Monday, April 29, 2013

Great Homeschool Sites

This post is specifically for my lovely niece and her adorable reasons. She was interested in some homeschool sites that I've used in the past and currently using for my baby boy. There are so many great homeschool sites out there just for moms.

I absolutely love Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT).  This site is designed and creating by actual teachers for all grades.  Before you get to big eyed, most material provided to cost, but there are loads of material downloads for FREE.  You can search by specific material or grade, very simple.  You can also find material through Pinterest as well.  It might actually save you a few steps.  There are days when I get lost looking at the printables through this website.  Some of the teachers that list their work have websites that you can go and adventurer around.  I've gotten some great ideas from a few of these teachers.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE to get started.  Membership is free, get your own password and you will receive updates by email.

I love 1+1+1=1!  This website is awesome because it is a Christian mom that homeschool's her children on the basis of good Christian morals and principles.  A lot of her material is biblical.  I enjoyed using lap books that she supplied on her site when my daughter was younger for colors, alphabet, numbers and shapes.  She also promotes other homeschool mom website with their ideas.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  CLICK HERE in order to go to the website.

DLTK is a great website for all sorts of learning printables and classroom ideas.  CLICK HERE to access DLTK-Kids website.

If you need more references, ideas or inspiration, I just go to Pinterest.  It is the master learning tool of a mother's world.  Type what you want specifically under the search and more than likely, you will find what you needed.

I this helps get you started.


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