Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's All Entertaining

I haven't been able to share these kind of posts with you in a long time. I MISS THAT!  I love these posts from me because I get to sit back and introduce products, bands and other events with you. A time where me and my family are gathered around, sharing new finds. Now, I get to pass that off to you.

As I'm watching Fox and Friends this morning, they introduce a new band. I LOVE classical or instrumental music. I believe music jump starts your joy and what type of music you listen to adjusts your attitude/mood towards your work and life itself. Before I get too deep here, you must watch this video.

Introducing The Piano Guys! They are five dads that came together one day visiting a piano store and later became good friends. Their music was pure and fresh, even with the classics. They are very entertaining to me. The Piano Guys recently received a recording contract, so hopefully you will see more of their faces. You can find more videos on YouTube.

Here is one more video, I felt joy and peace within as I listened. So relaxing. I hope you enjoy it. For more information about this group of guys, please CLICK HERE!

Visiting overseas just for a moment, I'm sure you've at least heard of Psy from Korea.  He's new song "Gangnam Style" is the craze.  Psy is the biggest pop star in Korea right now.  Not understanding Korean, he could be saying some pretty vile things and I wouldn't know it.  The one thing that jumps out as entertaining is to watch Psy demonstrating his dance techniques.  He was a special guest on "The Ellen Show" to help Brittany Spears learn the "Gangnam Style" dance.  Too funny!  Psy did great.  I tried the dance.  I've discovered in order to make the dance successful, act like you are riding a quarter horse from hades and you will have no trouble.  {smiling}

Here is a clip from The Ellen Show when Brittany gets to meet Psy:

Before I end this post, let me ask you a question.  Just ponder this question for a minute or two.  Does specific songs played on commercials affect the music video count down?  We watched VH1 Top 20 this morning and two songs in the top 10 were featured on two commercials.  They were
Too Close by Alex Clare (Microsoft Windows Commerical) . . .

br />

and Everybody Talks by Neon Trees (Buick Commerical)

This wet soggy weekend marks our annual Oktoberfest Festival in town.  I don't think will be making it.  The cold front came through a lot earlier than they first thought.  There goes my photo shoot this morning.  Bama's not playing today, so no parties or hollering "ROLL TIDE."  I think it is God's way of saying, "hey, take a break and get some rest."  I think I like that idea.  Thank you for the rain and cold weather Lord.  {heart is smiling}

I have to tell you this one thing.  Last night marked our "Stupid Movie Night."  These are movies that I or Doug wanted to watch, but knew they would be too stupid to waste money going to the movie theater.  It being Autumn, close to Halloween, I enjoy watching thriller movies.  This is really the only time of year that I enjoy watching these type movies.  I've always loved mystery type books and movies.  I guess you could say that I love the "who done it" films.  It really gets my blood pumping good.  Well, I've seen the previews on TV and I finally picked up these two movies from the video store last night.  They were "The Cabin in the Woods" and "Dark Shadows."  I could not stop laughing at either one of them.  They were so STUPID!  Actually, I expected to be a little scared of "Cabin in the Woods."  Then I found out all the thriller parts were staged.  I'm not saying any more about this movie.  Oh. my. gosh!  So ridiculous.  It was nice seeing Chris Hemsworth star in this movie.  He is so adorable.  Knowing Tim Burton directed and Johnny Depp starred in "Dark Shadows," I expected it to be completely ridiculous.  I got exactly what I wanted, STUPID MOVIE.  I had to laugh.  If you like "Stupid Movie Night," I recommend these two movies.  Warning: they are not for everyone in the family - (kids no, no).  


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