Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday - Maryann!

Well, today is Maryann's birthday and I won't mention any numbers. tehe! Mom, Dad, June, Whitney, Katie and myself helped celebrate Maryann's birthday by meeting her at Captain D's for lunch. It was great to see Whitney today. I thought it was so nice, she was able to get away from her studies for a little bit and visit her Mother on her birthday. How sweet?!? Katie was just so excited to see her "June." Who cares about eating when there's June? Right? Katie did eat a few fries and lots of strawberries and grapes, when we got home.

THE BOYS ARE BACK! I enjoyed the guys on American Idol. I thought they did a real good job, except for Sanjaya. I feel he is not in the same mature league as the others. Without sounding really mean, I think this is the year for big people. There are a few big voices with big bodies in this competition and I like it.

Doug and I went ahead and got Katie a picnic table for outside. Guess where it is currently? In the Living Room! tehe! As if we have any room for it to be in the Living Room. Hopefully it will get much warmer and we can move it outside. It's pretty cool. Little Tikes have really stepped it up since the late 80's and early 90's. Now, the picnic tables have cup holders, they fold up for easy storage and have an umbrella. Katie loves her table. She would rather eat her meals and snacks on her new table then in her high chair.

We went to Office Max and found some really neat workbooks for children at the age of 2-4 years. They are suppose to help Katie with her colors, letters, numbers, shapes, sizes and letter sounds. They come in your choice of characters (Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues & Sesame Street), but what's really cool about them is you can write on them with washable crayons or markers and easily wipe the markings off. We got Sesame Street and Katie likes hers because it has Elmo and Zoe. Right now, she just colors/scribbles in it. These workbooks must be a hot item because they sell quick that's why I went ahead and got a few of them. I've checked out Wal-Mart for these wipe off workbooks and I haven't been able to find them.

A lot of you know I'm a little addicted to ebay. The last purchase was a couple of weeks ago, Twin Bedding Set and a pair of Stride Rite shoes for Katie. The bedding set is so cute - lavender with chenille border and white embroidered dragonflies. So sweet! Her shoes are white dress shoes for Easter. I took a little break since these purchases, so now I'm on the search once again. This time I'm looking for Katie a swimsuit. I've seen some cute suits and I really like those that have matching covers. I've got a few on watch, so we'll see how it goes. If you have small children and you like the name brand clothes, a lot of the times ebay is the way to go. You just have to be careful about what you're buying. I have won a few auction bids on ebay and I really believe I got them for much less than their worth. Now, I've let myself be out bid several times because I wouldn't spend a penny more, which is fine with me. I don't let it frustrate me because I know there will always be something else around the corner. When I look at children's clothing, I do catch myself looking for unique clothing. I've got a few on watch because the starting bid is so low and hope I might have a chance to get them.

Take care and God Bless!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Girls' Night Out

Well, I was beginning to wonder if our Girls' Night Out was going to happen or not. Doug was suppose to have the day off, well he was asked to come in and leave at 2:00. My brother-in-laws & Dad had to work a 12 hr shift + everyday this weekend. Yuck! My nephew tried out for Soccer and didn't think he would be home in time for Doug to pick him up. At 3:30, I was beginning to worry about Doug because he wasn't at home yet. He calls me at 4:00 saying he had to attend a meeting and was running late. Maryann didn't know if she could meet us at Sweet Peppers Deli or not. Well, I'm happy to report it all worked out for the best. Doug and Jon were able to hit the road on time, headed for the Outdoor Dinner in B'ham. They said, they had a really good time and hated that the others guys missed it all. Poor Nic missed Doug and Jon, so he met up with us girls at Sweet Peppers Deli. What a nice place?!? It's a new restaurant here in town. They serve anything from soup and sandwiches to stuffed potatoes and salads. They are priced a little high, but you get your monies worth. I got 1/2 Chicken Salad Sandwich, mixed fruit, sweet tea and 1/2 Chocolate Eruption Dessert (Yummy!). We got to the deli around 5:15 and we had a very hard time finding a parking spot. The place was packed. Very Good! I highly recommend this restaurant. After dinner, some of us wanted to see the movie "Because I said so," with Diane Keaton. It wasn't playing until 9:30 and we thought that was too late, so we took a risk and saw "Norbitt." Oh me! What a movie? I have to admit, it was funny but gross. It is very suggestive for a PG13 movie. There was no nudity, but I think it should have be rated R. I think everyone of us were a little embrassed to be watching it. I don't recommend any kids 13 - 17 yrs. old watching this movie. At June's house, Nic and myself played his new Wii. How fun! I like it! Of course, I stink at every one of the games but it was a lot of fun. We played tennis, bowling and golf. I play the Wii Golf a whole lot better than I do in real life. That's sad. When Doug and Jon got there, they got to play baseball. Doug seemed to really enjoy it, but today he is a little sore from swinging the bat.

