Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Quick Note

I can't do my usually blogging tonight, but I had to mention a few prayer requests.

Saturday, my niece's boyfriend, Chase, survived a bad car accident. He was a passenger in a vehicle that the driver lost control and struck a tree. The tree hit on the same side Chase was sitting. The blow from the tree, knocked him out. He suffered broken ribs, punctured lung, lacerations to both his liver and lung. Where the tree knocked out the glass, cut his ear and caused several other cuts to his arms and (I think) legs. Poor boy is in bad shape, but it doing fine. I found out on Sunday and kept in contact with Leslie about his condition. He has been a real trooper, according to Leslie. When I talked to her today, he was on his way home. The only really big concern is his liver. Doctors want him to take it easy for the next couple of weeks. They are afraid if he takes one bad blow, even a fall, it could land him right back in the ER. God sent his angel to look over this young man. Please continue to pray that he will take the doctor's advice to the letter and he will have a fast recovery.

Shawn called me today before we left for ballet. The guy, I've had on our prayer list for some time, Shannon Privett, passed away today. Susan told me the other day how he had tumors all over his poor body. I know Shannon isn't suffering anymore, but his family and friends are missing him so much right now. They need your prayers. All they need right now is God's comfort. Shannon, I believe, is the same age as my sister, June, so I would say that he is around 47 years old. He has left behind, a beautiful wife and two special boys. Matt, I think is around 20 years old and Adam is still in high school.

I have an unspoken request. There are just some things that are going on in my life, I need God's direction and guidance. I'm usually the one, He has to drag kicking and screaming to follow his directions, so I need his courage to accept as well.


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Allison said...

Hope everything is okay. Sending prayers your way for your friends and you!