Thursday, March 21, 2013

Children's Movie Reviews - March 2013

"Wreck-It Ralph" is an enjoyable family movie.  My kids loved it!   We rented it last weekend, to make sure the kids would like it.  They gave rave reviews, which made it a must purchase for our library.  The children have to watch it at least once a day.  Colton says that it is so funny!  It's one of his favorite movies right now.

I came across a free iPad game app "Fix-it Jr.", which is pretty fun to play.  Both of the children were having so much fun playing the game, so I decided to pay $.99 for the full version.  The full version includes three complete games.  Katie loves playing "Sugar Rush" and Colton likes playing "Fix-it Jr.", which has Wreck-it Ralph on it.  Sorry, but I've forgotten the name of the last game.

We also rented "Rise of the Guardians" because Katie really wanted to see it.  I didn't get to watch this movie, but she went on about how it was a good movie.


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