for so long that it's really messing her up. If I step out the door, she thinks I'm leaving again and it gets her upset. She wants me to hold her a lot more than normal and her schedule is off. Maybe me staying home tomorrow will help things around here, with Katie. We appreciate all of the prayers out there and we just ask that you will please continue.

We met Millard and Peggy at Cracker Barrel for supper. I noticed CB had all of their Christmas items 70% off. I had to slap my hands a couple of times because I would see something and knew that we didn't need it. If your looking for some good sales for children, Gymboree is having a good sale right with items up to 60% off. I would like to get Katie the red corduroy heart tee shirt for Valentines Day. I'd like to get up to the store one day and just see what they've got because I don't like having to pay for shipping.

I spoke to Liz late tonight and Lilly still hasn't come yet. Sarah and Allan went to the hospital this morning to be induced and it seems as if Sarah isn't ready. Liz said she began dilating this afternoon and has been at 3 since around 3:00. She said the doctor has thought about sending them home. Who knows! Please keep them in your prayers.

Children Product Recalls
I received a recall notice from CPSC.
Tot Tower Blocks recalled by eeBoo Corps; Children's Toy Can Cause a Choking Hazard.

Gap Outlet recalls Boys' Jackets; Drawstring Poses an Entrapment Hazard.

Have a great New Year's Eve weekend!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish every one a very Merry Christmas!

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Mom's second back surgery was a success, on Christmas Eve. The surgeon said he took another large piece of disk fragment from her back. He said he took a little extra time and looked around in there and made sure there were no other fragments. The doctor went ahead and informed us that Mom might need to go to a rehabilitation clinic for a few days because she is so weak. When the recovery nurses wheeled Mom back into her room, she told a few of us that she would need her rest. Some of us decided it would be best to go home and see her another day. Doug, Aunt Sherry and myself drove by the prospective rehab clinic on the way to O'Charleys for dinner. After we ate, we stopped by the hospital one more time before going home. Mom was awake, but not too alert. She began talking out of her head a little, so we headed home. Doug and I spent Christmas Day with Millard and Peggy. I knew several of our family members would be spending the day with Mom at the hospital, so I knew she wouldn't be alone on Christmas Day. June and KimAnn spent the night at the hospital and they said Mom did real good; however, the doctor and Physical Therapist wished Mom would push herself a little more than what she is right now. June told Aunt Sherry that the doctor got up in Mom's face this morning and gave her a piece of his mind. The big question this morning was, "is Mom going to rehab or not." The doctor didn't think they would accept her right now because she wouldn't push herself, but it ended up being a huge miscommunication between the doctor, nurses, Mom & PTs. Mom said she didn't know that she could get right out of bed after surgery. She said the nurses & PTs didn't explain themselves very much. In fact, it was confusing for us, family members, because one nurse would tell us one thing and a new nurse would have a fit and tell us the opposite. It was your basic "the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing." It just leaves a warm feeling inside my chest. Oh yeah, it could be heartburn! Anyway, by the time I got to the hospital to visit this afternoon, because the doctor just knew the rehab clinic wouldn't accept her right now, Aunt Sherry called me and told me that Mom was being discharged from the hospital to go over the the rehab clinic. Okay! What is going on? According to Aunt Sherry, a lady from Lakeshore Rehab came over and evaluated Mom, she felt she was an excellent candidate for their clinic. Alright, here we go. We got her over to the rehab clinic and got settled in her room. I think it's the best thing for Mom. She will get the proper care she needs. I was aware to her surroundings and I thought it was a nice, clean facility. Mom's room is adjacent to the nurses station, which is a huge relief. Since the surgery, Mom's appetite hasn't been the same. She claims that everything doesn't taste good. Ryan says it's because of the anesthesia from the surgery, it can screw up your taste buds. She is so weak now, I just hope she will eat soon. Poor Dad seems to be a little scared to move Mom or have anyone else touch her, to move. He is so scared, like the rest of us, another piece of disk fragment will come out and she'll have to go through all of this again.

Was Santa good to you this year? He was very good to us again! Doug and I were so excited Christmas morning about Katie seeing her prizes under the tree. We both woke up around 5:30 - 6:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. I got up and turned on all the lights inside and outside of the house. I checked out my presents and soon here came Doug to check out all of his presents. Katie crawled into bed with us around 5:00. Doug said, he was checking on her, while he went to the potty and she wasn't covered up. As soon as he got the covers up over her, she woke up crying for Mommy. I couldn't go back to sleep, so after she dozed off, I snuck out of bed. By 7:30, I couldn't stand it. I wanted her to get up and check on her gifts from Santa. Around 7:45, I finally heard talking in our bedroom. I wanted Doug to video her walking down the hallway, but she insisted I carry her into the Living Room. Right off the bat, she noticed the candy sticking out of her stocking. "Mommy, Santa Claus." She got a chocolate Santa Claus in her stocking. I had the hardest time getting her away from the stocking in order to see the other stuff. She didn't know what to think when she saw the dollhouse. Once she got woke up good, she went right to playing with it. It was so hard getting her away from the dollhouse, in order to open up her other presents. I think Santa did a good job with Katiebug. The dollhouse and school house was a huge hit with her. She also got her Mermaid dress, nightgown, that she wanted so bad. As soon as she saw the dress, she wanted it on right then and there. In fact, it's still on her. I have a feeling that I'm going to have a terrible time getting the nightgown away from her, so I can wash it. Doug and I got her: clothes, kitty pillow/blanket, Snow White figurine, frog doodle board, Princess doodle board, Little People Pet Grooming, puzzle, and magnetic ballerina doll (like paper doll). Millard & Peggy got her a cash register, puzzle, a bear that tells "The Night Before Christmas" story, a vaccum cleaner, Dorothy ("Wizard of Oz") figurine music box, and a gold cross necklace. Doug received: clothes, wallet, Zune, Zune adapter for the car, underwear & socks. I received: clothes, perfume & a new cell phone. I made a Breakfast Casserole that morning and I tried a new recipe. This casserole recipe calls for crescent rolls instead of sliced bread. We are still eating on it, but I think I like it better and it didn't make as much as the last recipe I made. This recipe has 6-8 servings, whereas the other was around 10-12 servings. We had a big feast at Millard and Peggy's place. Horace and Joyce came over for a little visit. They were lucky enough to find a restaurant to eat lunch. Katie played with her new toys and when it got dark enough, we all headed out to see the Christmas lights. We got back home a little early because Katie was getting grouchy about sitting in her car seat. We ate a little bite after getting back to Millard and Peggy's house. Later that night, Henry and Sam came over to visit a little. Katie didn't know what to think about Sam. She won't talk to strangers, but she'll stare them down until she gets warmed up to them.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Prayers for Mom!


