Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Break

We've had an eventful Spring Break last week. Everyday was something new and fun for the family. We didn't do anything big like some of our friends, but stay close to home and kept the stress level to a minimum. Picnic at one of our favorite parks, playing at the parks, shopping, ice cream parties and kids spending the night with their grandparents. A few weeks ago, I had Katie make a list of things she would like to do with Colton and I. This is what she wanted to do. Amazingly enough, the items on her list filled each day and wasn't all that expensive. At first, I was a little concerned if we were going to be able to do them because Blackberry Winter came and visited us with temps in the 50s and 60s. Can you say, BRRRR!? Luckily, the cool weather didn't stay around for very long because by Wednesday temps began going back up. By the weekend, was very nice outside.

We did have the chance to get outside quite a bit. I've had bags of mulch to clean out my flowerbeds and make them pretty for Summer time. I couldn't get over how thick my beds have gotten. Maryann came over a couple of weeks ago and helped me thin out some of my plants, but it still needed so much more thinning. Leslie told me that she wanted to go plant shopping in my yard for her new house, but she's so involved with her wedding that she hasn't had time to pick out what she wants. For right now, I just moved some plants around in our flowerbeds. This way if Leslie wants the plants, she can get them at a later moment. Meanwhile, my beds look nice and neatly groomed. With us being outside and doing so much yard work, we've had our encounter with a couple of snakes. Nothing bad just a King snake and Pine snake. We discovered that the LONG King snake had a wonderful den under our carport. LOVELY! You may feel differently, but I feel that snakes are the devil's hand puppets. A good snake is a DEAD snake. I'm one of these that kill first and find out what kind it is later. The Pine snake had it's head blown off with Doug's gun. I must say, my hubby has a perfect aim. LOL! I'd never seen a Pine snake before last week. I just knew it was a Rattlesnake because of the diamond markings, but I was puzzled because it didn't have rattles. After research and Doug's guesses, we have concluded that it was a Pine snake. We just can't afford to allow snakes on our property with small children running around the yard. No matter how good they are for the environment.

One thing, I've discovered this past week is that I don't like Fat-Free Frozen Vanilla Yogurt. YUCK! Some people may love it and I know it is much better for you than low-fat or fatty ice cream. I can handle Weight Watchers yogurt just fine when I have to eat it, but plain yogurt is too sour for my taste buds. That specific sour taste is carried over to the frozen yogurt. I tried really hard to like it, but there is no way I could handle it. Thankfully Doug liked it okay.

This morning, we hated to get back on schedule with work and school. I've allowed the kids to stay up way late at night this past week, so I just knew I would have trouble with Katie getting ready for school. Actually, she did rather well and I didn't have the first problem with her. Colton however, was another story. He was such a cranky franky getting out of bed. He did not want to go to the bathroom, but I made him. He did not want to put on his shoes, so I carried him to the car. He did not want Katie to look at him on the way to school. He is really bad about calling names. When you have ticked him off, he likes to call you "poopy-brat." All the way to school, all I heard was "mom, Katie's looking at me." and "Katie, you a poopy-brat." Feel the love! Katie loves it, to aggravate Colton. It's her favorite pass time. LOL! It drives me crazy at times because I don't like hearing them argue with one another.

This week is Teacher Appreciation at school. Katie drew a pretty picture of her and Ms. G. We made her a beautiful handmade "Thank You" card and have a couple of small gifts for Katie to present to her later this week. Friday, Katie has another field trip to the high school auditorium for the play "Cinderella." I can't get over that Summer is practically here. Temps are in the 80s and school is almost out for Summer Vacation. Now that school is winding down, comes the fun time of school. I just read the month newsletter for this coming month and she is going to have a blast. May 11th begins Luau week. She gets to dress up and they will study about Hawaii all week long, including games and activities. FUN! After the play this Friday, she will have one more field trip to her new school that she will transfer to next year. They have their annual Field Day, which is loads of fun for the kids all day. I will take pictures for you. The last day of school, Katie's class will have bunch and be dismissed. She loves school, but she is so ready for Summer Break. She is so looking forward to swimming and playing in the water. Swimming lessons is like her most favorite Summer activity.


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