Millard and Peggy kept Katie last night and most of the day today, while I was at the Beth Moore Conference. Wow! Even though the conference was a simulcast from Tyler, TX, it is rewarding to be able hear Beth Moore's teachings. I've heard her teach a couple other times, she just gets you all pumped when she gets so excited. Her energy amazes me. We sold a little over 100 tickets at church and Beth Moore's team reported, they counted 150,000 + tickets sold country wide. Praise the Lord! I believe it went very smooth and organized. We tried to be on top of things and solve some minor problems without any of our guests knowing about it. We had a few responses and won't know for sure until later, if there were any life changing responses. I was pretty tired by the time I got home. I got to church this morning at 8:45 and it wasn't over until 4:30. If you haven't heard of Beth Moore or read any of her books, I highly recommend it. She'll point things out to you that you've never really thought about. Today's lesson was about how we are pulled into the pit of sin by Satan and how wonderful God reaches down and pulls us out as soon as we cry for His help. The background reading came from Psalms 18 & 32. No matter who you are her teachings will hit, like a ton of bricks, right in line with what is going on with your life whether is was yesterday, today or tomorrow. I bought the book and as soon as I'm finished reading it, I would be glad to let you borrow it and get a blessing out of it. I know I will and I know you will too. I've got so much reading to do and not enough time (too much blogging - tehe!). I just got in a new Joyce Meyers Study Bible "Everyday Life" and "Sparkling Gems" by Rick Renner. "Sparkling Gems" is a daily devotational book that goes that extra step by breaking down the Greek words in the bible so you can get a clear understanding.

Leslie has joined the blogging world. Congrats! I've added her link to the far left, if you would like to check it out. I have to agree with what she said to me - it's a lot of fun! I may not have a lot to say (important), but yeah it's fun.

I got some comforting news from a church friend today about Katie and her fits. She told me her daughter started her terrible 2s at an early age (18 months) and is doing much better now she is 3. She thinks Katie must be going through her terrible 2s at an early age and feels she will be out of them when she turns 3, like her little girl. I sure hope so! Speaking of my church friend, her and her husband is going through a very hard time right now. They've been trying for a couple of years now to have a second child. I don't think they had a hard time getting pregnant with Ava, but I've never really asked her and I didn't have time to talk about it today. Isn't "Ava" a beautiful name and she is a beautiful little girl as well. I just ask you to please lift my friends up in prayer with their fertility issues. I know they would appreciate all the prayers. Thanks!

Cullman City has made the local TV news once again. Check out the question I've posted regarding pet licenses. The city mayor says it has nothing to do with getting money from citizens, but all about safety. I'm interested in what you think. There are no wrong answers, so please feel free to express yourself.

Take care of one another and God Bless!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol - Girl Auditions

Last night's American Idol was great. If the boys want to stay in this competition, they are going to have to step it up and get with it. I love Sabrina, Lakisha & Jordin. You can just tell their hearts and minds are into the competition. I really see them making it into the final 5, along with Chris of course. tehe! I really didn't get to sit down and watch this week's final results (who got kicked off) because I had a lot of catching up to do around the house and dealing with Katie. All I know is my favorites didn't get the boot.