Mom got in really bad shape Thursday morning. I visited Mom last Tuesday and she looked good. She was up sitting in a chair with her hair fixed, dressed up and had makeup on. While I was there, she would get up every once and a while and walk around the house. I thought she was doing good. She didn't think she would need her pain pill at noon, so she skipped it. By 3:00 that evening, she was beginning to have some pain in her leg. She took the pill, but it took some time before taking affect. She was in some pretty bad pain. She was looking pretty tired and in pain, so I thought it would be good to leave and let her rest. I checked on her Wednesday and she was still having a bad day. By Thursday morning around 8:30 - 9:00, Sandy called me all upset about Mom. She said that she just got through talking to Dad and she could hear Mom moaning and crying in the background. Dad told Sandy that Mom couldn't get out of bed because of her leg pain. As soon as I hung up from Sandy, I called over there and sure enough Mom was experiencing pain in the same leg. Sherry didn't want me to come over right then. Instead, I got ready and made plans for Katie. Sherry called a little later, worried about Mom. She didn't think she should be going through this kind of pain after having back surgery. Something was going on, but what? Peggy and Millard picked up Katiebug and took her home with them, while I headed over to Mom and Dad's house. I called all the sisters to let them know what was going on. Mom was in pretty bad shape by the time I got there. Around 11:30, Sherry and I tried calling her doctors to let them know what was going on with her. Unfortunately, the receptionist said no one would be in the office until after 1:30. Ugh! Dr. Wilson's nurse called me back after leaving a message on her phone. We told her our concern about a possible blood clot in Mom's leg. She suggested we get her to the hospital to get an X-ray of her legs and make sure he didn't have a blood clot. We had a terrible time getting her out of the house and down to the car, in order to get her to the hospital. She was in extreme pain from the time we left the house until the ER nurse put meds in her. You feel so helpless when you see your loved one in so much pain. The ER performed an ultrasound of both of her legs, to make sure she didn't have blood clots. She was also wheeled down to MRI, to check her back. The good news was she didn't have blood clots. The bad news was another piece of disk fragment from her ruptured disk broke away and was pressing up against another nerve. We couldn't get over it. A Neurosurgeon explained, after Mom was admitted, that it wasn't anything she did. He said, she could have coughed and the piece of disk might have come loose. Dr. Harsh, Neurosurgeon, wanted her to be able to go home because she had a baby aspirin the day before and would not be able to have surgery on Friday. He was afraid there would be a high risk of bleeding. In the ER, we got Mom already to take home. The release forms were being filled out, we had prescription meds to last the whole weekend. Mom wanted to go to the bathroom before leaving the hospital. Oh my gosh! To watch what happened to her just so she could go to the bathroom was awful. Mom couldn't move that leg and it took four or five nurses to assist her to sit on a fracture bed pan. She was in so much pain. A lot of things started running through my head. Beings that Mom and Dad have steps that lead up to their house door, how could we get her in and out of the house? How can we get her to go to the bathroom? If you even touch her bad leg, she starts crying. Since she won't have surgery until Monday, we felt it would be better for her if she stayed in the hospital all weekend. I know there are risks because the ER doctor warned us, but we knew we couldn't give her the consist care (drugs & bathroom assistance) like she would get at the hospital. The first night she was admitted into the hospital, we went back home to get a couple hours of rest and head back to meet with the surgeon. I think because we didn't get much sleep, our nerves were out like barbwire. Dad told us, he would be staying with Mom that night, Friday. Around 1:30, Sherry and I eased out so we wouldn't get caught in traffic coming home. Dad said Mom got some rest last night, but still has pain whenever the techs or nurses touch her bad leg. Maryann is staying with her tonight. She told me that the doctor has prescribed Mom some Oxycotin every 12 hours and Moraphine, when needed. The doctors are afraid fluid might develop in her lungs, so they want her to do breathing treatments. They tried to get her to sit up in bed and move her legs a little for circulation. Since she can't sit up and much less move her leg, they've decided to give her shots in her stomach that contains a blood thinner. Tomorrow, Sherry, Nat and myself plan to visit Mom at the hospital. Like I said, Mom's surgery is Monday, Christmas Eve. Of course, our Christmas Eve party has been temporarily postponed. We are hoping and praying she might be able to come home on Christmas Day. I ask you to please keep her in your prayers. Thank You!

I received a message from CPSC, "Solider Bear" toy brandname has recalled a few toys. If your interested in this recall, please check out this notice: Please keep in mind that I don't list all recalls on my blog. If your interested in any possible recalls, please check out CPSC's website.

Doug went by the Movie Gallery and rented "Stardust" for me. Yeah, I might be a little twisted, but I thought this movie was pretty good. I must warn you that this movie is one of these that you have to stay with it in order to know what's going on. You can't go for a snack or potty break while the movie is playing or you'll loose your spot. There is no nudity, but it suggests. However, there is some violence in this movie. Doug said that he started to get "Rush Hour 3," but decided against it since we've already seen it at the movies. Oh, I couldn't believe he didn't get it. I have to say, out of all the "Rush Hour" movies I've seen, this one is the best. I laughed from the time it started to the time it ended. Of course, this movie is adult content, but it is so funny! It is a must see.

Moms - if you don't already know, Gymboree is having a great sale going on right now that's up to 60% off the original price. You'll have to check out their website, if you're interested.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Momma Survived Christmas Cookie Baking Day!

