Friday, August 2, 2013

Celebrate Cullman - 2013

This is the second or third year of Celebrate Cullman.  This year, we got to participate in the festivities by chance.  Actually, I had forgotten about it until we decided to go to Moe's Original Barbecue for supper.  As soon as we noticed the streets were blocked, it hit both of us.  I didn't know how bad crowded it would be, so I left it up to my hubby to decide.  In the end, I'm glad we decided to stick it out. We were able to find a table to sit, while Doug placed our order at Moe's BBQ.  We just LOVE this place.  We had the opportunity to eat a wonderful meal and listen to a live local band.  It was country music and they sounded really good.

Outside, I had no idea that the rides and games for all the children were free at the festival.  So nice!  There were a couple of booths that asked for tips or donations, which I was very willing to donate.  The kids had a blast!  Thank you Cullman!

 photo 1002503_10151833078280850_2012183540_n_zps680b69cf.jpg

Surprised!  That's all I could think when Colton climbed right up that mechanical bull, with help.  The operator had it on slow, but Colton loved it and held on until he got tired.  

 photo 998578_10151833078200850_685734726_n_zpsb10a2301.jpg

 photo 996876_10151833078460850_2047242442_n_zps3853457c.jpg

Katie was a little intimidated by the look of this bull, but she took a deep breathe and climbed up.  They didn't take it too easy with her, but she loved it.  She jumped off a little early because she got a little scared.  The operator gave her another chance, she took it.  She climbed right back and told me later that it was so much fun.  She would love to do it again.  

Katie and Colton interview after riding bull.  Too cute!  Colton was too embarrassed. photo 1116161_10151833073735850_2112806478_o.jpg

While both Katie and Colton rode the bull, the local news channel filmed the kids riding it.  The interviewer approached me and asked if he could interview the children.  "Sure.  That is fine with me," I reassured him.  It's not every day, a news channel wants to interview my kids.  My brave little kiddos. LOL!  {Do I sound like a proud mama?}  Katie is more vocal when it comes to people asking her questions and being interviewed.  She wasn't nervous at all.  Colton, on the other hand, was a little scared especially when someone that he doesn't know is asking him questions.  I have no idea, if they actually made it on TV.  I sent an email to the news station on how I was interested in knowing if they made the news and how I would love to see it.  We'll see if they email me back.  Stay tuned . . . 

Enjoying celebrate CULLMAN. photo 1097066_10151832912580850_1512083070_o.jpg 

We came across several friends and family members.  I sent a thank you message to the association that made this night happen.  Nice family events like these are making memories for my family.  It means a lot and I appreciate them for it.