Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol - Girl Auditions

Last night's American Idol was great. If the boys want to stay in this competition, they are going to have to step it up and get with it. I love Sabrina, Lakisha & Jordin. You can just tell their hearts and minds are into the competition. I really see them making it into the final 5, along with Chris of course. tehe! I really didn't get to sit down and watch this week's final results (who got kicked off) because I had a lot of catching up to do around the house and dealing with Katie. All I know is my favorites didn't get the boot.

Speaking of Katie, I'm ready for some time off. Please don't miss read this statement and think I don't love my child. I do and always will. She has really been testing me for the past couple of weeks. I don't know if I'm coming or going with her. I've tried the 1 2 3, last warning, naughty chair and whip them and go to bed. I've run out of ideas. It's gotten to where I'll ask her (when she gets into trouble) if she wants a whipping. "No," she'll say. "Well, straighten up," I'll say. Some of the times, she'll actually straighten up. What breaks your heart is when she'll come up and tell me . . . "I sorry, Mommy." My heart melts and then I wander if I was too hard on her. I really try to pick my battles and I give warning and tell her several times what is acceptable. It's when she refuses to mind me or she forgets A LOT. I'm having a hard time breaking her of turning real quick and diving. Scares me to death. She gets on the couch and when I catch her running back and forth (having a good ol' time), I get on to her and she'll dive to the other side of the couch, without looking at where she's going. Not too long ago, she did that and I caught her foot as she dove over the side of the couch. She's also dove over the side the our bed one morning and I caught her leg. She didn't get hurt either times, but it got my heart to racing. Of course, she thought it was so funny. I was looking in the bathroom mirror the other night and honestly I believe I'm getting more and more gray hairs. Every gray hair on my head is well deserved.

I want to give a special "Thank You" to Laura for the nice compliment about my blog. It was very sweet of her and I appreciate it. I don't know where Laura got her template for her blog, but I really like it. I think it makes the blog look more professional. I didn't have that option when I created my blog, but I like the lighthouse.

If there are any Billy Joel fans out there he's in concert this weekend! If you've never seen him, you've got to go. Doug and I got to see him and Elton John (Face to Face Tour) and it was awesome. Billy really knows how to entertain the audience. We've seen Elton John by himself once before and thought it was great (2+ hours of him singing), but we didn't expect how great Billy Joel would be. I'll have to see, but surely he'll be in Huntsville as well. Another singer that's coming to town, Harry Connick, Jr. I would really like to see him in concert and I heard he was coming to Huntsville in the next month or two. I'm going to have to put my fingers to the grindstone and find out all the info on these tours. Doug and I didn't get to see Alabama's Symphony Orchestra last year (our schedules), so I need to put forth the effort this year. Last year, they were playing at a church in B'ham and I had the fullest intentions of getting tickets as a gift to Doug, but something came up.

Tomorrow is the big ladies night! Woo Hooo! I can't wait. Doug, Jon & Nicholas are going to B'ham. Kaitlyn is spending the night with her Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw, while us ladies go out on the town. I'm ready to let my hair down and have a good time. After this past week, I think I deserve it.

Take care of each other and God Bless!


Laura said...

Hey Girl! I got your message...not sure why you couldn't choose from the same templates I had a choice of, but it gives you an option in the "templates" folder to change the template (background, set up, etc.) if you want. Also, if you want to set up lists like I did on the right side of my blog, you go to templates then, "add page link" or something like that. It looks like you may have already done this on the left side of your blog? Maybe I am misunderstanding? Oh, well. Call me and I can walk you through it. Maybe we won't stay on the phone for two hours!! Ha, ha! Give Katie kisses for us and have fun at your Women's conference!

Laura said...

P.S. Welcome to the "TERRIBLE TWO'S"!!!!