Okay, I think I have lost my mind. Ugh! What was I thinking? Why did I think making Christmas cookies with Katie would be a lot of fun? Today was definitely memorable, that's for sure! I figured that if I fix her up a little working station, she would be patient cutting out cookies and sprinkle sugar crystals after I frosted each cookie. Crazy! In fact, it was the complete opposite. As we are putting flour on the table to roll out the dough, she grabs my cup of flour and gets flour all over her from head to toe. I begin rolling out the dough and no sooner that I got the dough rolled out, she either puts her fingerprints all over the dough or she decides, she can cut out the angel or candy cane herself. Right in the middle of the rolled out cookie dough. Ugh! Then I caught her licking her cookie dough fingers. She later confirmed that the cookie dough was good. I had to wash my hands off, in order to take her back to the bathroom and wash her hands. I guess, I had to stop and get her hands washed about a half a million times, while baking cookies today. She would get tired of helping Momma and get down to play. Next thing I know, here she comes again wanting to help. Decorating the cookies was something. She ate most of the candy rather than putting them on the cookies. She didn't like waiting for me to ice the cookies first. There were a few times where she would grab a plain cookie and tell me that she would "do it", which means to decorate. Believe it or not, I had to put both Katie and myself in "time-out" during the cookie baking. What a day? I don't see how Liz does it with two children. She bakes a lot and Maddie helps right along with her Mommy. I baked just a half day and I was ready for a glass of wine to calm my nerves. After it was all said and done, we were able to fix Daddy a platter of Christmas & Chocolate Chip cookes to take to work tomorrow for a party and we even had enough for us. Shoo!

I'm having the hardest time getting Katie to try new foods or foods she hasn't eatten in quite some time. Right now, I have to use her favorite TV shows to get her to take bites. It's just getting that first bite that's the hardest. The other day, I warmed up some Italian Wedding Soup with Veggies and she kept pushing my hand away. That is until I threatened to turn her show off, then she would take a bite. Oh, she liked it then and she ate it all up. Today, it was Mini Beef Ravioli. As soon as she saw it she said, "I not like it Mommy." I finally got that first bite and she nearly ate a whole big can. You'll have to check out the Ravioli face on our photosite.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Love Your Family Unconditionally

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If I decorate my house perfectly with plaid bows, strands of twinkling lights and shiny balls, but do not show love to my family, I'm just another decorator.

If I slave away in the kitchen, baking dozens of Christmas cookies, preparing gourmet meals and arranging a beautifully adorned table at mealtime, but do not show love to my family, I'm just another cook.

If I work at the soup kitchen, carol in the nursing home, and give all that I have to charity, but do not show love to my family, it profits me nothing.

If I trim the spruce with shimmering angels and crocheted snowflakes, attend a myriad of holiday parties and sing in the choir's cantata but do not focus on those I love most, I have missed the point.

Love stops the cooking to hug the child.

Love sets aside the decorating to kiss the husband.

Love is kind, though hurried and tired.

Love doesn't envy another's house that has coordinated Christmas china and table linens.

Love doesn't yell at the kids to get out of the way, but is thankful they are there to be in the way.

Love doesn't give only to those who are able to give in return but rejoices in giving to those who can't.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails. Video games will break, pearl necklaces will be lost, golf clubs will rust.

But giving the gift of love will endure.

Merry Christmas!

A church friend sent this message to me and it is so true. Yeah, sometimes your family can get under your skin, but I don't know what I would do without them. I LOVE YOU!

Oreo Cookie Ball Recipe

1 pkg. oreo cookies
1 block cream cheese.

I just used my food processor and put the cookies in and crushed them and then cut up cream cheese and added to cookie crumbs. Then I blended them till all together. Dump into bowl and finish mixing till all blended together. Roll into walnut size balls and put in ref. for 1 hour. Then you melt 1 pkg. almond bark and take a toothpick and dip the oreo balls in and put on wax paper till they cool. Then if you want melt a little chocolate bark and put in to ziploc bag and clip a small corner. Then you drizzle over the cooled oreo balls to decorate. Thats it.

A guy that Doug works with brought these to work today. Doug brought home some samples along with the recipe and I have to say, they are delicious! That is if you like Oreo cookies.

Katie and I went to Wal-Mart and spent every cent we had in our name for food. We got paper products, plastic ware, air fresheners (a needed item), ingredients to make a Christmas Breakfast Casserole and Christmas cookies. Our buggy was bulging with all the stuff. I had coupons for most everything I had in our buggy. Would you believe the cashier forgot to put the coupons in time? She apologized as she was handing me my coupons back. Ugh! All that time and effort clipping coupons and the lady forget to put them towards my bill. She told me, I could take my receipt and coupons back to Customer Service for a refund. I told her it was alright and it wasn't worth it. As I was walking half a mile to the car, I realized that I should do it. This same situation happens to me all the time, I've even reminded the cashiers about the coupons and they still forget or didn't see them. I've practically stopped using coupons because what's the since in having them when the cashier forgets to add a $.40 valued coupon towards your bill just for you to turn around and have to go to the Customer Service to get your money back. It can be frustrating. Plus, the manufacturers make it so hard on people to even bother with them. For instance, you have to buy 2 of one item just to save $.50. Anyway, by the time I unloaded the cart, I decided to go get my money. Katie and I went straight to the Customer Service and I expected to wait forever, but it wasn't that bad. My stack of coupons gave me $7.85 back, but of course that didn't touch my purchase of well over $100. It's the principal of the thing.

I stopped by "Peppers" and grabbed some lunch for Aunt Sherry, Mom, Katie and myself. Aunt Sherry had their Potato Soup in a bread bowl and Garden Salad with Ranch dressing. Mom and I got their Chicken Salad Sandwich and fruit bowl. Katie ate a few bites of hot dog because she's ate nothing but junk food today. I've never had their Potato Soup, but Sherry said it was very good. Dad was so sweet to give Katie a half a pound of chocolate kisses before we left. I thought I was going to loose my mind when we got home. She was so whiny and yet so full of energy. I figured the whininess was from only taking a 15 minute nap (in the car) and the energy was from the sugar high. THANKS DAD! LOVE YA!

I have to say, Mom seems to be doing great. She was up and down while I was there and Sherry really encouraged her to last a little longer with the walking. It was music to my ears. Mom looked good as well. She actually dressed herself, no PJs, and put on some makeup. The only thing, I believe Mom regrets is that she didn't take her pain medicine at noon, like she was suppose to. She said, she didn't think she would need it, but by 3:00 she was beginning to have a little pain. Of course, by the time she got her meds in her, she was really feeling the pain. I don't think she'll do that again.

Tomorrow is going to be our Christmas Cookie day. I plan on making some Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing and sugar sprinkles. Yummy! Hopefully, I've got enough ingredients for both Doug's work and our annual Christmas Eve party. I'm nervous, but excited about the party. We are expecting 24 people. So far the weather looks like it will be beautiful that day with temperatures around 56 degrees. I've been praying and I know God will take care of us.

Have you checked out the new Gymboree line, "Holland Days"? Now, I like it! I hope they will hurry up and do the jingle deals on this line. I think the red sailor dress is adorable. You'll have to check it out: .

