Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

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2013 Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

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This was a fun little trip for the kids.  We were on a live farm with loads of fun things to do. 

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The farm had ponies, goats, sheep and pigs, making all kinds of noises.  The kids loved it!  All except Colton and his buddy.  I kept trying to get him to pet the animals and talk to them, but the only thing on this little boy's mind was having fun.  I could just see his little mind turning.  Thinking, what can I jump, climb or slide down.  

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This is called the black mamba.  It is a huge slide, the biggest I've ever seen.  Colton LOVED it!!  I couldn't get him away from it long enough to do other things.  

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This is the Johnny Jump.  It reminds me of a enormous trampoline.  Sand is nestled all around the Johnny Jump to catch the kids that jump too hard or high.  You've never heard so many giggles. 

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Play Barn - down stairs has a bend full of corn for the kids to play in it.  Upstairs is a big open area to run around and go down the slide.  

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Colton having a great time on the Johnny Jump - he found the dump trucks in the sand

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Silly lil' punkins

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Colton with one of his buddies - Colton hates having his picture taken


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Laura said...

So sweet! I can tell he had so much fun!! I think we're finally gonna have some cooler temps here this week!!