Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome Zayden Lee

I would like to introduce to you my new great nephew, Zayden Lee.

Mom and baby are doing great! Daddy too. {hehe}

This past week, Whitney called me just to chat. She had not been feeling all that great. Morning sickness was coming back and I knew what she was talking about because I went through it with both of my children. I think I received a month break before the acid reflux and nausea came back. Bless her heart, I felt so bad. At the same time, I reassured her that this was good because it wouldn't be long. Her initial due date wasn't until October 4th or 6th, I believe. So we all thought she still had some time before thinking that the baby was ready to come into this world.

Thursday night, Peggy and I were out doing a little shopping and we were talking about Whitney and the baby. I told Peggy that Friday was Whitney's birthday and how nice it would be if the baby decided to come on her special day. Well yesterday, I received a phone call from Maryann saying that Whitney had been having some pretty bad pains and was on her way to the hospital to get checked out. Not knowing if the baby would come that day or it he would wait until the next, I kept in touch with Maryann. Once I knew for sure he was going to arrive sometime last night, I grabbed a ride with Natalie and away we went to the hospital.
Look at all that hair.

Thankfully, we were not at the hospital before Whitney received her shot to relieve the pain. Shew! Everyone said it was rough. While we were all waiting in the waiting area, Kevin came by and said that he heard the baby crying. That's all it took. We ALL got up and headed for their door, wanting to hear the same precious cries that Kevin, "new paw-paw," did. He had just came into this world a few minutes before we got there, around 7:35PM.
Ryan and Sarah had just gotten off work, to come and see the new family member born.  At least Ryan didn't have far to go after getting off of his shift, being his residency is at the same hospital.  LOL!  It was funny seeing him in all his scrubs and little hat walking down the hallway from the hospital.  It's hard to imagine that little Ry-Ry and Natalie are now aunt and uncle. I feel old!

Happy Birthday Whitney and Happy Birthday Zayden!  She couldn't have received a better gift than this precious little boy.   I think you'll agree, he is a bundle of sheer joy and happiness.
Such a sweetheart
He was so alert.  Maybe it was all the noise and lights flashing, but I think he just wanted to meet all of his family and join in on all the fun.

Of course, Kevin, Maryann, Wayne and Robin are very proud first time grandparents.
Proud New Grandmas
Proud New Parents

I'm so happy for Zayne and Whitney, starting their own little family. We wish them all the happiness.



The Keyes Family said...

Love it! How exciting. The baby is just precious. Makes me excited to meet our newest member but boy do I have a ways to go lol. Thanks for posting pictures. Adorable.

Laura said...

Congrats to the new family!