Monday, August 11, 2014

Surprisingly Short Summer Vacation

Wow!! This seems to have been the fastest Summer vacation EVER!  I think it went fast because we have had the biggest and best summer yet.  Visiting museums (Helen Keller Birthplace; Jesse Owens Museum; Oakville Indian Mounds; The World of Coca-Cola) of all kinds, staying by the pool, enjoying the Wednesday night adventures at church and so many family gatherings.

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Our Little Girl turned 9 years old
She looks so growny anymore and her height has shot up over night.  Both of my kids have been like weeds this summer.  Surprisingly, I haven't been able to keep Colton full for the past week.  He is already tall (80% in average height) and I've had some people tell me that it sounds like he is going through another growth spurt.  I wish both of my children would just slow down.  I'm not quite ready for this!  

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Katie with her new American Girl, Isabelle
Instead of a big birthday bash, she decided that we would celebrate by visiting Atlanta, GA.  We stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Alpharetta.  Our friends have told us so much about the American Girl experience package and we just had to try it out.  It was one of the best birthdays ever for her.  She absolutely LOVED it!  She didn't have to celebrate alone.  We brought her cousin with us to share the AG experience.  I felt like a little kid again.  It was a lot of fun.  

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My husband and son had no interest in staying in an all pink room (beds covers; pillows; trash cans; robes; alarm clock; etc.), so they got their own bachelor pad and shared a king size bed.  Here is Colton crashing my bed, while the girls ate their cookies before bedtime.  

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Cookies and milk were delivered just in time, before bedtime.  I have to say, the cookies were pretty good.  Colton snuck him one before he went back to his room.  

While we were visiting Atlanta, we stopped by Legoland, The World of Coca-Cola museum, The American Girl Store and downtown area.  I recommend Legoland to any Lego enthusiast.  We rode a few small rides, played with Legos, watched a 4D movie, and played in the jungle gym.  Loads of fun!  Personally, my favorite was the Lego Mini Land.  It was NEAT!  It's amazing how these little bitty Lego bricks can make something as large as a skyscrapers.  You just have to experience it.

Us girlies enjoyed the American Girl store.  You could have lunch with your American Girl in the bistro or get her hair fixed.  The clothes and accessories that you can buy for your American Girl made my eyes explode.  So much to take in at one time makes me want a NAP.

The World of Coca-Cola museum was a little more than I bargained for, but then we did decide to show up there during the day on a SATURDAY.  HELLO!  Can you GENIUS?!?  If I could give anyone advice right now about the museum, it would be DON'T GO ON A SATURDAY.  We waited a century just to get inside and we bought our tickets online.  It was crazy, but the kids enjoyed it once we got inside.  The kids loved the bear and having their picture taken with it.  They also enjoyed trying all the different Coke tastes all over the world.  My favorite was Latin America, very good flavors.  After we left the museum, we decided to go eat and ride the Skyview next to the Centennial Park.  I loved it because you get to see all of Atlanta.  Very beautiful!  Colton got a little sick on us, he gets a little nervous when it comes to heights.  Thankfully, we had air conditioning inside our cabin.  The girls had a blast looking outside and pointing to all the landmarks.

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We had a couple new arrivals this summer as well.  May I introduce to you my new great niece and nephew and yes, they are twins.  They are just sweet and precious.  Us aunties can't wait to spoil them and send them back to their parents.  tehe!! 

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It is hard to imagine that school is back in session.  Both of my children start back this week.  They are both very excited and I'm excited for them.  

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Today was our school open house and it went real well.  Open house is just a great opportunity to drop off requested school supplies, meet teachers, find out where the kids' desk are located and visit with old and new friends.  I like to get all of the needed forms answered, turned in and all questions to teachers, answered.  I also take the opportunity to put money in the kids' lunch account, visit with other mommy friends and get up-to-date with school PTA.  

Katie gets to exchange classes once this year between math and reading teachers.  I am happy to report that she is very pleased with her new teachers and very excited to start school because she actually knows several people in her class.  It's amazing how a good first week of school is based on "who you know in your homeroom class".  Last year, she didn't have one girl in her class that she knew.  The first month of school was a nightmare, until she was able to get to know the girls in her class.  Of course by the end of the year, they were all big friends.  Last Saturday and Sunday, Katie began her pre-school jitters fear fest.  I warned her that I won't be the first in line to pick her up anymore because I'll have to get her little brother.  She began to worry if I would be at school on time to pick her up; if her friends would be in her class and if she would like her teachers.  Here we go Lord!  Lots of prayers were said for the next couple of days.  God does answer prayers and it just so happened that they were in Katie's favor this time.  

Colton had a chance to meet his teacher and classroom today as well.  He was so shy, when she spoke to him and asked him questions.  I was happy that he did answer her questions, but in a very low voice.  Let's just hope that voice stays low all school year.  Shew!  That boy can TALK!  I think he is going to LOVE his class and surprise, one of his friends from church will be in his class.  I love it when my kids know and like other kids in their classroom.  It just helps me breathe better.   

Ballet starts back up next week and Katie has decided to try jazz as well as ballet this year.  She was hesitate at first, but after long deliberations and her dance teacher talking with her.  It was final, she would take ballet and jazz.  HAHA!!  She gets nervous when it comes to change.  She eventually likes change, it's just getting there that's the problem.  Poor baby!  

I hope you mommas have a great "Back to School" month!!  


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Laura said...

Great pics! And yes! Alise told me yesterday that summer has gone by too fast. I was like, put your big girl panties on Sista cause we gotta do this!