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First week of Summer Break

During the last week of school, Katie had awards and field day at school. Her ballet recital was the following Saturday, while my sister, Sandy, and her husband were in town visiting. We were blessed to spend every day with them as they stayed with my parents. Unfortunately, they left the day after Memorial Day.
   photo DSC_0439_zpsa3b890a1.jpg photo DSC_0438_edited-1_zps37a4411a.jpg Playing catch with an orange photo DSC_0397_zps33efe0bb.jpg
Wade and Sandy with our parents - The photo with Katie holding something, it is actually a very well beaten orange.  Wade and Sandy played catch with the kids using one of their oranges that they brought on along their trip.  This orange didn't make it.  The kids were loving it because this mama doesn't allow fruit being throwing around.  A lot of giggles went on this day. 

Trying to hatch a monkey (it's a joke) photo DSC_0398_zpsc0105ed7.jpg Corn Hole Game photo DSC_0422_zpse9129802.jpg
Wade and Sandy played the same tick on Colton as they did on me around this age.  When Wade and Sandy first got married, I was about 5 years old.  They lived across the street from our house at the time and I loved bugging them.  I remember one day, I would follow Wade around as he was mowing the grass.  I thought it was harmless enough.  Didn't understand the danger too much.  Wade and Sandy finally told me that if I made a really big nest out of the fresh grass blades; place a potato in the nest and sat on it for a very long time that a monkey would hatch out of it.  I LOVED monkeys and I think they knew that at the time.  I did it!  I waited and waited for a very long time, it seemed like to me.  I was disappointed when I couldn't hatch the monkey.  

This time with Colton, they told him there were monkeys in the trees and if he would be still and cover his eyes with his hands, the monkeys would come down out of the trees.  Needless to say, this trick didn't last very long.  The kids got a kick out of it though. 

Memorial Day, we all met up at mom and dad's house for a cookout.  Tim and Susan supplied the meat, pork.  Everyone else brought the sides.  Doug and I brought the corn hole game for the entertainment.  

 photo DSC_0428_zps7f42d721.jpg

Here is our cheer section - their not too excited.  LOL!  

It's been 4 years since I've seen Sandy and Wade.  I hope our little family will find a way to make it to their house one day.  Hopefully, it won't be 4 more years before we can see each other again.  


The Birmingham Zoo currently has a limited time exhibit dedicated to just dinosaurs.  All of the life like replicas are animated.  This exhibit will be extinct after July 21st.  The cost is separate from regular zoo admission and is well worth it, if you have a dinosaur fan in the family like ours.  

 photo DSC_0512_zps3201a6b9.jpg
We made sure to get there a few minutes after the park opened.  It just seems like the animals are a little more active and you get to see them eat and interact more.  

Peacock @ B'ham Zoo photo DSC_0447_zps74b67334.jpg
This peacock was acting out and giving everyone with cameras a perfect opportunity for a good shot.  He is so beautiful! 

 photo DSC_0457_zpsc904a9e9.jpg
The same pretty guy was walking around.  I began making some noise.  He instantly began looking around like "what was that crazy noise?  Who is that?"  It gave me another great shot.  Thank you peacock! 

 photo DSC_0468_zpsc286dbc4.jpg
One of Katie's favorite birds is the flamingo.  I think it's because their pink, but she thinks they are so beautiful.  I have to agree.  Unfortunately, I believe this flock just got through eating.  Katie couldn't believe how awful they smelled.  LOL!  Trust me, we didn't stick around too long admiring the flamingos like we would have planned.  

 photo DSC_0464_zps6558c9fe.jpg
This pretty bird was in a cage full of young Lorikeets.  He was being so good and minding his manners, while all these lunatic Lorikeets were going crazy.  The most important part I forgot to tell you was it was a cage that we could go inside and actually try to hold and feed the birds.  At first, I thought it was a good idea.  I think too many people came in behind us to experience the same thing.  The young Lorikeets began to fight and as I'm taking a photo of one of the birds, another bird came flying past me, nearly knocking my camera out of my hands.  Katie and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.    

Lorikeet @ Zoo photo DSC_0462_zps4db100d4.jpg
Young Lorikeet - They are so pretty, but watch out! 

 photo DSC_0452_zps961c7044.jpg
This anaconda was being still and motionless, while Colton and Katie were trying to figure out where his head was at.  When I pointed it out to them, Colton was right by his head.  Katie saw it instantly when I pointed it out.  Colton it took a little while for him to figure out where the head was exactly.  I thought he would jump because the snake was looking straight at him as if, "yes, lunch is here."  Yuck!  To my surprise, Colton just smiled and looked at me.  I would hate to find this guy in my back yard.  Gives me cold chills! 

Playing the bongo drums photo DSC_0477_zps82bde03a.jpg
Katie playing the bongos in the African Safari area.   They have a nice playground for the kids to play and cool off.  

 photo DSC_0481_zps893d27be.jpg

 photo DSC_0494_zps6c98b7f7.jpg
We waited a while to see the baby orangutan.  The mommy was holding him and hiding her eyes with this small tire.  Right when we were moving to the next exhibit, I noticed the baby moving around.  I yelled for the kids to come back and see.  I'm so glad they got to see him.    

 photo DSC_0493_zps47955d32.jpg
Here is my little monkey

 photo DSC_0440_zps271d4088.jpg
Finally, we get to see the dinosaurs.  Colton and Katie asked us all the way through the park "when are we going to see the dinosaurs?"  I'm glad we chose to explore the Dino Discovery last.  

 photo DSC_0545_zps8cd34e19.jpg
Watch out for the water spitting dinosaurs!  It actually felt good after a hot day.

 photo DSC_0544_zps51bc8450.jpg
Colton gets hit by the spitting dino.  Daddy laughs in the background. 

 photo DSC_0539_edited-1_zps63fcd7cd.jpg
It's a picture moment at the entrance to the Paleontology center.  The center is a room that shows fossils, tools that Paleontologist use in order to find dinosaur bones.  It was pretty interesting.  

 photo DSC_0519_zps3a9abcf1.jpg
Watch out Colton!  Dinosaur is going to get you. 

 photo DSC_0520_zps4703a04d.jpg
Katie and Colton on a dino dig.  They get to find a few dinosaur bones.  What is it with kids and sand? It's like a magnet for my children. 

 photo DSC_0526_zpsfa753fc2.jpg 
WOW!!!  Colton has waited the whole exhibit to finally meet his most favorite dinosaur in the whole world.  The Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex!  This event was like candy sprinkles on top of a bowl full of ice cream.  It was great that the dinosaurs moved and made their noises.  It was awesome!  Colton wishes we could go back to "Jurassic Park" as he calls it.  If you're interested in visiting this exhibit, don't waste too much time because it's gone after July 21st.  

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