Friday, July 27, 2012

Katie's Birthday Week

Last Monday, our baby girl turned 7 years old. Since my dad had to go to the doctor's office for some lab work, the kids and I spent the day with my mother. I didn't want to take away the fact that it was Katie's birthday, we stopped by the bakery and picked up some gourmet cupcakes and lunch for everyone and headed over to mom and dad's place. Mom and dad were so happy to share Katie's special day with her.



We went got home, we celebrated her day with her daddy and Doug's parents. It's tradition that if your birthday falls on a day that is not your party, you get to open up one gift. Well Katie was so excited to get to open up a gift when daddy got home. Katie and Colton wanted these blank characters from OfficeMax about a month ago. Well, I went ahead and purchased them, but made them wait until this week to open them. I just knew the kids had forgotten them. Nope! As soon as Katie found the gift wrapped box, she asked if it was her kitty.

They loved coloring and creating their kitty and bird.  The only bad thing, I experienced, was the ink wants to rub off after HOURS of drying.  Oh well. 



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 Colton has been just as excited about this day as Katie.  He thinks it's his birthday too.  So, if you think it's your birthday too than you need to blow out your candle as well.

Yesterday was Katie's big birthday slumber party.  She has been looking forward to this day for several months.  Anticipation has built every day since school let out for Summer break.  I guess that's what happens when you have to wait until mid-Summer to be the same age as the rest of your friends.  LOL!  There are times when she can't stand the fact that she has to wait so long before her birthday comes around.  Poor baby!

The slumber party was another hit.  Katie's guests began arriving as early as 4PM.  We had a total of 6 little girls stay with us.  It was an experience because I've never had that many girls to stay the night all at once.  The first thing they all wanted to do was get on the trampoline.  Yes, they would rather have been out in the HOT weather, jumping on a trampoline then inside eating pizza and painting nails.  LOL!  We let them do their jumping for a few short minutes before getting them inside to eat a slice of cheesy pizza.  Leslie and June were so sweet to come and help me last night.  I tell you, there is no way I would have been able to do it without their help.  Thank you guys!  I love you!  After cake and ice cream, we separated into different stations.  Leslie was the nail creator.  June was the fab makeup artist.  I was the shoe fashion designer.  Afterwards, the girls did a fashion show, American Model, dance off with Katie's new Kidz Bop 22 CD.  Oh. my. gosh!  Those girls had us in stitches.  What was so amazing is that most of the girls knew every word in each song!  We couldn't believe it.
We were tickled about her cake.  Didn't it turn out so cute?  Katie absolutely loved it!  It's a pull apart vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing.  

. . . and here is Katie's glass slipper for the diva of the hour.  All the girls wanted to take this slipper home with them. LOL! 

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Her theme was "Glitzy Girls".  One of the games was place the cell phone in the glitzy girl's hand.  Each girl was blindfolded and had 2 chances to place the phone on the scene.  I had each girl to have a friend to give them directions as to where to place their cell phone.  I thought it worked out great.  I thought this way it would produce team work and self esteem.
I caught the girls dancing in Katie's bedroom

The gang is all here!

Our fashion show

The girls LOVED Leslie being there.  They all got together and gave her a makeover.  They insisted that she dance and perform with them.  Too funny! 

June the make-up artist

Leslie the nail creator

We still have another party this weekend with the family.  Doug wants to smoke a pork butt and grill chicken breasts.  YUM!  We are expecting several of the family members coming, so we will have a nice crowd.  Be watching for more photos and stories.  

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Daddy, Mommy and Brother

Prayer Request
Thursday, my dad had his appendix and a small portion of his large intestines taken out.  When he had his regular scheduled colonoscopy, the doctor discovered a small polyp at the opening into his appendix.  It's benign, but for precaution the doctor felt it best that he go ahead and have them removed.  There is a good chance that if the polyp comes back that it could be cancerous.  So!  A little concerned about his age, I've given it over to the Lord.  The surgery went well and he was home in mid-afternoon yesterday.  Last night and today, he had difficulties going to the bathroom.  Because of the lack of not being able to go and the great pain that goes with it, Maryann took dad to the ER.  They put in temporary catheter and almost immediately it relieved the pain and pressure.  He is home with the catheter and he will have to see his doctor the first of next week.  I've found out this is nothing uncommon because of the anesthetic.  I ask you that you please lift him in your prayers, in hopes that God will heal his body.  Thank you!


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OMG!!! I can't believe I forgot Katie's birthday!!! I promise to send her something soon!! But the party looked like fun!! And her cake was so, so cute! I'll be thinking about your dad! Keep us posted!