Monday, September 12, 2011

Yard Sale Frenzy

Last Friday and Saturday was the 10 mile yard sale located in the Gold Ridge area. Yes ladies, I said "10 miles". This is one serious yard sale. It had something for everyone. I had the pleasure of participating with a few of my family members. So much fun! Doug and I took over two truck loads full of stuff (clothing, toys, furniture, other odds and ends). I thought I had everything priced reasonable and guess that's why I came home Saturday afternoon with only two plastic containers. Yay! I was so pleased. We had six families pull all of our items together and filled up poor Kim Ann's front yard and garage. We tried to organize as best that we could. Kellie had a brilliant idea of putting out ice cold drinks for $.50 each. They went fast. She didn't bring a whole lot of stuff to sell, but she made her money by selling drinks. I know the people up the street had their nice lemonade stand, selling drinks for $1.00. Word travelled fast and it wasn't long before people were headed our way. I had 2 1/2 large tables filled with boys and girls every day clothes. I'm talking about mounded. When it was over I had about 20 pieces of clothing left, if that. I had Doug a table by himself with all of his brand new pants, shirts and coats. Everything was gone, except for one nice golf button up polo.

Maureen and Kim Ann kept laughing at me using my salesman technique on people. I love it when parents would bring their children with them. I love to play on the hearts of children. Especially if they have mama and daddy tied right around their finger. TEHE! I would try to size people up as they were walking up the driveway. We sold a few things that way. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. {darn}

We all got to Kim Ann's by 5am and worked until 7pm Friday night. Saturday morning, I got there at 7am because June and Kim Ann told me to sleep in. I wished I had followed my instinct because by the time I got to Kim Ann's street, it was major chaos. I couldn't get in and no one could get out. Vehicles were parked on both sides of the road, causing the traffic to go to a single lane. When I finally got there, a few of the shoppers were telling us how they witnessed a police officer writing tickets. Oh me, crazy! By Sunday morning, I was talking with one of the ladies that was at the yard sale. I asked her if she knew anything about it. She told me that she witnessed the whole thing. An older lady was mad because someone parked in her driveway and she was ranting and raving about it. She had her vehicle parked vertically in her driveway, but people apparently parked next to her. The church lady seemed to think the cop was writing a ticket just to pacify the irate woman. There were several homeowners that had ropes or vehicles blocking their driveways and/or front lawns, if they didn't want anyone to park. I'm telling you people could have made some extra money, if they charged shopper to park in their driveways and/or yards.
Here is just a glimpse of the chaos from our front yard.

I never had the opportunity to do a little shopping this year.  Fortunately for me, this community has this yard sale every year.  I may not be participating in next year's sale, but I'm definitely going to be there.  Mark you calendars ladies. 

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Allison said...

I always loved the 10 mile yard sale, you can always find something there! Glad you did so well! Miss you guys!