Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pizza and Movie Night

Have you ever had one of those days? A day that you are so tired and have absolutely no energy. We had leftovers in the fridge, but I'm getting tired of eating chicken casserole. It was good, but it makes so much and I just wanted something new. After Katie got all of her chores and homework done, we loaded up in the car and picked up a couple of pizzas. Katie requested that we watch "Hocus Pocus," while we eat.  She told me that I was the best mommy in the world.  I hope she remembers that when I have to say no some time down the road.  LOL!

Colton is so funny.  One morning, we dropped Katie off at her school.  Colton didn't have school and he was very disappointed.  Out of the blue, he informed me that he wished he could go to school every day and he could take his chocolate milk with him.  LOL!  He absolutely hates the fact that I won't let him take his chocolate milk to school.  He makes up for it as soon as we get home.  LOL!  He is adjusting to his flavored water pretty good, it's progress.

Colton and I were waiting on Katie to come out of ballet.  He was singing a new song that he learned from school.  As I was paying attention, I noticed he was trying to spell the word "red".  He sang, "I can spell red, R-N-D, R-N-D, R-N-D.  Say it louder!  Say it louder!  R-N-D, I can spell red."  I thought it was so cute.  He can count to 10.  He still gets the number 5 mixed up, but that's okay.  He tells me about the stories that they read in class.  At home, he loves for me to read "The Little Old Lady that Swallowed a Book," "The Stinky Cheese Man" and of course the superheroes books.

Katie is still loving school and ballet.  Katie was excited to tell me that her new friend had joined the same club as she at school.  Third grade has been a challenge, but I have faith that she will prevail.  Some of the math problems that she has to solve, leaves me asking what grade is Katie actually in because I don't think I covered this until my 4th or 5th grade year.  Wow!  She is doing great on her test scores.  Of course, Katie faithfully asks God to be with her during test time and that she will get a good grade.  Poor baby.  She gets so nervous during test time.  Last week, Katie got to learn the 5th position in ballet.  She was so happy to tell me something new because they have been reviewing positions from last year.

This week in photography class, we finished going over shutter speeds and aperture settings.  Our homework is to create art by taking pictures that inspire us with words (verses, poems or quotes).  She wants one good photo, but we can bring as many as we would like to class.  I love this week's homework assignment.  Below are two of my favorite photos that I created, but if you would like to see or learn more CLICK HERE.

 photo Miletogo_zpsb4f459c4.jpg

My favorite poem is from Robert Frost, "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening".  The picture says to me that God has a specific purpose in my life and He is not done with me.  

 photo Laughter_zpsd9274233.jpg

I love the Live, Laugh, and Love saying.  I've used it quite a bit.  I really thought this picture fit the meaning.  I've mentioned before how I can get my kids to do exactly what I want, if I interact with them.  It's a lot more fun and I don't get aggravated.  This time, I told them the Peter Piper tongue twister and asked them if they could repeat it back and forth to each other.  It was a hoot!  We all were laughing at each other trying to say the tongue twister.  Perfect Picture!


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Laura said...

How did I miss this post?

You are a great Mom, Mi! Don't ever doubt that! You are blessed and so are your children because they have you! But I totally get the part about being so tired and just springing for pizza! That usually happens for us on Thursday or Friday nights!

Plan us another beach trip for next year! Can't wait to go again!