Don't forget "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" movie is coming on this Sunday on the ABC Family channel, I think around 5:00 - 6:00. You'll have to check out your local listings. I'm so excited! I've got it TiVoed so Katie won't miss it. Everytime she sees the commerical, she thinks it's coming on next. Do you know how hard it is to explain to a two year old that it's just a commerical?

Take care!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Mother's Letter To Santa

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Dear Santa,

I've been a good mom all year. I've fed, cleaned and cuddled my children on demand, visited the doctor's office more than my doctor and sold sixty-two cases of candy bars to raise money to plant a shade tree on the school playground.

I was hoping you could spread my list out over several Christmases, since I had to write this letter with my son's red crayon, on the back of a receipt in the laundry room between cycles, and who knows when I'll find anymore free time in the next 18 years.

Here are my Christmas wishes:I'd like a pair of legs that don't ache (in any color, except purple, which I already have) and arms that don't hurt or flap in the breeze, but are strong enough to pull my screaming child out of the candy aisle in the grocery store.

I'd also like a waist, since I lost mine somewhere in the seventh month of my last pregnancy.

If you're hauling big ticket items this year I'd like fingerprint resistant windows and a radio that only plays adult music, a television that doesn't broadcast any programs containing talking animals, and a refrigerator with a secret compartment behind the crisper where I can hide to talk on the phone.

On the practical side, I could use a talking doll that says, "Yes, Mommy" to boost my parental confidence, along with two kids who don't fight and three pairs of jeans that will zip all the way up without the use of power tools.

I could also use a recording of Tibetan monks chanting "Don't eat in the living room" and "Take your hands off your brother," because my voice seems to be just out of my children's hearing range and can only be heard by the dog.

If it's too late to find any of these products, I'd settle for enough time to brush my teeth and comb my hair in the same morning, or the luxury of eating food warmer than room temperature without it being served in a Styrofoam container.

If you don't mind, I could also use a few Christmas miracles to brighten the holiday season. Would it be too much trouble to declare ketchup a vegetable? It will clear my conscience immensely.

It would be helpful if you could coerce my children to help around the house without demanding payment as if they were the bosses of an organized crime family.

Well, Santa, the buzzer on the dryer is calling and my son saw my feet under the laundry room door. I think he wants his crayon back.

Have a safe trip and remember to leave your wet boots by the door and come in and dry off so you don't catch cold.

Help yourself to cookies on the table but don't eat too many or leave crumbs on the carpet.

Yours Always,


P.S. One more can cancel all my requests if you can keep my children young enough to believe in Santa.

Laura sent this letter to me and I thought it was right on the money, so I wanted to share it with all the other Mothers.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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Brrrr! What happened over night? Day before yesterday it was 80 + degrees and now it's 33 degrees this morning as we were headed to church. This year gets my award for the most weird weather. When church was over, Doug went to get the car and get it warmed up. Can you believe it was snowing on us as we were leaving the church house? It wasn't a whole lot of snow just flurries. I'm still waiting for the snow storm of the history. Do you remember the snow storm of '93? Wow! What a Winter Wonderland? I would love to see Katiebug get all coated up and playing in the snow. Why is it if we are going to get snow, it comes around Spring time? Oh, well.

Aunt Sherry & Uncle Roger left their house today and is headed here for a little while. I believe, they said they would be spending the night half way here and will be at Mom & Dad's some time tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers that they have a safe trip.

I spoke to Mom this afternoon, she sounded tired. She said she got up walking 10 times today. Her doctor wanted her walking around the house for 20 minutes a day and starting tomorrow, he wants her to walk around 30 minutes every day. Mom's afraid she can't make it 30 minutes a day. She did say she was able to make it to the bathroom today by herself. Words just can not express the joy I feel in my heart to see my Mom being without pain. Yeah, she's not 100%, but I know God's fulfilling her needs the way He sees fit. It has crushed my heart to see her in so much pain for the last year and now she can get up out of a chair without any pain. PRAISE GOD! This is just another case where He has answered prayers in His time and in His own way. It's too bad, we're not as patient and understanding as our Lord, God. I know when something happens to me, I want it fixed right away. Then I have to realize, God will provide what is needed.

Are you ready for Christmas? I can't believe Christmas Eve will be here a week from tomorrow. Where has time gone? Beings we will be hosting the annual Christmas Eve party this year, I still have a few small things I have to put in place. For instance, get plenty of plastic ware such as cups, plates, silverware, and bowls(hopefully, this will help out on the water shortage), order the meat & cheese platter, make some Christmas cookies and clean the house thoroughly.

Don't work too hard tomorrow and have a great week!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Famous Coca Cola "Buy The World A Coke" Commerical

The other night while driving home from the hospital, Susan and I were reminiscing about old Christmas commericals. Who had the best Christmas commericals? I believe this was our favorite, I can't believe it was made the year 1984. How time flies? Of course, Whitney didn't know what we were talking about. Well, Whit this is the commerical. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Note: Be sure and pause my Christmas music before playing this video.

Camping Out By The Christmas Tree

I remember when my Mom would let me sleep by or under the Christmas tree every year because it was tradition. Well, I've passed the tradition down to Katie last night for the first time. She couldn't understand why I wanted to keep the Living Room floor clear, put up the toys. Then she saw me pull out the air mattress, sheets, blanket & pillows. She'd ask, "whatcha doing Mom?" I didn't want to tell her too much because I was afraid it would affect her sleeping. I calmly told her, we needed to get ready for bed. Right off the bat, she wanted me to read her a story. This is one of her many ways of stalling going to sleep. When I got the bed inflated and putting on the sheets, she was bouncing all over it. I had the hardest time calming her down for the night. Doug went on to the bedroom because for some reason, he didn't want to send the night with us. After he left, I turned the TV over to "It's A Wonderful Life." I just love this movie. Of course, it's one of the long list of traditional, all classic Christmas movies that is a must watch. Luckily, I TiVoed it because Katie wouldn't let me watch it. She wanted to have a pillow fight. Then, she tried flying off the couch onto the mattress, which she reported to me that it was fun. Of course, you have the run and jump on Mommy while she's lying down, trying to watch a classic movie type fun. It took me about 30 minutes to an hour to get her settled down and asleep. I know now why I don't like her sleeping with me, she's a bed hog. Before she finally went to sleep, she got right on top of me and said, "I sleep with Mommy."

