Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrating Moms 2012

Daughters & their Mom 2012
Mom and three of her five girls

Four Generations 2012
Four Generations

Maryann, girls & mom 2012
Maryann, her daughters and mom

Maryann & her girls 2012
Maryann and her daughters

Susan's Family 2012
Susan and her growing family

Susan's kids 2012
Susan and her babies

Feel the Love 2012
Feelin' the Love!

Doug & his mom 2012
Doug and his mommy

Whitney's First Mother's Day 2012
Whitney's First Mother's Day

God has blessed me so much.  It's hard work, but in the end I love being a mom.

Mothers and Grandmothers may hold the hands of their children, 
but they hold their hearts forever! 


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Laura said...

Loved all the Mother's Day pics, Mi! Miss y'all! Angie asked me tonight if y'all were coming to the Memorial Day party at their house on Monday. Would love for y'all to meet our Auburn - I mean, Alabama - friends! Hugs and kisses!