Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bandz Coming Out My Ears!

We survived a bad thunderstorm the other night, but that is what to expect in early Spring. It's just amazing, it was just last week we were digging ourselves out of 6 inches of snow and ice and the past few days have been such a delight with upper 60s and 70 degree weather. It was so nice on Tuesday that Colton and I had a picnic. He wanted to stay outside and play, but his tummy was rumbling. We went in the house and got our lunch boxes and packed us up a nice lunch. He didn't know what to think. All smiles, he put in his bag of chips and cookies. I was actually shocked that he wanted to try my peanut butter sandwich. He is very picky and never would try peanut butter because it looked weird. Well, he likes it now. He still has his favorites, but he will take a bite or two of a peanut butter sandwich with nothing else on it. I told him how I love honey on my peanut butter and he wrinkled up his nose. Little stinker! I told him where the picnic blanket was and here he came down the hallway with this big ole' quilt. "Is this it mom?" he said gasping for breath. He was so excited that we were actually going to eat outside. He insisted on taking his shoes off before getting on the blanket. Then, he would waller around on the blanket as he ate his sandwich. He never stays still for a second. When we were finished, he informed me that he liked our picnic and that we should do it again. LOL! 

Do you have Bandz obsessed children? My daughter recently got involved in Bandz and making bracelets. She complains because the loom I purchased isn't made the same way as the girls on the instruction videos on YouTube. We've found out the hard way that the pegs are not laid out the exact way the instructions tell us and I've tried to modify, but it's doesn't work. We don't have a Michaels close by, but I promised Katie the next time, I'm close to a Michaels that I will pick up the loom her cousin uses. Well my child has developed this obsession with her bands. Every time I turn around she is making bracelets and I didn't even know that there was a level. She is ecstatic that she made it to level 4. I'm like, what doesn't that mean exactly? She explained to me that each level is based on what type of bracelet you can make. She knows how to make 4 different types of bracelets. My response is "Wow! Well okay." I've had to threaten to take away the bands a couple of times because she doesn't consider it priority to clean her room or taking a bath before designing her next creation. There are times where all I want to do is pull out my hair. What can I say? She's 8 and good at it. She has requested more bands because she is running out. The rainbow bracelets require a lot of them apparently. I finally asked "what are you planning on doing with all of these bracelets once you have finished?" After roller her eyes and thinking a bit, she said "keep them." I suggested that she give them away to friends or something. I mean, she loves making them. Put them to better use. Something for heaven sakes. If she had enough of them, I wonder if the local hospital would allow you to distribute them to sick kids. Wouldn't that make a nice "get well" present? I think it would brighten those little kid's day to receive something like that. I'll have to do my research and talk with Katie about it. 

I really haven't cooked anything new lately. It's been the same old same old. Because of the bad Winter, we've been eating a lot of comfort foods: soup, casseroles, hearty-fattening stuff. Trust me, you can tell that I'm packin' it. LOL! It's still a little cool to be eating salads and grilled foods, but I'm all ears. What do you recommend? After preparing my children for school in the mornings, there are times that I completely forget to eat breakfast. Well, I found a recipe that I might try out. It's Nutella Breakfast bars. Made with coconut milk, baby food prunes, oats and nutella. I know . . . PRUNES! Right? However, it does sound pretty good and if I make a big cookie sheet of this stuff, I could cut it up in sections and carry it with me on those busy mornings.

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I've been wanting to post this, but continued to forget about it. We discovered The Shed Beef Blaster marinade for our steaks and it is AWESOME!! No need for steak sauce during consumption. It is that GOOD! We've also tried the Southern Sweet for pork barbecue and it's good as well. Just try the Beef Blaster the next time you grill out steaks. I put our steaks in a marinade bath for at least half a day. Delicious! 

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While watching one of the millions of reality shows that are out on the network right now, we noticed one of the guys seasoning a chicken with "Slap Ya Mama" seasoning. On the show, he said it was the best seasoning on the market. That's all it took, we had to try it out. We've only had an opportunity to cook with it once and it's pretty good. You might like it as well. 

Happy Grillin' Y'all!


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Laura said...

Loved the story about the picnic! I know Colton really enjoyed that! Yes, Alise has TWO rainbow looms now so she can make longer bracelets. She bought the second one with her own money. She loves face timing Katie while they work on their bracelets together! And, yes, I knew about the levels, too, but I have no idea what it means. We had a sitter for Alise Saturday night while we went out and she insisted that I text the sitter before she came to ask her to bring her own loom. They worked on some charms and they turned out really well! I'm glad the cousins have found something that they can enjoy doing together.

Y'all have a great week. We're headed to Memphis on Thursday. Stay warm!! We're getting another cold front later this week.