Our next door neighbor called this afternoon. Her little grandson, Will, had Katie a Christmas present and it was killing him to not give it to her. Unfortunately, Katie was still taking her nap, but I told her I would call when she got up. I got to thinking, Mrs. Evelyn & her family always comes over to our house. I thought it would be nice for us to go over there once. As soon as Katie woke up, I cleaned her up and here we go. Will and her seem to have lots of fun playing at his grandma's house. Evelyn, Charles & I stayed in the Living Room talking, while the kids were in the back bedroom playing. Apparently, Katie found the candy because here she came with a sucker. Oh well, there goes Supper. I guess it's alright every once in a while to be filled up on junk food. I got Katie pulled away from playing with cars & airplanes long enough to open up her gifts from Will and Mrs. Evelyn & Mr. Charles. Will gave her a couple of Winter outfits & a stuffed snowgirl (too cute). Mr. Charles & Mrs. Evelyn gave her a baby doll (so sweet). I knew Mrs. Evelyn was fixing Will's Supper, so I had to pull Katie away from having fun with Will. I hated it, but he needed to eat and we had to go visit my Mom.

Doug, Katie and I went over to Mom and Dad's this evening. Her condition seems to be improving every day and her doctor wants her to walk around the house approximately 20 minutes a day. She says that she is still a little weak and I've noticed she's having problems getting to the potty in time. Susan came by this morning and assisted Mom in her bath. From what I understand, the doctor instructed Mom not to run the shower down her back. Thankfully, she has one of those telephone shower cords. I'm sure that helped out a lot along with a seat, you could sit down in the shower. I know Mom was so happy to get a bath after several days without one. Everyone has been so sweet to send cards, flowers, call her by phone & come by to visit. She appreciates all the encouragement and love from everyone. Thank You! My Aunt Sherry (Mom's sister) & Uncle Roger are leaving tomorrow to come visit Mom. Aunt Sherry went through a similar back surgery and she wants to come and help Mom out. She knows what she's going through, so she'll be a big encouragement. Plus, it doesn't hurt us girls to have Sherry here because she knows how to handle Mom when she gets unruly.

Hope you have a wonderful week and remember Christmas is right around the corner. Are you ready? Ho Ho Ho! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thank You For All The Prayers - Mom

Yes, it's been a while since I've blogged. As you may know, my Mom has not been well with her back for over a year now.

Last Monday, my Dad called me real upset. He said Mom could not get out of the bed. She got as far as sitting up in bed, but couldn't get out of bed and then couldn't lay back down in the bed. I could hear her crying over the phone. Mom was telling Dad to call an ambulance because she couldn't stand the pain anymore. Dad didn't know what to do because we had just went to the hospital that past Thursday. Plus, she was scheduled to get a block the next day, Tuesday. I told him that I didn't know exactly what to do, but I was coming over because two heads are better than one. Meanwhile, he said he would call Maryann. When I got over there, poor Mom was in so much pain that you could see it on her face. I felt so bad. Thankfully, Maryann was right behind me and knew what to do. She and I stayed on the phone calling doctors, ambulances & hospitals. Dad couldn't hear real good, so I tried to assist Mom when I would hear her moan & cry out. She said her severe pain was located on the left leg from her hip to knee. She would just hold her leg, rock and moan. Poor thing. I wanted to do something for her so bad. We got an ambulance and they got her out of the house by a step chair. According to the EMTs, we had to take her to the nearest hospital because of her insurance. Shoot! They sold me because they said she would get the same treatment, less the distance. They also mentioned that if the doctor admitted her into the hospital, then the hospital could have an ambulance to transport her to the Pain Clinic for her block. That sounds real good. Right? Mom was treated so terrible at this hospital. First of all, you could tell the ER doctor (intern) didn't want to be there and then you've got the manly woman nurse man handling Mom into the car. I'm not lying! Mom couldn't get back in the car, when she was released, so this big old woman came over, bear hugged Mom and set her in the car. Poor Mom was in so much pain, she screamed, cried and begged Dad for help. Well, the nurse got an ear full from all of us, especially Susan. Susan got in her face with her finger, telling the nurse all of this was mishandled & uncalled for. I was stunned at what just happened! I was scared to death that the nurse made Mom's back problems worse. There were several nurses outside ready to assist, they all accused the ER doctor of directing them to transport Mom in this fashion. Unbelievable! We, the family, decided to file a report to the hospital Administrations Director against the ER doctor & responsible nurse. We also requested to meet with the ER doctor & any responsible parties. Right off the bat, Doug and I got the doctor's full name. Of course, no one would take responsibility to the problem and how it was handled. Fingers were pointing every where, but at themselves. We realized this problem probably would not be addressed later to the higher ups, so I didn't waste my breathe complaining too much. We did hear the doctor's side of the story & we continued to fill out the report for the director of administrations.

We all agreed to take Mom straight to another, more respectable, hospital. What a difference? The ER was very attentive to her needs and showed some compassion, according to Dad & Maryann. I was relieved to know she was there and they would allow her to stay in a "Overflow Room" because she was scheduled to go to the Pain Clinic at 8:45 a.m. When Mom got settled down (high powered meds), Maryann left the hospital around 4:30 a.m. I got to the ER around 7:00 a.m. to go with them to the Pain Clinic. I was so pleasantly surprised how wonderful the staff treated her and us. Because Mom was in so much pain, her doctor didn't want to give her a block without additional tests. The MRI showed she had for a fact a ruptured disk in the L4 & L5 area of her spine. Also what makes it so bad is the bone fracture was poking up through the spinal canal and pressing a nerve. The Neurosurgeon said this is a rare case because most bone fractures point down or break off into the Spinal Canal. You can see it clear as day on the x-rays. On the x-rays, you can also see where her spine is deteriorating. They wheeled her on the gurney all over the place, from the ER to the Pain Clinic. From the Pain Clinic to the Neurosurgeon and back to the hospital to be admitted. What a trip! We were just so pleased and thankful that they found out what was wrong with her. She was scheduled for back surgery the next morning.

I can't remember all the times, but she was one of the first patients to undergo back surgery that morning. The surgery was a great success! The incision was about an inch long and it took the doctor 30 minutes to do the procedure. Later that evening, a couple of nurses helped Mom get up out of bed and walking. It was a great feeling to see her sit, stand & walk without any severe pain. Yeah, she's a little sore, but nothing compared what the shape she was in on Monday. Normally, this type of surgery would be an outpatient thing. Since Mom came into the hospital in the condition that she did, the surgeon felt better if she stayed over night for observation.

