Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kids Are Funny

Katie was excited to tell me as soon as I picked her up from school today that Mrs. M passed out caterpillars to every student in class. She was a little disappointed that Mrs. M discouraged any excessive decorations to the little caterpillar's temporary home. LOL! Katie told me that she just wanted her caterpillar to think he was living in the jungle. (So sweet) She also informed me not to send anymore snacks to school.  Confused, I asked her why?  She said, "whell, we never have time for snacks, so I guess we won't have snack time anymore.  We ran out of time at recess on Tuesday.  Time got away from us during Art and Music class yesterday and today.  Don't bring a snack because I'll never have time anymore to eat it."  She sounded a little disgusted.  LOL!  I told her that I would continue to pack a snack until Mrs. M tells me not to.  I assured her one day, they may have time for snack.  Their recess and snack time is towards the end of the day, so I can understand not having snack time.  

Colton can say the silliest things. When we got home and I sat his chicken nuggets and Powerade in front of him, out of the blue he said "what is going on here?" He is such a nut. Speaking of the Powerade. This morning, I fixed Colton's milk sippy and chocolate milk sippy. I always fix the two because I never know which one he will want first thing in the morning and I get tired of trying to reason with him. Today, he threw a wrench in my usual morning routine. He told me that his milk tasted yuck. What? I just bought the gallon milk the other day and it was fine. I handed him his chocolate milk and I got the same thing. What is going on with this child? He only ever drinks milk. Usually the only time he drinks something other than milk is when we go out to eat. I about passed out when he asked to drink Powerade in his superman cup. Well, okay then. He picked out what color he wanted. Would you believe he drank it all day? This is not like him. Our little man is growing up.

Possible Autumn Artwork

I had to share this idea with you today. The idea came from Jeanna Hayes and posted on Eighteen25 for their 2012 Spooktacular Issue.  I think this creative silhouette picture is a brilliant idea for my children.  I think it is so beautiful and would make a great keepsake.


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