Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Katie Story & School Update

I have to tell you this story that happened to us last night. First of all Katie has been a little impatient with me, finding a weekend that her girlfriends could come over and spend the night. If you've been keeping up with my blog, you can see that I've been just a little busy this month. We've had events and parties every weekend, all weekend and it seems to be carrying throughout the rest of the month. I told Katie that we will just try to get her and girlfriends over sometime next month. Well, apparently she can't wait until next month because I received a text from her best friend's dad. He wanted to know if we could talk about the scheduled play date. What? What play date? Doug and I asked Katie about this play date. I figured that she had been talking with her friends about a spend the night at our house again. She admitted to planning a spend the night this weekend with her friend A. Ugh! I asked her when she was going to decided to tell us about it and when was she going to fit A in, between the Saturday birthday dinner or the Sunday birthday party with her friend, N? We still don't have anything for N's birthday party. We agreed that Friday after school, we would go shopping. I have another birthday and graduation gift to buy as well, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to get that done as well. That knocks out our girls, getting together on Friday night. I love it when she puts me in these predicaments. A's dad went on to text that he and his wife were impressed with Katie's arrangement. He said that she wrote A a letter with the invitation and added activities such as going to a museum Saturday. Ugh! They thought I helped Katie draft out this note. I can't wait to read it. Shocked there was a written invitation involved, Doug went in Katie's room and asked her about it. She just pulled her sheet up over her head. My daughter! Us parents had a good laugh and A's dad was worried that I was mad at her. Of course, I want Katie to think I was very disappointed in her. I expect her to get with her dad and I before planning these things. Just think if A's daddy didn't want to talk with me about it. I wasn't mad. I just hope she won't do this again. A's dad is trying to send a picture of the note to me.  If I ever get it, I'll be sure to post it for your amusement.  LOL!

On a more positive note, I received an email from Katie's teacher yesterday. Sometimes I cringe when I get notes from Ms. G, but this was a good note. She said Katie had her year end Math Assessment last week.  This assessment measures her Core Math Curriculum for the year.  She first took this assessment the beginning of the year (August).  From what I understand, the August test she scored 13 out of 100 questions.  This test reminds me of a placement test, where to begin.  Her test last week, she scored a big fat 100 out of 100 questions.  Whoo Hoo!  Ms. G went on about how proud she was of Katie.  Ms. G gets worried about how Katie handles pressure.  She's a lot like her mama.  If I can't figure out something, it drives me CRAZY.  Ms. G said all year, if Katie couldn't figure out a math problem she would get so upset that she would start crying.  Yep, like me.  I also blame Doug and I for expecting her to do her best in whatever she does.  I'm hard on her because I don't want her to ever be behind the older kids in her class.  I have to keep in mind, she will always be the youngest in her class.  I know she can do it.

Last Sunday, I passed around the Mother's Day book that Katie made for me at school.  Ms. G told me that I would love it.  She was right!  I will keep it with the rest of our keepsakes.  It was a booklet, all about mom.  Everyone that read it, got so tickled on the page that read:  "My mom always says pay attention."  She even drew a picture of her and I with "pay attention" in a bubble over my head.  LOL!  She's got me pegged on a lot of things like how I like to watch "American Idol", I like to go to museums, I'm happiest when I go to Dairy Queen (lol!), how I like to read chapter books, how much I love to watch movies, and my favorite thing to eat is salads.  LOL!  I love that she wrote "I love it when mom cooks me ravioli."  This book is priceless and I will treasure always.

Today at school in "Fun in the Sun."  All the students brought their beach towel, sunglasses, sun screen and their favorite books.  Katie was so excited, we got everything all organized and packed in her backpack last night.  I wish you could have seen the stack of books Katie was planning to take.  LOL!  Of course, they were all Barbie storybooks.  We compromised on three specific Barbie books.  I think Ms. G was wanting each child to bring just one book, but I couldn't get that through Katie's head. Ms. G plans to let the kids sit outside and read books.  Sounds like fun.    

Tomorrow is Western Days.  We finally went to The Children's Place the other day and bought Katie a cowgirl hat.  It is precious!  It's pink with a tiara on it.  I was a happy mama when the clerk rang it up and it was only $4.  Yay!  I saved so much money on the hat that grabbed a few other good deals for both of my chickadees.  I will be sure to take pictures, so be watching for them.


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The Keyes Family said...

that's awesome about katies math test. What a smart cookie you have! It's also a funny story about that note to her friend. lol.