Speaking of Katie, I'm ready for some time off. Please don't miss read this statement and think I don't love my child. I do and always will. She has really been testing me for the past couple of weeks. I don't know if I'm coming or going with her. I've tried the 1 2 3, last warning, naughty chair and whip them and go to bed. I've run out of ideas. It's gotten to where I'll ask her (when she gets into trouble) if she wants a whipping. "No," she'll say. "Well, straighten up," I'll say. Some of the times, she'll actually straighten up. What breaks your heart is when she'll come up and tell me . . . "I sorry, Mommy." My heart melts and then I wander if I was too hard on her. I really try to pick my battles and I give warning and tell her several times what is acceptable. It's when she refuses to mind me or she forgets A LOT. I'm having a hard time breaking her of turning real quick and diving. Scares me to death. She gets on the couch and when I catch her running back and forth (having a good ol' time), I get on to her and she'll dive to the other side of the couch, without looking at where she's going. Not too long ago, she did that and I caught her foot as she dove over the side of the couch. She's also dove over the side the our bed one morning and I caught her leg. She didn't get hurt either times, but it got my heart to racing. Of course, she thought it was so funny. I was looking in the bathroom mirror the other night and honestly I believe I'm getting more and more gray hairs. Every gray hair on my head is well deserved.

I want to give a special "Thank You" to Laura for the nice compliment about my blog. It was very sweet of her and I appreciate it. I don't know where Laura got her template for her blog, but I really like it. I think it makes the blog look more professional. I didn't have that option when I created my blog, but I like the lighthouse.

If there are any Billy Joel fans out there he's in concert this weekend! If you've never seen him, you've got to go. Doug and I got to see him and Elton John (Face to Face Tour) and it was awesome. Billy really knows how to entertain the audience. We've seen Elton John by himself once before and thought it was great (2+ hours of him singing), but we didn't expect how great Billy Joel would be. I'll have to see, but surely he'll be in Huntsville as well. Another singer that's coming to town, Harry Connick, Jr. I would really like to see him in concert and I heard he was coming to Huntsville in the next month or two. I'm going to have to put my fingers to the grindstone and find out all the info on these tours. Doug and I didn't get to see Alabama's Symphony Orchestra last year (our schedules), so I need to put forth the effort this year. Last year, they were playing at a church in B'ham and I had the fullest intentions of getting tickets as a gift to Doug, but something came up.

Tomorrow is the big ladies night! Woo Hooo! I can't wait. Doug, Jon & Nicholas are going to B'ham. Kaitlyn is spending the night with her Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw, while us ladies go out on the town. I'm ready to let my hair down and have a good time. After this past week, I think I deserve it.

Take care of each other and God Bless!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spring is in the Air!

Wow! It was a beautiful day in little Cullman - 70 degree weather with sunny skies and a cool breeze blowing through your hair. Apparently, everyone else in Cullman Co. thought the same thing and decided to get out and about. I usually go to town on Wednesdays because there is usually no one out on the streets and especially WalMart. Not today! Several people, men and women, were out buying plants and gardening supplies. One lady went as far as wearing her Daisy Dukes and a T-Shirt. I guess she felt that she had to show off her Winter (Tanning Bed) tan. She looked cold to me. Burrr! Katie and I got back home in time to go outside and enjoy this weather. She played with her tractor, wheel barrel and ball. I guess we stayed outside for about 1 - 1 1/2 hours. She was content walking around the front and sides of the yard. She was doing good until she wanted to pluck my Crocus' and Daffodils out of the ground. I let her pick one flower to play with, but it wasn't enough.

Have you heard about the Oscar Mayer Ready to Eat Chicken Stripes? They could be contaminated. This was reported by Fox News today. Here's the article for your reading: http://www.foxnews.com/wires/2007Feb18/0,4670,ChickenRecall,00.html.

Okay, do we have any American Idol fans out there? Personally, I thought the guys did terrible last night. The only good male vocal was Chris (with curly hair). I really like him! Unless he takes a nose dive with his singing, I think he'll make the top 5 and who knows maybe the top 2. I think Simon will really get after him about changing his looks. He did that with Bo and Taylor, but they didn't take Simon's advice and they made it. I hope the women will do a much better performance than the men. We'll see tonight - DON'T FORGET!

