Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas In Review

I've been checking out everyone's Christmas posts, looking at your Christmas photos and I loved reading the stories. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday like we did.

Of course, Katie and I continued our Christmas tradition, sleeping under the Christmas tree. As a child, I slept under the Christmas tree every year in hopes to catch Santa Claus in the act. I don't know what I would have done, if I did catch him other than help him unload his sack. HA! I've tried to pass along this tradition on to my Katiebug and she loves it. Last year, we were not able to sleep under the tree together because I was 6-7 months pregnant with Colton. I did ask Katie if she wanted to sleep under the tree by herself and she just isn't comfortable enough to do that right now, I'm sure she will when she is older. This year, she was so excited. I made a pallet of blankets and placed her princess sleeping bag right by the tree. This mama threw a sheet and blanket on our couch, it was comfy enough for me. We used the Christmas lights as our nightlight. I finally got her to let me turn the television off at 11 p.m.

Christmas Eve

We spent our Christmas Eve at Tim and Susan's house. We had such a good time and pleasantly surprised to see Chase sitting on the couch, as we walked in. As you know, he survived a very serious car accident not too long ago. He still has to watch every step he makes, so he doesn't fall or cause any more stress on his liver. I asked him if they put him in a big bubble in order for him to come over. He has a great sense of humor.

Katie and Colton received so many nice gifts from their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I think they loved everything. Katie had to sleep with her new Barbie Hairdresser and wear her Princess Tiana necklace on Christmas morning. Colton received the cutest black Converse tenny shoes. They are adorable.

The dirty santa was a lot of fun. My Bama blanket was in more of a demand that I first thought. This year's rules were that the third person that possessed an item, automatically froze it. This rule caused our game to end short because it wasn't long before all the good gifts were frozen. It was still fun. In the end, Tim froze my blanket and he gave it to Chase because he knew what a big Bama fan he was. I thought that was sweet because Chase was sick knowing the blanket was frozen before he had a chance to get it. There were all kinds of nice prizes like gift cards to Academy, Victoria Secret, Cracker Barrel and Smith Farms Meat. Every nice gift I picked out, Victoria Secret and Cracker Barrel, everyone kept snatching it. I still got a nice gift - a houndstooth boggin and an Alabama Football ornament.

Christmas Day
We got up Christmas morning to find all sorts of neat gifts under the tree. Santa was good to us once again. Katie and Colton's presents from Santa were nicely displayed by the tree, greeting them on Christmas morning. Of course, Colton didn't know what was going on at the time. He just knew there was something different. He tried his best to get a closer look at Katie's Barbie Camper. HA! I had an awful time keeping him away from it (little stinker).

We waited as long as we could, but I knew the time we were facing. If we were going to get to Millard and Peggy's by noon, I had to get the ball-a-rolling and get Katie out of bed. She would sleep every morning until 9:00-10:00 AM, if I let her. I don't care what time she went to bed the night before. She is so much like me and a lot of my family members, we love to sleep. As soon as Colton and I woke her up, surprisingly it didn't take much persuading her to get in the Living Room to see what Santa brought. Santa was too good to her this year. He remembered how she loved to watch the cuckoo clocks at the German store in town and he brought her one. It doesn't cuckoo, thank goodness. It's sweet - a little dutch girl swings back and forth, while a blue bird rocks to the beat. She loves it! She loves music boxes, so I got her a manual music box to "The Silent Nutcracker." It's one of her favorite songs. I'm really hoping next year to be able to take her to the ballet. Of course, she received what she'd been begging for a Barbie Camper. It's pretty cool. Both of the sides open for lots of room. There is a dining area, bed, kitchen & bathroom. It comes with all sorts of accessories including campfire sticks with marshmallows on the top for Barbie. The toilet makes a flushing sound when you press a button. Another button makes all kinds of noise like crickets chirping and crackling fire. So neat! Colton likes his toys as well. He is all the time swiping dad's remote control, so we got Colton his very own Sesame Street Remote Control. He loves it! He and I played with the barn. I noticed that everytime, I put his animals in the loft of the barn, he would knock them off. I guess he didn't like them up there. Who knows!

Santa was good to Doug and I as well. I received my favorite perfume, Beautiful Love; makeup; "The Proposal" and "Gone With The Wind" Blu-Ray DVDs; and a new cell-phone. Doug received a Nick Saban autographed Alabama Football book; Polo Black cologne; and new TV. More importantly, God has blessed us so much this year. We have Colton in our lives, Doug received his degree, his job is doing good, we've all been very healthy and happy.

We finally got to Millard and Peggy's a little later. It was nice to sit back and just go with the flow. Katie's eyes lit up as soon as she saw what grandma and paw-paw got her for Christmas. It was the Polly Pocket Roller Coaster that she also asked for. How nice! She was fired up, ready for daddy to put it together on kitchen table.

You talk about a challenge for Doug and Millard to put this thing together. As you can, there are a lot of pieces, but it's pretty cool. The cart cranks up the ladder just like a real roller coaster. It comes with SEVERAL accessories including a tiki bar & disco ball. HA!

