Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gridlock Winter Storm 2014

That's what one news station named this January's snow storm "Gridlock Winter Storm 2014" in the Birmingham area and south Alabama. Gridlock is what it did! The snow came here yesterday morning around 9AM and it was pretty, but within a hour it began to freeze. Not only here but every county south of us. The roads quickly became slick and treacherous.  From what I understand Alabama wasn't the only state that was surprised by the severity, but areas in the Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  In our biggest cities like Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery suffered with bad road conditions making it absolutely in passable, traffic gridlock and several auto accidents.  Most everyone had to abandon their vehicles to seek shelter or close enough to walk home.  A lot of people were on their way to pick up their children from school because most schools decided to close early.  A lot of the parents never made to the schools because of the traffic and bad road conditions.  Several schools reported that the students would be staying the night at their school with other school staff members to take care of them.  I heard there were a few deaths due to the weather.   I knew a few people that were stranded in the Birmingham area.  Fortunately, all of them were able to get home today.

What is most important during times and situations like this is the southern hospitality comes alive. There have been times when I've asked myself "where is the southern hospitality and courtesy?" When the southern states are tested, we do step up and do what we need to do and help others. I have never been so proud to live in the south then I have the past couple of days. On the news, I witnessed others (videos or live feeds) going from car to car offering food, water, rides on 4 wheelers. Several buildings, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants stayed open during this horror for some, in order to give them a warm place to stay. Hotels kept waiting lists and allowed others that were not staying there a place to keep warm and offered hot coffee. Chickfila employees passed out food to the stranded vehicles. If someone slid off the road, strangers came out and helped pushing their cars out of the ditch or slick spots. It just made my heart smile at all the good in a bad situation. We have another bad night with frigid temps around the low teens to single digits. We are expected to warm up this weekend just to get prepared for another bad system headed our way later next week.


Good news tonight, all students have been reunited with their families. State Emergency Officials have stepped up to the plate and worked extra hard to safely transport the children to their homes. Thank goodness for chained tires and salted roads.

Hwy 280 and Mt. Brook 01-28-14 photo BhamSnowArea2014_zps28cce84d.jpg 
Hwy 280 in the Mountain Brook area Denny Chimes - Jan 2014 photo DennyChimes_zps4d9832d6.jpg 
A beautiful picture at my favorite college campus in the world - Denny Chimes - 
University of Alabama
  Birmingham Area - 01-28-14 photo BhamSnow2014_zpsdabde464.jpg 
Birmingham area
  2014 Winter - January photo SorryFolks_zps9cf8185b.jpg 
Friends and Family in the area have been passing this little message around to each other. You have to have a sense of humor during these times. 
 I just love it! 2014 Winter photo 2014ColdMap_zps97220dab.jpg 
My niece shared this with everyone. I had to share it with you.

My child's school called stating that they were letting out at 10AM.  Colton and I were busy outside playing and taking pictures of the snow falling.  I didn't think it would amount to anything because it wasn't much.  Fortunately, we came inside to warm up when my husband called and asked if I got the message from our school.  We quickly got in the car and headed to school to pick up Katiebug.  She wasn't happy because she was second to the late person in her class to be picked up.  On our way home, I could tell that road conditions were not going to be good in the next hour.  At the traffic lights were very slick at the stop and start.  Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive!  We just took our time getting home and left plenty of room between us and other vehicles.  The kids loved playing outside in the little snow that we did have on the ground.

   photo DSC_0977_zps1ab9c3fc.jpg  photo DSC_0976_zpsfb59b584.jpg  photo DSC_0974_zpsc689fcf4.jpg  photo DSC_0972_zpsb8a6b78e.jpg  photo DSC_0965_zps8c6860c2.jpg  photo DSC_0940_zps0eed05de.jpg  photo DSC_0928_zps1628696b.jpg  photo DSC_0926_zps7f859bf0.jpg 

Y'all stay warm and bring your pets in! 


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