Saturday, October 13, 2012

Me and My Big Mouth

Katie LOVES Logan's rolls.  She asked to eat there after school yesterday.  I think I was crazy as a bed bug for taking my crazy kids out to eat by myself.  The kids wanted to sit by each other, which is always a bad sign.  I let them, to avoid a bad scene and us leaving without getting to eat.

I guess it could have been worse, Katie and Colton grabbed their crayons and pretended that they were shooting ketchup and mustard at each other.  Colton would not sit down and stay down.  They both got  a little crazy throwing the peanut hulls in the floor.  Ugh!  Needless to say, in the end, I survived.

In one of our conversations, Katie wanted to talk about Halloween.  She asked Colton if he decided what he was going to dress up like.  He came out of the blue and said "Einstein."  Before you all go, WHAT?  This is code for Frankenstein, which is also code for Hulk.  I know, you have to have a language manual with you at all times to figure out what he is talking about.  The problem with this costume selection is we have not be able to find the muscle Hulk costume in Colton's size.  Ugh!  I will keep trying to find it though.  Meanwhile, I began suggesting some of the costumes that he already has in his closet.  I just bought him a muscle Superman costume.  Katie asked me, in front of him, if I could color his hair black like Superman.  Well that got his full attention. "You color my hair black, like Superman?" he asked.  I told him that I could and I could make the little swirl in the front like Superman.  That's all it took.  All the way home and last night, he told me to color his hair right then because he needed it.  Ugh!  I couldn't get him to understand for anything.  Poor baby.  When I got him ready for bed, he asked me "you color my hair like Superman?"  I assured him that I would for Halloween, but of course he doesn't understand that Halloween is a couple of weeks away.  I would have probably colored yesterday, but I plan on taking the kids pictures today for Christmas cards.

Katie has had a loose tooth for sometime.  I didn't want this ugly dangling tooth in our Christmas cards, so I've been begging her to let me pull it.  Nope, she wouldn't have it.  So, I gave her one week to pull it.  She said that she wanted to pull it at school, so she could receive a tooth necklace.  When I picked her up yesterday from school.  Mrs. M was giggling and saying that she has tried really hard all day to pull that tooth.  Mrs. M didn't know the arrangement.  For some reason, Katie doesn't trust me.  I've pulled all three of her first teeth and all three times, she has cried and carried on about "it's going to hurt, I just know it."  Last night was no different.  She tried until after 8PM last night to pull that tooth.  Now it was mama's turn.  Doug got it on tape how crazy she was acting just for me to pull a tooth.  As soon as she let me get ahold of it.  It took one pull and it was gone.  Her eyes were huge once again and began to laugh.  I asked her if it hurt.  "No," she said relieved.  I told her that she's got to work on that trust issue with me.  Well, I know I was glad to get that over with and our Christmas pictures are expected to be pretty.  Katie woke up finding her tooth fairy money under her pillow.  She said that she is going to save her money to buy Novi Star doll.

Hope you have a blessed weekend.       ****** ROLL TIDE!!! ******


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Laura said...

I hope the Tooth Fairy was good to Katie! I can't wait to see Colton with black and hair and the Superman "curl." Ha! That is going to be hilarious!!!