After walking some more this morning, she got to come home this afternoon. I know she has to be relieved to be home. I believe, Katie and I are going to go by and visit a little bit tomorrow.

At the hospital, she received beautiful bouquets of flowers, plants, phone calls, balloons, cookies, chocolates, cards, and an angel (Doug & I bought her). While Mom was under a lot of meds, we couldn't help but giggle at the things she would say. Oh my gosh! First of all, her male nurse was "Joe" from New Orleans (Cajun). Oh, she loved him taking care of her. He had the dark hair, eyes & complexion going for him. Right off the bat, Mom tells Joe that I married a Cajun like him. What? Where in the world did she get that idea? He looked at me and started talking and I had to set him straight, "I'm not married to a Cajun." She says, "well, you know what I mean." Then a little later, Joe comes in and amazed how well he is taking care of Mom, Sue (jokingly) asked where was he the other night. She was thinking about the terrible experience at the other hospital. Mom speaks up and says, these girls' husbands are gone a lot. What? Susan said, "Mom. That's not what I meant." Before the night was over, Mom was calling Joe, "Joe-Joe." It seemed as if, what ever Mom was thinking came out of her mouth. We laughed and laughed at her, which was good to cut the tension. You never knew what Mom was going to say.

We are just so thankful for God answering our prayers!

CPSC Recall List

  1. Codee International Corp. Recalls Children’s Jewelry Due to Risk of Lead Exposure. Here's the link:
  2. Children’s Toys Recalled by Dollar Tree Stores Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard. Here's the link:
  3. Infantino® Recalls Infant Teethers Due to Choking Hazard. Here's the link:
  4. Fishing Games Sold at Grocery Stores Recalled by Far East Brokers Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard. Here's the link:


Liz and Sandy, along with others, through Sarah & Allan a surprise baby shower. If you don't know, they are expecting a little girl, Lilly, some time the end of December. Congratulations guys! We Love You!

Happy 2nd Birthday Maddie!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Prayer Request

Wednesday, Mom woke up in extreme pain from her hip down her left leg. The way she explained the pain, it sounded more like muscle spasms. While Dad was off running errands and doing his morning walk, Mom said she nearly fainted just walking to the bathroom. She promised me, she would stay in a chair until Dad got home. She refused Katie and myself coming over. She assured me that Dad would take care of her. I checked on her a couple more times during the day. She didn't sound good at all, but Dad was bringing her meals and assisting her as needed.

Yesterday, Katie and I got dressed, packed up a few things and drove over to Mom and Dad's house to spend the day. Mom didn't want us there, but I told her "tough." Later that day, she told me (teary eyed) that she wasn't ready for her daughters to take care of her. She thought she would have a few more years behind her before she would have to depend on some one's help. Help to do the necessary, every day things like go to the bathroom or have her meals prepared for her. I know she still has to have a little pride in herself and I hope I was considerate enough to her feelings and pride. Yeah, I had to tell her a few times that this is the way it's going to be. But I had to say it because Mom and Dad are so afraid of inconveniencing anyone. I had prayed the night before, God would put His hand on Katie. I didn't have a babysitter, so I had to take her with me to Mom and Dad's. I had no idea what the day would bring us, I left it up to God. I didn't know if I would have to take Mom to the hospital, doctor's office or just sit there and hold her hand. Peggy is normally off work on Thursday, but she already had plans until 1:00. Both Mom and myself, called her doctor's office all morning until I finally got a hold of a nurse around 3:00. I explained to the nurse what was going on and she suggested going ahead and taking her to the hospital. Now, Mom had to decide which hospital she wanted to go to. I got a hold of Sue, June & Maryann and let them know what was going on and that we would keep them in touch as soon as we knew something further. Peggy came by, picked up Katie and took her back to our house. Dad, Mom and I loaded up and went to St. V's. I felt so bad for her while I was helping her to the car. The pain was all over her face. By the time we got to the hospital, she began to shake uncontrollably. At first, I thought she was colder, but she said she was fine. She just couldn't stop shaking. The ER ran very smooth. I couldn't believe we were at the ER because the whole process went so smooth. Mom didn't have to do a thing, but sit in her wheel chair and breathe. They let me sign her in and I didn't have to fill out a book of paper work, just to get her admitted. Shoo! No waiting room. In fact, a nurse came over, took Mom's vitals and away we went to a room. What? It's too bad not all ERs operate this way. If I had to guess, the doctor was assisting Mom within 30 minutes from the time we got settled in the room. Wow! Dr. Dawson was very compassionate and gentle with Mom. He really seem to listen to her and spent as much time as possible with her. Since Mom has an appointment next week to have her third Saddle Block, Dr. Dawson thought it would be best to just give her some muscle relaxers and high powered pain pills to get her through the weekend. Yes! They went ahead and gave her two shots for temporary relief until we could get the prescriptions filled. We were out the door of the hospital and in the car by 6:00. The nurses suggested one pharmacy that was open until 8:00. The directions, we received took us straight in the middle of a Christmas Parade. Yuck! Not too sure where we were going, we found a CVS and Dad took the prescriptions in to get filled. Yes! I guess we got back home around 7:30 or so. It took us a while to get Mom back in the house, but we got her all settled. June and Nic brought her over some supper and we got her some meds in her. The type of medicine Mom's taking, I don't plan on hearing from her very much this weekend. She called me this morning around 10:00 and reported that she was still here. She said she thinks she did alright last night. I went over to their house tonight with supper and she was out of it. She just looked at me dazed. I asked her how she was feeling. All she would say is "I don't know." I had to chuckle and informed her that apparently the drugs are working, if she doesn't know if she's in pain or not. She told me that she fell asleep talking to her brother, Rex, on the phone. She said she woke up hearing him say over the phone "hey, are you still there?" I asked her, "that's some good stuff, huh?" I know when I was on the same stuff with my wisdom teeth, I would be out and not really know it. It hits you that quick. She added, she spilled her water on her because she fell asleep while holding it. Some good stuff!

I ask that you please keep my Mom in your prayers that these pain killers will work up to her doctor's appointment for the Saddle Block. Also, pray this third shot will do the trick and she will be pain free.

