Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding of the Year - Chase & Leslie 2012

Sunday, May 5th a beautiful couple exchanged their vows to God, family and friends. My niece, Leslie, and her finance finally tied the knot after such a long engagement.

The ceremony was simple and elegant. Their colors were pool, which is close to an aqua marine color. She had each of her bridesmaids, pick out their own style of dress to wear up on the alter. The alter was decorated so beautifully. In the center was a wooden arbor with white tulle, lights and white wisteria hanging from the top. Ferns in the background and a few around the arbor and front of the alter. Kellie used these beautiful candleholders, which were metal trees with branches. Chase and Leslie poured unity sand instead of the traditional unity candle. This unity sand will be sealed and sitting up on their mantel in their living room. Out in the vestibule, guests were greeted by the photo tree (minus the photos) on a table with candles and tulle. The registration table had a photo book for everyone to sign or write a special message for the happy couple. So unique and I loved the idea. The book contained photos of the couple's engagement pictures. They had a few small sample photos for the guests to take with them.

My morning didn't start out too good. I didn't book an appointment for Katie to have her hair fixed for the wedding because we had such a long way to travel. Mistake number one. The lady that does our hair, explained to me what to do with Katie's hair. I allowed three hours to work on her hair before we had to leave. At first, I had all kinds of pretty curls in her hair then, it was time to put her hair up. Ugh! It just wasn't working out for me. How simple it sounds to put her hair up in a ponytail and then pin her curls here and there all over her head. Right? Katie has very heavy, thick and naturally wavy hair. I could not get it to work for me. By the time it should have been fixed, my hands began to shake.  Her curls were falling out of her head and I wanted to cry. I spent an hour and half working with hair that didn't want to cooperate. Frantic, I called Susan then I thought I didn't need to bother her with this because she's got enough on her mind. I called Theresa, my hairdresser, and told her what mess I was in. There was no way Theresa or anyone at her shop would be able to fix Katie's hair and get to the church on time. What to do?!? I was in tears at this point. What was I thinking that I could do this? It's amazing how God can show you how prideful you can be thinking you could do something on your own, when you really do need help from someone that makes it their profession. Susan did calm me down some and convinced me that Reagan, Leslie's soon-to-be sister-in-law, which is also a hairdresser, will get Katie ready. I was so relieved by the time I got to church and saw all the girls there, ready for Katie. I broke down again. I just wanted Katie to look pretty for Leslie's wedding. I didn't want to ruin Leslie's big day. Reagan did such a great job on Katie's hair and she had it fixed within minutes. Relief! She wasn't taking money for the hairdos, but I slipped her some money because she absolutely saved my day. Katie was so pretty, especially with her special tiara that Leslie gave her for the wedding. She was a princess for the day.

Doug videoed the entire ceremony. Below are clips of the wedding:

Part 1: Seating of the Grandparents and Parents

The songs that were sung just about got to me. I choked back a few tears.  By the time Susan was seated, I could not help it.  I began to get watery eyed, then I saw Leslie.  Her face was red and tears rolling down her cheeks.  Then, I looked at Chase.  He was the same way.  I couldn't hold back anymore,  I kept crying and I tried to straighten up.  The minister was crying.  It was a long awaited day for so many, especially Chase and Leslie.  Everyone was shedding happy tears of joy for them.

Part 2: The Wedding Party and Exchanging of Vows

Part 3: Pouring of the Unity Sand and Introduction to Mr. and Mrs. Chase Mosley

The reception was so beautiful, but it was such an unseasonable warm day for an outside reception. The food and drinks were kept inside the building where it is air conditioned, everyone was to sit outside. I wish I could explain it well. This building is a barn shape with a loft. Inside the decor is rustic, wood floors and brick fireplace. Very cosy and warm. The kitchen is a nice industrial size. The family that owns the barn are making wooden walkways through the cleared woods beside the building. Every now and then on the trail, they made small patios for a small table and 2-4 chairs for people to sit. They also had beautiful handmade picnic tables lined up out on the lawn for people sit. Chase and Leslie had their first dance inside the barn, while everyone grabbed a plate and got in line for the food.

First Dance at the Reception

Their photographers took pictures of the wedding party, while everyone ate. When it was ready for Chase and Leslie to leave for their honeymoon, the couple went up the loft. They threw the bouquet and garter from the loft. My niece, Natalie, catch the bouquet. The first throw of the garter was a bust and Chase ended up dropping it on the ground. Nathan, Natalie's boyfriend, ran and got it. All the guys wanted a re-do. Nathan threw it back up to Chase. This time, he threw it like a football and my nephew, Ryan, caught it. Both Natalie and Ryan are my sister, Maryann's kids. She is really hoping that Natalie and Ryan will decide to have a double wedding with their mates. Ryan's girlfriend, Angie and I walked around the property after the reception and found a perfect place for their wedding. They have a huge pond with an island out in middle that would be a beautiful place for an outside wedding. Angie is such a sweetheart and we had a good time dreaming. HAHA!

Hope you enjoy the videos.  I did take a few photos during and after the wedding.  I didn't want to get in the photographers way, so I'm sure my pictures are not going to be a great as they.  I did watch their techniques and tried to take notes.  This group had LOTS of equipment, two photographers and two people taking videos.  They are very detailed that is for sure.  I hope I learned something that day from them.

Stay tuned for photos of the wedding, coming soon. . . .


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