Millard and Peggy found at the "Tractor Supply" store the cutest John Deere ATV Scooter for Colton. At home, he likes to get on his knees and push the four-wheeler all over the Living Room floor. He seems to really like it & he looks so darn cute.

The Twilight Saga
As you may know, Leslie and Susan were talking to me awhile back about the "Twilight Series." They were telling me how good these books are and in fact Leslie was on the fourth novel. I never picked it up because I figured it would be the same ol' same ol' vampire story. I was very mistaken! After great deliberation, I got the book and read it during the Christmas weekend. Yeah, I read the book within three days. Oh my my my! What a great book. I had the hardest time putting it down. Doug even allowed me to spend a whole day on my book, kind of a "me day." It was nice to just get completely lost in this book.

When you mention vampires, I think of blood and obscene gestures. Not at all! It was a sweet romance between two very shy people that will do anything for the people they love the most. How the head of the coven, Carlisle, was the son of a minister from London. He was bitten and he had the hardest time accepting the fact. He tried his best to fulfill his father's footsteps just to be given this curse. After great depths of ridding his life to finally accept what he had become and making something that is so evil into good. He realized how he could survive off of animal's blood rather than human. He became a doctor to heal the sick. His companions were only those who were on their death beds, waiting for their turn to pass on to another life. I was surprised how Carlisle tells Bella that he believes in God. What a refreshing new look on vampires and their life. I loved the romantic scenes, it melted my heart several times and absolutely nothing immoral. I applaud Stephanie Meyer for the way she delicately embraced these two teens, absolutely nothing obscene. It's a very innocent and beautiful story. When I finished the book, I was thirsty for more. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into "New Moon." So, Katie, Colton and I jumped in the truck yesterday and headed for the Movie Gallery. Yes, they had the movie "Twilight" in Blu-ray. That night, I watched it and still loved it. Yeah, the movie varied somewhat from the book, but it pretty much stayed with the book (no big variations). I also stopped by Walmart and grabbed "New Moon." Last night, I read ten chapters. I can't force my hand down, I had to find out what happened next. I didn't go to bed until after 1 AM this morning. While I took a break today from daily chores, I killed another chapter. This book is so emotional for me. Last night, I teared up a few times. Oh, I feel so bad for Bella. The questions keep piling up in my head. Like, has Bella really lost Edward forever? Will she ever get over him? Will Edward have the strength to stay away from Bella, knowing that her life could be in danger? Will Bella fall for Jacob in order to fill that void in her chest? Will Edward & Jacob be able to protect Bella before Victoria is able to avenge her mate's death? What will happen next? PLEASE DON'T TELL ME! I plan to read a few more chapters tonight before going to bed. I can't wait!

Movies In Review
The Hangover
Doug read reviews about this movie. He thought it would be such a good movie to watch. Please don't waste your time even renting this movie. STUPID! Unfortunately for us, Doug bought the Blu-ray. Ugh!

The Proposal
I love this movie. It is such a good romantic movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Let's not forget how funny Betty White is in this film. This is one reason I wanted Doug to buy me this movie for Christmas. It is so good!

Gone With The Wind
Some of you know that one of my all time favorite classic movies is "Gone With The Wind." Well, Doug found one on Blu-ray and it's awesome. I couldn't believe how clear it was! If you like the movie, you've got to see it in Blu-ray.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you all had such a good Christmas! Colton is getting so big! Emma says hi to you all and Happy Holidays :)

Gone with the Wind is one of my favorites! I understand completely about Twilight :) You could not have described it better. The books really were well put together! Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you all had such a good Christmas! Colton is getting so big! Emma says hi to you all and Happy Holidays :)

Gone with the Wind is one of my favorites! I understand completely about Twilight :) You could not have described it better. The books really were well put together! Enjoy :)

thekeyes said...

hahaha.. okay i loved the books and i see that you are having the same reaction to them as me. you'll be sad when you get done with the fourth one. i was. the hangover was so funny. i thought.. but the proposal was great. i love that part where she is doing the ritual dance in the woods with the granny. I laught thinking about it.. lol. and gone with the wind.. seriously?? how old are you mirya. i'm teasing. that's a classic so we will let it slide.. oh i want to tell you all the twilight details but i'd ruin it for you. just go ahead and buy the third and fourth book cause you will read them and you will want them sooner than you think then the store will be out of them well that's what happened to me anyway. happy new year by the way!

Allison said...

Girl you better catch up on the Twilight series - they are all awesome, but my favorites are the first one and the last one.
We watched The Hangover today. It was interesting seeing Vegas again, but nothing really shocked us in the movie. I guess we are jaded from living there for 5 years. We liked the movie okay, but are glad we didn't buy it. We just borrowed it from some friends that did buy it.
Some friends and I are planning a Moms Nite Out to go see New Moon and I'd love for you to come! Let me know if you are interested!