This morning, Katie and I loaded up the car and did a little more Christmas shopping. Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm finally finished with all of my Christmas shopping. Are ya jealous? tehe! Just kiddin'. This is the part of Christmas I love, to sit back and enjoy the season. Hey, to all of you last minute shoppers. If you need a gift for Mom and Dad, they are in need of bed linens (Queen size). Belk was having a pretty good sale on their sheets, so I got them a set and a light blanket. Yeah, yeah. I know what you are going to say, "what happened to the slide scanner?" Well, the scanner Maryann, June & I were looking at had been discontinued and the next good quality model scanner was $200, after rebate. Yuck! We, including Susan, still think it would be a great idea, to get Mom and Dad's old slides scanned and saved onto a disk. Maryann wondered if we could find someone, for this price, to scan all of the slides for us. May be we can discuss this idea again next year. Can you believe Belk is already getting their Spring/Summer lines in stock? I had to exchange a dress Katie received from Millard and Peggy. They didn't have anything different, so I decided to go ahead and get one of the new lines. It's pretty cute! The shirt and skort has grasshoppers & ladybugs all over it. I had to get this other polo shirt, pink button up with white daisies. I think Katie will look so cute in them.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shop Til You Drop!

Peggy, Katie and I did a little Christmas shopping yesterday. We had a good time and I know Katie sure acted like she was having a good time. We were able to knock three people off of Peggy's Christmas list. At the mall, Peggy and Katie went around and around on the carousel. They made me dizzy just watching them going around and around. Katie wanted to do it again and I heard Peggy say something like no, I'm dizzy. Before we left the mall, Katie got to ride the Choo-Choo train and a little car. Peggy and I both tried our best to convince Katie to go talk with Santa, but she wouldn't have it. May be one of these days, Katie will sit on Santa's lap. We had lunch at Logan's Roadhouse and it was so good. I had their Fried Chicken Salad. Yummy! Katie ate some Chicken Tenders with fries and Peggy had the Chopped Sirloin. Katie doesn't like to eat breakfast as soon as she gets out of bed, so I knew she had to be hungry by lunch time. As you know, Katie doesn't like bread or anything with bread on it. Well, I guess she was so hungry that she ate a yeast roll with butter on it. The only way she would eat it, I had to cut it up in small pieces. Peggy promised her, she would take her to the toy store if she ate her lunch. Katie was all for that because that's all we heard the whole time we were trying to eat. "I ready to go to toy store." "I done, I go to toy store." I've been wanting Peggy to show me this toy store in town where her and Millard got Katie's baby buggy. It's a real nice toy store with all sorts of unique gifts. Katie had a blast and we had the hardest time getting her out of there. The store had a couple of cloth playhouses set up, along with a slide, a huge bean bag, wooden kitchen set, rocky horse and puppet theater. She was so busy running back and forth. She loved the playhouses & puppet theater. Then, I showed her the kitchen set. Oh, my goodness. Peggy and I were talking about how bad it was she can't have a kitchen set right now because we know how much fun she would have with it. I told Peggy, she might get one when we move into a bigger house. The only way we could get Katie to leave, we promised her we would go to another toy store. Every store we stopped at, she'd ask "toy store?" We had to tell her, no this isn't the toy store. Our last stop was Target. By this time, Katie was about give out and didn't care about the toy store. I told Peggy that I didn't want to break our promise to take her to the toy store. I had Katie lay her head on my jacket in the shopping cart. She was so tired. She perked up as soon as we got to the toy section. We went through all of the toys and I was able to show Peggy one of the gifts, I wanted to get Katie for her third birthday. It's a bounce playhouse for outside by Little Tykes. Peggy said it was the exact same bounce house her and Millard found online. Shoo! I don't know about Peggy, but I was wore out by the time we got home. Katie took a little cat nap on the way back to Peggy's house. I just knew, she would go straight to bed when we got to our house. Nope! She was wound up and hungry. I stopped by KFC and picked up some supper, it was so good. I think I was just hungry because Doug said it was a little greasy. I just wanted to go to bed after I ate supper. Needless to say, Katie wasn't ready for bedtime. I put her to bed at 9:00 and I guess she didn't go to sleep until close to midnight. I went through the hour of excuses why she couldn't stay in bed with the light out (she pooh-peed in her diaper, thirsty, she needed some more milk in her sippy, she needed to be tucked in, she needed the covers over her head, she wanted a different blanket, a different pillow, etc.). This list could go on and on. The last time I put her to bed around 10:00, I cracked her door this time because I didn't want to go to sleep with her door closed. To her advantage, I woke up around 10:30 with her laying between Doug and I in our bed. I was so tired, so I grabbed another pillow and had her get under the covers. Those of you who have kids, you know it's difficult to sleep with them. Well, Katie couldn't be still long enough for me to go back to sleep. Then, she starts with "I want something to drink, Mom." Ugh! It was around 11:00, I picked her up and put her back to her bed kicking and crying. She snuck back in our bedroom several times after that until close to 12:00. Yes, we slept in today! I woke up at 7:00 and rolled over. I think we both got out of bed this morning at 8:00.

Prayer Request
A couple from our church gave birth to their third child this past weekend, a little boy named Caleb. Caleb decided to come early. He weighs a little over 5 pounds. Little Caleb needs your prayers because the doctors and nurses are having some trouble controlling his blood sugar, it wants to go up and down. He is going to be staying in the NICU for the next 72 hours on an IV drip. His parents, Stephanie & Jimmy can go in and see him at any time. I don't know at this time, if Stephanie will be able to stay in the hospital with Caleb until he is released. Please remember this family in your prayers.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Playing In The Leaves

Katie and I enjoyed this morning outside getting some fresh air. We got all coated up and I took her on a long hike in the back of our house. She had a blast! We came to the creek. Oh, wow! She was having a fit. Katie informed me that there was water. "Water Mommy, water." I thought I was going to have a hard time keeping her out of the creek, but I really didn't have a problem. Of course on the way back, I had to carry Katie on my back. In the yard, she was having fun playing with the leaves. I grabbed the rake and piled some leaves up for her to play until it was time to go back inside the house.

Please remember my Mom in your prayers. She is scheduled to have her shot on the 12th of December. I know she's ready to get it over with and back to walking. Let's just hope this shot will do it for her.

I've been going through the television guide and marking all the Christmas movies, I want to record. The ones I've already recorded have already been paying off. When I have to do laundry, clean the house or wash dishes, I select one of the Christmas movies and let Katie watch them. She is in love with "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," "Shrek The Halls," and "Snoppy" off of the "Peanuts." I've seen a commercial for a Sesame Street Christmas Special on the UBN station that I would love to record. The only thing is I don't know when it's coming on. I pressed the arrow to the right until all the guide will say is "To Be Announced." Every time Katie sees the commercial, she wants to watch Sesame Street. Do you know how hard it is to explain to a two year old that it's just a commercial and we can't watch it right now? She'll begin begging me as I'm trying to explain the situation. When I finally find out what night the Sesame Street Christmas Special comes on, I'll let you know.

