Monday, July 2, 2012


It's the only word that can describe the past few weeks . . . HOT! We've been hit with record temperatures in the triple digits for the past couple of weeks, which is very unusual this time of year. Normally, we don't reach the triple digits until late July and August. It got here early and I hope this means that it will leave early (I doubt it). Our county has gone two months without any rain and our mayor has asked the residents to please conserve water and electricity.

I remember the drought of 2007. It was awful, but we did what we had to do. We washed our clothes twice a week instead of everyday or every other day. We took showers every other day instead of every day or in some cases twice a day. We stopped watering our lawns and plants. I bought lots of paper products such as plates, cups and utensils to cut down on washing dishes every day. We kept Wet Wipes and Germ-X around the house because I insist on washing my hands at all times. If we went over the amount of water used from a year ago, we were fined. Thank the Lord because of the previsions we took, we never had to pay the fine. As of today, we need 5 inches of rain to fill up our reservoir and I'm afraid, if we don't see any rain soon, we will be right where we were in the Summer of 2007. The only difference between now and then is we didn't have the excessive heat that we are experiencing this year.

Most of the state has been under an excessive heat watch and warning since Saturday. I've noticed on the news that the hot temperatures have pretty much dominated the whole United States from the West to the East. I was just watching the news of the devastation from storms that ripped up the Northeastern states. They really need our prayers with temps in the 90s, most will be without power until as early as Friday. It would be horrible to have to go through that situation.

Our Weekend
We've had an eventful weekend because my mom called and told me that they were moving to a new house.  Because Doug may have to work next weekend, we and a few other family members were able to get them moved Saturday.  They have a few other things to move, but we will get it all moved in time.

I love their little house, very spacious with vaulted ceilings.  It is so pretty, closer to their doctors and THE PARK!  I think they will be happy.  Mom told me that she never thought she would have track lighting and a dishwasher and now she does.  Dad loves the fact, he can put his TV on the wall.  LOL!  He said it would be great to not have to adjust his glasses to watch television, while laying back in his recliner.  LOL!  They have walk in closets, spacious laundry room, large bathroom and walk in pantry room.  They will really enjoy the breakfast nook, which is surrounded by windows.  I can just see them drinking their coffee, while watching the birds and squirrels out in the back yard.  The neighbors seem real nice and warming.  They have a nice corner lot, which would GREAT for an Autumn yard sale.  Whoo Hoo!  Dad was telling me all the things that they need to sell or get rid of it.  I know I've got a few things to put in it.



The Keyes Family said...

I didn't know they could fine you for the water. Yikes. Try and stay cool today. Happy 4th of July! I'm so glad your mom and dad like their new spot. It sounds really nice. I talked to June and knew about the move but no one said if they liked the new place or what it was like so I'm glad you posted about it.

Anonymous said...

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