Sunday, December 4, 2011

Busy Christmas Season

This big elf has been busy this Christmas Season. I started on the sugar scrub gifts. I even tried it out myself. I think after Christmas, I'm going to make me some to keep around here for me. I decided to make candies this year along with my cookie plate for Christmas parties. Saturday, I spend most of the morning dipping just about everything in chocolate (peanuts, pretzels and cherries). Doug requested pecan clusters and white chocolate pretzels. I've got it on my list for the week.

Today, we met up with Leslie and the other bridesmaids at David's Bridal, trying on dresses. Katie picked out her dress, which was on sale. She tried her best to get me to purchase a tiara to go with it. "Momma, I think this crown would make my dress look even more beautiful" she said. The small tiara that she wanted was $30. I just didn't see paying that for one day. Besides, Leslie thought it would be pretty to have a flower in her hair. I told Katie that we would go check out Hobby Lobby or Michael's for a pretty tiara. Pumping her fist in the air, she smiled and said "YES!" It's a girl thing. What can I say? LOL! At the store, she couldn't keep her hands to herself. She had to touch all the rhinestone diamond necklaces, earrings and rows and rows of wedding dresses. They had Vera Wang's dresses in her own very spot. Pretty. We got to see a Royal dress that was similar to Princess Kate's dress. Absolutely beautiful! Speaking of Princess Kate. Real quick insight. I heard that she and Prince William are expecting a baby and possibly twins. Way to go Will! LOL! They waste no time at all.

I had to go to a few places before going home. It was CRAZY in town. Everyone was everywhere. It will be like this for the next several weeks. I wished I could have shopped a little longer, but I never have enough hours in the day. I told Doug that I'll just have to come back another day and enjoy looking at everything. I just love to look at everything. Michael's had a great sale on Christmas picks 60% off. It may have been crowded tonight, but no one lost their Christmas spirit and manners. Merry smiles every corner you turn. It makes a huge difference.

I've got another long week and I hope to get some house cleaning done. Shew! This month will be gone so fast because so much is going on.  Katie has two spend the night parties to attend, I just hope they are not on the same night.  I know when the first one is, but haven't heard a date for the other one.  Yikes!  My niece, Leslie, graduates from college this month.  We will have another RN in our family.  She took her last exam this past week.  I think she's glad that it's over, but now she has to get a wedding together within 5 months.  Woo Hoo!    We got a sneak peek at her wedding dress.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I'm so excited and happy for her and Chase.  It seems like they've been engaged forever.  Also, I can't forget that Katie's class will be going on a field trip before school is out for Christmas vacation.  I'll be sure to take plenty of photos and share with you the loads of fun, we will be having that day.   When I have an opportunity, I will post more about the sugar scrub I made. Along with the recipe.  I think you'll like it.

Take care and God Bless!

By the way, we watched the news tonight about the BCS Bowl.  All I will say is . . .



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Allison said...

I wish Anya's school allowed us to bring in homemade items. Its pretty crazy. They are teaching her the Dreidel song in music, but there can be no mention of Santa or Christmas...I really miss her school in Good Hope for this reason and so many others, but the house will close hopefully on Friday! Hope you guys are doing well! :)