I've got lots of things planned for us to do during the month, I hope we'll be able to do them. I'm wanting to make Christmas cookies with Katie. I would like to get a cookie press because it would make things a little easier. I remember helping my Mom decorate Christmas cookies with a cookie press. I remember her pressing out green trees and red bells, then I would decorate them with colored sugar sprinkles. Do you remember the small silver balls of sugar? I can't find them anymore. Katie and I have to spend one night sleeping by the Christmas tree. Sleeping by or under the Christmas tree is tradition. Another tradition is going to the annual Christmas Arts & Craft Fair. Katie will get to open one gift from Daddy & Mommy before it's Christmas time. My Mom would do this every year, which made it very special. Finally, we have to go driving around and looking at all the spectacular lighting displays, this is my favorite.

I can't hardly believe Christmas will be here so quickly. I still have a couple of gifts to buy and preparations to make. I was able to finish my Christmas cards and put them in the mail box this morning. I'm sure our mail lady loved receiving all of that today.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Okay, so I was wrong about Ohio State vs. Georgia, but then I really don't understand the whole BCS stats. I know before I went to bed last night, Ohio State was ranked #1, Georgia was #2 and LSU was #7. Now after the official BCS Championship announcements tonight , they have Ohio State #1, Georgia #5 & LSU #2. Go figure! It looks like Alabama will be at Shreveport, LA this year for the Independence Bowl. We hate that Wayne and Laura are disappointed because we won't be going to the game this year. Doug is really down and out about Alabama's performance and couldn't care less if he sees them play another game this year or not.

Nicholas was nominated for some scholarship money sponsored by the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution also known as DAR/SAR. Every high school in our county selected one outstanding Senior student for this honor. Every nominee had to fill out an application and write an essay about the preservation of our American Heritage or something pertaining to that subject. The winner was based on the best written essay. The judges said that they had a very hard time deciding who the winner should be because there were so many great essays. Most of Nic's family was there to support him during this exciting moment. Each student was asked to stand up, introduce themselves, what school they were representing and introduce their guest they brought. Each student was able to bring a Mom, Dad and even a Grandparent or two. They asked for the guests to stand, while being introduced by the student. Well, when it got to Nic, he said that he would just introduce his Mom and Dad because he had two rolls of relatives. The program leader understood Nic's dilemma and asked for all of Nicholas' relatives to please stand. His essay didn't win him the scholarship money, but we are proud of him no matter what. The DAR/SAR organizations had a nice program and reception for the students. More pictures are available on the photosite.

On the way home, we stopped off at one of our shopping center parking lots to see Santa Claus and his live reindeer. Katie had a fit! There was a huge line of people getting their children's pictures made with Santa Claus in his sleigh. Doug and I couldn't believe the photographer wasn't using a flash on his Nikon D40 on such a dreary day like today. Luckily, we had our camera to take a few pictures of the reindeer. Unfortunately, Katie couldn't take her eyes off Santa and his reindeer long enough to get a picture made. We had an awful time getting her to leave. She started crying and I had to remind her that Santa was watching her. I pointed to Santa, told her that he was watching her being a bad girl and she needed to be a good girl in order to get presents under the tree. As soon as I said that she straightened up real quick, but she expressed to me that she didn't want to leave. More pictures are available on the photosite.

I've been feeling a little under the weather (sick headache). After we got back home, Katie and I curled up in bed, watched "Peter Pan" on TV and took a nap. Doug got home in plenty of time to drop us off and he went to his Deacon's meeting at church. I took about a 30 minute nap, but I felt a little better when I got up.

I got an update on Emily's condition. She got to come home yesterday and will be on an I.V. for the next 10 days in order to fight off her infection. She said that she appreciates all of the prayers and she is feeling real tired.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

Susan and I got to talking this morning and we thought it would be a good idea to visit Mom. I know Mom had not been able to physically decorate for Christmas. We thought it would be nice to decorate her house for her. Us girls love to decorate for the holidays, but we didn't get too carried away. Mom was so surprised to see us (including Leslie) driving up in her driveway. Mom gave her Christmas tree (from last year) away, so we piled up in my car and here we go to Wally World. Against Mom's approval, Susan and I picked up a 3 foot pre-lit Christmas tree. Mom wanted a little bitty spit of a tree to put on her table. She thought a 3 foot would be too big. Well, it fit perfectly and she was pleasantly surprised how well it looked. While we were out and about, we decided to take Mom around to do a little Christmas shopping. She still had a few people on her gift list. Susan, Leslie & myself helped her with some gift suggestions and she was able to get all of her shopping done. Back at the house, Leslie and I decorated the tree, while Susan decorated the rest of the house. I think Mom liked the way the house looked. I know she enjoyed having the company more than anything.

While I was at Mom's house, Doug stayed here and finished decorating the yard. Yes, we have most if not all of our Christmas decorating complete. Frosty is outside standing by the Christmas tree, greeting all passerby. Santa's sleigh and reindeer are waiting patiently for Ol' St. Nick to show up out on the lawn. It was a perfect day to get outside and do either yard maintenance or decorating for the holidays. When I left Mom & Dad's house and headed back home, I noticed a lot of people outside decorating and racking leaves. Katie fell asleep before I even hit the highway. She was exhausted! We let her sleep on the couch until about 4:30-5:00. Doug and I turned on all the lights throughout the house and outside. We had to wake Katie up to see the lights. She loves her Snowman. She had to have a chair up to the window, so she could check on the lights ever so often. She was admiring all of the ornaments on our Christmas tree when she noticed the Santa Claus'. She said, "You got to be good to Santa, he brings you presents." I asked her if she had been good. "Uh huh," she answered with her eyes all big. Of course, she had to remind me a few more times on how you have to be good to Santa and he'll bring you presents. It amazes me every day the little things she remembers.

What do ya'll think about the final two big football teams left (Ohio St. & Georgia)? Wow! I don't think anyone was expecting these two teams. I think I would like to see Georgia win this one. Normally, I would root for Ohio State because my Mom's from the State of Ohio, but I like to see the underdog win it.