Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

It was one of the coldest Mother's Day holidays. After church, we all met up with our moms at Tim and Susan's house for a cook out. I have to say that it was nice having a picnic outside, as long as you can wear your jacket.  HAHA!  My mom's skin is so thin that she had a hard time handling it.  We all took turns going inside the house just to warm up.  LOL!  I'm joking of course. It wasn't that bad.

 photo DSC_0192_zps83cdba32.jpg
Me and my mom

 photo DSC_0179_zps2e3d51ac.jpg
Doug and his mom

Not only was it Mother's Day, but Doug's birthday.  The way the calendar ran, Doug's birthday landed on Mother's Day this year.  Yay!  My honey turned a big 45 young.

Happy 45th Birthday Doug!!

 photo DSC_0152_zps419907b7.jpg
Me and my babies
Wishing me a Happy Mother's Day!  
I love being a mom.  It's hard work, but it is very rewarding.  Look at these cute little faces.  I just love 'em so much!  I thank God for blessing me, of all people.  He blessed me with a wonderful family.  I can't understand how any woman could harm or kill God's precious angels.  These two darlings are loaned to me from our Creator for a short time.  I thank Him for choosing me, trusting me to do a good job in raising them.  I hope I don't disappoint. 

My niece's husband, Zayne, is big into off-road ATV adventures.  Because he is such a great brother-in-law to Whitney's brother.  Zayne got Ryan interested in purchasing his own Razor ATV.  Both guys thought it would be great to try their Razors out at Tim and Sue's place.  Lots of hills and rocks to climb.  Let's not forget the trees to squeeze through.  Loads of thrills and danger, right up the boys' alley.  Zayne and Ryan showed so much thrill on their faces that I believe they've pulled in Leslie's husband, Chase.  He is trying to sell his Harley-Davidson, so he can purchase his Razor.




 photo DSC_0184_zps18e4d3de.jpg
Vehicle #1: Zayne and Zayden (front) Vehicle #2: Ryan and Chase (back)
They were having fun coming up the creek until they got to the bridge.  All I can say, a lot of mud everywhere.  A Lot of Mud!

My kids made special Mother's Day cards for their grandmas.  I got the idea from The Crafting Chicks. I think they turned out perfect.  I did help out with the cover for the card.  I almost thought it was going to be a little difficult finding two sided scrapbook paper.  Fortunately, Hobby Lobby did have a few to choose from.  Shew!!  Saved me a lot of sweat and tears, coming up with a plan B.  Now, mine are very simple.  You can jazz them up a lot.  I just used what I had available. 

 photo DSC_0138-1_zps7a72837a.jpg

Below is an example of the inside.  Katie filled hers out without any problems; however, she didn't want to use her own guesses and thoughts on the matter.  She kept asking me the questions.  I told her to write down what she thinks or guess.  She told me that if she knew, she wouldn't have to ask.  
Good point. 
 photo DSC_0140-1_zps3b8e31e7.jpg 
I helped Colton with his questions and answers.  Honestly, I wrote down every answer he told me.  Some answers made no sense at all, but it was his thoughts and opinions.  If that's the case, who cares.  Right?  He is only 4 years old.  I think they all turned out adorable and would recommend this to anyone with small children.  I know the grandmas absolutely LOVED them.  They both said that they wished some of the answers were true, like the weight, and are definitely keepsakes.


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