Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reading, Crafting and Cooking . . . PERFECT!

To touch a little bit on my last post, Allison asked me for the name of the Fairy chapter books, Katiebug is in love with. It's the "Rainbow Magic" Fairies. Every series tells a story about a particular fairy. She just finished "India" last week. We also have "Cara Camp Fairy" and "Ally the Dolphin Fairy." They have a cute website. If you would like to visit the "Rainbow Magic Fairies," CLICK HERE.  They are cute stories and there's always an adventure.  I hope this helps Allison.

Yesterday while par-oozing at Walmart, I came across "Ivy and Bean" series.  It sounded like a cute chapter book that Katie could get involved.  She's been wanting me to purchase "The Diaries of a Wimpy Kid" books, but I just don't feel that she's ready yet.  It's a big step from a 100 page book to 150+ page book.  I don't want her brain fried before Summer is over.

Because Vacation Bible School was this week, we've put our studies on the back burner until next week.  I have planned for her to read one of my favorite books by Judy Blume, "Freckle Juice" on Monday.  It's such an easy read that she should finish it in a couple of days.  I love Judy Blume books.  I definitely want to add the "Fudge" series to our Library, when I feel Katie is ready to read them.  Such funny stories!

Happy Reading!

My aunt Sherry and uncle Roger are in town, so we're spending a lot of our time with them this week.  It's always great to see them.  The kids just love their Lolly aka Sherry.  I'm trying to get in the mood for Fourth of July by making these cute Sparklers for the kids.  It was fun and very simple to make.  I first noticed this craft on Pinterest, which by the way I LOVE.  The only changes I made to this craft was the following:  Instead of painting the dowel pins and then add in the glitter, I just used silver glitter spray paint and knocked out two birds with one stone.  PERFECT!  I've only made 4, but I do plan on making more.  So wait for future picture postings.

Father's Day is right around the corner.  I found one of the cutest ideas for my children to make for their daddy.  You'll have to wait on seeing pictures because we don't want our daddy to see his gift prematurely.  Right?  Instead, I'll direct you to the link.  This way you can make your own gift for your daddy.  The only thing I changed was the following:  The instructions suggest that you glue ribbon for the binding.  I didn't want to use ribbon, instead I bound the book by stapling it together and placing EZ Start Printed Packing Duck Tape.  I just thought this way would be less frustrating.  

I've been a little bored with the same old, same old meals at home and Subway Tuna sandwiches might be getting a little old.  I'm going to try and make Croque Monsieur Ham and Cheese tonight.  I finished picking up all of my ingredients this morning in order to make them.  I'm excited!  I read a couple posts on how much they love this meal.  I got the idea from watching the movie "It's Complicated" for the hundredth time.  I have a passion for films that include cooking or food in general.  The Croque Monsieur that Meryl Streep pulled out of oven during a dinner date with Steve Martin, well it looked delicious.  I did what every Southern girl with an appetite did, I looked up the recipe online and purchased a Lodge Logic Grill Skillet.  LOL!  I will tweak the recipe a little just so the sauce won't be too fattening.  Stay tuned for my review, recipe and pictures.


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