Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy 19th Anniversary!

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Yesterday, Doug and I celebrated our 19th anniversary

I'll never forget him driving up in my driveway with his sharp white 1993 Pontiac Grand AM, step out of his car with his Tommy Hilfiger button up shirt, jeans and cowboy boots and wearing his Oakley sunglasses.  My sister, June, had a fit.  "Mirya, this guy is hot!"  Haha!!  Later, the rest of the family met him and just fell in love with my Dougie.  He is a precious gem.  I think to this day, my mother loves him more than I.  LOL!!  

Like all couples, we've had to really work at our marriage.  Lots of ups and downs.  I thank God that we've had more ups than downs.  It's amazing how the devil try his best to get you to work against each other.  I love how our pastor explained it.  If couples stay mad and fight all the time and try not to work things out, it is you working against yourself because at the time of your marriage you went from two to one.  God is the adhesive between a married couple.  I am happy to say today that I believe our marriage is stronger now than it was 19 years ago.  We've been through so much and by the grace of God, we've survived the situations strong and happy.  Honestly, I don't want to imagine my life without Doug.  He knows me, everything about me.  He is my best friend, we share everything together, no secrets.  He is a wonderful Godlike man and leader of our family.  He is an awesome daddy.  You know, anyone man can be a father.  Being a daddy is something very special.  We have two lucky little kids to have such a wonderful dad like Doug.  We love him so much!!  Happy anniversary babe!  I pray, if it is God's will that we have many many more blessed years, filled with joy and happiness.  

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I have to tell you this story.  I really don't know when or where Colton was introduced to WWE Wrestling.  I know several years ago, Doug and I use to watch it when "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson, Big Show, Triple H, China, and Ed McMann was the owner.  This was probably around the mid 90s.  Doug and I loved watching it and laughing our heads off, this is just our crazy humor.  Well apparently these genes travelled down to our little Colt.  He LOVES WWE Wrestling.  His favorite wrestler is John Cena.  He has been working on his stretchy wrestler collection.  This past Monday, he was able to get his wrestling platform because he helped clean up our yard and our neighbor's.  

To describe the above picture.  The guys (Doug & Colton) just got through watching wrestling and John Cena was the last to wrestle.  Colt was so excited that he ran from the Living Room to my bedroom to give me all the details.  After the show was over, it was bed time.  The kids were so hyped up (mostly on sugar & caffeine) after watching John Cena win the match.  I told Colton to put his PJs on and get ready for bed.  He put on his winter PJ pants, no shirt and asked me to give him his cap.  Ok.  I asked him why. He tells me because this is the way John Cena looks.  "John Cena wears a cap and pants."  He explains.  Next thing I know, he and Katie are wrestling in his bed.  LOL!!  This was hilarious to watch.  They did the count and everything.  So funny!  They probably didn't get to sleep before midnight.  Right before I left the room after taking this picture, Colton told me that he wanted to go as John Cena for Halloween.  I may need some ideas from y'all because he can't go door to door wearing just a cap and a pair of pajama bottoms.  

Today was mommy-daughter day.  Katie loves M-D days.  We went shopping for Father's Day, did a little baby shower, Christmas and birthday shopping as well.  LOL!!  I covered a lot of ground, especially when I don't have a sweet little voice constantly in my ear saying "mommy" about a millions times within one hour.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my son, but HE IS A TALKER!  Katie and I were able to cover a lot of ground.  I had so much fun with her and actually felt myself looking back at me when I was her age.  Wow, I knew the 80s were back, but it is with vengeance.  Katie loves looking through my jewelry box and came across my ankle bracelet with matching toe ring.  I explained to her that before I had babies, I loved wearing this stuff during the summer.  I gave her the ankle bracelet and toe ring, but the bands were so old that the toe ring broke right away.  She was so sad.  I told her,  I would think that Claire's would have toe rings.  Her little eyes lite up.  It was the first place  we hit this morning.  It was like going back in time, the feather earrings, neon jewelry, heart shaped metallic sunglasses and fashion fingerless fishnet gloves.   I loved shared that moment with my daughter.  Katie used her money that she's been saving and purchased her toe rings.  She brought to my attention, Mood rings.  She's been wanting one since she saw the movie "Judy Moody, not a Bummer Summer."  I did talk her into not getting the big bulky mood ring.  Instead, it is a sweet multi-color heart shape.  So sweet.  I loved it, so I picked up the silver version.  I asked her if it would be ok.  I blame my inner childhood.  The rest of the day, we checked out each other's mood.  It was cool to see what our ring reported.  Apparently, I'm a very calm person and Katie is excited or calm.  I did become happy and excited at times.  LOL!  


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