Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pray for School 2013-2014

For the past three years, our county/city parents and students have come together (voluntarily) to pray for God's protection and guidance over all the area schools, which includes students, teachers and other school staff. There is so much evil out in the world and we feel it is only right to go to our loving God and ask Him to protect our babies and people that take care of them during the day. All we do is ask for Him to protect them from harm and plain evil. These events are not school system organized, strictly voluntary by parents. We feel we are doing what God would want us to do.

Below is a small clip of tonight's prayer caravan at the fairgrounds.  The people that were able to come together and put their busy schedule aside, it is awesome.  Praise God for allowing these people to come together as one, praising His Name and doing what they feel is right.  People that were not able to attend like us, I'm confident that they are praying where ever they are at that point.  God hears the prayers, no matter where you are at the time.  I hope you find time to watch this video.  


Prayer caravans and meetings will continue until the first day of school.  Please pray for all schools, their students and staff's safety this year.  Thank you and God Bless.


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Laura said...

When do y'all start back? Alise's first day is Wednesday. Maddie starts in TTown next Monday.