Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spring is in the Air!

Wow! It was a beautiful day in little Cullman - 70 degree weather with sunny skies and a cool breeze blowing through your hair. Apparently, everyone else in Cullman Co. thought the same thing and decided to get out and about. I usually go to town on Wednesdays because there is usually no one out on the streets and especially WalMart. Not today! Several people, men and women, were out buying plants and gardening supplies. One lady went as far as wearing her Daisy Dukes and a T-Shirt. I guess she felt that she had to show off her Winter (Tanning Bed) tan. She looked cold to me. Burrr! Katie and I got back home in time to go outside and enjoy this weather. She played with her tractor, wheel barrel and ball. I guess we stayed outside for about 1 - 1 1/2 hours. She was content walking around the front and sides of the yard. She was doing good until she wanted to pluck my Crocus' and Daffodils out of the ground. I let her pick one flower to play with, but it wasn't enough.

Have you heard about the Oscar Mayer Ready to Eat Chicken Stripes? They could be contaminated. This was reported by Fox News today. Here's the article for your reading:,4670,ChickenRecall,00.html.

Okay, do we have any American Idol fans out there? Personally, I thought the guys did terrible last night. The only good male vocal was Chris (with curly hair). I really like him! Unless he takes a nose dive with his singing, I think he'll make the top 5 and who knows maybe the top 2. I think Simon will really get after him about changing his looks. He did that with Bo and Taylor, but they didn't take Simon's advice and they made it. I hope the women will do a much better performance than the men. We'll see tonight - DON'T FORGET!

Praise Report:

  • My uncle that I mentioned yesterday. Well, he's doing much better. According to my Mom, he was getting ready to go home yesterday, but his back went out. So they had him go back to bed in the hospital. I know that sounds awful for it to be a praise report. Well, a teenager lost control of his vehicle and went right through my uncle's apartment. The vehicle ended up in my uncle's bedroom (I think on the bed). If my uncle had gone home when he was suppose to, no telling what would have happened. The dear Lord was watching over him.
  • My niece is still doing good with her pregnancy.

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