Thursday, March 15, 2012

Presenting . . . My New Creation

I had this idea and with hard work and perseverance, here it is.

May I present my Time Treasured Tree. I made this for Leslie's Bridal Shower. It turned out so nice and pretty. The gravel is to keep the vase stable, which if you look closely is actually aquarium gravel for fish tanks. HAHA! Leslie and Chase's wedding colors are Pool, which is very similar to Aquamarine. I had to find something to weigh down the vase and this is what our group came up with. The rhinestone buckle that hugs the pool ribbon, I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $4.99. So pretty! It adds class and separates the gravel from the sparkling tulle nicely. The branches, I purchased from Hobby Lobby on sale for $4.

I cut it all up and spray painted them silver. The photos, I made myself during a photo shoot with Leslie and Chase. They did so good. I cut them in 3" circles. I glued two pictures back to back, punched hole at the top and added a ribbon to hang on the branches. I made enough photos for two trees (9 photos each tree).
The pearl garland was a nice touch, I thought. The garland has pearls cascading down the tree. Leslie had a chance to see the trees last weekend and really liked them. She wants to be able to use them not only at the shower, but also at the wedding reception. Yay!

I've been getting ready for the Bridal Shower. We have one more week and then it's show time! I will be sure to take lots of pictures. You know me. It's been a big month because of the planning for not only a bridal shower, but also my baby boy will turn 3 years old in a couple of weeks. Let's not forget the numerous birthdays this month.

Katie had another field trip yesterday. They had an opportunity to visit the Nursing Department at a college. They created a "Pretend Hospital". I believe it's an introduction to good health and the medical field for the students. Katie said she had a good time. The medical field is absolutely in our family. I mean, I have three nieces and nephew that are RNs. The nephew is back in school studying aesthetics. A niece worked in Medical Records before starting her family. I have a niece that's in school studying to go into Physical Therapy. A nephew was just accepted into medical school in Tennessee. My great, great, great grandmother was a midwife and her father was a physician from Georgia. So yeah, it's in our blood I guess, but our Katiebug assured me that she still wants to go into teaching.

Katie's still surviving school, but she's ready for a break. Thank goodness for Spring Break. Right? I haven't decided what we are going to do for Spring Break. Any suggestions? We are ready for Easter though. Weeks ago, Katie and I bought our Easter dresses and even a cute outfit for Colton. So cute and it matches Katie's dress perfectly. Now, I've got to find new shoes for the kids. Katie is in a difficult size right now. She wears a 12 1/2, but it's so hard to find half sizes in most shoes. I've had to let her walk around in a 13 and Doug reminds me often how they are too big. Whell! I do what I can.

Colton is really changing this time of year. He is getting taller and developing into such a character. Normally, we can only survive going to one place a day. The one place is usually Walmart and then Colton is ready to go home. Tuesday, I thought I would test the waters. I needed to go vote, but wasn't ready to go home and neither was Colton. There were a couple new stores that I wanted to go check out and I'm glad I did. You need to check out my new finds.

Department Store Direct is a neat little store just over the railroad tracks in town. They furnish everything from furniture to men's tools at very low prices. Doug and I were talking about maybe getting a bunk/twin beds in Colton's room for guests. DSD had a nice wooden bunk bed available for $129. What is neat about DSD? They supply items that are online returns that are not damaged. They receive a new truck every week.

Jack and Jill is a quaint little shop filled with antique furniture, glassware, candles and other knick knacks. They had a beautiful Lillian Russell set (queen size bed, dress & chest) for $3400. The craftsmanship in the cherry wood was so pretty. It's too bad that it was a queen size bed and not king. You've got to go check it out. The sales clerk said they get new pieces every week. They also have a warehouse because they can't fit all the furniture and stuff in this little store. I think they are looking for a new location, so they can fit more items in it, which would be great because what I saw, I liked. Jack and Jill is located in the plaza across the street from the Serra Nissan on Hwy 31.

I've had the opportunity to babysit my great nephew, Zayden.  He is such a good baby.  I haven't had the first problem with him.  He is a little chunk.
Colton has shown signs of jealousy, but he is coming around.  He can't understand why Zayden won't sit down and play superheroes with him.  LOL!  He loves it when Zayden laughs and smiles at him when he is making faces and being silly.


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little zayden is so cute! love the tree very pretty.