Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Christmas Tree

Can you believe Christmas is one week away from tomorrow? I can't hardly believe it! Time just flies by so fast for me. Sure, there are days when I'm having a bad day and want it to go a little faster just so I can get to the end of that day, but I wish time would slow down. It won't be long before I'm preparing for a little boy's first birthday party. Oh, I'm so sad! In order to watch "The Christmas Tree" video, CLICK HERE.

Visit With Ol' Saint Nick
I got so much done today. Of course, I had my meeting with ol' Saint Nick and we talked about Katie's behavioral problems, what we need to work on. Because I was gone most of the day, visiting Santa Claus, I took Katie and Colton to visit with Peggy and Millard. Katie was really sad and didn't want to see me leave. She kept begging me to stay with her at Peggy and Millard's house. It didn't dawn on me until much later that Katie really didn't care if I stayed with her or not. She was worried because she hasn't been the greatest little girl this year. I've been telling her about Santa's elves are every where, watch and reporting back to the Big Man. She didn't believe me and continue to take toys away from her brother and act ugly to mommy. I kept warning her about me meeting with Santa Claus and how he will be talking with me about her. Will she be on the naughty or nice list? Katie's always been kind of greedy with her hugs and kisses, but this year she added a little ugliness to it. It's really made me sad (mad) to see her act this way to other people that care about her. In the past, I've tried to guilt her into showing a little love. In the past, it worked pretty good. Now that she's older, it's not so good. I hope my family doesn't loose heart with her because she is beautiful on the inside and loving. She is just having a very hard time showing it right now. I'm having to use a little more discipline when it comes to the loving and whining. I can't stand the whining. Anyway, on our way home from Peggy and Millard tonight, the first thing out of Katie's mouth was "did you see Santa today?" I told her that I did. "Well, what did he say?" she asked all concerned. I told her that he and Jesus met and they've seen how she's been treating everyone and that she needs to work on doing better. If she makes mistakes, she is to say "I'm sorry and I'll try better" a lot more. Daddy even added that she is to hug and kiss people more. I agreed that Santa and I discussed that as well. If someone in the family wants a hug and kiss, she is to do it. She is to share and be nicer to Colton. I added that Santa said, he could see she is trying to do better and she is to keep it up. If she tries to do better and be a good little girl, he just might come by our house and give her the Barbie Camper, she's been wanting. She was so sad, she put her head in her lap. I'm sure hoping she will try better, so she can get her Barbie Camper for Christmas. She'll be one sad little girl, if Santa has to pass by our house.

Katie's School
Katie has her Christmas Program tomorrow and then she'll be off the rest of the year. Yay! I don't know whose more excited over a holiday break, me or her. I'm just ready for a short break from ballet and school. She's excited about her program because she knows daddy, baby Colton and I will be there, cheering her on. With camcorder and camera in hand, of course.

Katie's best friend, Claire, has a birthday the 22nd (I believe) of December. I didn't tell Katie, but Claire will be having a birthday party on New Year Eve night. I didn't tell Katie because I know she'll aggravate me until time for the party. She'll be so excited when she finds out. Now, I've got to figure out what to get Claire.

Prayer Request
Chase is still doing good, just taking it easy. I spoke to Susan last night and she told me that after the doctor viewed his CT scan, he noticed the laceration to Chase's liver was much deeper than first thought. He said a simple fall would kill Chase. He is to be very careful for 2 whole weeks. He has to walk because he has a partially collapsed lung, but he can't trip and stay in complete control, so he doesn't jar his liver. I don't know what Leslie or Chase's mom is going through, but I'm so nervous just thinking about it. Sue said that his bedroom is upstairs and the bathroom (to take baths) is downstairs. Yes, he is going up and downstairs. Ugh! I told her, if I was Kellie (Chase's mom), I'd put that boy in a bubble and make him lay down for 2 solid weeks. Susan added that overall Chase is in really good spirits and still has his sense of humor.

Shannon's body was being viewed tonight at 5 or 6 PM. His funeral is tomorrow. Please continue to remember his family.

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