Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Party, Party, Party

I've got lots to update you on, so hold on or you may have to read this in two parts. HA!

Horton Christmas
I didn't get to enjoy the party as much as I normally would because Colton was gracious enough to give me his cold. I had a terrible headache, nearly the whole time I was there. I hated it for the people that had to look at me. Trust me when I say, I tried to hide my illness. By the end of the day, I was apologizing to people for not feeling well.

I know Katie had a great time, playing with Ty and Trey. Poor kids, I know they wanted to go outside and play, but it was miserable most of the day. They did good though, playing in the house. She absolutely hated it when Trey and Ty had to go. Shawn and Anthony had another party to go to, so Trey and Ty went home with Horace and Joyce for the evening. Katie was mooping around the house. She finally told me, she was bored and wished Ty and Trey didn't have to leave so quickly.

Colton had a ball being passed around like a sack of potatoes. That is right up his alley. I think he did real good for not taking a long nap. He took up to Anthony. We don't know if it was because Anthony was sitting in the rocking chair or if he just really liked him. Colton would crawl up to Anthony and act like he wanted picked up. As soon as Anthony picked him up, Colton would start rocking. As to say, please rock me. Anthony would start rocking him and he acted all content. If Anthony stopped rocking, Colton would go right back to rocking back and forth until Anthony started rocking once again.

Joyce made it okay during the party. I think she was giving out on us after dinner. As soon as Dirty Santa was over, it wasn't long before her and Horace were packing up. Bless her heart, she just can't make it long at all before she begins to wear out.

Here's a picture of Henry's Alabama Football Christmas tree. It turned out really pretty. I like it!

I had to take a picture of this elephant head, sticking out of Henry's wall. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before in my life.

Katie's Christmas Performance
Yesterday, Katie's class dressed up in their special reindeer shirts and sang Christmas carols to all the lunchtime customers at Berkley Bob's Coffee House. It was cute, they had a stage in the corner of the restaurant for all the children to stand on for the BIG performance. I believe the classes went from Preschool to 1st Grade. All the 1st Graders played Christmas songs with their recorders. I could tell they practiced because it was nice sounding and didn't sound like fingernails to a chalkboard. Once the older children were finished, the younger kids stood up and began singing their songs. They did so good. Us parents went on and on about how well they did. I couldn't get over how Katie stayed up there for so long without going berserk. I took pictures with my camera phone, but can't show them to you right because my connector is in Colton's room and he is asleep. Ugh! I'll try to get it tomorrow.

Katie's Class Christmas Party & Ornament Exchange
Katie had a blast at her party. I think I did good, juggling Colton, taking pictures and passing out food. He was getting so squirmy in my arms that I decided to just let him down. Oh man, it was a whole new world for him. He couldn't crawl fast enough and check out everything. From time to time, I had to go get him and hold him. Boy, he didn't like that idea. Not one bit! He was on an exploring mission and I was the road block. As you can tell from the pictures, there was a lot of food. Katie and I made all the children small goody bags. I think they were a hit because kids couldn't get their suckers in their mouths fast enough and the Christmas poppers were flying through the air. It was fun! Mrs. Katie loved her gift. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of Mrs. Katie with her sign. Instead, I took a picture of her and Katie with her card. Ugh! I don't know what I was thinking. To give you a visual, I went to a local craft fair. At one booth, they were selling wooden signs. I found an apple sign with a satin ribbon that could hang on the wall. I asked the women, if she could personalize it for me and I was so excited that she could. I had her paint "Mrs. Katie's Class" on the front. It turned out good and Mrs. Katie seemed to really like it. The children gave us parents Christmas presents as well. On a glass ball is Katie's handprint and on the opposite side is her name and year, written in red glitter paint. The other ornament is a stocking made out of construction paper with Katie's picture in the middle and decorated with glitter paint. Thankfully, Mrs. Katie had it laminated for safe keeping. So precious! I will treasure them always and have them hanging on our tree for years to come or until Katie tells me "okay mom, it's time to put these away."
Katie did such a good job decorating her cupcakes for her party. She's been quite the little helper in the Kitchen. She helps me mix all the ingredients together. She even tells me if I didn't put in enough of a specific ingredient. I've been using this as a learning tool (too much or not enough and which is greater).
By the way, Mrs. Katie gave a little semester test to all the students and she was happy to report that Katie is doing great. We've been working on her letter recognition and Mrs. Katie can see a huge improvement since the beginning of school. I've been quizzing her (making it a game) about her letter sounds with pictures. I quizzed her one time in front of Millard and she got them all correct. I've been teaching her small words like "at, cat, bat, mat, pat, etc." She liked that game "what words can you make out of 'at'?" I'm thinking about purchasing a new fridge magnet that helps you spell out words. I'll wait until closer to Easter before getting it because I think she'll be ready by then.

Mrs. Katie posing with Katie and the Christmas card she gave her. I hate it that I forgot to take a picture of the Apple sign. She's got it hanging up in her classroom where she can see it.
Colton all bundled up on a cold 33 degree morning, heading to Katie's Christmas party. Poor baby is still trying to get over his cold.

Nicholas' visit
Nicholas is home from school and wanted to come by and visit with me and the children for a little bit. Unfortunately, I had just put Colton down for a nap. Poor thing, it sounds like he's life is one big book in front of his face, most of the time. He'll be home for the rest of the month. I told him, Katie and I would be making sugar cookies next week. He said (laughingly), he'd be over to "help." Honestly, he needs to help me eat the cookies because he is sooo thin. Hopefully, he can get fattened up before leaving for school next year.

Y'all I'm soo tired, I'm falling asleep as we speak. I've had a huge two-three weeks. I'll have to blog some more a little later.


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