Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well did you eat your share of peas and greens? We always go to Millard and Peggy's for our annual New Year's Day dinner. Peggy knows, I can't handle the collard greens, so she makes me a pot of cabbage. I love boiled seasoned cabbage. Lord knows, we need the money this year. There's no telling how much our taxes will be raised this year. Ugh! I dread it, but I know it's coming.

I have to report that Winter is officially HERE! BRRRR! It's cold outside. We woke up this morning to a very frigid 19 degrees. The Meteorologist are predicting snow here Thursday and Friday. We got out briefly this morning and noticed a flake or two as we were getting into our vehicle.

Claire's Birthday Party

Katie's best friend, Claire, celebrated her 5th birthday on New Year's Eve night. I've never been to Christy and Charlie's (Claire's parents)house, so I got directions. Christy called me, after I left her a message that we would be there, to give me directions. Wow! I'm glad she did because there are a lot of turns from our house to hers. HA HA! She suggested getting on MapQuest to make sure the directions she gave me were correct. Later, I got on Google and printed out exact directions. Of course, it's not good enough for Doug. He insisted I use his Garmin. He even tried it out the day before to make sure it worked just fine. The only thing that made me nervous, I knew we would be out at night. I'm happy to report that we got there in one piece. The Garmin sent me down a dead end street twice. Poor Katie was so worried because I had to go around a block or two. I've got to pay more attention to what I say to myself because Katie keeps her ears wide open.

The party was a great success. Christy and Charlie had their garage all decorated up for the kids. It was so cute - "Strawberry Shortcake." They had a little bowling alley, putt-putt golf, football rings and Rocking Guitar (whatever it's called) set up. Claire and Katie danced around singing Hannah Montana songs. Christy's mom, Toni, painted all the children's faces. Katie wanted a rainbow kitty. It turned out pretty cute, it matched her outfit.

Katie's never been on a "Sit 'n Spin," so Claire was showing her how to do it. They were having lots of fun. Poor Katie, she tried to be lady like and sit side saddle on the "Sit 'n Spin."

Claire got all kinds of neat stuff. Katie gave her a new Barbie mermaid that came out just before Christmas. Claire seemed to like it. I think she had a very nice party. We left soon after she opened up her gifts from everyone. I think it was around 9 PM before we got home.

As soon as we got home, Katie got her New Year's Eve party hat and blowers, while I got our party tray ready with all sorts of snacks. We all piled up on the bed and watched the new year come in. I had a terrible time getting Katie to calm down and stay in bed. I guess she got too much sugar. HA HA!

. . . You Know What Happens Next?
Katie has gotten into this storytelling kick. Instead of me reading to her for once, she wants to read the story (pretend). Last week, she wanted to tell me the bedtime story. She got me so tickled because she would try to remember some stories, but she kept forgetting the character's names. She would stop mid-sentence, wrinkle up her face with her finger on her jaw as to say that she's thinking and finally ask me "now what was that name again?" As soon as I guessed the correct name, she'd say "yeah, that's it." She got back to telling me the story and every few breaths, she'd say "you know what happened next?" It was cute.

The other day she told me she wanted to read, so I took it as literally. Let me back up, for Christmas I got her a "Dick and Jane" book. All excited, I grabbed her first reading books, "Biscuit" and "Dick and Jane." I wanted her to look at the word and repeat. I've done this to her before a few weeks ago and it went fairly good. Thinking we were headed down the same road, I pointed to the word "Biscuit" and asked her to repeat after me. I sounded out all the letters and slowly reading her the word. Well, she said the word, but only once. So, I brought out the other book and pointed to the word "Spot" and did the same thing. Yeah, well she's not exactly ready. She refused to look at the word, so I calmly put the book down and went on about my business. Apparently, she wanted to pretend read. Hopefully, we'll have another opportunity on down the road.

Colton's First Birthday Plans
Can you believe Colton will be a year old in three months? It's hard to imagine! Now that everything came to a close at the end of the year, I'm back in full force to organize the next big event. Yeah, you've got it - Colton's 1st Birthday party. I know, but what got my wheels turning in my head was my daily "Betty Crocker" e-mail news. I began perusing their birthday ideas. Well, I came across the Barnyard birthday party. I feel in love! After seeing the video on how to make a barn and their farm animals, I remembered seeing a Barnyard birthday party supplies from Celebrate Express. PERFECT!

I just love it! Of course Katie doesn't like the Barnyard Birthday theme. Her vote was on a "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" theme. I told her that sounds more like a baby shower theme. She told me that she thought Colton would like the stars more than animals. Her face was all wrinkled up while she was telling me this. Oh well, she'll have to get over it.

Twilight Series
I finished reading "New Moon" the other day. I didn't like it as much as the first book; however, I did like the ending. I won't tell you what happened because I don't want to spoil things just in case you haven't read it yet. I am excited to see the movie now. Thank you Allison for inviting me with you to the "Girl's Night Out." I might have to take you up on the offer. You'll have to tell me what night you girls are going, so I can see if Doug will be home or if I'll have a babysitter that night. Doug started to get me the next book, "Eclipse." I told him to wait because he picked up a $14 hardcover. I'll wait and get the paperback another time.



Laura said...

Oh, Mirya! You are cracking me up! "The dark side." What a hoot!!

And taxes?!?! What in the world?? You have another freakin' kid!! That should account for something!! That's another deduction!!!

And the ideas for Colton's birthday are just perfect!! I love it!! Especially the cake with cupcakes! I say, "Go for it!"

The Mason Bunch said...

Well yeah Laura, you know some people may think that way.

I'm talking about federal & state general taxes will increase, silly. That's what I'm talking about. Sure, we should get a big deduction for Colton, but was for 2009 not 2010.

Thank you, I like the party plans too.