Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa's Elves Are Busy, Busy, Busy

It's bad when you have to look back at your previous post to see what you wrote last. "Where did I leave off?" We had a great Thanksgiving. As you know, my long distance cousins came to celebrate the holiday with us, Allen, his family, Lissa and her husband, Randy.

Katie had a blast, playing with Allen's boys (Allen Jr., Aaron & Adien). The dog's name is "Pepper". They pretty much adopted her as their little sister. She kept up with them the whole time.

I've been checking out everyone's blogs and it sounds like everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm back on the job. I'm busier than ever. I received Katie's school schedule and man they are craming the stuff with the kids before Christmas break. Monday, I'm suppose to send a long sleeve t-shirt with Katie, in order to make her Christmas shirt. They've got to get their Christmas shirts ready in a week, before their field trip to a local coffee shop. In the newsletter, the principal stated that they usually go caroling at the Nursing Home. With all the sickness, we'll be caroling at a coffee shop during lunch time instead. Our classroom will be getting care baskets together for the Nursing Home. Let's not forget the class Christmas party, followed by the Christmas Program on the last day of school. A week from Friday, her class is having a craft day. I don't think they need my assistance on this day or at least I hope not. Before it's all over, I'll be training myself on how to breathe again.

Here at home, I'm trying to get Christmas cards done and mailed out. I just completed a couple of projects for some special relatives (kisses), which has kept me busy. Beings Horton Christmas is less than two weeks away, I've got to get busy and purchase my ingredients. Peggy would like for me to bring Reese Cup Cookies, Tropical Fruit Jello dessert and some rolls. I told Katie, we would be making lots of Christmas cookies this year. I've got a new recipe I want to try, "Holiday Cake Bon Bons." It sounds so simple and delicious! Maryann and I were foaming at the mouth talking about this recipe and of course, adding ingredients that we feel might make them even better. Yummy! I'm one decorated table, blow-up snowman, tree, and lighted deer away from being completely finished with decorating the house. Hey, at least Doug was able to hang up the stars. Bless his heart, he just ran out of sunlight. We've still got so much planned and don't know if we are going to have enough time to do it. We got tickets to the light show, become a tradition every year, and Santa's Village. I just know Katie is at the age, where she will love the Santa Village. I hope we can make it! Plus, I had high hopes to make it to the Country Christmas this year, but don't know if we can make it. Doug seems to think Colton is too young and Katie won't remember the trip.

Have you been naughty or nice?
I've really had to remind Katie about Santa's elves watching her on a daily basis. The child definitely has her daddy's blood because she LOVES to aggravate me to where I'm fumin'. Then, as I'm giving her a talkin', she'll ask, "mom, am I pushing your button?" You know, that's pretty sad, but there's just so much I can take before I'm pulling my hair. As soon as I told her that I've got an appointment to meet with Santa soon, she straightened up real quick. Oh, she's still making me pull my hair out, but it doesn't seem to be so bad.

Tonight, she told me that she saw someone outside. It was dark and I told her, it was probably one of Santa's elves. He was here to check up on her and make sure she was being nice to Colton and mommy. I wish you could have seen her face. Can you say, PRICELESS? I told her about how Santa's elves peek in the windows and report back to him, letting him know if Katie was being good or bad. She was speechless. It wasn't long before she bouncing around the house. If it wasn't so cold and rainy outside, I would have insisted she get outside and play. I told Doug tonight that I hope it won't rain tomorrow because she has got to get out before she tears down the house. It's amazing what a difference an hour outside makes for an active child.

Speaking of Katie, she continues to change so much. Along with this statement is the fact that her vocabulary has also expanded. She tickles me with her prissy ways. Tonight, she was telling Colton how "superly-awesome" her animated snowglobes were. When you ask her where she gets these words, she always says "I don't know."

New Things For Colton
A couple of days before Thanksgiving, I noticed he twirls his tongue like Katie did when she was a baby. Too cute! His crawling has advanced to a race. I can just see the little wheels a turning in his head - "let's see if I can beat mommy to Katie's room." No sooner I put him down in the Living Room, he high tails it down the hall to Katie's room. He likes Katie's room because that's where all the cool stuffs at. He would love to walk, but he isn't brave enough right now. One time, I had him standing up by himself. That is until he found out I let go of him. He is starting to go from one thing to another, but not very much. Tonight, I tried to get him to come to me from the couch. The only way he would do that is by squatting down and crawling over to me. He's still having problems with his teeth trying to come in. His gums are so red and swollen. Every once in awhile, he'll cry out in pain. Poor baby! He rocks now when he is super happy. For instance, while he is in his high chair eating, he'll rock back and forth. Maryann told me it was because he is happy. I can understand that, I just don't remember Katie doing it. He turned 8 months old the other day. He can't wear a 6 month outfit anymore and barely wears a 9 month sleeper. He is growing up too fast! It won't be long before we are celebrating his first birthday. (sniff, sniff)

Speaking of birthdays, Katie has announced that she would like to have two birthday parties this year. Ugh! She would like her first party to be a "Polly Pocket" and the other to be "Abby Cadabby." She thinks she should have two parties because her friends, Claire and Olivia had two parties. They had one with their class and the other with family. Poor Katie! I guess this is the part where your birthday would stink because she's not in school when she celebrates her birthday. I may have to take some cupcakes or something right before school lets out for the year because I know it will make her so sad.

Good Finds
Doug and I ran across a delicious find this past weekend. Doug likes to eat Italian dressing from time to time on his salad. Well, he accidentally grabbed the Greek dressing instead. After finding out his mistake, he went ahead and put it on his salad anyway. The man went on and on about it to me. Saying that it tastes just like the dressing "Olive Garden" puts on their salad. Now, being the BIG "Olive Garden" fan that I am, I had to try it out because there are days when all I eat at the restaurant is their salad and soup. I LOVE "Olive Garden's" salad! Well, I tried the dressing and I have to say that it comes pretty daggum close, if not exactly the same flavor. You'll have to try it and find out for yourself.

Milano's Italian Grille is a scrumptious food find, when you are on the go and too busy to cook a big dinner. We've tried their Lasagna and Parmesan Chicken. Oh, you talk about good. Yum! Doug and I couldn't get over this being a frozen food because it tasted really good. I found this frozen nugget by the tenderloins in the freezer section. I'd like to try their Marsala, I bet it's just as good.

Favorite Christmas Commercials
It's official the Christmas commercials are out and running full force. I have my favorites that I always look forward to a repeat from the year before. For instance, the M&Ms, Hershey's Kisses, and Coke commercials.

But no one can beat the 1970's Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial "Teach The World." This would have to be my all-time favorite! I wish they would bring this version back one year.

Please bare with me because I'm trying to update my blog layout. It's time for the Christmas version and momma is a little behind on things. (lol!) I'm just now updating my photo frames through out the house. Yeah, it's that bad.

Make sure you watch the Tide as we face off with Florida Gators this weekend for the SEC Championship. I'm hoping for a great game, hopefully we'll win. If we do win, we'll be competing against Texas next. Woo Hoo! McElroy vs. McCoy - that would be neat to see.


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