Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Praise Report

I have an update on my special prayer request patients. They are not out of the woods, but praise God they are making some improvement.

Clint is in a room and improving. A surgeon came in today and reported that his hernia is not healing like he wants it to and it will be addressed further down the road because he is not out of the woods yet. He doesn't feel that he will have problems with his stomach. If everything goes well, he will be transferred to rehab at the end of the week.

Andrew was sent to a brain trauma clinic in Atlanta. Today, he started PT, OT and speech therapy. He opened his eyes more and making grunt noises, which is good. Tonight, his heart rate spiked to 180. It came down to 140s.

Thank you for the prayers. I know their families appreciate it.

God Bless!


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