Praise Report:

  • My uncle that I mentioned yesterday. Well, he's doing much better. According to my Mom, he was getting ready to go home yesterday, but his back went out. So they had him go back to bed in the hospital. I know that sounds awful for it to be a praise report. Well, a teenager lost control of his vehicle and went right through my uncle's apartment. The vehicle ended up in my uncle's bedroom (I think on the bed). If my uncle had gone home when he was suppose to, no telling what would have happened. The dear Lord was watching over him.
  • My niece is still doing good with her pregnancy.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Start Blogging?!?

Well Laura, I did it. I've joined millions in the blog circuit. I had to be apart of this blog experience because I felt like I was left out of something. tehe! I can't promise how good I will be at this kind of thing. I say this simply because I never was good at keeping an up dated journal when I was younger. I guess I will just have to take it slow and easy the next few days in editing the way I want my site to look. This particular blog site has so many choices to choose from and I like choices.

I sent most everyone (I had access to email addresses), regarding the "Key Bumping." Have you ever heard of this? According to our local news, the instructions on how to do is and how to get access to one of these keyes are all over the web. VERY DISTURBING! According to Channel 13 News there have been no current local reports of this crime, but they wanted the public to be aware and prepared. Here's the article, if you don't know: http://www.nbc13.com/gulfcoastwest/vtm/news.apx.-content-articles-VTM-2007-02-20-0010.html. Tell anyone and everyone you know about this article.

It was beautiful today in God's country, but a little windy and rainy. Katie and I stayed inside and watched "Dogs" (in translation: The Lady and the Tramp). We also made a fort in the Living Room (sisters - do you remember the days?). She loves it when we play fort. She gets so excited and gathers all the toys and puts them in her fort. Eventually, she begins to pull on the blanket (fort roof) and all is over.

I believe I've finally got Katie ready for Easter. I've been watching a pair of Stride Rite (white) shoes. Well today(Wayne), I got 'em! I hope I won't be too disappointed when they are delivered. I was amazed over the whole bid because I was only the second bidder and I had no fight for them. I guess shoes are not in a big demand like dresses. I fought this past Sunday for a butterfly smock dress with hair bow and lost at the last second. It was the hardest I've ever fought for since I became an "ebayer." Now I've got the shoes, so I told Doug I won't be bidding anymore for awhile. I'm too afraid I've become addicted. It's a woman's dream mall. You don't necessarily have to dress up (put on makeup) and get ready to go to the mall. Your there with a click of a button! SO POWERFUL!

Next Friday night, Doug, and some of the men on my side of the family are going to an Outdoors Conference in B'ham. They liked it so well last year, they made sure to go back this year. Susan said she wanted to go to the movies and watch a new movie with Diane Keaton in it. I can't remember the name of the movie - sorry Susan. I told her, I would like to go as well, that is if Peggy would not mind keeping Katie. We'll see. I don't know what the other girls are planning on doing.

Saturday, I've volunteered to help out with the Beth Moore Simulcast Conference. I have exactly no idea what I'll be doing, I just told Ms. Dorothy to put me to work. More than likely, they'll have me greet people as they come in that morning (9 a.m.). Dorothy said they may have me help with the sack lunches and clean up later, which is fine with me. We always have fun putting these things together; however, I've never worked a Beth Moore Conferences. It may be more work than I first thought. I guess we'll see. We had our first Beth Moore Conference last year and it was somewhat of a success (100 + people), so we hope to raise the bar lots more. I'll let you know how it went.

Prayer List - I would like to ask you to please remember these people in your prayers. Thanks!
  • My uncle - has been in the hospital (ICU). He has Emphysema real bad and recently was admitted to our local hospital with Pneumonia. Yesterday, Mom was hoping he would be able to come home either yesterday or today. I didn't get an update today. Hopefully, he's home and resting.
  • My friend that has Parkinson's Disease, isn't doing good according to her daughter. She is taking high powered drugs for her pain and discomfort. The drugs are making her hallucinate.
  • My niece is expecting her second baby. I spoke to her Mom yesterday and it sounds like she is doing great.
  • A Sunday School Class Member is in the hospital with a pulled/torn ligament. I don't remember which one it is. She is in quite a bit of pain, from what I hear.