Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Vacation Starts Out Good

Our first week of Summer vacation is starting out really well, I think. I was telling Doug tonight that it's amazing how much work I'm getting done, since Katie's home. He seems to think it's because I'm not spending an hour a day, dropping off and picking up Katie every day. I have to add that Colton isn't hanging on my leg every where I go either. I think it's because sissy is here to entertain him. Last weekend, daddy and Katie brought home a plastic swimming pool with a slide. The kids love it and we have to go swimming every day for at least 30 minutes. I guess it saves me $20 from the Aquatic Center everyday. LOL! Poor Colton is so fair complected, you have to really keep the 50+ SPF sunscreen lathered on him. He is so funny. He is at the stage that he doesn't want a shirt or shorts on at any time. I have to chase him down just to get his shorts on to go to town. LOL!

Katie and I are reviewing some school lessons that she learned this past year and a little extra every day. She loves these fairy chapter books. She started on "India" Monday and should be finished by tomorrow. We went to the Library the other day and picked up a few books. Colton insisted on checking out a book called "Frankenstein wants a sandwich." I think he has mistaken Frankenstein for Hulk, but he really loves this book. It has some poetry in it, but mostly silly stuff. Definitely a boys book. I've already read it to him three times. I picked up a great summary book of all 44 Presidents of The United States. I love the fact that it has tons of illustrations along with the facts. I think it helps to learn if you have a visual because History can be a bit boring for young kids. I also picked up the same type of book for studying Rocks and Minerals. I've had packs of Moon Sand for one of our Science experiments. The kids had fun playing with the sand in water. It's weird how the sand stays dry in water until you add oil, in order for it to break it down. It was a teaching tool about molecules, polar and non-polar bonding. We also experimented how oil and water do not mix, again polar and non-polar bonding. It kept Katie and Colton's interest for a little while. As far as math, I've found some great websites to keep it interesting.  Coolmath is an excellent site for not only math games, but worksheets as well for geography, reading, spelling and science.  I recommend this site to anyone.  Katie loves it!  She's played addition/subtraction and fraction games.   I went over multiplications by 2s yesterday and she caught on very quickly.  I knew Ms. G was getting them ready because I know they can count by 2s, it's just showing the relation.  Tomorrow is her math quiz, which will reflect everything we went over this past week.  I think she'll do pretty good. She insisted on taking her spelling test today instead of tomorrow.  She did great - 105!   Ms. G gave each parent a sheet of Summer reading references that her class has subscribed to all year.  She read a couple online books through her school Library subscription about animals.

I don't know if it's her growing up a little or if it's school.  All school year, she has been relentlessly testing my patiences.  She still aggravates her brother, which drives me crazy.  Overall, this past week has been enjoyable.  I'm not at the point of pulling my hair out yet.  It really makes a difference and I hope she sees it.  I know,  I praised her last night for helping and not so testy.  I let her pick out a reward out of the goody bag.  My goody bag contains little paper strips with awards written on them.  For instance, she picked out that she gets 30 minutes on the Xbox as a reward.  She loves drawing rewards out of the goody bag.

While Colton took a nap, Katie and I had a little time together playing Scrabble and Rack-o.  Rack-o is her new favorite game.  She caught on very well.  I broke down last weekend and purchased a Scrabble Deluxe Edition.  I remember as a child, the women in my family and I would play hours of board games like Scrabble, Yahtzee,  Rack-o, Aggravation, Life, Monopoly, etc.  Playing games whether it's cards, board or arcade games is in our blood.  Katie is just another generation of game players.  It was nice spending good quality time with her today.    

I'm kind of stuck on our one day field trips.  I can't think of any new places that we haven't been.  We may have to just revisit field trips past.  I would love to take the kids to the Botanical Gardens for picture time, but it's been so hot lately.  Except for today, it's felt like the middle of July.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  Thanks!


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Allison said...

What are the fairy chapter books? Anya's reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle chapter book. She's all about the chapter books! :)